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Pillow throwing


"Jeez, what's wrong with it?!" X-ray sassed

"EVERYTHING!" Mathew shouted back

"It's the exact same as everyone else's." Snake reasoned "There's nothing wrong with it!"

Alex and Ben just stood by the door and watched as a cushion was thrown full speed at the other MI6 agent.

"ALRIGHT WHO THREW THIS?!" Mathew screeched after getting the pillow straight in his face. 'Casually' (as much as they could) everyone else tried to look as innocent as possible. The agent sighed, threw the pillow at the ground, dropped onto his bed, not like he liked to call it that. "I don't like the blimmin' position of the bed!"

"Well you're not moving it, besides all of us are quite content with our own." Snake groaned and flopped onto his own bed, kicking off his boots in the same motion.

"I have no idea what is going on but precisely." Fox said as he walked properly in, picked up Snake's shoes and put them by the owner's bed before sitting gracefully onto his bed, barely making a sound as he moved. Then he turned to Alex and Mathew started arguing back "Will he ever stop?"

"Don't know." Alex replied and Snake fell off his bed, Wolf and X-ray jumped up. Mathew gave a girly scream. They hadn't noticed Alex had moved, that's how quiet and swiftly he can walk and hide in shadows, despite there not being shadows in the centre of the room, to which he had to pass to get to his bed by the window. "I want to go to sleep." He notified them and slipped beneath the covers for the first time since arriving at camp.

Surprisingly, the shut up-ish, Mathew gave some small complaints, threw his pillow at Wolf. "Ay, can I have that back." He whispered, realising he threw his only one.

"No, deal with it." The team leader mumbled as he shoved Mathew's pillow under his head so now he had 2 pillows.

"Ughhhhh." He shut himself up and pulled the duvet to sort it so it was sort of a pillow and blanket.