Danny yawned as his alarm clock when off. He was exhausted from using all his powers making the the whole earth Intangible. And he knew the other ghosts where too because the haven't showed up to attack him for two days. Danny rolled over to turn the alarm off, then got out of bed. He ventured over to his closet and grabbed a blue jacket, a shirt black shirt with a grey circle on the middle, and pants. Then got dressed. Danny didn't even bother to look in the mirror before heading down stairs.

"Good morning Dan-O!" His dad cried.

"Morning dad." Danny when straight for the fridge.

"Why so glum, son?"

Danny pulled out milk for cereal while rolling his eyes at his dads rhyme.

"I'm not down dad. Just exhausted. Turning the whole world intangible is quite exhausting. It used a lot of the ghosts power. That's why they haven't attacked for a while."

"Ahh, don't worry son! You'll be as good as new when you try my newest invention, Fenton jam! It goes perfectly with Fenton toast."

To prove his point he smothered a piece of toast with his jam and took a big bite.

"No thanks dad. I will just stick with a classic bowl of cereal." Danny sat down and poured his cereal and milk and began to eat.

"EEEEAAAK!" He heard a squeal from upstairs. And down came Jazz rushing to Danny. Her face held the biggest grin.

"Danny guess what?! You won't believe it!" She grabbed his shoulders and shook him. He was about to reply when she interrupted. "The Masters program excepted me! They want me to be there at campus in a week! Can you believe it!" She squealed once more.

"Wow Jazz that's great!"

"Oh wait tell your mother here's about this! She will be as proud as I am! Your going to because the best ghost hunt- I mean, Fenton in the history of Fenton's!" There dad cried.

Danny stood up to give her a hug. He knew how much it meant to get into College Masters. She worked her whole life for it. And he couldn't be happier for her. But as soon as Danny left his chairs a wave of dizziness came over him and he fell, hitting the cold, unforgiving ground.

"Whoa, Danny you okay?" She said helping up her brother.

"Yea I don't know what happened. I guess using all that power really took a Tull on me. Which makes me wonder how the ghosts are doing in the Ghost zone."

"Danny maybe it's best not to use your ghost powers for a while." His father suggested.

"Good idea." Danny replied. His sister helped him sit back down.

"Maybe it's even better to not go to school today." Jazz suggested.

"I can't. I have a test in Science today. Can't miss it. Even though I am the savior of the earth doesn't mean I have to not graduate. And plus there is only a couple days left of school until the weekend."

"Well good luck today little brother." She smiled and hugged him. He returned it happily.

"Thanks Jazz."

Once jazz walked away, there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it!" His father said. His dad walked to the door and opened it.

"Hi Mr. Fenton. Is Danny here?" He here's his best friend Tucker say.

"Tucker!" Danny exclaimed as he rushed out of his chair forgetting his weakened state. "Sam!" He embraced his friends. Sam and Danny blushed at each other and smiled.

"Gosh Danny you look awful." Tucker pointed out.

"It's that bad huh? Just a bit dizzy that's all."

"Well go get your bag pack because where going to be late. And we know how forgiving Lancer is with tardies." His goth friend said.

"Right. Uh I just have to remember where I put it in the fist place..." He trailed off.

"Maybe you should stay home." The techno geek suggested. Sam nodded in agreement.

"I'm fine, guys really. It's just a headache."

"That's what you said last time you over used your powers, and you passed out for four hours." Tucker said. Danny grabbed his bag pack and shut the door waving goodbye to his father.

"Guys I'm fine, really. I'm more concerned about the paparazzi than my health right now. Let's just get through today?" His two friends nodded in agreement.

"Yea, but as your new mayor, I am going to send my government agents to make sure you get to bed early today." Tucker joked. Danny just rolled his eyes in response.

"Whatever makes you happy Tuck." The friends laughed.

Sure Danny was the most famous ghost around, and Tucker was the worlds youngest mayor, but they still had to attend school. The school arrived in view, and the first bell rang announcing they had five minutes to get to class.

"As your new mayor, a made a slight tweak to your schedule, where me and Sam attend each of your classes, you know just in case something goes wrong."

"Our you pass out." Sam glared at Danny, still not happy that he is going to school.

"Sam, I'll be fine just as long as no ghost attack's."

They got to the entrance of the school when a small crowd formed.


"Guys look Danny Phantom is here!"

"Its Phantom!"

"Go Phantom!"

Dang rolled his eyes and looked down shoving his way through the crowd. If this is how it's going to be then Danny might as well take the day off. He bet the ghosts are all sleeping peacefully in the ghost zone while he had to deal with the crowds of people.

"Hey back up. Leave him alone!" Sam and Tucker yelled. The people backed up so the halfa can at least make it to his locker.

"Hey what's going on?" Danny turned to the angry voice and noticed Lancer. "If you don't leave the boy alone I will give you all weeks detention of cleaning the locker rooms and bathrooms!"

The crowd growled in frustration, and left not wanting to do the horrid chores.

Danny turned back around and opened his locker.

"Wow that was something." Sam said.

"Talk about it." Danny replied.

"Aww cheer up Danny. Now your the most popular kid around."

"Only because I have ghost powers Tucker. Otherwise I would be just as invisible as I would be if I turned intangible."

"He has a point." Sam said.

The tardy bell rang.

"We better go to class." Sam said.

The boys nodded and began to walk to there first period History. Danny began to get dizzy again. He began to fall before his two best friends caught his arms. He noticed Sam was wearing his ring he gave her. He smiled even though he was still felling a bit dizzy.

"Danny are you sure your okay?" Sam asked.

Danny gave her a reassuring smile. "I promise Sam. I'm okay." they stared at each other for a minute before blushing and turning away. Tucker smiled at the two's awkwardness.

"We better get to class." Tucker said breaking the awkward silence.

"Right." They both said. And began to head to science. There first period with Ms. Lord.

When the trio walked in to the classroom. Once the students noticed there hero standing in the door way, all conversations ended. All the students stared at Danny and how exhausted he looked. The class was so quiet Danny could here his ear ringing. The teacher cleared her throat. And Danny swallowed hard, as three took there seats.

And so the class begun.