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Year 2: More Than He Appears

"I…I want you to teach me how to sing!" Christine burst out, her face getting red as Prof. Destler focused his gold eyes on her. She hadn't meant to be that blunt. She had been practicing the entire week leading up to this moment, but she felt like she completely ruined her chance already.

They were in his hut on the grounds of the Hogwarts castle. Christine had found it pretty quickly since she was determined to learn more about the mysterious professor. With the help of her best friend, a Hufflepuff named Meg, she was able to find it pretty easily her first year and has since spent a lot of her free time there. Prof. Destler was the Care of Magical Creatures professor so Christine knew that she wouldn't be able to take his class until her third year, but she didn't let that stop her.

The professor himself didn't seem to outwardly mind Christine's presence through her first year, not that she would really be able to tell with his mask covering his expressions all the time. She was pretty sure she had gotten better at reading him over the year. However, Prof. Destler always drew the line when it came to her studying. Being a staff member, he knew when all the professors were going to give out an exam and made sure Christine wouldn't visit him during those times for her to study. Last year at finals, she didn't even see him for almost a month outside dinners in the Great Hall because she was too busy studying. She had been able to get one last visit before she had to leave for the summer. When she had come back, she had returned to regularly visiting the professor.

She waited as Prof. Destler placed the quill he was using to grade papers down on his desk and clasped his hands together in front of him. He was frowning at her, which she hated.

"And what makes you think that I can teach you?" Prof. Destler asked and Christine could hear genuine curiosity in his tone.

Christine felt her entire face flush and wasn't able to meet his eye anymore. "I, ah, heard you. While you were feeding the fire crabs."

And it was true. A couple months into the year, Christine had wondered down to the edge of the Forbidden Forest where Erik lived in his hut, intending to do a surprise visit since she hadn't been able to for the past week with first exams. She had heard the music before anything else. An angelic like voice that sung something Christine had never heard before. It made her stop in her tracks, and everything around her became unimportant except that voice. The more she listened the more she had felt like she was in a trance, going towards the voice without any regard of anything else.

What she had found had broken her out of her trance. She found Prof. Destler feeding his group of fire crabs expertly while singing softly as if not noticing he was doing it in the first place. Christine had watched him until he was done feeding the crabs and had stopped singing. Not wanting to get caught listening, Christine had back away carefully and returned to the castle.

After that moment, Prof. Destler's voice echoed in her mind constantly and she felt the urge to hear it again and learn from it. She wanted to go into singing someday and knew that Prof. Destler was probably the greatest singer she's ever heard.

Christine felt the urge to shift her feet as she waited for Prof. Destler's reply. She knew that it was a risk to tell him that she had kind of, sort of spied on him, but it was the only way that he would know that she knew he could sing.

"A person who has some talent does not necessarily mean they could teach it." Was Prof. Destler's reply.

Christine noticed that she had been biting her lip in nerves and forced herself to stop. Licking her lips, she glanced up at Prof. Destler who was watching her with curious eyes.

"Maybe, but you already know how to teach others, the subject will only be different." Christine countered point blank.

Prof. Destler stared at her, his mask allowing no hint of what he was thinking or feeling. Christine usually like how the mask put up a challenge for her to try to figure out the professor, but at that moment, she was hating it. After what felt like an eternity, Prof. Destler spoke.

"You do realize that we have a music professor that I'm sure will be more than happy to take you on as a student."

Christine cringed. She had hoped that the music professor wouldn't have been brought up.

"While Professor Giudicelli is great, I feel that she would be unable to teach me what I wish to learn." Christine tried, remembering the red headed professor throwing a fit when the class couldn't tell her what note she sang. It had been too disorientated to figure out.

Christine saw the twitch of Prof. Destler's lips at her reply and hope filled her.

"I would not say that in front of her, she tends to be a diva." Prof. Destler stated in amusement.

Christine grinned back, happy that the professor had similar thoughts towards the red-headed professor. She watched as Prof. Destler leaned back in his seat and began to tap his fingers against his against desk. She knew that was the professor's thoughtful position, he had a habit of tapping his fingers when he was thinking and waited eagerly for his response.

Eventually, Prof. Destler gestured towards her.

"Sing for me." He commanded.

Christine nodded quickly and opened her mouth. She began to sing the song she had heard Prof. Destler singing when she found him. She knew that the professor recognized the song because he blinked once with wide eyes but she didn't stop. If there was one thing she was good at, it was her ability to remember music and how it's sung. She knew that she couldn't sing from the beginning because she didn't know it but she could finish it. She sung as best as she could and when it came to an end, her heart pounded in her chest as she waited for the professor's response.

