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Kyo and Tohru were sitting at the table, eating dinner with Shigure and Yuki. They were laughing and talking and having fun. It had been a few short months since the curse had been lifted and they were all living a quite enjoyable life. Kyo and Tohru were almost never seen without one another, Yuki had a new girl named Machi (she and Tohru were practically best friends), and Shigure was out of the house more than ever, doing whatever it was that pleased him. Tonight was one of those nights.

"I'm heading out, you kids have fun," he said, dismissing himself.

"I'm going to study with Machi," Yuki added, also getting up.

"Thank you for dinner," the two said at the same time as they left the room.

"Stay safe, have a good time," Tohru told them, happily. Kyo just sorta waved.

Shigure and Yuki walked out of the house together, walking the same path for a little bit.

"You certainly have been out and about more," Shigure said, starting a conversation with Yuki.

"So have you. You're practically never home anymore."

"Yeah but you spend all your breaks now with Machi, I'm all alone with Aaya and Hatori!"

"Somehow, I imagine you manage," Yuki shot back.

"And we're always leaving poor Kyo and Tohru home alone! Whatever will they do without us?!"

That's when one particular thought went through both of their minds. Because when a boy and a girl who were in a relationship had copious amounts of time alone like those two did, they usually resorted to one thing... They both stopped dead in their tracks, the realization fully dawning on them.

"Hey, Yuki?"


"You don't think they're-"

"I definitely don't want to have this conversation with you!"

Yuki stormed on ahead, leaving Shigure behind. The man in question turned to look back at his house, seeing the lights in Kyo's room turn on. Shigure felt a shiver go down his spine. He usually was accustomed to thinking about such acts, for writing purposes, but thinking about Kyo and Tohru? It made him feel disgusted with himself just considering the possibility! There was no way those two would ever have sex! Kyo was too awkward and pathetic to ever even get the courage to ask! And Tohru? She probably didn't even know what it is, much less know how to do it! No, he had nothing to worry about!


"You definitely have something to worry about," Hatori grumbled.

"If I were alone with my loved one, my passion could never be quelled," Aaya shouted flamboyantly.

"Yes but they are not you," Shigure reasoned. "I have absolutely nothing to worry about! Besides, they would never do it in my house. Tohru is too nice to do that!"

Tohru stretched out where she was sitting, leaning on Kyo's shoulder only a second later. They were in the classroom, before class, relaxing with Yuki, Hanajima and Uotani.

"You guys have gotten awful close these past few months," Uotani pointed out, seeing this.

"Well what do you expect," Kyo grumbled.

"Quite close indeed," Hanajima heard two boys a few seats away whisper. "I wonder if they've done it yet."

Hanajima couldn't help but get a little triggered hearing that. From the look on Uotani's face, she had heard too. They shared a look.

"Tohru's waves have changed quite a bit recently," Hanajima spoke. She did sense something different. A more loving wave that she only felt around married couples. Tohru jumped in her seat.

"Changed?! How?! Am I okay? Falling ill? Maybe I'm dying!"

"Calm down," Kyo exclaimed, grabbing her face to keep her from flailing around.

"No," Hanajima told her. "They are waves of love."

Tohru smiled.

"Well I do love you guys so much. And now, I'm enjoying my time and love for you even more since our final year is coming to an end."

"That's lovely, Miss Honda," Yuki spoke up, smiling at his friend's words.

They accepted it and Hanajima didn't object but these waves were different than that. These waves were ones of the deepest love, in a way she couldn't describe, and all directed towards Kyo.


Yuki, Tohru, Hanajima and Uotani were walking to their class, Kyo being held back by a teacher for some behavior in class. Hanajima, recognizing that she had an opportunity to ask her question spoke up.


"Yes," the girl responded cheerfully.

"How are you and Kyo doing?"

Tohru turned red, suddenly flustered.

"Well, I mean we're doing quite well, we haven't had any problems! Perfectly normal!"

Uotani chuckled at Tohru's embarrassment.

"Tohru, have you and Kyo been alone together a lot," Hanajima asked, suddenly causing Uotani to stiffen.

"Yeah, almost every night, why?"

Yuki, Uotani and Hanajima all stopped and tensed. An embarrassed Tohru, waves of love, alone together with Kyo?!

"What the hell kind of guardian do you have," Uotani shouted at Yuki.

"It's not my fault that he has a life! You can't blame him if-"

They all fell silent, seeing Tohru staring at them with an innocent and confused gaze.

