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Dark clouds covered the sky as a trio of super humans faced down their bionic nemesis. "Get into position," the shorter boy with spiky hair ordered as the three teenagers linked arms, backs facing each other.

A tall man dressed in leather laughed, "Silly children, you are no match for me." He threw his arms out and golden light began to collect at his hands. Simultaneously, blue light streaked with pinks, purples, and greens began to circle the three bionic teenagers.

Loud guttural sounds filled the air as both groups continued to amass power. The spiky haired boy grunted, "The signal transmits in ten seconds!"

"My day has come!" the leather clad villain smiled.

"Five seconds!" the spiky haired teen updated.

"The world is mine!" the bionic super villain roared, throwing his head back as he was surrounded by golden light.

"Now!" the teen yelled as he and his siblings leaned sharply to the side, aiming at their long-time nemesis. The blue light shot at the villain, overwhelming him in a mixture of bright blues and greens, smothering the fiery gold of his enormous power. He was thrown back and landed on the ground harshly, knocked unconscious. A beam shot out of a satellite dish heading out into the sky as the three teens collapsed on the ground.

"It… it wasn't enough!" the teenage girl whimpered as she watched the beam continue to transmit, whilst slowly trying to push herself up, "It didn't work!"

The formerly-unconscious villain groaned as he pushed himself from the ground, but smiled as he saw the beam transmit. "You have failed, you useless bionic brats! I have conquered!"

Before the three teens could say anything, however, a voice came from the crowd. "Not so fast Krane!" One of Krane's bionic soldiers stepped forward. Curly red hair pulled back into a tight braid and a skin tight black suit - much like what all the other soldiers were wearing - was the sight that greeted the three bionic teens laying on the floor.

"S-0, what are you doing?" Crane asked menacingly.

The girl frowned, "Something I should have done a long time ago!" She brought her hands together and the very earth seemed to shudder as it slowly rose up.

"What are you doing?" Krane asked again, shocked that one of his own was seemingly turning against him.

"Victor Krane, my name is Victoria Heath. You killed my father, Amos Heath. Prepare to die!" she yelled as the earth suddenly shot forward, forming a cage around Krane. Energy began to build in her hands, much like it had earlier for Krane. Suddenly her hands shot forward and Victor Krane was blasted into the sky, leaving a fiery trail behind him, as he disappeared into the distance. The bionic trio watched with hope as the signal seemed to cut out and the satellite dish went dormant once more. The bionic army surrounding the trio all suddenly collapsed.

"It's… over…" the girl in the bionic trio said slowly, surprised at the turn of events.

"Who are you?" the shorter of the two brothers asked the soldier.

"All you need to know is that Krane is gone. I won't bother your or them," Victoria motioned to the collapsed bionic army, "ever again."

A man with spiked hair and an all black mission suit jumped over, laughing, "Yes! It's over! Take that Krane!" he yelled into the sky.

Victoria turned to the newest arrival, "Douglas Davenport. The Triton App is deactivated. I'd round these soldiers up and find someplace to hide them; the government is going to be wanting them soon."

"Who… who are you?" Douglas asked, curious and also slightly afraid, only just now noticing the girl.

Before Victoria could answer, there was a yell from across the courtyard. "Guys! Get over here quick!" a young teenager in a hooded outfit screamed.

The trio and Douglas ran over. The boy, concerned, whispered, "I don't think he's breathing." The shorter boy of the bionic trio leaned down to the felled man, his hands touching the man's neck. He looked to his siblings with fear.

"Move," a voice came from behind them. They turned to look at the rogue soldier who came up; her hand was glowing a bright gold.

"What are you doing?" the younger brother asked as he moved into a defensive position in front of his father.

"Saving his life," Victoria growled as she motioned her hand. The earth rose up again and he was shoved into the opposite direction. The other four people surrounding the body were also thrown away. She brought her glowing hand down to the man, and the energy began to transfer. Golden light passed from her hand to his for a few seconds. The soldier looked to the five people, all of whom were in battle positions, ready to take her out. "He'll be okay for the moment, but you'll want to get him to a hospital as fast as possible." Before any of them could say anything, she disappeared, geo-leaping away. The five rushed to the body as it suddenly shot up.

"Mr. Davenport!" the trio cried.

"Donny!" Douglas yelled.

"Big D!" the hooded boy shouted.

"Guys," he coughed, "What happened?"

"Don't worry about that, we gotta get you to a hospital," the hooded teenager fussed.

"Krane? Is Krane gone?" Donald Davenport asked.

"Yeah, one of Krane's kids turned on him," the tallest brother informed. "She was actually kinda cute. All that red hair and–"

"Adam!" the shorter brother cut him off.

"Chase," Adam sneered back.

"Guys! We have more important things to worry about right now," the girl hissed at her two brothers.

"Bree's right. We really need to get you to a hospital, Big D," the hooded brother continued to worry over his hurt step-father.

"Yeah, c'mon Leo, help me get Donny up," Douglas said as he moved to grab his brother's arm. Both Leo and Douglas supported Donald as they began to walk out of the facility to get help.

"I wonder who that girl was," Bree pondered out loud.

"Her name is Victoria Heath," Adam supplied.

"How'd you know that?" Chase asked.

"She said it when she was monologuing to Krane," Adam explained.

"You know, sometimes, you're not completely stupid Adam," Chase said, stunned at his brother.

"Yay! I'm not completely stupid," Adam cheered.

"Let's just go. We'll figure out who she is when Mr. Davenport is all better." Chase ordered, stepping into his role as Mission Leader. With that both Bree and Chase turned to leave, not noticing their brother Adam, who was walking over to the bionic army left behind.