Regulus woke again with tears in his eyes and sighed by the fact that now no one will be proud of him now. Now that he is stuck in a different time. He would have to live here and never see his brother again because he would be dead by the time he gets back to 1979. Or when that time comes around. He will have to think of a new name for himself. He will no longer be Regulus Arcturus Black. yes, he will have a new name. Regulus sighed and looked up to Valjean who was reading a book while Javert was getting ready for something. Regulus did not care anymore so he sat there. Regulus knew that now; Sirius knows that he is dead. His friends know that he is dead. Regulus felt tears fall out of his eyes and looked to see Valjean walk into the room. "Oh, thank goodness that you are alright. How are you feeling?" Valjean asked Regulus as he sat down next to him. Regulus sighed but he did not say anything. "I know it must be hard to be living in a world where no one thinks that you are a good person and that you've done wrong but it's never too late to change yourself," Valjean told Regulus who looked at him and smiled but he still did not say anything as the two grew quiet.

Sirius arrived at Remus's house a few hours later. He knew that Remus would be awake and might be reading at this point. Sirius took a deep breath and opened Remus's door and walked in. He knew that Remus knew that he was there. He did tell him before the full moon that he was coming over to check on him. "Remus?" Sirius asked quietly as he knocked on Remus's bedroom door.

"You can come in Sirius," Remus said on the other side of the door. Sirius smiled and opened it before he walked in. When he walked in Remus put down his book and raised an eyebrow. When he saw Sirius's eyes bloodshot and puffy as if he were crying. "What happened? Is James alright? Peter? Lily?" Remus asked worry dripping from his voice. Sirius shook his head making Remus let go of the breath that he was holding in. Sirius watched as Remus tried to sit up but winced and fell back down.

"How long have you been up?" Sirius asked avoiding the fact that his brother is lost some were and he had no idea where he was. Remus looked at him with his amber eyes studying him. Something was wrong and Remus will find out. "Remus?" Sirius asked again when Remus shook his head and looked at the book that now sat in his lap. His hands were cut up, but he did not care as he sighed and said:

"A few minutes. What's wrong? You seem off," Remus asked running his hand over his face and letting out a breath and Sirius knew that it was a hard full moon, but he did not ask him for he knew better to ask him. Sirius took a breath and said:

"It's Reg. He um…he's missing. He sent me a letter saying that he is dead but…" Sirius cut off and sat down on Remus's bed. Remus moved over and smiled at him but in the back of his mind, he was wondering why Sirius still cared about Regulus. He was a Death Eater but then Sirius did seemed troubled by this. "Regulus in the latter said that Voldemort split his soul into parts. He was going to stop this, but I know what he means by this," Sirius said slowly so that he did not start to cry again. Remus understood this as he picked up his book and put it on his end table before he sighed.

"I'm sure he'll come back. So, you that he's not dead?" Remus asked making Sirius nod. Then Remus smiled but then his eyes grew wide. "He knows what's Voldemort is doing! Sirius Regulus could help us in this bloody war," Remus said getting excited. This made Sirius smile at him for Remus does not get like this anymore. "This is good news. When Regulus finds his way home he could tell us," Remus said closing his eyes, but he sighed. Remus then opened his mouth to say something, but he closed it and shook his head.

"Remus, what's wrong? Is it the whole I'm a monster speech again?" Sirius asked making Remus roll his eyes but he did not say anything for a while. Sirius sighed and waited. Then Remus shook his head and closed his eyes.

"It does not matter. You won't understand," Remus said closing his eyes. Sirius shook his head but he did not say anything as he sighed and looked around him as the two got lost in their own thoughts.

Regulus was outside again thinking over what Valjean had said to him. He knew that people don't change but if Valjean was being hunted by someone and that someone gave him a second chance then maybe Regulus can have one as well. Regulus sighed and pulled out his wand and looked at it. "Maybe I can change. Maybe me living was for a reason," Regulus told himself as he stood up and smiled. "Yeah, maybe I can change," Regulus yelled out loud now and laughed for the first time in a long time. "You hear that?! Regulus Black can change. I get it now! Send me home! I want to go home! To Sirius even though he might hate me. I don't care that I end up in Azkaban I just want to say sorry and hug him! Please send me home!" Regulus called out as water filled his vision. Then the world around him went black.

"Remus, please tell me what's wrong?" Sirius asked after ten minutes. They were still in Remus's room in his small house in the middle of the woods. Not that Sirius or Remus cared. Remus took a deep breath and sighed.

"What is going to happen to me after this war, after Regulus tells us how to defeat him?" Remus asked not looking at Sirius. Sirius sighed knowing that Remus feared for his future. However, he did not know what to say. So he said nothing. Remus nodded and smiled a little. "I can't wait to meet James's son," Remus said to Sirius who smiled at him, but he still did not say anything for Remus's words ran through his head. Remus sighed as the two fell quiet again. A few minutes later a light blinded them. Sirius and Remus covered their eyes. The light just stayed there for a few minutes. It was back to normal and the world seemed like it froze when Sirius saw him.

"Regulus?" Sirius questioned looking at Regulus who was coved it scars and was wearing something for the nineteenth century.

"Hello brother," Regulus said nervously but then he was pulled into Sirius's arms. Remus watched and smiled at the fact that the two brothers were now back together.

"I don't understand why you are happy to see me, brother," Regulus asked Sirius who pulled out of the hug. Sirius shook his head and hugged him again.

"Brother," Sirius said for he was too happy to say anything else. "I'm just happy to see you. We will worry about you being a Death Eater later," Sirius said pulling his brother out of his arms and he then started to talk to him about everything that has happened, and soon Regulus told him everything that he has been though with the cave to Valjean. Regulus then knew at this point that everything he and Sirius will be together now no matter what happens.

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