Chapter One

Hermione Granger sat outside the family attorney's office waiting for the rest of her family; for the reading of her Grandma Jean's will. She was the first to arrive and had to wait an hour before everyone got there. Hermione's grandma left her French beach house to Hermione's father and all her uncles got a piece of property as well. "As for Mrs. Granger's other assets, she bequeaths two million dollars to each natural-born grandchild as followed; Two million to her granddaughters Lucy, Callie, Emily, and Mona. As well as two million to her grandsons Andrew, Mason, Ian, and Xavier. As for the rest of the money will be divided evenly between her 4 sons."

Hermione sat there shocked her grandma left all her cousins money but nothing for her.

" Um….Mr. Thomas, I think you forgot a grandchild."

"I'm sorry Miss. Granger but the will only eight grandchildren named, not nine."

"Hermione dear why don't you wait down in your father and me."

Hermione goes outside to her car; sitting there she starts to cry all she can think is she needs to get as far away from the attorney's office as she can. She ends up back at her parents' house. Once inside she goes to her bedroom where she cries herself to sleep. An hour later when she wakes up she decides she needs to look at the family pictures; she needs to know why she wasn't left anything. After about two hours of looking at the family pictures, she finds a manila file with the words adoption paperwork written on the inside she finds paperwork with her name on it as well as her "parents' names" but under biological parents in said unknown. Seeing this she needed to get as far away from her "parents" home as possible and decides to go and pack all her stuff in her Hogwarts trunk including everything she would need for when she heads back to school at the end of the summer. All she left was a note

'You don't need to worry about me I'm fine but you won't see me again before school starts again in September. I wish you would have told me that I was adopted rather than me finding the paperwork after the will reading -Hermione'

Hermione writes a quick owl to harry to be ready to go she on her way to pick him up early and that she will explain later.

When Harry receives Hermione owl he quickly packs up his belongings and lets Hedwig out of her cage and writes a quick note to Sirus letting him know that Hermione and he are coming early and all would be explained by Hermione or himself once they got there.( AN: This takes place after the war Sirus, Remus, Tonks, and Fred never died.)