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Oh, and watch out for a little Langst.

"Here I am. Alone. By myself. No Hunk to hold. No Pidge to squish- wait, I should change that around."

Lance cleared his throat loudly, making the extra effort to pitch his voice to the two paladins trying to work, "Agh. I sure now know why I'm the blue paladin. Blue- the loneliest color of all."

No reaction. They didn't even turn to face him. Lance straightened his posture from the doorway, stepping closer while speaking, "Here I miserably walk. Oh how I wish I had some company- but it's just me, my lonely self and I."

Yeesh- you'd think they were ignoring him. Lance huffed, folding his arms and tapping his foot, "Hey guys- are we playing 'Let's Ignore Lance' again? Cause I tell you, that game sucks."

Pidge didn't even twitch- but Lance's eye did.

"Seriously guys? First the 'No Lance allowed' poster now this? Come on-" his voice lowered just a fraction, "Come on."

Lance waited for them to say something- anything. And just as he reached out to grab Pidge's shoulder, he hesitated. Something stopped him. Something told him not to touch her. She didn't want him here. Why else would she put the sign? The one with his name written carelessly as though they didn't even bother to put in extra effort to make it look pretty.

Lance pulled his hand away, lips going into a straight line as he watched Pidge and Hunk type away on their respective laptops. Their breaths even- fingers in sync and they were so caught up doing important stuff… Did Lance even have the right to talk to them when they're in the zone?

What did he even matter? So what if he did feel lonely? So what if he was seconds away from having an emotional breakdown because today marks his niece's sixth birthday. So what- so what- so what.

It didn't matter. It didn't matter.

Lance turned away sharply. He bit down on his trembling lips- they were busy. He told himself that they'd come to see him later in the day. Hopefully. Maybe.

He knew they cared about him- and maybe he was just being a little bit too clingy again. Maybe he should give them some space. Maybe he should back off and consider staying in his room all day- but… but-

But if he stayed alone for one more dobash he knew he'd drop to the floor and ugly cry. He'd thrash and wail and he'd kick and he'd act like the spoilt selfish brat he is.

Why did he even try to bother Pidge and Hunk? Why did he even try…?

Footsteps. Lance's head snapped up- eyes wide and that simple movement caused the tears to spill over. He wiped them away and pulled on a smile but it was only a second too late. A tall figure rounded the corner- and Lance had to do a double take.

"Hunk?!" he stumbled backwards, head pivoting to stare at the other Hunk.

Lance's hands went to his defense- immediately blocking the new Hunk's line of vision to his friends. So what if Lance was an attention leech and they wanted him far away from them- he wouldn't let anything threaten them. Not Hunk- not Pidge, not… not. Huh?

A second figure peeped from behind new Hunk's body, eyes wide and glasses shining, "Lance? Didn't you see the sign?"

There was another Pidge. Great- Lance had officially lost his mind. His stance slackened, looking back and forth between his two (four?) friends. His hand went up to scratch his head.


NewHunk chuckled- giving that comforting booming laugh, "Oh man- I told Pidge that the holograms were too good. They even fooled Lance!"

NewPidge huffed, folding her arms in front of her and looking like a ruffled baby chicken, "I told him not to enter. Didn't you see the sign? You ruined the prank!"

But she was smiling. That tiny smirk- almost smile. The one she wore when she wasn't pleased, but things were still working in her favor. The smile that brought crinkles to her eyes and made her entire body look as if it weren't running on two hours of sleep for the entire day.

Pidge fiddled with her watch while Hunk still fought to quit his laughter- but Lance didn't mind at all. This was his Hunk. His laugh, his presence so warm and loud and soft and this was his Hunk. His friend. The guy who Lance hoped would never turn his back on Lance. Even if he were busy typing away on a laptop in the middle of the day.

This was the Hunk who'd hear Lance enter the room, stop what he's doing to give his friend a bright grin, and only when he was sure Lance didn't need something, then he'd get back to work.

Pidge gave a little, "aha!" and she tapped her watch. FakeHunk and FakePidge faded away like a nightmare when you wake up. Still at the back of his head, but now a little less intense.

