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Danny Wheeler enter his little brother's Ben and Ben's baby girl Emma's bedroom to see Ben lying on his bed playing on his phone. "Hey buddy." Danny quietly said.

Ben puts his phone down and looked at his brother.

"Look I'm really sorry, to be honest, I didn't want Riley to break your heart like that." Danny started. "I should've told you before."

Ben sat up listening as Danny sat down next to him.

"I really never wanted to hurt you like this, honest!" Danny added. "And…I um…I understand if you hate me now."

Ben looked over at Danny.

"Hate you? How could I ever hate you?" Ben asked him. "You're my brother."

"Yeah, I know, but…" Danny started. "Riley was your first real girlfriend."

Ben looks down, letting out a sigh.

"And I took her away from you." Danny added. "I didn't want to hurt you, my little brother." He says.

Ben looks up.

"I'm not mad, I just…wish you told me before." Ben told him.

"Ben, I promise you that you'll find someone soon, I promise." Danny said. "I'm sure she'll be the perfect wife to you and a perfect mother for Emma."

"But it's hard." Ben said.

"I know, but you'll find her." Danny smiled.

Ben smiled a little.

"Well, right now I wanna focus on Emma." Ben said.

"Hey, you do whatever you wanna do little brother." Danny says.

"Danny…I'll support you." Ben tells him.

"On what?" Danny asked.

Ben chuckled at him.

"Oh me and Riley!" Danny said.

They both laughed.

"Thanks Ben." Danny smiled.

They both stood up.

"You're a great little brother." Danny said.

"Thanks, you're a great big brother." Ben told him.

They both hugged and let go.

"Now go get your girl." Ben smiled.

Danny playfully punch his arm before leaving the room.