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Wrong remark

A sleek black car sped along the country road, taking jumps when it hit the uneven ground below. It was almost entirely black with blacked out windows, black interior mostly made out of comfortable leather and even a black number plate with light grey letters and numbers written on it. They were practically in the middle of nowhere except they knew where they were and where they were heading.

Above them, a dark navy-blue helicopter travelling slightly faster than the car and overtook the latter unawares.

Both were heading for one of the most safest place in the U.K, nicknamed 'hell' to the SAS soldiers that camped and trained there. Both vehicles were heading for Brecon Beacons SAS camp in Wales.

Four soldiers stood waiting in the harsh Welsh winter weather of hail hammering on their heads. They stood perfectly still with hands sharply by their sides. This was either a habit or an enforced rule within in the camp. They are K-Unit, made up of Wolf, Snake, Eagle and X-Ray. Code names of course, not real names but that would be pretty cool.

The car didn't seem to realise there was a speed limit and didn't appear to care in the slightest that it almost crashed into the slowly opening gates. A man with reddish-brown hair and green eyes jumped out wearing a mad grin on his face. His codename was Fox and it suited him well.

"Yeah!" he did a little dance whilst K-Unit looked at him with half confused, half amused expressions "I beat Alex, I got here first!" Fox jumped about.

A voice called out from the left "Nope! Sorry Ben. You lost." The soldiers couldn't quite make out where the voice came from and who they were. It sounded serious yet, young.

"Who's Alex?" Snake questioned.

The voice from the shadow's spoke again "Me, I'm Alex or Rider to X-ray but Cub to you three," he pointed at three of the soldiers. Wolf grunted at the response with Snake whilst Eagle moaned.

"Rich parents decide to send their spoilt brat back did they?" Wolf sniggered. No one replied. Alex stayed quiet and tilted his head down. Fox displayed no emotion, nor did he make a speech at the soldier's wrong remark and disrespectful judgement. "Oh, no reply. You must be ashamed!"

Alex hid all emotion and put on a blank face and stepped out the shadow's nearly making K-unit flinch at how cold and bitter the eyes of this teenager were. They were almost dagger sharp and breathless cold. Not a nice warm chocolate brown but an unforgiving brown that made them mentally shudder.

"Come on Ben, I should really call you Fox now, the Sergeant will want to see us." Alex walked off, shortly followed by Fox tailing behind.

They knocked on the door and waited for a reply, once they heard it they entered and stood to attention.

"At ease." Sergeant put a hand up to say a short hi, then walked out from behind the desk, crossed his arms and lent back on it. "Apparently you're here to do some training and help us with whatever comes. Is this correct?"

"Yes sir!" the two said in chorus. The sergeant quickly explained the rules to them just in case they forgot from the last time they were there and gave them K-Unit's timetable as they would be bunking and training with them.

By the time the meeting had ended it was dinner time at the camp so they went straight towards the mess hall with tummies rumbling, desiring food no matter is it was slop or not, which it was.

There was barely anyone in the mess hall because it was nearing the end of the 'slop give out' time. Together they collected some food, if you could call it that, and walked over to a table right in the corner. On the other side of the room sat K-Unit and L-Unit, who bunked in the cabin next door. Those two unit's kept on glancing over and sniggering like gossiping school children.

"Since when did Foxy become best buds with Cubbikins?" Tiger remarked. The other's shrugged.

"Your right though, I wonder, did Cubbies parent's give Fox money to be friends?"

The conversation of Alex died down and they left, leaving Alex and Fox alone in the mess hall. They soon stood up too and deposited their left overs in a bin, slid their trays into a rack and left for K-Unit's cabin in silence with their bags slung over their shoulders. They were light-weight, black duffle bags containing the bare minimum they could possibly have, including some of Smither's gadgets.

The stood outside the cabin for a few simple minutes in silence wondering what to do. Knock, and wait for a reply. Knock, and enter straight away. Knock and run. Turn and leave or just straight up enter. But they looked at each other, eyes meeting and then they grinned a cheeky grin. Careful not to make a sound they climbed up onto the cabin roof, leaned over the edge and knocked. Then they brought their heads and arms back up and held in a laugh when the door opened and they saw Eagle frantically looking around. He closed the door as he went back in. Almost straight away, Fox swung his head down and knocked, bringing his head back up at the last moment before the door burst open again. This time it was Snake.

"Who is bloody doing this?" snake called out. On top of the roof the pair were almost in fits biting down hard onto their black jackets to stop themselves from crying out from laughter. The door closed at they both swung their heads over the side and knocked. The door opened straight away and they came face to face with an angry Wolf. However funny it looked from upside down to the pair. The right way up was more serious ad Wolf's eyebrows were forced down and his eyes almost shut. Wolf grunted one of his famous grunts and slammed the door in their faces, the pair only just catching the word 'knock'.

So they climbed down with tiny smiles and politely knocked on the door.

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