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A girl ducks as an explosion happens behind her. An alarm blares and people scatter in the background. She looks back as a vehicle in flames rolls.

She then looks ahead as a Jaeger's foot stomps down just a few yards from her. Not to far, an Osprey takes off before being swiped by a giant, robot-like monster. The Osprey explodes in a fireball.

A black man races to the top of a concrete slab. He looks off in the distance as a half destroyed city and the skeleton of a Kaiju lie before him.

We were born into a world at war

A Kaiju bursts from the ground, roaring as people run for their lives. A man and a girl walk out the back of an Osprey. Mako and the black man are seen overviewing Jaegers getting prepared for battle.

Between monsters that destroyed our cities, and monsters that we created to stop them

Jaegers stand on top of platforms with rockets strapped to their backs.

But not all of the monsters were bad

It then shows Godzilla biting a Kaiju by the neck and shoving it back.

We learned about a secret organization, known as Monarch, who keeps an eye on the monsters that protect our world, known as Titans

It then shows the Monarch team monitoring Titan activity at Castle Bravo.

We thought we had sacrificed enough

It then shows the black man with a bunch of posters in his room. One has Stacker with a logo that says the "WAR IS OVER!"

But the war we thought we finished...

5 missiles fire from a Jaeger before spiraling close together towards the Shatterdome Command Center/LOCCENT. A man screams before they hit and explode the center, sending everyone back from the blast and incinerating and killing everyone else.

...is just beginning

The black man walks beneath a fallen Jaeger. He looks up as Kaiju rise from the water.

And the only thing standing in front of the apocalypse...

Then it shows the pilots standing together, followed by another team led by a Japanese woman and her men in black suits following her. Behind her, an Osprey lifts away. One of her men is Newt.

Then, it shows the Monarch team, and the Titans. Godzilla stands in a battle position, with the other three landing behind him, followed by a few others walking up by his side.

...is us.

Then, a Jaeger that looks like Gypsy Danger, except more streamlined, and with two turbines, collides fists.


A small Jaeger bursts out of a garage. It is being controlled by a pilot like a video game. The pilot is in a ball-like controller somewhere.

But is doesn't matter where you came from...

A group of cadets are lined up across from each other like soldiers in the barracks. A lieutenant stands at the end of the line.

...who believed in you and who didn't

Newt turns back as Gottlieb smiles.


The doors open as the cadets stand on the other side. The black man turns around to see them. An olive green Jaeger is seen.

"This is our time, this is our chance to make a difference" the black man says. He stands in front of the cadets in a blue armor suit, while the cadets wear green armor suits.

Three cadets start up a Jaeger. One looks back and smiles.


Where the foot clamping platforms use to be are now AI clamps. A pilot's foot stomps down as a green light surrounds it. The back harness drills into his armor.

Rockets start, a pilot has a nervous expression on his face, and the Jaegers fly off.

"Now let's get it done!" the black man says.

"That's what I'm talking about!" Newt says, ecstatic. Pilots jump and a Jaeger hits a Kaiju with an electrified whip. Godzilla slams his tail against a Kaiju.


Ghidorah's three heads' jaws latch onto a Kaiju. They then lift it up before slamming the kaiju into the ground.


Kong grabs a tower crane and rips the top off before throwing it away. A Kaiju roars at Kong before charging. Kong charges as well, roaring.

Just as the Kaiju reaches him, he takes the crane and swings it like a baseball bat into the Kaiju's head. The crane shatters on impact.

A bunch of small, insect-like robots, about as big as cars rush along, knocking everything out of their way. A pilot shoots at them.

A new Titan lunges at a Jaeger just as the Jaeger shoots a missile. Gipsy dodges the rocket as it hits a building behind her.

"They evolve" Newt says. Three kaiju march through a city and a girl runs.

"And they'll wipe out all life" Gottlieb said. Gipsy whips out a sword from the left arm surrounded by light.

Another Jaeger whips out two swords from both arms before lunging its right sword at Gipsy, grazing her shoulder before it slams down into a building. Gipsy then runs at the Jaeger on a frozen front.

She dodges the missile barrage from the other Jaeger before sliding and slicing the Jaeger in the side, then Godzilla rushes in before firing is atomic breath. Everyone cheers.

The black man looks at the girl and smiles.

"I think I could get use to this" she replied.

A Jaeger kicks a kaiju back. On the belly of another Jaeger, a giant machine gun fires at another kaiju.

"There's something you need to see" Gottlieb says. The pilots look confused. But then, the little insect robots scurry towards three kaiju. Suddenly, they begin to work on the three, merging them together.

Two tails are seen. A chest is pulled together. A head with 5 eyes and tusks on the lower jaw snaps shut. Then, a shadow rises over the Jaegers and Titans.

"Well, he's pretty big" a pilot says. Then, a Jaeger combines two swords into one sword. Another one activates a spiked mace on its arm. Another one's armor opens with an electrified whip.

Gipsy powers up her plasma cannon. Godzilla's spikes radiate blue, Mothra's wings glow, electricity sparks around Ghidorah, and Rodan spreads his wings.

Kong appears with a determined look on his face before he beats his chest and roars.

"Give it everything you got!" the black man says. Then, the Jaegers rush forward. Godzilla roars before charging with the other Titans following him. Gipsy activates two arm swords.

The Jaeger with the spike mace launches it. All Jaegers and Titans fire their weapons. The giant Kaiju lets out a thunderous roar that sends a wind storm down the street. Godzilla then charges and the two collide.


Then, buildings are seen melting. A foot stomps down with a fiery cloud as it does. The giant Kaiju slowly turns around and his eyes widen. An eerie charging sound is heard before Godzilla, in his burning form, let's out a thunderous roar.


Author's Note: Prepare for an epic sequel to my awesome story, Godzilla Rim. Hope you all will enjoy this one as much as you all enjoyed the first one. It will have many surprises, so stay tuned.