The Blood Elf Lord stood by his beloved human companion as they bury the body or the ashes they could find, of the High King himself in a stone tomb.

Lord Lor'themar, in the past, was completely afraid by Varian ever since he decided to court with the Prince, Anduin. But the Lord respected the man with honor and the undying love for his kingdom, his friends, and his son. Anduin stood strong to end the war for all of Azeroth and for his father's sacrifice, the previous High King would have been proud of his child as Lor'themar was proud of his lover.

Now that it was over, he was finally allowed to crumble as the lover from the Horde held him close and whispered sweet nothings in his ears.

The memories of what happened on Broken Shore were still fresh in his memories.

Months earlier…

He fought on the ground with the rest of the Horde and Legions of demons and undead monsters descended upon Azeroth!

His Blood Elves followed him into battle as he slew much undead Scourge with the Greatsword of the Sin'dorei in his hands! Though the Horde called for a retreat, the Blood Elves kept fighting. Lor'themar was soon back to back with the man that promised to castrate him if he dared bed the prince that was his son, High King Varian Wrynn.

"I am surprised to see you haven't fled yet with the others," Varian smirked as the Blood Elf that he hated.

"I would never hear the end of it from my Star Sapphire if I fled." Lor'themar countered as both were forced to fight together.

But the battle looked bleak as the Alliance and Blood Elves were forced to retreat. As Genn, Varian, Lor'themar and many others took to the ships, the undead kept attacking as Varian clings onto the ship from their airol attacks!

If something is not done, thousands will die.

Not unless the king did something, something that will rock the world of Azeroth.

"Your majesty, come on!" Genn shouted as he held out his hand to his king while the Blood Elf Lord stood right beside the Worgen.

"Your son is waiting for us!" Lor'themar shouted as things looked grim!

"…Genn, take care of my son. Elf, if you hurt Anduin, I will find ways to haunt you." Varian requested and threatened as he let go, saving many but losing their king!

Current time…

The Lord of the Blood Elves held his beloved tightly as he comforted him through these troubled times.

The Horde and Alliance were able to stop the evil and save Azeroth, though their home is damaged by the dagger of a God. Now, that the worse was over, it was time to pick up the pieces and begin for the future.

"Thank you for being there for me. I don't know how I was able to get through this without you. I feel like I am all alone to lead the Alliance." Anduin wept as he was close to his lover.

The Blood Elf held him close into his arms as he tilted his chin upward.

"Andy, I vow to you like your lover to make you happy and to share your pain. I will be with you on your brightest day and on your darkest hour." Lord Lor'themar vowed, taking a knee while holding his hand as it made Anduin's heart flutter.

The blond always liked it when his lover would use a more elegant way of speaking to him, it makes more romantic.

"Thank you, Lor'." Anduin thanked as he gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Soon it was time for the two of them to leave the memorial of Varian Wrynn. The Blood Elf Lord then looked back at the stone tomb and remembered what the king had said to him before he died.

"Elf, if you hurt Anduin, I will find ways to haunt you…"

The Blood Elf wouldn't pass Varian to return from the dead to drag him down with him for hurting his child, which Lor'themar would never do to his lover. Despite the troubles he and his kind face at the hands of the humans, he has seen that not all humans were evil. Anduin was proof of that. No matter what wicked tyrant, no matter was a great deceiver, no matter what demons or gods, they will all fall short to that one boy's heart.

A heart he will protect with his life.

Then Lor'themar came to a conclusion.

It was time to change course with the Blood Elves and with himself.

A few weeks later in Stormwind…

It took some time for everything to be prepared for this day, but the Blood Elf has dreamt of this day for some time and everything needed to be just right.

Of course, the day he decides to pay Anduin a visit was the day that the members of the Alliance would be there too, earning glares from those who had a vendetta against the blood elves and paternal love for his lover. Many think that he was just using the King for his personal gain while others know that Anduin had bewitched him, thus believing that the Blood Elf did not deserve him.

Thankfully, Lor'themar knew that it was Anduin who decides who he wishes to be with.

"Lor'themar!" A sweet and honey-like voice called out, making the elf perk up.

