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Chapter 57 – Dating and Bedding (END)

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What it takes for a date to be successful?

The question is one that many have questioned in their time of trying to make a relationship work. It was nothing new, really, but for the four individuals involved in this dilemma, the sheer scale of brain-power put behind the question was quite extreme and, in good part, amusing.

To Ina, this was a peculiar insanity that she was enjoying in her own morbid way. That's not to say she wasn't a bit embarrassed by the end results of each date as her plot to make them seal the deal for each commitment was sure working wonders.

And she was the one that also had to help cleaning up with her mother in some occasions.

The first one to brave the dating scenario was Yoshiko. Never once giving up her tomboyish and, at times, bossy attitude, the girl wanted a picnic by the Hokage mountain. The meals prepared by Danzou had enough to overrule what sort of madness the Uzumaki girl tried to accomplished by the cooking, turning the overall event in the most pleasant hangout...

To the point of the two being back home and occupying Danzou's room for a long while.

Kaguya sat by her room, the woman was, despite her experience on the topic, shocked by the sheer magnitude of power expressed by the two as the ground shook and some sections of the floor cracked due to the might behind each trust.

Kaguya had just noises to rely on with her imaginative expectation of the scene, but Ina had a full scope over the event itself and... some stuff she didn't even know could be done by people their age.

The quiet 'spy-familiar' she dispatched provided a full mental view of the scene and hours of pure smuttery seeing Danzou plowing the redhead silly was enough to give Ina happiness for two reasons: one, she had so much blackmail material on Yoshiko that it was going to be a few funny years with her sister-in-law and, two, she now knew that lots of babies were coming out of this harem.

Yoshiko herself was adorable as she meowled between wanting it to be gentle, and then demanding for her pussy to be pounded harder. The moans as her quivering body surrendered to the lust she had kept to herself and was now devouring her was... quite intriguing.

Ina was not attracted to her brother like that, but to think that he would return fire with fire sure held the former priested in a degree of curiosity to how much of his worry was relevant with the sheer amount of stamina he had. It sure took a strange turns of events when Musashi, the girl he came back home with, 'stumbled' on the sight and was 'forced' by Yoshiko to take part to the event.

The sheer fakeness of those two acting like this wasn't planned truly made her gag while drawing. At least her big brother made them know he was not exactly one to give up even before twice the expected opponents. A lot of debauchery unfolded that day, and Ina was sure that Yoshiko had never been as depleted as she appeared to be after that sexy time for the ensuing week. To think the Uzumaki and Samurai would have been beaten by the old art known as Mating Press was truly an impressive and yet unsurprising circumstance.

With the tomboys dealt with, it was time for Reira and this was where the wholesome got Ina's full attention. Out of all candidates, Reira was her favorite for many good reasons- first and foremost, the fact that she was a gentle lover and... a chatty fucker.

As someone that trained her body for fighting on par with Danzou, the sexual drive pushed forth by a lovely evening spent in the restaurant for a fancy date resulted in the two being soon engaging in some tender loving that then evolved in proper breeding.

This time around, Kaguya had gone to sleep in the furthermost guest room. The first date night definitely made her aware of her weakness to those- either that or plotting, the latter option explaining a few things about the third date but... this was all about Reira and Danzou.

And Gura.

Gura had tried to peep on them. Differently with what happened with Musashi, Ina was quite sure that Reira hadn't planned for her presence, but had improvised to make it work with what she had. Turns out that Reira was both a submissive and dominant partner- very submissive towards Danzou, but very dominant with her foreplay with others that tried to spy on them doing it. It made Ina a bit worry for any surprises aimed at her, but she was lucky that the Uchiha girl just focused on eating some fish that night before serving the tuna back to her lover for some pounding.

The puns are indeed the best part of this steamy mess.

The third date and what should have been the end of it all was quite intense. There wasn't exactly much of a date as it was Danzou going around and Himeko tagging along. Then, when it was night and time to do it, Kaguya decided to strike. Her reasoning? Teaching a direct descendant of hers needed some assistance in this task.

