Hiya peeps.

This book is an Alex Rider Fan Fiction. So here's some info on the book series

Alex Rider is a teenage super spy who works for MI6, his whole family are dead and for that reason he only trusts 1 person, Ben Daniels AKA Fox when at the SAS camp. Alex is known as Cub at Brecon Beacons and was bullied hard for the one week trip he went on before doing his first mission. He has been tortured and shot in the heart by Scorpia terrorist organisation and is 15 years old. He has also done 14 long missions and 23 short missions for MI6 and all of them he succeeded.

With the legal age for soldiers at 18 what will happen.

Brecon Beacons is a SAS camp in Wales. K-Unit are Wolf, Eagle, Snake and X-Ray (X-ray is from the SAS camp in australia and Alex and him have met). The camp is in the middle of nowhere so barely anyone knows it's there.

Ben Daniels is also from MI6 and has gone on a mission with Alex. He was previously in K-Unit before he left to MI6. He shot Alex's Godfather, Ash.

Wolf, or his real name, James has helped Alex at the now closed school called Point Blanc. That's where Alex Rider went on his second mission. Wolf is K-Unit's leader.

Eagle is very jumpy and should never be fed coffee or chocolate. He is the sharpshooter.

Snake is the team's medic and really cares for any injured person.

X-Ray and Alex had a bad experience together which started out as a night barbeque at the beach and ended in Alex nearly getting killed. X-ray is the explosives and language expert.

Fiona Friend (will be included in this so you may need to know who she is). On alex's second mission he was pretending to be part of the Friend's family. The Friend's family are rich and own tonnes of supermarkets. Fiona and her friends, played a shooting game. The game was shoot at Alex. Later on before he left for the mission, they went horse riding together, Alex saved Fiona's life. Then when the time came for Alex to leave for his mission as 'Alex Friend' for the school called Point Blanc Fiona nearly blew his cover but Alex shot a dart into her neck to make her go unconscious so she couldn't say anything.

Paul Drevin (you will need to know about him) he and Alex were once friends. After Alex had been shot, he went to Saint Dominic's hospital in London where he was in a room next to Paul. Some kidnappers tried to kidnap Paul but got Alex instead. Paul's father tried to shoot Alex but missed and hit his son, Paul. Luckily he is still alive but how will he react to seeing Alex again.

Mrs Jones is MI6's head, she controls it basically. After Alan Blunt left she took over. Mrs Jones loves peppermints and always has one in her mouth. She doesn't like to use Alex as an agent, but since he has come to close to death too many times he cannot go back to normality. Alex is now an agent with and agent badge.

Ian Rider (Alex's uncle) got killed by Yassen who is now also dead... or not... you never know.

Alex's parents (Helen and John) died when he was 4 months old from a bomb on a plane, the bomb was from Scorpia.

Jack was Alex's guardian for a bit before she got killed.

Sabina Pleasure and her family are dead, Alex lived with them for a bit.

Tom Harris was Alex's best friend until he refused to see him again for protection against Alex's world.

Dr. Three tortured Alex for almost a year and has done it many times. Dr. Three is from Scorpia.

Thanks for reading this little catchup for you guys.

I will put a before and after note for each chapter, these will include some more character info for those who haven't read the Alex Rider books. Maybe there will be some high level words that will have a definition and stuff like that.

Please note: Alex Rider can also be called Alex, Cub or mini Hunter, Rider, Agent Alex Rider, Agent Rider, Cubbikins, Cubbi, or lastly, Al.