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Niles, for one, was not used to this environment, so when he clumsily tripped and pushed the man to his left, he didn't expect it to be a big deal. However, the look on Daphne's face said it all: Niles, apparently, had committed a horrible, horrible felony.

The man next to him, dressed in a dirty, white tank top and black shorts, was fuming. "I had 200 bucks on that shot!" He shouted. Niles, Frasier and Daphne backed up, but the stranger inched closer to them.

"Uhh… uhh… I'm sorry sir!" Niles stuttered nervously. "Um, what can… what can I do?"

The man's face turned into an ugly smile, revealing several missing teeth. "You know what I want? Your blood! Out in the street." He cackled menacingly as his eyes glowed emerald green. He made fists which sparkled with green energy.

Daphne stared at the fight waiting to happen with immense fear. She herself wasn't born very powerful, but she had learned self-defense from an early age, allowing herself to win numerous fights without even activating her ability. Dr. Crane, on the other hand, was the opposite of strong. He was very skinny, and usually shied away from challenges. Daphne had never seen him activate his ability and his brother nor father ever mentioned it. So, naturally, she assumed that he was weak. His demeanor itself sent a feeling rippling through her body from the moment she met him that he wasn't very strong; in fact, it seemed as if he was actually, usually cowing down to her, despite his social status. She felt like his continuous worshiping was because he never wanted to spur an argument with her that could lead to a fight. While his brother was more proud, extroverted and confident (thus having a very strong power), the other Dr. Crane was more introverted and seemingly afraid. As these thoughts were racing through her mind, she realized that she had to do something; she could almost picture him lying in that alley, unconscious and bloodied. She had to prevent this fight before it was too late.

"Wait, wait!" She shouted from the other side of the room, brandishing a pool stick and rushing towards the two. "Listen, we don't have to fight! Everything will be alright. If you want your money back, we can bet!" She offered desperately, appalled that Frasier didn't say a word.

But Niles' brows were furrowed. He had grown angry that the man was so unreasonable, and was determined to teach him a lesson.

"Stand back Daphne, there will be no bets today!" The younger Crane bellowed as he smiled mischievously, Frasier grinning behind him.

At this the man aggressively pushed Niles back, almost knocking him off his feet. "Outside," he growled.

The two opponents walked outside, followed by the man's pool competitor, Frasier, and a very worried Daphne. She was biting her nails with angst by the time their backs were against the brick walls and the competitors faced each other in the middle of the street.

Daphne quickly turned to Frasier before the fight began. "How can you be so calm!? Your brother is fighting someone! You have no idea what's gonna happen to him!" She shrieked softly. She then continued to bite her nails.

"Hey, it's okay," Frasier whispered consolingly to her. He smiled. "You know… things might turn out different than you think. All we can do is wait and see."

"I suppose you're right," Daphne conceded fearfully. "But what if he loses? That guy'll beat the hell out of him!"

Frasier looked at her with a somber expression. "I've seen him in that state, and it's heartbreaking. But… who knows, ya know? Have some faith in him."

Frasier saying those words definitely brought her comfort, but not much. But her eyes quickly darted towards the two men since the fight was about to begin.

"You ready, man?" The man asked menacingly with an evil glint in his glowing eyes as a shade of bright green surrounded him. "Because I am gonna kick your ass!"

Niles smiled. His irises weren't glowing, but were swimming with blues and oranges, creating an abstract, ever-shifting pattern invisible in the darkness. The stranger's opponent from pool walked up between the two men, eyeing them both. His eyes glowed red.

"May the fight begin!" He announced, creating a small, red firework in the sky.

At first, Niles just stood there, doing nothing, not even fully activating his power. He was waiting for his opponent to make the first move.

The naive man assumed this was because Niles had little to no ability. He laughed with glee. "Time to teach this man a lesson!" He shouted just before launching into an attack.

A green, glowing lasso suddenly formed in his hand. He then threw it in Niles' direction. It instantly tightly wrapped around Niles' torso, and lifted him into the air.