They went for a desperate effort to tire him out and be in charge of the sex. Both were quite horny and hungry for that sort of dominance, but were not shy from accepting the sheer breeding that conquered their minds and wombs with ease. From demanding and bossy ladies, to submissive sluts that were spreading their legs to Danzou with ease. It was a passionate night that one, but not as the 'fourth' date.

After the third date, it was definitely going to end in a combined marriage, but while the three girls were pleased with their first times, it was now the moment for a certain Summon and her lover to tag along for that sweetness. Kiara had expected to have the upper hand by trying to ambush Danzou in his room, unaware that a trap had been laid for her to trip into.

Said trap was something Ina hadn't been made aware about as Calli had visited their home for a while, but the girl didn't think the pinkette came here with a plot in mind. So, when the human phoenix attempted to coax some hardcore mating on Danzou, what she got was a bit of a shocker.

While Kiara was roped up and unable to move, Calli took the first ride of the night herself to show 'Kiara how to be moderate'. In truth, Ina could see how the Grim Reaper in training had just wanted to experiment about sex and, from her moans and loud craving for cock, it was clear that the girl got more than she had expected from this.

Rather than lessen Kiara's arousal, it made the phoenix even more interested in getting the mating started and she was by far the loudest when it finally happened.

The sheer intensity of that fiery debauchery was so intense that the entire ceiling caught on fire and had to be replaced the next day despite a hasty reaction to put the flames away. With these two finally satisfied and pretty much making Danzou the 'third wheel' in their relationship...

Ina took what was left to claim.

The ensuing night, right as Danzou was happily slumbering away from burning his stamina on more sexual interactions, Ina wormed her way in his Futon and hugged him tightly, wanting the one thing a young sister such as herself needed most in life after that much lewdness: wholesome time with her big brother through quality cuddling.

Ina was at her happiest and she could now rest happily with the news that her family was going to grow and grow in due time and...

"Jeez, what time it is?" I paused writing for just a moment, glancing at the clock on the side and... yawning. "Fuck, I need a break."

It's been two hours since I started writing and I really needed a break after that. Little as the chapter was, it was still enough to bring an end to this story for good.

Standing up from my chair, I walked out of the room with the intent of grabbing something to eat and a glass of water.

I paused by the fridge, picking two slices of chocolate cake mom had sent me a while ago and... then walked back to my room. I was fairly tired, didn't expect to find anything unusual there but, still, that didn't stop me from pausing at the door before the oddest sight yet.

My eyes narrowed as I stared at the ludicrous scene made by a certain blonde detective, now very nude and with one hand tickling on her groin, groan in bliss while orgasming before the few gelbooru pages I opened for the reference pics.

I stared and... stared some more. Then, I finally reacted.

"What the fuck are you doing here, Ame? How did you get here?"

Sharp and quick, like a whiplash, and enough to draw Ame's blissed look away from the screen and to me.

"...Fapping, John. Wanna tag along~?"

"Get the hell out of my property, Mother-fucker."

She frowned. "Hey, it's Mommy-Lover, not-"

"Out of my home, fool," I replied, picking up my shoe and mustering the combined strengths of the Chancla and the Tappina, the Latin blood of various cultures mixing in a single wrathful defense against a case of home invasion. Ame gave a quick look at the weapon I picked and realized hers was buried deep in her clothes... well away from her reach.

"L-Let's talk about-"

She was out with two burning cheeks, hands struggling to keep all clothes on her as she got yeeted out of the window.

I stared at the damaged window for a while, eyes glaring holes at the nonexisting glass and... I sighed as I had to use a towel to clean up the mess the bitch left behind. Once the chair was cleaned up, I sat down and resumed the grand finale with one last line.

Ina was at her happiest and she could now rest happily with the news that her family was going to grow and grow in due time and... life could only get better from this point onward.


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The end, it's over. Sorta. I may end up expanding on it, maybe. I will definitely create a 'sequel' to it that will not be a legit sequel but more of a slice of life/comedy thing with old Danzou and Naruko. Dunno when, but it's going to eventually happen.

For now, I focus on other businesses and story ideas, this one just... ended up draining me the most in a long time.