A Month Later in Stormwind…

High King Anduin Lane Wrynn was as happy as could be as being the ray of sunshine as he is affected the mood of the kingdom.

The people were thrilled to see their young king happy after everything that has happened when he is saddened, there is a depression when he is angry, and it fuels the warrior spirit of his men. Anduin was the shining light of the Alliance, its beating heart, when he is happy, the Alliance thrives, and the people are motivated. Both the Blood Elves and the Humans were prosperous by the joy of the High King alone as were the rest of the Alliance.

Don't get some of them wrong, there are some humans and elves that don't trust each other but some are hoping that this will bring peace to Azeroth.

But the good news keeps going for the human kingdom.

Because of the forthcoming wedding, trade has begun as both Humans and Blood Elves have many goods to be bought.

But despite this, Genn and Tyrande couldn't help but brood. Like many in the Alliance, they believed that the King should choose someone more suitable, however, they couldn't sway the king's choice and were forced to wait for when or if the Blood Elf betrays and hurts Anduin. Genn already planned out what he would do as he hid his plans in his office where Anduin can't find it.

"Your highness, on behalf of my village, we wish to offer the flora required for your wedding with the Regent Lord." A humble mayor of a small village offered as he showed the King the flowers he had to offer.

Anduin carefully brought one of the flowers to his nose as he sniffed the bud's fragrance.

"These are just a small sample of our finest flowers." The mayor proclaimed as Anduin admired their beauty.

"Well, I'll have to go over them with my fiancé, but I think these flowers would be perfect for the wedding. I will inform you of our decision once we've discussed this. Thank you." Anduin answered as the mayor bowed to the king.

"You are truly kind, your majesty." The man bowed then left.

High King Anduin Lan Wrynn grinned as he loved how his people want to take part in the wedding that was coming. He was excited for the day to come. The Blood Elf Lord would be holding hands as they walk down the aisle, they will be saying their vows, they'll drink the royal wine, they'll kiss and then…

The Human King blushed at the thought as he knew from rumor and their culture how voluptuous Blood Elves can be. The Regent Lord must have had years of experience before meeting Anduin.

Anduin shook away from those naughty thoughts of him with his future husband and his face was turning pink.

He shook it off and turned to his engagement ring. It was a Star Sapphire jewel white embedded into the golden ring. Lor'themar made this ring as he searched high and low for the rare Star Sapphire jewel to match Anduin's eyes. This ring shows how much the Blood Elf loved him and what he would do to make the King happy. There were two things that Lor'themar Theron loved more than anything else in Azeroth and that were his people and Anduin.

Their marriage will hopefully bring the peace that the two always dreamed of and bring harmony to the Horde as well as the Alliance.

Later at night…

Anduin slept peacefully in his bed as the storm outside was out of his pleasant dreams of tomorrow with his fiancé.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. No, it was more like braying as it caused the young king to awake. Anduin arose from his bed, getting the sleep from his eyes as he walked to the door. He opened the door to see a frantic Shaw in front of him.

"Shaw? (Yawning) What's going on?" Anduin yawned as he was trying his best to wake up.

"Your majesty, I apologize for waking you. But you must come with me at once! The entire race of Blood Elves is here." Shaw explained as it startled the tired king awake.

Outside the kingdom of Stormwind…

Anduin rode his loyal horse Reverence in the rain as Genn, the Stormwind knights and other members of his court were waiting for him.

Anduin only had a hood to protect him from the storm as he had no time to dress in his usual attire rather than his sleeping garments.

What the High King saw of the Blood Elves, shook him to his core with horror. The Elves were bruised, badly injured, many were bleeding and or with broken limbs and their clothing ripped, roughed up and torn. But the most heartbreaking sight was Rommath holding a seriously injured Lor'themar up by slinking his shoulder over his!

"Lor"themar!" Anduin gasped in horror as he dismounted his horse and rushed to his injured lover, holding him as he used his light.

"What in the Light has happened?" Genn demanded as Anduin was healing the Blood Elf Leader.

"Your majesty, Silvermoon City, it-it's gone, it's all gone…" Rommath muttered as he was badly injured, "Our home is gone… Nothing left…"

"Guards! Bring every single elf back to the castle and see they are cared for!" Anduin ordered as he carried the heavy elf on his shoulders and hopped on his horse with him.

"But your highness-."

"NOW!" Anduin thundered, stunning everyone.

He almost sounded like his father, authoritative and unmoving judgment. The King then rode off with his fiancé as the members of the Alliance did as they were told.

In the Castle…

The beds were lining up as many healers were called in the middle of the night to help out.

Luckily, most of the Blood Elves were not injured too seriously and nothing was a permanent injury. The only one that was concerned for was the Regent Lord who took up Anduin's bed as the Priest began to heal him personally. Anduin was bandaging him, cleaning any infects and setting bones as he healed the injured lord with his bright light. He was frantic and concerned but wasted no time. Even when Anduin was wet and cold, he only thought of healing Lor'.

He suddenly stopped when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

It was his teacher, the prophet Velen.

"Anduin, I know you are worried for him, but you must rest, get dressed and dried off," Velen advised as the boy looked tired.

"I-I can't Velen, Lor'themar need help. He-he needs me." Anduin refused as he looked desperate.

"Don't worry, I'll take over from here. I'll help the Regent Lord while you change." The prophet assured the priest as he used his light to soothe the pain of the Blood Elf.


"Anduin, you're soaking wet and shivering. You're going to get sick soon and it would not help the Blood Elves to have you sick. Now, go get change. I'll care for Lor'themar." Velen promised as Anduin knew he was right.

"Okay…" Anduin spoke in a small voice as he hesitantly was about to leave to get dry and changed.

"And Anduin."

"Yes?" Anduin wondered as he turned around with tears in his eyes.

"He's going to be okay," Velen promised with a determined look.

The king smiled then left for the Prophet to work.

Fifteen Minutes later…

After returning with a fresh set of clothes and a soft towel of his shoulders as he reached his room.

He entered the room to see Velen was done and Lor'themar was patched up.

"Is he-?" Anduin wondered as Velen gave the King a comforting smile.

"He'll be okay. He's a little worse for wear with a broken leg and a small concussion but nothing that time can't heal and the light." Velen answered as Anduin breathed in relief.

"Thank you, thank you so much." Anduin breathed as he held his sleeping lover's hand.

"Actually, your highness, it was mostly you. Your light was strong enough to reach him and bring him to safety. I merely finished it." Velen answered as Anduin kissed Lor's cheek.

Then the two heard the door open to see Shaw and Genn.

"How are they?" Anduin asked as he stayed by the Regent Lord's side.

"Many are hurt but they'll pull through. There are some who are missing but no casualties as far as I can tell." Shaw answered his king.

"Good, good, they can stay here for the time being. Makes sure all their needs are tended to." The King ordered.

"Yes, sir." Shaw saluted as he left the king alone with Velen and Genn.

"Rommath stayed awake long enough to tell me what happened to their kingdom," Genn spoke as Anduin waved his hand.

"I'll hear about it in the morning. But I think it's best for everyone to rest. I'll speak with Rommath once the chaos settles down." Anduin sighed as he was emotionally exhausted.

"As you wish." Genn bowed as he looked to the King and to Elf, silently threatening the Regent Lord to survive this or else.