Tony and Violet's relationship have been strong but it didn't start out sweet. Bob accidentally erased Tony memories of Violet completely. But after they worked it out Violet got her date with Tony back. But Violet was starting to wonder if she loves him or it's a friendship. After the date she began to think about it really hard.

"You think a girl would learn who had multiple crushes and been crushed every time?"

Disney - I Won't Say (i'm In Love) (from Disney's Hercules) (The Ariana Grande Version)


If there's a prize for rotten judgement
I guess I've already won that
No man is worth the aggravation
That's ancient history, been there, done that!

Violet's Personalities:
Who'd'ya think you're kiddin'
He's the Earth and heaven to you
Try to keep it hidden
Honey, we can see right through you
Girl, ya can't conceal it
We know how ya feel and
Who you're thinking of

No chance, no way
I won't say it, no, no

Violet's Personalities:
You swoon, you sigh
why deny it, uh-oh

It's too cliché
I won't say I'm in loveI thought my heart had learned its lesson
It feels so good when you start out
My head is screaming get a grip, girl
Unless you're dying to cry your heart out

Violet's Personalities:
You keep on denying
Who you are and how you're feeling
Baby, we're not buying

Hon, we saw ya hit the ceiling
Face it like a grown-up
When ya gonna own up
That ya got, got, got it bad

No chance, now way
I won't say it, no, no

Violet's Personalities:
Give up, give in
Check the grin you're in love

This scene won't play,
I won't say I'm in love

Violet's Personalities:
You're doin flips read our lips
You're in love

You're way off base
I won't say it
Get off my case
I won't say it

Violet's Personalities :
Girl, don't be proud
It's O.K. you're in love

At least out loud,
I won't say I'm in love

Violet's Personalities: Sha la la la la la... [sigh]

After the song she was outside and Helen said "Violet?" She turned to see Helen in her pajamas.

"Hi Mom." She says nervously.

"What are you doing outside? It's 10:30."

"Oh just thinking about today."

"Falling for a boy?"

Violet blushed up red and said "How did you know?"

"I heard you singing."


"It's okay. When me and your father met each other I didn't know if I loved him like a friend or a boyfriend. But over time we just hit it off and started dating and got married and have you guys."

"Well I don't know about this time. I mean i've been to multiple schools and had multiple crushes so I don't know if I can trust my instincts anymore."

"Well believe what your guts say."

"What does your guts say?"

"Mine says it's time for bed. And if you don't sleep you get cranky Violet."

"Okay. I'll go to bed."

"Atta-girl." They both got up and went to bed.

On Monday she was happy that she went on her date with Tony but he doesn't want him to break her heart. Someone tapped her on her shoulder and it was Tony.

"Oh. Hi Tony." Violet said.

"Hey. I just want to talk about Friday."

"What happened?"

"It was fun. Even if your father was a little bit aggressive with the slaps on the backs."

"Oh. You know. A father being protective of his daughter."

"I feel you. My dad say don't let her be over protective of you."

"Oh. Am I over protected?"

"No. Your calm."


"Just a question."


"Do you want to be my friend?"

"Yes. Of course."


After school they started walking home but it was very chilly outside.

"Oh. It's very ch-ch-chilly today." Violet said and shivered.

"Do you need my jacket?"

"No. I'm g-g-good."

"Your shivering."

"It's n-n-normal."


When they got to Violet's house Tony said "Have a goodnight Violet."

"You t-t-too." Violet said and went inside.

When she went inside she said "Hi M-m-Mom."

"Oh Violet. What happened to you?"

"I'm just c-c-cold."

"You have a chill! Come on you need a warm bath!" Helen said as she and Violet went up to the bathroom. After the bath she was doing her homework but still thinking about her relationship with Tony.

"Do I love him or like him? Love is complicated."

Bob opened the door and said "Hey Vi."

"Hi Dad."

"What are you doing?"



"Can I ask you a question?"


"How was it like for you when you met Mom?"

"Well it wasn't strong but we were happy. I was nervous because I loved her and I didn't want to hurt her. So we talked out our likes and dislikes and we started to hit it off."



"Just thinking of Tony."

"Did he do anything to you?"

"No. Just have little hope."

"I've been there. But once gradually you'll find your true love."

"Your right Dad." She kissed him on the cheek and said "Thanks."

"You are very welcome. Now it's time for bed. You have school."


He tucked her in and said "Goodnight Violet."

"Goodnight Dad."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

He turned off the lights and let her sleep.

In the Morning she heard sneezing and coughing from the other room. She got out of bed and saw Dash in bed.

"Mom. What's wrong with Dash?"

"Don't worry sweetie. He has a cold. You have to stay out of his room for a while until he's better."

"Okay." She left his room and got ready for school.

When she got to school she was greeted by Tony.

