A sigh of relief came from Sidney as she leaned against the wall. For the first time in five years, she was able to finally take a breath. She stared at Roman's lifeless body. Her only sibling turned out to be the most destructive force in her life. Now, he and the nightmare he put her through, are dead. The sound of an anguished groan pulled her back into the moment.

"Kincaid!" Sidney said as she stepped in his direction before spotting his bloody face and shoulder wound. She then went over to the bar where she retrieved bottles of water, an empty ice bucket and fresh towels.

"Thanks Sid," Gale grabbed a towel and water bottle from the bucket. She guided Dewey over to the bar to tend to his head wound.

"Come on," Sidney put his uninjured arm over her shoulders and helped him walk over to the champagne colored sofa.

"..Sid I'm-I'm sorry." Mark said as he tried to distract himself from his throbbing head wound.

Confused, she replied, "For what? You saved my life."

He shook his aching head, "We had the real killer and we let him go!"

"Don't beat yourself up Kincaid, it happens," Dewey said as he slowly dropped his shoulders.

Gale spoke while she took a hold of Dewey's hand, "He's right. I hate to admit it but Roman fooled all of us. He even faked his own death! And it wasn't that we were so bad, he was just that good."

Just then, police and ambulance sirens began blaring in the distance. Dewey stood up and spoke when Gale did the same.

"You two wait here, we'll come back with help," he continued to hold Gale's hand as they walked out of the private screening room.

Sidney gently wiped away the blood on Mark's forehead as she revealed Roman's past and his motive.

He blinked, "If he wasn't a murderous psychopath, I'd feel bad for him."

She reluctantly admitted, "A small part of me does…but I'm relieved that he's dead and that this is finally over. Hold still, this is gonna sting a little."

A small hiss left his mouth when she applied pressure to his head wound. He saw the blood streaming from the left corner of her lips. Without thinking, he tried to reach for a towel with his left hand but groaned when he moved his shoulder.

"Take it easy," she grabbed the towel with her right hand and pressed it to his shoulder.

"Sid, you're bleeding."

"I'll be fine Detective."

"You can call me Mark now," he weakly grinned.

A brief scoff left her lips, "Thanks for reminding me."

His blue piercing eyes locked with her brown ones, "Sid?"

She realized just how close they were to each other and took in a slow breath, "Yes Mark?"

He placed his left hand over her right one, "I'm glad that you didn't…you didn't become another ghost."

The relief and affection in his eyes and voice struck her. She slightly leaned into him and softly said, "I am too."

He gently moved his right arm from her shoulders to her waist and saw a little glimmer in her dark eyes.

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