Prof. Destler stared at her for she didn't know how long but then the tension was broken when he gave a thoughtful hum. He tapped his finger on his desk a couple times.

"Are you sure you will be able to take on the extra lessons of singing?" Prof. Destler questioned, not looking at her.

Christine nodded. "Yes."

Prof. Destler gave another hum and continued to tap his finger. When he stopped, he sat up and made sure their eyes met.

"Your school work is still your number one priority. I will not have you failing any of your classes because you think it's more important to study my lessons. We will meet up once a week to go over your progress, other than that, you will have instructions on what to practice for me until then. Do you think you can handle that?"

Christine beamed. "Yes! Thank you, professor!"

Prof. Destler grinned. "Do not thank me yet. I have become known to be a strict teacher."

Christine was about to reply to that when the door to the hut crashed opened, causing her to jump.


Prof. Destler jerked and with wide eyes glanced at the door. Christine watched in disbelief as the usually composed professor stumbled to his feet and practically sprinted to the door to his office that led to outside. He opened it and right before he left he turned around and gave Christine a sly grin.

"I will see you this Sunday, Miss Daae. 1pm will do."

And with that, the professor sprung out of the door and it closed just as the door to the office was jerked opened. Christine whipped around and saw that it was Prof. Khan covered in water, Christine had to force back a giggle. Everyone knew that Prof. Destler was quite the prankster among the staff and it was well known that he encourages his eagles to do the same. If they were smart enough to become Ravenclaw, they should be clever enough to pull a prank without getting caught. That was what Prof. Destler had told Christine when she asked.

Pranks have gone up dramatically since Prof. Destler became house head.

Prof. Khan panted in the doorway as he glared around the office, until his eyes focused on Christine.

"Miss Daae." Prof. Khan stated obviously struggling to hide his anger. "Have you seen Professor Destler?"

Without thinking, Christine shook her head. "I'm sorry, professor, but I came to talk to him but he wasn't here when I entered."

Prof. Khan nodded briskly, taking Christine's lie easily. He gave the room another once over before deciding that Prof. Destler wasn't hiding anywhere. He turned back to Christine and jerked his thumb back. "Best be heading out, Miss Daae. Dinner is going to start soon."

Christine nodded quickly and followed the professor out of the room. She walked next to him on the way to the castle and thought about what happened in the office.

Prof. Destler had been just as startled as she had been when Prof. Khan showed up, but knowing him, he knew automatically who it was. He had been startled but Christine could have sworn that the professor had a delighted spark in his golden eye as he left the hut. And she couldn't help but think it was because of Prof. Khan.

"Bet you anything that I can get Prof. Destler's mask." One of Raoul's Gryffindor friends wagered.

A couple others in the group nodded to join the bet and Raoul shook his head.

"No way and I think you shouldn't try. If you get caught, he'll kill you." He stated firmly.

His friend snickered, sometimes Raoul wondered why he was friends with Joseph. He could be such a trouble maker sometimes.

"I'll be careful." Joseph declared cockily as he took his wand out from his robes.

Raoul nervously turned his head to where Prof. Destler was talking to Prof. Giry. Both of them didn't seem to be paying attention to anyone except each other as they walked down the hall towards them. Raoul knew that Prof. Destler was a strict but fair professor, much like Prof Giry who taught Transfiguration. The only reason he knew much of anything about the CoMC professor was because of Christine and Meg. Apparently, Meg was basically Prof. Destler's niece while Christine was being taught to sing by him. Raoul found it weird that the CoMC would know anything about music, but Christine told him that the professor was amazing and a lot better than Professor Giudicelli.

Not that it was a hard thing to do.

Knowing this, Raoul was reluctant to be a part of anything that was against the tall professor.

"Joseph…" Raoul warned after the two professors walked passed them and the Gryffindor raised his wand towards them.

Joseph sneered at him. "Don't be a wimp. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to know what he's hiding."

Before Raoul could protest further, Joseph casted the spell.

But what happened next was amazing. The spell hit the professor, Raoul knew it did, however, the second it did Raoul heard Joseph cry out as his wand ripped itself out of his grasp and flew towards Prof. Destler. Prof. Destler stopped in the middle of the hallway and, without looking, snatched the wand from the air and brought it forward to look at it. Prof. Giry paused as well when Prof. Destler had stopped and her confused frown turned to rage when Prof. Destler pointed towards his mask and held up the wand for her to see.