"Hi Violet."

"Hi Tony." Violet said and sighed.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah. My little brother has a cold. I feel bad."

"Me too."

"Have you ever been sick?"

"Oh yeah. When I had a cold I tried to get rid of it by taking a hot shower because they say hot beats cold."


"But it just made me even hotter. And I felt like was burning up."


"Yeah. It hurts but it was worth it."

"I wouldn't do that. I like to do it the old fashion way."

"And the old fashion way is?"

"Staying home, getting some rest, refusing to say in bed but still doing it, and some nice warm chicken or vegetable soup or broth."

"That seems a little bit better."

"And by a little you mean a lot honey." Violet said with a southern attitude.

"Okay that was funny." Tony said laughing.

"I try sweetie. I try." She raised her eyebrow and started laughing as well.

After School: Violet went to Dash's school to get his homework and come back home. When she got back she was tired.

"Hey Dash." She said coming to his room.

"Hey Vi." Dash said and coughed.

"How are you feeling?"

"Terrible." He said and sniffled. "Achoo!"

"Bless you."


"I got your homework from school."


"Don't worry. I'll help you."

"Thanks Vi."

"Your welcome." Even though she was told to stay out of his room because he was sick she helped him out with his homework because it was too hard even for him. A few days later he was feeling better but Violet wasn't.

"Morning Mom!" Dash said with a smile.

"Morning Dash! Your feeling better!"

"I feel better."

"Morning Mom." Violet said and sniffled.

"Vi? You sound clogged up."


"Oh dear. I think you caught Dash's cold."


"Sorry Vi." Dash said and frowned.

"It's fine."

"Let's get you back to into your pajamas and into bed. You need to rest."

"Yes Mom. Achoo!"

When she got back into bed she had a thermometer in her mouth. After it beeps it says 102.5

"Yep. It's a cold. You have to stay home today."

"But I can't. I have school and what happens if there's a crime waiting to start? I can't stay home and do nothing. I have to get up and fight. Achoo!"

"Not with a cold that is. I know it's hard staying in bed all day but think about it. You don't go to school for a few days."

"Your right."

"I know I am." She kissed her on the forehead and left her to rest.

"I hope Tony doesn't think that i'm ditching him." Violet said and sniffled.

At School: The teacher was taking attendance while the class was doing the work.

"Violet Parr? Violet? Where's Violet? Did anyone see Violet in school today?"

"No." The class said.

"Well I have to mark her absent today."

"Kari. Why isn't Violet here?"

"I absolutely have no idea." Kari said.

"Huh. That's weird."

After school he came by her house. When he rung the bell Helen showed up.

"Hi Tony."

"Hi Mrs. Parr. I wanted to know why Violet didn't come to school today. Did she caught Dash's cold or was it something else?"

"Actually yes. She caught Dash's cold. So I made her stay home for a while until she's better."

"You don't mind if I see her?"

"No I don't mind. Come in." She let him in and showed him to her room.

"Violet. You have a visitor."


"Tony. You can go in honey." Helen said as Tony came in and left them together.

"Hi Tony."

"Hey Vi. I heard you caught Dash's cold."

"Yeah. Achoo! I did." Violet said and sniffled.

"Bless you."

"Thanks." Violet said and blew her nose. "So why are you here?"

"I wanted to see if you were okay."

"Really? Even if you'll catch my-Achoo! Cold?"

"Oh it's just a cold. It's not like it's gonna kill me."

"Actually colds can kill you."

"Well i've never known anyone dying from a cold.

"Okay. Achoo! Is that all you wanted to tell me?"

"No. Actually I want to tell you something else."


"One get better soon."


"And two about our movie date on Friday."

"It was bad wasn't it?"

"No. It was amazing. Just when your feeling better I wanted to ask you on another date."

"Oh. Umm yeah. Of course. A-a-Achoo!" Violet said and coughed.

"Also. I wanted to give you the homework. If you like I can help you with it."

"Umm yes. Please." He sat on the side of her bed and helped with her homework.

After finishing the homework Helen came in with some soup.

"Here you go Vi. Some chicken soup."

She sniffled and said "Thanks Mom." Helen smiled and left them alone.

"Do you need help with your soup?"

"Kind of."

"It'll be okay." He took the spoon and fed her the soup.

After the soup they talked about their class and their life.

"So why did you parents make the Happy Platter?"

"In my family food makes us happy and since my family is a big foodie and we love making our own food and my parents decided to make people happy with our food."

"Wow. That's nice."

"It is."

"A-a-Achoo!" Violet said and sniffled.

"Bless you." He took a tissue and brought it up to Violet. "Blow Violet."

"Okay." She blew her nose as Tony put the tissue in the garbage.

"How do you feel now?"

"Better. Since your here."

