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Someone's POV:

"Sir!" A woman ran to the main circus tent. "Sir!"

"He's busy." A guard growled.

"Well I need to tell the ring master something very important about Phantom."

The guarded looked at each other.

"Fine." They agreed.

The woman ran inside.

"No move it to the left! You idiots I said to the left! Do you even know which way that is? Don't make me come over there."

"Sir, I am so sorry to bother you."

The woman said approaching her master. He was sipping from a mug of coffee.

"What Lydia. I told you don't interrupt me unless it has to do with the plans or myself."

"Sir, that's just it. A ghost came to me and told me this news. She told me to pass it along to you."

"Well get on with it! I don't have all day." He yelled.

"Sir, phantom is King."

"King? King of what? King of the school? King of the world? Be more specific!" He took another sip of coffee,

"King of the ghost zone sir."

The Ring master spit out all of the coffee in his mouth and dropped the mug, shattering into pieces.

"WHAT!" He yelled. "This ruins everything! We can't lay a hand against the King. Who told you this? Who gave you this news Lydia"

"I do not know her name." The woman spoke.

"Very well. I will come up with something new."

"She mentioned something about The Crown of Fire giving him most of the power. If we just take it then maybe-"

"Silence! The Crown is bonded to his soul. Even if we do take it we still couldn't control its power unless we face the king and defeat him. Which is useless even trying. Leave me to my thoughts, I will come up with something. And I will have Phantom under my control."

Back in Amity Park:

"Wait. Hold on. Give me a second. Your telling me that my little brother is the KING of the dead?! The dead!"

Danny nodded.

"He does have Pariah Dark's ring." Tucker said.

"And what does the Ring do exactly?" Jazz asked.

"Well for starters it gave me these." He pointed to his Tail and Fangs.

"I personally think there cute and very goth like." Sam said. Danny smiled.

"What else does it do?" Tucker asked.

"Well it allowed me to do this." Danny teleported behind the group.

"Where'd you go?" Jazz asked.

"Boo." Danny whispered behind Tucker. Tucker yelped in surprise.

"Don't ever do that again!" Tucker gasped. Danny laughed along with Jazz and Sam.

"Hey, it's not funny!" The group laughed for a second more before Jazz spoke,

"Anyways, does your ghost half look different to?"

"It does."

"Show us then dude!" Tucker said urgently.

"Alright alright. You might want to cover your eyes though." They did. Two blinding white rings formed at his waist turning him into Phantom. "You can look now." They opened there eyes.

"Woah!" They gasped at Danny's appearance.

"You look so..." Sam began.

"Cool." Jazz finished.

"Dude!" Tucker jumped up from where he was sitting and began to mess with his cloak, and tail. "Dude, your like a demon now!"

"I don't like being called that Tucker."

"Oh sorry your majesty." Danny rolled his eyes at his best friend.

"I will behead you Tucker Folley."

"Wait you can do that?"

"Not without a proper trial with the ancients and," Danny ran his hands down his face, "the observants." Clockwork told Danny how annoying the observants are. And it made Danny angry he way they use Clockwork for his powers. Clockwork was one of the Ancients as well as queen Pandora. Danny also knew there where more of them, like Nocturne and Undergrowth. He was surprised those two where even ancients. But then again, they where very powerful ghosts.

"Also guys can we please keep this a secret for now. I don't feel comfortable with everyone knowing yet."

"Sure." They all said in unison.

"Hey what's going on in here? You kids should be in second period by now!" The door rattled then swig open. Danny turned into his human half. An old man stood at the doorway shocked.

"Oh hi Mr. Williams. We where just going." Sam spoke nervously glancing at Danny.

"What she said." Danny replied to Sam's comment. The group walked out. The man took one glance at the group only to notice a tail. Fenton/Phantom had a tail.

"I really need to retire." The old man said to himself.

Lunch, the period every kid loves. Team Phantom was ordering their food. Tucker ordered the same thing as always. A cheese sandwich. Sam glared at them the entire time.

"You know your eating innocent animals."

"They died for a good cause." Tucker replied.

"You discust me Tucker."

Meanwhile Danny was standing in line ordering.

"The chicken sandwich." The lunch lady lazily looked up at Phantom.

"Sure..." She replied. Danny grimaced, paid for lunch, and caught up with the rest of the group. Phantom used his black jacked so he can rap his tail around his waist and hide it. He didn't feel comfortable with letting it show yet.

"What was that about?" Jazz asked. She decided to stick around especially when she found out Danny's king of the Ghost Zone.

"I don't blame her personally, Jazz. Being a lunch lady is tough." Tucker sighed.

"Maybe that's how the lunch lady died. Evil kids who like to eat innocent animals got the best of her." Sam suggested.

"Actually it was a fire from the kitchen." Danny replied.

"How on earth do you know that?" Jazz asked, looking at her brother with awe. Danny only shrugged, because honestly he didn't really know either.

