They died together

In spears of broken glass and heated metal.

The former warriors,

Once so agile, could not dodge the hurling anvil.


Broken, both my kings!

The screeching metal collides and flings

Into death's dark wings

Older brother and younger, close in all things.


Do you remember?

The bright sharpened sword, the righteous commander?

The once child traitor,

Then redeemed by the Lion, who held wisdom's great treasure?


Do not see them now!

For even the officials would not tell her how

Their bodies looked now,

There're only green graves at which we can bow.


They're dead, the Lion's own.

They followed Him together, from boyhood to throne,

The Judge and the Stone

With intertwined brilliance, oh, how they shone.


They died, and that is sad,

But in this pain I am glad-

They died together.