"Well i'm glad that your feeling better. Even if i'm just here to make you smile."

"No. It's not that. I-*cough cough* needed a friend."

Helen opened the door and said "Hi kids. Violet how are you feeling?"

"I'm-Achoo! Good."

"Bless you. Tony. It's getting late. You should go home."

"Okay. Bye Violet. I'll bring your homework to the teachers."

"Okay. Thanks Tony."

"Feel better." Tony said and left.

"Thank you. Achoo!"

"And you should get some rest now. You look tired."

"Okay Mom."

Helen kissed her and said "Goodnight sweetie."

Violet yawned and said "Goodnight Mom."

"Oh. I love you."

"I love you too." She turned off the lights to her room and let her rest.

Ever since Violet caught Dash's cold Tony has been very helpful get better and making her smile even though she's sick and he'll catch her cold. In the morning Helen came in to check up on Violet.

"Morning Violet."

"Morning Mom." She said and yawned as Helen felt her forehead.

"Your fevers gone."

"I feel better."

"Well that's good. Now shake a leg. It's time for school."

"Okay." Violet said as she got out of bed and changed for school.

When she got to school she saw Tony coming up to her and he said "Violet! Your feeling better."

"Yeah. I feel like myself again and not sick because I look so pale when i'm sick."

"I don't think you looked pale. You looked great sick or not."

"Thanks T-." Before she could finish saying the word Tony someone else yelled out "Tony!" And hugged him. It was Brittany Galbaki. Violet's enemy.

"Help me Vi. She's hugging me too tight." Tony said as he's gasping for air.

"Alright. Alright. Break up the hug." Violet said and pushed Brittany away from Tony."

"Violet. Parr."

"Brittany. Galbaki."

"Why are you stealing my boyfriend away from me?"

Violet started snickering and said "I'm sorry. Did you say boyfriend?"

"Yeah. He's mine."

"Okay the only person Tony belongs to is his parents. Not you. You can't buy a person. But you can buy makeup cause...all this. It's not pretty honey."

"I am beautiful. More pretty than you."

"Yeah. Come on Tony." She said as she and Tony went down the stairs.

"Thanks. I owe you one."

"Eh. She spoiled. I hate her."

"Hate is a strong word. Just say I dislike her."

"Okay. I have a strong dislike towards Brittany."

"That's better." Tony said as she smiled. Tony smiled and said "You have a nice smile."

"Umm. Thanks."

"Your welcome." The two of them went to class and anywhere they went everyone would think they were dating. It was really getting to point on where Violet likes Tony or loves him.

After school: Violet was still thinking when Tony gave her a surprise.

"Hey Violet!" Tony said as Violet was surprise and slapped him hard. "Ow!"

"Oh. Sorry Tony. I thought you were someone else." Violet said as she put her hand on the place she slapped him.

"It's okay. Now I know. You can slap hard."

"I won't do it again. Unless if I get mad."

"It'll make a note of that." Tony said as Violet started chuckling. So did Tony.

There was a beep knowing that Helen was here.

"I gotta go. See you tomorrow Tony!" Violet said and went to the car.

"You too." The car drove off as Tony sighed in happiness. "I like that girl."

"How was today?"

"Good. I'm still questioning my friendship with Tony."

"It'll be okay. You'll find your true love."

"Okay Mom." When they got home Violet did her homework and still thinking of her relationship with Tony.

The next day at school Violet was getting her books from her locker and she was walking down the hall she saw Tony kissing Brittany on the lips. You heard me. On. The. Lips. Violet felt her heart break and sank to her feet.

"T-tony. How could you?"

"Violet. You have to listen to me on this."

"I don't have to listen to you anymore. You're just a heartbreaker." Violet said trying not to cry as she left. She couldn't help it but cry.

After School: Violet got over the heartbreak and was waiting for her parents.

"Violet?" Tony said coming up to her.

"What do you want?"

"You need to listen to me."


"It's Brittany she-." Bob honked the horn meaning he's here.

"I don't care anymore. Have fun with Brittany." Violet said and slapped him and left him and went to the car.

"I have to tell her the truth. And confess to her." He thought of a plan to get Violet back. Not in a selfish way.

When Violet got home she went to her room and started crying. She had been heartbroken too many times. A while later she stopped crying and did her homework. There was a knock on the door and Helen said "Violet. Tony's here."

"Tell him I don't want to talk to him anymore."

"He said it's important."

She rolled her eyes and said "Fine. Let him in."

Tony came in with a rose and a cheap smile.

"What is it heartbreaker?"

"Today I have to tell you something very important."


"What you saw was true but I didn't mean to kiss her."

"Yeah. And like you didn't mean to break my heart." Violet said and left her room and went downstairs while Tony followed her.

"I'm serious. I don't know how to explain to you."