Pidge gave Lance another smirk, and she tilted her head, "I should have known- of course you'd walk into a room that says 'No Lance allowed.' I ought to use that psychology on you another day." and she laughed.

This was his Pidge. His Pidgeon. The girl he loved with such intense emotion that he'd never once doubt they were family. The girl who kept him sane but also kept him expertly on his toes. He made sure she slept- she made sure he didn't. And they loved each other for it. Their relationship had formed a bond so strong, that Lance became so angry at doubting her earlier.

But this was his Pidge and his Hunk. Not a fake. Not a stupid hologram. Not a stupid pair of lifeless figures who didn't even greet him when he entered the room and so clearly demanded their attention and almost begged for barely their look and he was just so relieved this was his Pidge and his Hunk.

And the relief came with the tears. He was crying the ugly tears now- and it took Hunk and Pidge less than a second to notice, and even less to get by his side, wrapping him in a hug and he might be an attention leech- but he needed this. Needed them.

Their words went over his head- words of what's-wrong-buddy and we're-so-sorry and Lance-talk-to-us. He couldn't answer even if he tried.

He knew he'd break down. And he knew exactly what he needed when he went looking for Hunk and Pidge. But that scene earlier had pushed him back into a dark place he wished never existed in the first place.

But as he stood here- more like he lied on Hunk's chest and had Pidge in his embrace, holding on for dear life, he wished he didn't see the holograms. Because that meant he didn't know his friends that well. But they knew him and they knew that he couldn't talk right then, so they only held him.

And somehow, Pidge had nestled deep into his arms, ear perfectly placed to hear his erratic heartbeat, and he knew she was listening for when it calmed, so she could talk to him.

And somehow, Hunk had wrapped them in a bear hug, hand on his head and stroking his hair so softly and it put Lance in a sleepy mood but the other hand softly patting his back kept him just the right comforted and coddled.

He was an attention leech but he knew he needed this.

Maybe hours later- or a few minutes, he really didn't know, Pidge slowly asked, "Lance…?"

Lance opened his mouth, the words falling out, "I'm okay- I just wanted a hug."

Hunk spoke, "That's not everything- we know you Lance. And we know sometimes, you don't need just a hug,"

"We're here for you," Pidge replied softly, still having her cheek attached to his shirt, "And we're listening,"

He kept quiet. Just letting them hold him. He didn't say anything, and he wished they could stay there forever, but his foot was getting antsy and Pidge looked dangerously close to falling asleep- and yep, there she goes.

Lance shifted so he could catch Pidge before she fell, and Hunk caught Lance before he fell but no one caught Hunk as he fell, but Hunk had enough softness to cushion their fall without Pidge even stirring from her sleep.

Hunk and Lance blinked at each other, then back to Pidge, then broke out into grins. Lance carefully maneuvered himself off Hunk, and lifted Pidge with just enough effort.

Hunk was the one to offer, "Cuddle Session in your room?"

And Lance accepted, the two of them walking slowly to his room. And they put Pidge down on the bed first, but the second her head left Lance's chest, she attached her grabby fingers into his shirt like the overgrown toddler she was.

Pidge murmured sleepily, "We have to replace that sign- Lance is always allowed."

He grinned back at Hunk, "I'd like that. As long as I get to make it myself,"

Hunk nodded slowly- but something was off in his eyes. Something sad- and Lance knew it was because of him. So that's why, after the three of them were comfortably positioned on Lance's bed with him being in the middle, he said softly.

"Today's Nadia's birthday. I miss her." and he didn't cry this time- only giving a watery smile.

And as Hunk was about to say something most likely comforting, Pidge began to whisper-sing, "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..."

Lance and Hunk shared another one of their looks- but this one with bright grins accompanied with the tears. The boys sang softly, "Cumpleaños feliz…"

Pidge's brows furrowed, though her lids remained closed, she tried her best to sing the last line, "Coompiano furries."

"Ehh- close enough," Lance ruffled her hair, and that was the last bit that had the three of them bursting into laughter. Even though one of them was half-asleep, and the other was half-way to tears and the other was completely in tears. They had one another.

And maybe that was enough.

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