Walking in was the ever-lovely King Anduin, with rosy warm cheeks and the cutest attire that the Blood Elf had ever seen. The elegant Blood Elf then got down on one knee, gently took the hand of his beloved and kissed the back of his hand.

"Anduin, fairest of the humans, with a soul brighter than any light and a heart that brought happiness to all who he shares with. No person, creature or spirit could ever hold a candle to your angelic touch." Lor'themar swooned as the King blushed at his lover.

"Oh, Lor', you always have a way with words." Anduin giggled as Genn looked irritated.

"Regent Lord Theron, the Alliance is having a meeting and the King has no time flirting with you. Unless this is important, get out." Genn sneered at the Blood Elf.

"Genn, don't be rude!" Anduin scolded his adviser.

Since the death of the High King, Genn has been acting as his adoptive parent, taking care of Anduin and keeping the elf that he and Varian hated so much on his toes. Genn never understood why the blond was so infatuated with him. Anduin could have anyone he desired in the Alliance and yet chooses a Horde leader, the leader of betrayers for that matter to court with.

"Actually, Lord Greymane, I do have something important with the King, something so life-changing that it will shake all of Azeroth." Lor'themar spoke as he gave a charming look to his lover, "But I can wait for your meeting to finish, High King of the Alliance."

Anduin blushed as he agreed, though the members of the Alliance were taking notice of the Blood Elf's suspicious behavior, they continued their meeting while the Regent Lord waited in the Garden.

After the meeting was over, Anduin left for the garden, unaware he was being watched through the windows of the castle.

In the Garden of Stormwind…

King Anduin walked outside as he heard the song of the songbirds from the distance, perhaps done by his lover who was waiting for him in the garden.

It was a romantic way to start as the king found his lover, sitting on the rim of the water fountain.

"King Anduin, I hope your meeting was as magnificent as the beauty you possessed from your very heart." The Regent Lord bowed as he kissed Anduin's tiny hand.

"Tell me that you didn't just come from all the way from Silvermoon just to flatter me." The blond priest giggled with a blush on his face.

"No, my Star Sapphire. I have something more important to tell you." Lor' spoke as he clasped both hands of the King.

In the Castle by the windows of the Garden…

Genn and Tyrande didn't trust the Blood Elf to be alone with the King as they insisted that the other leaders of the Alliance keep an eye on them.

"I think you two are overreacting. The Blood Elf Lord has done nothing to King Anduin for the years they spent together." Velen sighed as he felt the over-protectiveness that has taken over the pair.

He was thankful that Jaina wasn't here, she would have incinerated Lor'themar the minute he touched his apprentice Anduin. Velen trusts the King's judgment and knows that the boy is simply following his heart. The Regent Lord has done nothing prove he would harm the boy in any shape or form. But that doesn't mean that the Alliance trusts him.

"Are you certain of that?" Genn questioned as Anduin seemed a bit upset.

The Blood Elf was going to leave him. He would soon regret that and Genn will enjoy punishing him for breaking his heart. Then he would console-.

"Wait, what is he doing?" Tyrande gasped as all the leaders of the Alliance were watching the pair.

All the colors of Genn's face soon disappeared as he was forced to watch the Blood Elf Lord got down on one knee for the prince.

"He wouldn't dare-." The leader of the Worgens fumed as he watched Lor'themar was rifling through his pocket.

From them came an ornate oyster shell and with a small golden button, revealed a star sapphire wedding ring!

"What?" Shaw gasped at the sight.

"Walk away from the Blood Elf, Anduin. Walk away from the Blood Elf." Genn begged from the window, hoping Anduin could hear him.

But instead, the boy leaped into his arms as they both twirled around with happiness.

"NO!" Genn howled as he was in his Worgen form!

Before he was going to bolt down to the garden, rip the blood elf's head off, and lock the Boy King into a tower so he would never date anyone that Graymane didn't approve of, Velen stopped him.

"Wait a moment, Genn. You must calm down." Velen ordered as the advisor snarled at him.

"Calm down? Calm down? That dirty treacherous Blood Elf is trying to steal Anduin away!" Genn snarled in rage as all his fur was standing on ends.