"Then don't say it." She went outside to the pool where it showed a pink sunset.

"I'll try to explain. Brittany is my ex-girlfriend."

"I already knew that. You want her back? She's all yours."

"No. I don't want her. I want you."

"So why did you kiss her?"

"She forced me to kiss her. She said she'd hurt you if I don't kiss her."

"Oh I didn't know."

"That's what i have been trying to tell you this whole time. And when we were dating she just used me for fame. And there's something you didn't know about me and Brittany's relationship."

"And that is?"

"She cheated on me with another boy." Tony said as she gasped.


"Henry Finkleson."

"Oh. Him? Why him? I mean he's cute but he's a tool." Violet said with a sassy attitude.


"I'm so sorry."

"It's fine. Every girl I know they either break my heart or just use me for my fame. But Violet. Your different. Your heartwarming, sweet, see the nice side of me and not the popular side, you wouldn't use me for my fame or break my heart. And Violet. I like you. I really do. In fact. I love you." Tony locked eyes with her and kissed her on the lips and Violet kissed back. She has never been kissed before.

When they broke the kiss Violet said "Why did you kiss me?"

"Because. I have a crush on you." He brought the rose and said "Violet. Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

"I-yes." She took the rose from his hands as they kissed again.

After the kiss they both went inside and talked out their relationship.

"I don't want to break your heart Violet."

"I don't want to break yours."

"So I guess we're dating?"

"Yes we are." Tony nuzzled his nose with Violet as she giggled.

Helen came in as she smiled. Violet saw her mom and said "Hi Mom."

"Hey honey. I see your holding hands."


"I think you found your true love."

"I think I did." Violet said as Tony kissed her on the cheek as she giggled.

"That's so sweet."

"What's sweet?" Bob said coming in.

"Violet found her true love."

"I'm so proud of you Vi."

"Thanks Dad."

"I knew he was the one." Bob said.

"Thank you Mr. Parr."

"But if you hurt my daughter. There will be consequences." Bob said and cracked his knuckles which made Tony nervous.

"Dad! Your scaring him! And I can assure you he won't hurt me. I promise."

"Okay. Just saying."


"Okay okay. I'll lay off the consequences."

"Or don't do it in general."

"I won't."


"It's getting late. You should get home Tony."

"Okay. Goodnight Parrs."

"Goodnight." Violet, Bob, and Helen said as Tony left.

"He's so sweet." Violet sighed out and lied down on her bed.

"She's In love."

"I'm not saying it!"

"It's okay to be in love." Helen said.

"Trust us. We know." Bob said.

"Okay. I'm in love."

"Atta-Girl." Helen said.

The next day in school Violet was happy that she was dating Tony but sad that Brittany and other girls broke his heart. So she promise to make him happy and not break his heart. She was talking to Kari about their relationship.

"So Rydinger kissed you?"

"Yep. And I like it." Violet said playing with her hair while blushing.

"Someone's in love."

"I'm not in love."

"Right." Kari said and lift her eyebrow and smiled.

When he came up to them he said "Hey Vi. Hey Kari."

"Hi Tony." The two girls said.

"Violet was telling me about your relationship. But Brittany really broke you heart?"

"Yeah. I don't like talking about it."

"It okay." Violet said.

"Yeah. Violet's a much better girlfriend than hot pink frosting."

"Hot pink frosting?" Tony and Violet said.

"Yeah. Brittany wear pink all the time and hot pink frosting is disgusting." Kari said as the two agreed.

"Tony. You better watch out. Hot pink frosting is coming our way." Violet said as Brittany came walking down the hall.

"Tonykins!" Brittany said and hugged her again. Again Violet broke off the hug.

"Move it freak. You too freak number two."

"Hey! I'm not a freak." Kari said.

"Right. Anyway me and Tony are gonna be on our way. K bye!"

Tony let go off her and said "That's enough Brittany!"

"But...babe." Brittany said and whined.

"I'm not your babe. I was never your babe. You just used me for fame. You never loved me. And you cheat on me with Henry Finkleson? That's not love. That's a heartbreaker. But this girl Violet Parr is the best girl I could have ever had. And not a cheater. No matter what I will love her no matter what." He looked eyes with Violet again and they both kissed as everyone clapped. Brittany was mad but what she could do is cry and run away.

After the kiss they hugged and said "I love you Violet."

"I love you too Tony." The bell rung as everyone went to class besides Tony, Violet, and Kari.

"We gotta get to class." Kari said as the three of them went to class. "So am I gonna be the third wheel or what?"

"No. Your best friend and I wouldn't leave my best friend behind. Even for a boy."

"Hey!" Tony said as the two girls laughed. But he started laughing as well.

So this has been on my mind for a while and question. Should I do a story of Tony and Violet like in an Uncle Incredible way or no?