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Ding Dong.

"Marty! Sweetie, can you answer the door?" Lorraine hollers at her youngest son from where she is washing some last-minute dishes. Marty, six years old, was munching on his dinner, a hamburger, swallows his last bite, and rushes towards the front door. When he opens it he has to crane his head to stare at the two tall police officers standing in front of him with somber expressions.

"Hello, young man," the first officer takes off his cap and tries to smile. "Is Lorraine McFly here?"

Marty nods, rushing back to the dining room. "Moooom! There some cops wanting to speak with you."

"What?" Lorraine hurriedly dries her hands and speed walks to the door with her son. All the commotion grabs the attention of Linda and Dave who hurry after Marty and their mom.

"Hello," the officer who took off his cap says again. "I am Officer James Coulsen. This is my partner, Officer Ryan Gonzalez. I am afraid we have some bad news. May we come in?"

There are hundreds of scenarios racing to Lorraine's mind and she wordlessly nods her head and steps aside the officers can enter the house. They all walk to the living hall and the officers are the last one to take a seat on the couch, across from the other couch where the four McFly's were perched on.

"Mrs. McFly," Officer Gonzalez speaks for the first time, "thirty minutes ago near Pierce street, your husband, George McFly was in a fatal car crash. We are so sorry to inform you and your family this, but your husband could not be saved by the paramedics. He did not survive."

Lorraine was shaking her head before the officer could finish his sentence. "No," she moaned and put her head in her hands and began rocking back and forth. "George… George," she whispers her husband's name like a mantra while her daughter bursts into tears. Dave starts to cry too, seconds after.

Marty sits still and stares at everyone in shock. He barely listens to the officers who had begun speaking again.

"-any family or friends you would like us to contact?" Marty doesn't hear his mom's reply, instead, curling up on the sofa, his mind blank. Dad was… dead? That couldn't be right. He was just kissing Marty's forehead an hour ago before leaving to do something for his mean supervisor, Biff Tannen. Tears started to leak from his eyes now and he felt like nothing was making sense. It was like when Dave was groaning about his math homework and started to talk about something called trigonometry, but a hundred times worse.

Marty blinked when his mom was suddenly grabbing him in a hug, still sobbing loudly. He just lay limp in her arms, his face crushed into her maroon scratchy sweater and closed his eyes. He just wanted everything to go back to normal.

But when he lifted up his head and saw his sister's still tearful face, Dave's dejected and disbelieving one, and the officer's sad but trying to be supportive expressions, Marty knew nothing was going to be normal ever again.

"You let go of me right this instant Biff! Do you hear me Biff? Get your disgusting hands off me!"

Marty paused near the door of his mom's bedroom. His dad's old supervisor had come into the house a few minutes ago and he and mom had gone into her bedroom for a private discussion.

There's a small scuffle and then Biff speaks.

"You know I can make your life hell. I can leave you penniless and I can even arrange for you and your damn brats to be separated. So you will-"

Marty heard enough. He's only seven but he knows whatever is happening in his mom's bedroom was bad, so he turns the knob only to find the door was locked. He begins to pound his tiny fists on the door.

"Hey! Hey! Let me in!" The door swings open abruptly, causing Marty to trip and crash straight into Biff. The man looks down at him with disgust and pushes him to the floor.

Lorraine lets out a snarl in protest and hurries to crouch on the floor to check if her youngest is alright.

"You remember my words, Lorraine. I can make your life more miserable and pathetic than it already is," are Biff's parting words. The man stalks out of their tiny apartment that they moved into a month after dad died.

"Mom?" Marty takes Lorraine's hand to get off the floor.

"Sweetie!" Mom cups his face. "Are you okay? I'm so sorry Marty."

"It's okay Mom. What was lame-o-Biff doing here with you?"

Lorraine tries to hide a smile at the name her children stuck on Biff. "Nothing sweetie. Nothing you have to worry about. Where is your sister?"

Marty ignores her question. "Why doesn't nobody tell me anything. Are you keeping secrets Mom? I told Dave that I hate it when he keeps secrets and you are doing the same thing!"

Mom sighs. "I'm telling you Marty this is nothing you gotta worry your head about. Now, where is your sister young man? She better not be hanging out with that dratted boy again."

She storms away, furiously pressing buttons on her mobile phone, presumably about to dial Logan's parents' number. Linda was always hanging around with Longan despite their mom's disapproval.

Marty rolled his eyes at his mother and took out his clackers and started playing with them, putting Biff's 'conversation' with his mom out of his mind. Only a year later he wished he kept it in mind because Biff very soon became part of his family. As his step-father.

Present Day

Marty quietly lifts up the window to his bedroom. He sneaks in and moans silently in pleasure as he falls limp on his bed and rests his aching legs and back. He sighs and gets up again to quickly change his clothes because he hated sleeping in his outside attire. He sits back on his bed and switches on the only light in his room a small yellow lamp on his shabby nightstand. Before he lays back down, he reaches for the nightstand's drawer and takes out a small box. He opens the lid and carefully takes out a crumpled letter that has been folded neatly and flicks it open.

His eyes flicker over the tiny printed words, only half-reading it. He had memorized it all already, but this was a daily ritual of his, so he let his eyes pass over the letter's contents.

Marty, my Sweet,

I am so so sorry you will find out like this. I know I can never be forgiven for this. Oh gosh, this is so very hard to write. Just, please Marty know that I am so incredibly sorry. For everything. For marrying again, so soon after your dad. For all the pain afterward. I thought it would give you, Linda, and Dave a better life. If Biff never married me we would probably have been kicked out of our old apartment soon. I would have been a single mother with three children with no job or home. I know it was not the best option. I know and for all the pain I caused I am so so sorry. I know your siblings blame me and I know you probably do too for doing nothing. And now you will really hate me. I have to leave Sweetie. I have to. I was a shell. I am a shell here. I have not been a mother to you or Dave or Linda in a long time. If I am here any longer, it will only cause more pain. I cannot take you with me, Marty. You don't know how much I wish I could whisk you away in the night, away from your father. But you are better off with your father. With me gone, things will be better. So don't come looking after me Marty. I made my choice and I am leaving Marty. But you are better off without me. You all are. I am so sorry Sweetheart, for never being what you needed. I am sorry.

With all my heart and love,


Marty closes the letter and presses his eyes with his hand. He puts back the letter in the box and back in the drawer. Then he flicks the lamp's dull light off and pulls his covers over him to sleep. But his eyes stay open in the dark for a very long time.