Niles had flown twenty feet into the air when he noticed the man gathering strength to, ultimately, smash him into the concrete far below.

"Hey!" He called down to him. The man looked up, and started laughing. "I'm afraid of heights," he mocked. "Oh no, I'm gonna fall! And this guy will win! Oh no, how can I distract him?" Meanwhile, Daphne had no more nails left to chew and began to hyperventilate.

The alleyway was extremely dark, making the green lasso and the man's green eyes extremely prominent in the otherwise black abyss. Incidentally, everyone immediately noticed a pair of orange glowing eyes from up above.

The man rolled his eyes. "What are you gonna do?" He shouted.

"Um, maybe you should stop dissing this guy-" the man's ally began nervously from behind him. But he was interrupted by a "Shut up!"

"Do you know what hubris is!?" Niles asked the man loudly.

"No, and I don't care," was his gruff response from down below.

But Niles carried on. "Hubris is the greek word for arrogance. In many popular Greek stories, including The Odyssey, there is a common theme: that hubris, or arrogance, destroys." He smiled. "Well, I want to prove that theory tonight."

He crossed his arms as small flames crept out from behind him, covering the lasso with fire.

"Well… well I'll do this!" The man stuttered, starting to get nervous. With the flick of his wrist, the lasso untied itself and zipped back to its owner, the sheer speed of the action blowing out the flames.

"Haha! … what?" he asked no one in particular as he saw Niles' figure, encased in an orange glow, still levitating.

"Funny, right? That I can walk on air?" Niles chuckled as he paced around, the molecules in the air bearing his weight. Daphne's mouth hung open in shock.

"It's also funny that I can do this," Niles continued matter-of-factly as he turned to face his competitor. He then put his hands out. Large fireballs erupted from each, hitting the road and causing mini explosions on either side of the man on the ground. Eyes widened, he cowered in fear.

Daphne was speechless. "I was so sure he had a weak ability… especially after always coming to us battered and bruised by Maris…"

"That's because Maris is one of the few who can beat him!" Frasier replied enthusiastically. He gazed at his brother with content. "Ahh… I see your reaction was worth waiting for." He chuckled.

"But… both of you have elemental powers? Fire, Earth, Water and Air...they're… they're the rarest! Plus, you got really powerful abilities!"

"I know," Frasier agreed. "Our parents couldn't believe it. Apparently, they found out about Niles' ability when he was a toddler. They had left him alone for a second and found him sitting in the fireplace-which was lit at the time- laughing and playing with the cinders."

Daphne laughed. She felt so relieved, knowing that she wouldn't have to worry about the younger Dr. Crane again.

Back in the air, Niles watched with glee as his competitor shook with fear. This was his usual strategy with fights. People normally underestimated him because of his small figure, so he played along, letting arrogance grow until it came back to bite them in the tail. He was currently at Stage Destroy, and he could spot Frasier enjoying the fight.

Arms outstretched, he pointed his palms at the man on the ground. Suddenly, a large pillar of fire, at least fifty feet tall, erupted from the ground at the man's feet, obscuring him. A loud woosh sound accompanied the fire as Niles grinned. A couple seconds later, it all disappeared, leaving a lot of smoke, and the competitor burnt to a crisp.

Niles, unscathed, lowered himself onto the ground, kneeling down to his unconscious opponent, and taking his limp, now black hand in his. "Good game," he whispered while shaking it. His friend, the pool player, stared at him, trying to process what just happened.

Frasier and Daphne ran to him and gave him a hug.

"Dr. Crane… you… were… amazing," she gushed, still wearing a look of shock. She then glanced at the other man. "D'you think he'll be alright?" she asked worriedly.

"He'll be fine, his ability was pretty good," Niles assured her, smiling as the three of them walked out of the alley. "Now, Daphne, Frasier and Dad never mentioned my ability?"

"Not to me," Daphne replied.

"I guess my father and brother don't talk that much about me when I'm not around," Niles commented.

Daphne giggled. "I wouldn't say that."

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