There's no way our innocent Tohru would do anything like that. They all thought.

"Hey guys wait up!"

The group turned to see Kyo running towards them, he reached the group, walking immediately to Tohru and taking her hand.

But he would.

Tohru and Kyo sat side by side, Tohru looking concerned and confused while Kyo just looked bored. In front of them Shigure, Yuki, Uotani, and Hanajima stood with their arms crossed and grim looks on their faces.

"What's going on guys," Tohru asked quietly.

"Yeah and when will it be over," Kyo retorted.

"Shut your mouth, Carrots!"

"Geez, I'm sorry!'

Shigure took a deep breath in, clearly acting as the adult here.

"We didn't want it to come down to this but we are all very concerned about you two."

"Us, for what," Tohru asked, suddenly worried herself. She held her hands in front of her chest, clearly nervous.

"Well," Shigure began, "you two are a young, teenage couple, clearly in love. And you guys have had a lot of alone time together. So we need to know..."

"Have you guys done it," they all asked loudly at the same time. Kyo tensed and turned bright red, clearly pissed and embarrassed. Tohru had a blank expression on her face.

"Done what?"

Kyo sighed and then turned to whisper something in her ear. He seemed to be describing something to her...in great detail. They could see Tohru slowly realize and then she too became mortified.

"Oh my gosh! I mean I haven't even considered - I mean doing something like that - no it's so - ah I'm so sorry I ever gave you guys reason to suspect that we would - and in Shigure's house!"

"I knew it," he exclaimed.

"You guys happy now that you've given Tohru a brain aneurysm," Kyo retorted, looking at Tohru spacing out and contemplating the mortifying situation she found herself in.

"I guess there really was nothing to worry about," Hanajima said in her monotone voice.

"We never should have doubted Tohru," Yuki agreed.

"Hey what about me," Kyo shouted.

"You're the problem you asshole."

"What did you say?!"

"Well, now that we know we have nothing to worry about, I'm going back to school," Yuki said.

"Backing out, Rat Boy?!"

"I have a student council meeting that I'm missing because of you," Yuki grumbled, leaving his house.

"And we have no more reason to be here," Uotani said. "Hey Tohru, you want to come over to my house for udon?"

The girl was still spacing out. But now they could see steam coming out of her ears, probably from the nasty thoughts they'd implanted. Uotani shrugged.

"Guess it's just you and me, Hanajima. I think Tohru needs to cool down."


The two girls left.

"Akito is expecting me at the main house soon," Shigure added. "So we'll be leaving you two alone. But there's no need to worry now!"

The door slammed shut, Tohru and Kyo were left alone in the house.

"I thought you were being serious," Kyo mumbled. Tohru snapped out of her thoughts, totally fine and turning her head to look at him. He was leaning his chin into his palm, looking at her with piercing eyes.

"Well, I was embarrassed. I never thought they'd ask us about that," she admitted. Kyo watched her blush a bit more and then touch her hair awkwardly.

"I didn't even have to come up with some lame lie," Kyo chuckled. "You just got so flustered they didn't even ask for a real answer."

Tohru giggled, becoming more comfortable now that the embarrassing situation had passed.

"Well Hanajima and Uotani would get pretty angry if they knew the truth," Tohru admitted, imagining her friends biting Kyo's head off.

"Not to mention Shigure and Rat Boy would have me kicked out of the house," Kyo chuckled dryly, realizing that all of their loyalty lied with Tohru.

"Besides," Tohru spoke up, taking his hand in hers and turning to face him, "that's for us Kyo. It's special. Just for you and me. I don't regret any of it, it's just a way to show you how much I love you!"

He turned red but smiled through it anyway. He pulled Tohru into his arms, never getting over the rush of adrenaline holding that girl that he loved in his arms gave him.

"I love you, Tohru."

"I love you, Kyo."

They sat for a minute in comfortable silence, holding each other. Tohru pulled away.

"So...we have the house to ourselves!"

Kyo smirked and then laughed.

"Playing it dangerous are we? Now that they're onto us?"

"They'll never find out," Tohru giggled, standing up. She assisted Kyo in standing up, both of them walking toward the stairs.

"Who's room do you want to do it in tonight," Kyo asked.

"I don't mind," Tohru said sweetly, "whatever you would like!"

Kyo led her to her room. Tonight he wanted to be surrounded by Tohru's smell. Maybe it was his cat instinct kicking back in. Either way...