Raoul froze in terror as Prof. Giry's gaze focused on them. She pointed at them.

"You four! Come here now!" She yelled, causing the students around the two professors to scurry away in fright.

Raoul and the other's hurried over. He was terrified of what they were going to do to them, he was sure that Prof. Giry was mad enough to not care that it was Joseph's idea.

When they got to them, Prof. Destler turned around to face them.

"There is always one student who thinks they are smart enough to try to take away my mask." Prof. Destler stated calmly, which made Raoul more nervous. He was like the cold fury to Prof. Giry's fire rage. Prof. Destler held out the wand to Joseph, whose face was red with anger and embarrassment at having gotten caught. "I believe this is yours."

"You four will follow us. I believe your head should decide what to do with you." Prof. Giry informed them. She glanced at Raoul and he was overwhelmed by shame from the disappointment in her gaze. "As for now. 250 points from Hufflepuff and detention, Mr. de Chagny."

Raoul flinched at her tone, which was as bad, if not worse than her expression.

Prof. Destler didn't say anything, but was with them as they followed Prof. Giry to Prof. Khan's classroom. Raoul hoped that the DADA professor would have a class, but there was no luck. At least he had already gotten his punishment and it couldn't get any worst.

Prof. Khan glanced up from his papers he was grading on his desk. He frowned at the sight of the other two house heads and four students. Raoul noticed that the professor's gaze seem to focus on the CoMC professor longer than others.

"What seems to be the problem, madam?" Prof. Khan asked as he stood from his desk and walked around it to meet them.

Prof. Giry motioned for the three Gryffindor students to step forward which they did as if in pain.

"Your students decided that it was a good idea to use their magic against a professor. Mr. Buquet was the one that did the act."

Prof. Khan raised his eyebrow in disbelief and glanced at Prof. Destler, who had remained quiet. "What did they do?"

Prof. Destler answered since the question was to him. "They tried to remove my mask."

Raoul watched as Prof. Khan's eyes darkened a considerable amount and repressed a shiver. He felt no pity towards the other three, especially Joseph.

"What did you do?" Prof Khan questioned Prof. Giry roughly, nodding towards Raoul.

"250 points from Hufflepuff and a two weeks of detention helping out in the kitchens, without magic." Prof. Giry offered.

Raoul inwardly cringed. Detention in the kitchen for two weeks is going to be terrible, but not the worst thing.

Prof. Khan nodded and faced his students.

"250 points from you two." Prof Khan began towards the other two Gryffindors. "And you'll be sharing Mr. de Chagny detention punishment as well."

The two quickly nodded and the DADA professor stared down at Joseph.

"Since it was your wand and, knowing you, your idea, you have cost your house 400 points and will serve two months of detention helping the house elves clean the school, without magic."

Joseph started to protest but one look from his house head had his mouth clamp shut. Satisfied, Prof. Khan pointed at the door.

"You are dismissed."

The three Gryffindors practically sprinted from the classroom, Raoul shot a glance to Prof. Giry who gave him a dismissing nod and headed out. However, Raoul was stopped by the sound of Prof. Khan speaking.

"I'm so sorry Erik." Prof. Khan apologized, his tone regretful.

Raoul paused outside the doorway and was able to catch the door right before it closed. Carefully, he got into a position that allowed him to see inside the classroom.

"It's not your fault that your student's are sometimes bad ones." Prof. Destler replied, a grin on his lips but his eyes had a hard look in them.

Prof. Khan shook his head with a sigh, crossing his arms over his chest. "They should know better! To think that some students are willing to use magic against their professor! The lack of respect!"

"And they are being properly punished for it." Prof. Destler replied. He hesitated than placed his hand on Prof. Khan's arm. "I'm grateful that you were willing to go this far in their punishment."

Prof. Khan snorted in disbelief, turning his head away from Prof. Destler. From Raoul's point of view, he was pretty sure that the DADA professor gained a red tint on his cheeks. "They completely deserve it. I would have done it for any one."

Raoul noticed that there was a flash of emotion in Prof. Destler's eyes, but it was gone before Raoul could identify it.

"Of course." Prof. Destler responded with an easy grin, lifting his hand from Prof. Khan's arm and taking a step back. Raoul also saw that Prof. Giry was watching the other two professor's with a knowing grin.

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