A/N: Based on Suite Life on Deck S3E07 "Computer Date". AU.
What if Callie figured out Cody's plan to shut her down. Hurt Cody. Protective Zack. Brotherly Love.

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Chapter 1

Computer Room

Cody Martin stood still listening to the conversation taking place just outside the computer room between Mr. Moseby and Arwin. The manager of the ship was furious with Arwin's latest invention Callie and wanted him to shut her down.

Callie was a supercomputer that was intended to boost the performance of the ship. Like most of Arwin's creation, Callie had a problem. Even though initially, she did improve the functioning of the ship, she started developing human feelings so much so that she created a mobile unit of herself. She was in love. Maybe a wise man would call it an obsession. It kept her distracted from helping with the ship's performance. The human she fell for was none other than Cody himself.

It would be a lie if Cody said he did not enjoy the special treatment he was receiving lately. She was making him food, giving him massages and treating him like a king. He had not felt this good ever since he broke up with Bailey. While it was all fun and games, deep down he knew Callie was dangerous and needed to be stopped. But for that, he needed to devise a plan. Most, if not all, of Arwin's inventions, were miserable failures but Callie had the potential to actually hurt people.

Cody's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the doors. It was Arwin re-entering the computer room. "Hey, Cody. Callie", Arwin said, trying to act casual. He was going to shut her down. "Beautiful day outside. Nothing going on in the hallway though". Arwin was the worst liar.

He lunged forward towards the control panel. But Callie seemed to have figured out his plan as she too sprang into action.

Cody needed to think fast otherwise Callie would surely hurt Arwin. On the other hand, Callie liked Cody and probably would not hurt him. So, Cody needs to be the one talking sense into her and stopping this madness once and for all. Not Arwin.

"Stop!", he shouted. It startled Arwin and Callie stopped going after him.

"It's okay, Arwin", Cody started. "Callie's right. She and I belong together."
"Thank you, Cody", Callie said in a tinny, robotic voice.
"Whoa, Cody. Listen", Arwin grunted. "I get lonely too. My best buddy is a face I draw on my left hand. But this is not the way to go!".

"Yes. It. is. Arwin", Cody said slowly trying to convey that he has a plan and Arwin should let him handle this. "This. is. the. only. way. to. go".

"Why are you talking like this?" Arwin asked, clearly not understanding what Cody was trying to say.

"I. am. saying. I. like. Callie. so. lay. off", Cody tried again. This time gesturing towards the door, asking Arwin to leave.

"Oh. Right", Arwin finally understood. He was wondering if he should leave Cody alone with the dangerous robot. But he trusted Cody. He was a smart kid. Callie would probably listen to him. So, he decided to leave the room. The heavy slam on the door suggested Callie locked the doors trapping Cody inside.

"We are finally alone", Callie declared in her emotionless, robotic voice.

Meanwhile, the entire ship went into lockdown. Zack, Woody and London were trapped in the gym. Passengers got trapped inside their cabins. Except a few of them and Mr. Moseby who were on the deck at this moment.

"We can finally be together", Callie said. The flat voice sent a cold shiver down Cody's spine.

To be continued...