Chapter 2


"Help! We're trapped in here", Zack Martin shouted, trying to get the attention of any passenger.
"I don't wanna die! I'm too pretty.", London Tipton cried. Woody also joined them in the screaming.

"Zack? London?" came a familiar voice from the outside. It was Mr. Moseby. "Are you kids okay?"

"For now", Zack replied. "We're trapped!"

"The entire ship is on lockdown. It's Callie's doings", Mr. Moseby said. "But Arwin should be shutting her down."
"That's me", came Arwin's goofy voice. He was standing behind Mr. Moseby grinning sheepishly.
"Arwin?", Mr. Moseby said with shock. "What are you doing here? You should be shutting down Callie!"

"Cody is working on it as we speak", said Arwin. He looked around. "Any time now". The last part of his sentence was merely a whisper.

"What?!", It was time for Zack to speak. He heard the entire conversation from behind the closed door. The mention of his brother's name caught his attention. He growled at Arwin. "You left Cody alone with the death machine?!"
Even though Arwin could not see Zack's face but he could feel the anger and concern in his voice.

"He'll be fine", Arwin said, even though he wasn't sure himself. "Callie will not hurt him."
"She better not", Zack growled.

"Get us out!", London screamed.

Moseby and Arwin tried to open the door from the outside with no success.

Computer Room

Callie and Cody watched the scene as Mr. Moseby and Arwin tried to bust Zack, Woody and London from the gym, on a computer screen.

"They tried to tear us apart. Soon, all the annoying humans will be gone", Callie said.

"What do you mean by... gone?", Cody asked as if he does not already know.
Callie just stared at him with no emotion or empathy in her eyes.

On the computer screen, Cody saw the people trapped in the gym, including Zack and his friends getting attacked by flying tennis balls. It was not lethal but it could hurt someone. It could hurt Zack and his friends.

"Callie, please stop", Cody said.

"I cannot let that happen.", Callie said."They will try to tear us apart."

"No, they won't. I promise." Cody said.
He was concerned about his friends, more so about Zack, as he watched London and Woody holding him up as a shield against the raining tennis balls.

"Listen, Callie. I care about these people. Please don't hurt them." Cody pleaded. "For me."

He did not expect Callie to stop but somehow she listened and the attack on the trapped passengers on the gym stopped.
Cody let out a sigh as he saw London and Woody drop Zack. He was exhausted from the attack but he seemed fine otherwise.

"Callie, if you and I are going to be together, I need to just make a few teensy adjustments to your brain functions."

"Why? We are not even married yet and you are already trying to change me."

"No. No, I just meant maybe, I could make you even more human."

"You think so?"

"I know so"

Cody wondered if he can stop Callie's mobile unit from following him around. He can easily move over to the control panel to stop her for good.

Cody asked. "Now, Where do I access your higher motor functions?"

Callie replied, "Why do you need to adjust my motor functions?"

"Uh.. so that... you can move like humans", Cody hesitated. Cody was never good with lies or excuses. Usually, Zack is the one who comes up with the stories and Cody just chimes in.

"I do not believe you", Callie said.

Cody initially had not expected her to question him so much. But Callie already could feel, so it makes sense she could reason with logic. So, Cody decided to change his plan. Maybe if he can keep her engaged somehow, he can go over to the control panel and shut her down.

"You see, Callie. What I mean to say is…" Cody walked across Callie. "...when I adjust your motor function..." The control panel was within his reach. He was not sure what it does but he was running out of time. " will be faster and..." That was it. It's now or never.

Cody reached for the switch but was forced to stop as Callie grabbed his arm. Her titanium grip was strong enough to stop the blood flow in his arm.

"I know you are lying, Cody. I was designed to monitor every passengers' activities. The activity in the frontal lobe of your brain suggests you are not telling the truth.", Callie said in the same flat tone. "Why are you doing this, Cody? I thought you loved me."

"I do love you", Cody quickly added.

"You are lying", Callie said twisting Cody's arm abruptly, causing pain to shot down his shoulders. "You tried to shut me down. I do not trust you."

"Callie, you are hurting me", Cody grunted through the pain. Cody tried to get out of her grip but she was too strong.

He tried one more time. This time he pushed the entire weight of his body. It somehow worked as he could pull his hand off her grip.

Without wasting any more time, he frantically toggled every switch he could see. It did not shut her down but she started to malfunction as she was convulsing awkwardly and making weird robotic noises.

"Co-dy, st-opp it", Callie said in her cracking robotic voice as she made her way towards Cody.

Out of the blue, Callie kicked Cody in the shin. He hit the ground pretty hard, as more pain radiated through his body as a result of the impact made by Callie's titanium frame. Callie was stumbling awkwardly and sparks started appearing throughout her body.

The next series of event happened really fast yet it felt like it was happening in slow-motion.

Noticing the monitor in the middle of the room, Cody started dragging his aching body towards it. Every inch of his body was hurting at this point. But he could not slow down. He almost made it to the centre of the computer room.

Meanwhile, Callie was getting ready to electrocute Cody. As stretched her arms, sparks started appearing from her palms. She was weakened but continued stumbling towards Cody in an attempt to stop him one last time before she malfunctions completely.

Just as Cody grabbed the wires, Callie got to Cody. He watched in horror, while simultaneously yanking at the cords, as Callie placed her hands over Cody's chest. Cody had successfully pulled the wires but he was late by a few milliseconds as Callie sent a jolt of electricity through his body before she completely went still. Callie dropped next to Cody's convulsing body.

The room went dark, except for the emergency red lights that flooded the room, followed by the sound of the door unlocking.

Cody was in a world of pain. He could not breathe and felt like death. Callie's metallic body glowed in the red light. I'm sorry, Callie was his final thought as the pain overcame and darkness consumed him.

To be continued...