The world around him was black, a watery grave people called it. Only this one is filled with monsters that drag you to your death and you can't do anything to stop it. You can't fight or called out for help because your mouth filled with water to fast. Regulus Arcturus Black could not breathe at all and he wished that he could just die right now. 'Sirius. Oh, my brother, I wish that I could have said sorry to you or, or….' Regulus couldn't think anymore as water filled his lungs and his brain went to the thought that he was going to die, going to die at eighteen. 'Are you happy mother, father?' This was the last thought that went through Regulus's mind before the crushing weight of water pushed down on his chest and then nothing.

Darkness, he woke to darkness. Why the darkness though? What happened? His lungs were on fire and it was so hard for him to breathe. Regulus coughed. It was not a nice sound. Wet and hard. It hurt his sides and lungs. Regulus opened his eyes slowly and looked around. He was laying on his side, so all he saw was a wall. Blood and water were drenched on it. 'What happened?' Regulus thought trying to get to his feet, but his legs were not working. He tried to call for help but his throat was closed, and water flew out of his mouth. So, he just laid there trying to get his thoughts back, but things were jumbled, and he could not think straight. What was he doing before this and why is he all wet? Regulus sighed and looked up to see someone walk in front of the ally way. Regulus tried to call out, but he coughed instead. The good news is, this got the man's attention. The older man ran over to Regulus with a look of concern on his face.

"Monsieur?" the man asked looking Regulus over. Regulus made a note in his head that he was in Paris. How did he get to Paris? Voldemort did not send him here, did he? The last thing he remembered was writing that note to Sirius or anyone that would have read it saying that he was saying good-bye and that he might survive. Regulus felt tears in his eyes at the fact that his older brother hates him, and he has no idea that…that, that he was going to do something to heal that, but he does not remember what it was. "Monsieur?" the man asked again when Regulus closed his eyes and opened them again before he started to cough. He coughed up more water until it was out of his lungs. He then took a deep breath and closed his eyes grey eyes.

"Sorry, sir. I don't know how I got here or what happened before this," Regulus told him standing using the wall in case he fell over. The man nodded and sighed. "I'm Regulus by the way. Regulus Black and I well, never mind sir, it doesn't matter," Regulus said walking away from the man using the wall as he does so. However, the man saw him struggle walking.

"Monsieur. Why don't you come with me? It's getting cold and I don't want a boy staying out here in the cold. You're soaked to the bone. You'll catch a cold out here," the man said looking at Regulus who nodded slowly and let out a breath.

"All right. Maybe I'll remember what happened to get me here then," Regulus told him shivering a little. The man nodded and held out his hand.

"Here, let me help you," he said. Regulus hesitantly took his hand. He does not trust him but its better than staying out here in the cold. He was all wet and he does not know why. Maybe when he gets to this man's place he could get some rest and Regulus might remember something. "All right. My home is not too far," he said gently guiding Regulus out of the ally way and onto the streets.

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