"Genn." Velen sighed as he used the light to soothe the Worgen's rage, turning him back into a man again, "Now, before anyone else loses their temper, I may need to remind you all that this is King Anduin's choice and Regent Lord Lor'themar has done nothing to warrant so much hostility. In fact, he hadn't brought hurt or pain since courting Anduin."

"What are you saying?" Tyrande demanded as her hands were on her hips.

"Maybe we should speak to the two of them. Try to talk it out like rational leaders that we should be. Maybe this is a good thing for Azeroth." Velen advised as they could hear the laughter of the human and Blood Elf.

Later in the War Room…

Anduin was wearing the ring that Lord Theron had gave him as the Alliance was speaking with him and the Blood Elf's leader.

"I have never felt this happy in a long time. I didn't think this day would come." Anduin squeaked as Lor' held his hand.

"You are not unlovable, my Star Sapphire. Farthest thing from, your love is rarer than the ring I crafted for you. You are a treasure to all of Azeroth." Lor'themar assured him as he made Anduin blushed some more.

"Oh, so he's only property to you, is that is?" Genn questioned as he slammed his fist on the table.

"Genn!" Velen scolded.

"No! No! He is some I would die to protect." The Regent Lord shouted as he felt insulted by Genn's accusation.

"Interesting choice of words… "die". What would you do if the Horde goes to war with us again?" Tyrande questioned as Lor' felt that he was being interrogated by Anduin's entire family.

He probably was.

"I think that our union would bring peace to Azeroth. With a member of the Horde marrying a member of the Alliance, peace will reign." Anduin explained for Lor's as he held his hand.

"And if I must choose to go to wat with the Alliance with the Horde, the Blood Elves will fracture from the Horde and become neutral," Lor'themar added as Anduin felt his heartstrings being plucked.

"You would leave the Horde… for me? But what of your people?" Anduin asked.

"Star Saphire, the Horde is not what it used to be. Since Garrosh, I have questioned the Horde. Lady Sylvanas was once one of us and I hope she would be more of a leader. But if I must choose, I choose peace." Lor' sweetly explained as he kissed Anduin's heads, causing him to giggle.

"But what about your kingdom? Will you merge the two races?" Tyrande questioned.

"No, but we will arrange portals so we would always stay close to each other." The Blood Elf explained.

"But there is another issue. Anduin is the High King, he will need an heir. How is he going to do that if he's married to you?" Genn sneered as he hopes it would be enough to deter their engagement

"Not a problem. We Blood Elves have done marvelous things with fertility magic. If my Star Sapphire ever wishes to have children, we can arrange one of us to be the bearer and there will be heirs. They will be only princes to the human kingdom, I don't want to start a Blood Elf dynasty and I wish to keep it that way." The Regent Lord explained.

"Is that why you are marrying him? Did you sleep with him?!" Genn sneered.

"No, no, I am a gentleman. Anduin wanted to be married before having intimacy and I respected his wishes."

"So, you wish to marry him to bed him?

"No, no, Greymane, I truly love him, not for his body but for his soul."

"Listen you-."

"Alright, enough." Anduin sighed as he was getting annoyed, "Genn, I want this. Lor' was there for me and he always has been. He was willing to keep fighting to save Azeroth. He's a good and noble soul."


"Genn, please. Don't spoil my happiness."

"Anduin, we are only thinking of your happiness!"

"Anduin," Velen spoke up, "You have always done what was best for all and I truly see that you are in love with Lord Lor'themar Theron and if you want this, then we will accept this. But know that we really do care about you and will always protect you."

"But-," Genn spoke with some of the members uncertain.

"We will support him," Velen spoke in a stern voice.

"Fine. But if you hurt Anduin, I will rip you to pieces." Genn threatened as he was acting as Anduin's father.

"Luckily, that day will never come." Lor' smirked as Genn growled at him.

"Thank you, Velen." Anduin smiled.

"You're welcome, I wish you happiness and joy. Lord Theron, you may need to speak with the other members of the Horde of this." Velen advised.

"I will. I think will be a good thing for us all."