The group sat down at the booth me they all began to eat.

"Hey Fenton!" Dash came up to the table. "I didn't know you bought everyone lunch." Paulina and his friend Kwan where at the former bullies side.

"You look different. What happened?" Kwan asked.

"It doesn't matter Kwan mind your own business." Jazz said.

"It's ok Jazz." Danny didn't like the idea of sitting with his number one bully, but he knew it would just be awkward if Dash was afraid of Danny for the rest of his life as well as the other A-Listers. He didn't want that to happen, so the halfa did the only thing he thought was best. His friends and sister sighed at Danny. Phantom sat down along with Dash and his buddies. Danny could sense the slight fear in the air, and awkwardness.

Danny was half ghost so that made it possible for him to be able to sense others emotions very well, and sometimes feed off of them. But Danny never did because he thought it was sick and wrong. The only time he was forced to was when he needed just a little bit of strength to finish off Pariah Dark. Danny shivered involuntarily at the thought.

"What's with the Ring?" Paulina asked breaking the very awkward silence.

"It's called the Ring of Rage." Danny replied. Where those fangs they saw?

"It's given to the king of ghosts." Tucker announced. Danny shot him a death glare. Tucker shrunk into the cafeterias chair.

"Shit." He said under his breath. It took a second for them to process what Tucker just said.

"Wait, king?" Paulina shrieked. There it was.

"Well there goes another secret." Danny replied.

"Are you? Does that mean..." Kwan asked.

"Yea it does." He looked down at his food. And suddenly it became less appetizing to him.

"Since when?" Dash's voice quivered.

"Since yesterday."

"Well damn." They all said. Just a couple weeks ago they wouldn't have even assumed Fenton to be Phantom, heck, let alone a king of an entire world.

"Look man, I'm sorry for bullying you so much." Danny held up a hand silencing Dash.

"It's okay."

Dash almost choked on his food. Was Fenton actually going to forgive him that easily? The jock was at least expecting to be shoved in a locker for payback, or even phased through a wall and left there to starve. But this? No way could he believe it.

Lunch went on normally for Danny. They all talked and laughed at each others jokes.

Eventually lunch slowly came to an end, and the group all went to leave the cafeteria before Danny's Ghost sense when off. He stopped in his tracks.

"What's wrong Danny?" Jazz asked. Danny only sighed.

"Skulker, I thought you've given up." That's when skulked appeared in front of Danny. The raven didn't even hesitate to turn into his Ghost half. Everyone was debating on whether or not they should run or just stay seated. They where all confused why Fenton didn't turn into Phantom... it was his job after all, right? Right?

"You of all people should know that I never give up," Phantom smirked.

"What is it Skulker? I would like to get back to my business."

"Yes, your majesty. Clockwork sent me to tell you that Freakshow is threatening the kingdom." Danny narrowed his eyes.

"Threatening? How so?"

"He says he wants to meet with you personally. He said if you do not come by Midnight he will release his most powerful weapon."

"Weapon? Of what kind?" Danny tapped his chin. Skulker shrugged.

"I do not know."

But Danny knew better than to skip to conclusions. The crown gave him the knowledge of the ghost zone. If anything happened then he could sense it. Freakshow was dangerous. The fact the was able to control a ghost without doing anything set an alarm off in his head. Danny cannot underestimate the enemy.

"Hmm. This is what we will do. Send out a small troop to spy on them. Have them report back... let's say every hour. If anything pops up don't hesitate to come back and warn me."

"This sounds like a trap, my king. Are you sure it is wise to-"

Danny held up his hand and Skulker immediately shut up. Danny knew it was a trap. After all it was Freakshow which meant they just had to be one step ahead.

"Don't question my motives. Just do what I asked. And I am not foolish. All I ask is to trust my tactics."

Skulker bowed in return. "It shall be done my lord."

"Also one more thing, get the scouts to map out Freakshows base. I would like to know what we are working with here. Be carful of other spies and scouts." Skulker grinned,

"Good thinking Whelp." Danny grinned. Skulker will never change.

The hunter then flew away. Danny turned around to see many people and staff staring at him. He was going to kill Skulker for not confronting him privately or sending a letter. The students slowly turned around and began to talk to one another again. Which Danny's heightened senses he could here kids conversations easily.

"My lord?"

"Does that mean Fenton is a king now?"

Danny laughed under his breath.

"So freakshow is back huh?" Sam asked.

Danny frowned. "He is, which means he is up to no good. Probably trying to find the Reality stones. But if he does have his ghost commanding or controlling staff thing, then that means he has the power to control every ghost. That includes me."

"Which is bad." Tucker said.

"Really really bad. And if he wants you to go alone then it makes sense." Sam added.

"I have a plan but it is nothing to discuss here publicly."

Sam and Tucker nodded.

"Then to your house we go." Tucker said.

"Oh school, one day I will attend you with no marked absences." Danny sighed.

"That's never gonna happen."

"Shut up Sam."