Slowly, Alex got out bed. It was 10:21 in the morning and he had slept in. He started to panic thinking he was late to school, he got dressed quickly and ran towards the dining room at MI6 HQ where he was staying since Jack died, ignoring the pain from his bruised ribs caused by his previous mission.

A laugh came from behind him and a hand gripped his wrist stopping him from entering the hall. "Alex it's Saturday." Ms. Jones said whilst sucking a peppermint. Ms. Jones was now head of MI6 because Alan Blunt. Alex's face turned red with embarrassment. "I suggest you go and get changed." Alex nodded and turned to go back the way he came, he walked on and just as he reached the corner Ms. Jones ran up to him and handed Alex a letter "For you, No one else has read it. Don't look so concerned... I don't know what it's about."

He nodded once more, staying silent from embarrassment and then headed back to his well-furnished office/bedroom. From there he had a shower and got changed into his normal home clothes that consisted of Cargo pants, and a white oversized T-shirt that hung onto his skinny frame. He tucked a (just-in-case) knife in his boots side pocket, especially made for that reason. And finally a Glock-19 gun in his Cargo pants right pocket.

Alex wasn't actually allowed to use a gun by MI6 but that didn't stop him from stealing one from a Scorpia member. Scorpia terrorised his life, killing Sabina and her family, Jack, his parents, his uncle. Scorpia never forgives, Scorpia never forgets, rang in his head and he tightened a fist making it turn white with anger. He had destroyed their plans many times and they were out to kill him.

Taking deep breaths in order to not start his PTSD he sat down on his bed in his on-suit off of his office, he swiftly grabbed hold of the letter and carefully opened it up and quickly read through it.

'Dear, Alex Rider and Parent('s)/Guardian('s),

We have been told to inform you that 3 school's years that have been imposed a threat towards have been chosen to be taken to a SAS camp for training and protection. Your class is one of these.

Schools taking part: Brookland - mixed school (year 10's), Highworth - grammar school for girls (year 7's), Simon Langton - grammar school for boys (year 9's).

No questions need to be asked about why. You have to take part in this otherwise (risk is bad) consequences.

Pack as necessary, you may need quite a lot of clothes as we do not know how long you will be spending there.

Rules for packing: No sweets, No makeup, No hair dye, No contacts, No curlers(straighteners), No spray on deodorant, No fancy wear, No electronics, No medical things (apart from things like asthma pumps, or emergent medical needs), no hair gel.'

Alex sniggered, he knew many girls would cry at the words 'No makeup', he went back to reading

'Suggestions for packing: Roll on deodorant, Torches, Clothes, Hair tyes, (maybe) brush, towel, waterproofs, grippy trainers, books, notepads and pens, toiletries.

If forgotten item, you may have to share so we suggest packing well.

We will look at medical history before leaving, please bring the form to show your medical history.

Be packed by Tuesday 11th of February, next week. On Monday 10th of February a doctor will check up on you. Regardless of what medical history you have you will take part.

Please be ready by the gates of your school at 5:00am on Tuesday.

Signed, PM.'

Alex read through the form again, confused. Year 10's from Brookland, Year 7's from Highworth, Year 9's from Simon Langton. At that moment he made a memo note to just call Simon Langton school, 'Langton' instead of the longer version.

Then he suddenly got worried, would Brooklands find out about him being a spy/soldier. He picked up the form and rushed off to Ms. Jones office.

He didn't knock, just entered. Anyway had a CCTV camera outside her door so she would know who is coming. Ms. Jones was sitting at her desk and had just popped in another Peppermint and began sucking on it.

"Ms. Jones!" Alex said whilst bursting through the door.

"Knock, Alex."

"Right, urr, yeah." He closed the door again, knocked on it and entered,

Ms. Jones looked at Alex's concerned face before asking "What is it?" Alex handed her the form and waited until she finished reading it. "well, I suppose you'll just have to go through with it, I will inform Sergent to pretend he doesn't know you."

Alex tapped his foot twice on the floor "But what about my secret."

"That's what I'm trying to protect Alex, just ask like a normal school boy and try to impress them."

"I know that," he said "But what about..." he pointed at his sniper bullet wound 4mm above his heart, then to his right thigh, front right shoulder, left back shoulder, left tummy side, center of his back, where all his other bullet wounds were.

Her mouth made an 'O' shape "Oh, um. Just go along with it. try not to let them see."

-Next day (Sunday 9th Feb)-

"Hey Alex," Tom said through the phone, Tom was Alex's best friend, probably only in fact.

"Tom." Alex sighed.

"Whaaaattt, no Alex can't be sad! Come on Alex, I see a smile coming, oh yes a smile , it's coming, I see it."

"Really, Tom, Really? You do realise you can't see me and I can't see you cause we are on the phone. So if you are making that googoo face and whirling around that pointy finger of yours then I won't know, except I do know."

Tom hesitated, "Yes but you are smiling."

He sighed again "Yup. Hey Tom? School gates at 1?"

"Sure, see ya!"

-Same day 13:00 (1:00pm) - School gates -

"Alex!" Tom shouted as he saw Alex come round the corner. He waved as he approached. "Is this to do with the SAS training camp?" Alex nodded. "Isn't that were you went to train for your first mission?" another nod.

Alex sighed before started to walk with Tom to the park "I just don't know how, I'm suppose to keep my secret."

Tom bent down to sit on a bench. "You'll think of something, you always do, but don't die your hair, don't put contracts in. Don't change your appearance because as they said 'everyone is going'. I guess you will just have to hope SAS doesn't blow your cover."

"Jee thanks for hope mate." Alex pulled Tom off the bench before sitting down himself.