Chapter 11: Squeak, Peter Pettigrew.

The Common Room devolved into chaos, and Percy snapped out of his stupor and immediately fired a cannon blast with a wave of his wand. The entire room ground to a halt and Percy cleared his throat.

"Please do not cause an unnecessary ruckus. Prefects, please ensure that no one leaves the dormitory and don't cause any unwanted incidents."

He pointed his wand at the stunned man. "Incarcerous."

Several think ropes bound the unconscious man and secured his limbs in place. Percy looked at his twin brothers and said, "Make sure that he does not break free."

He didn't wait for a response as he briskly walked out of the tower to fetch one of the staff members.

Harry quickly climbed up the stairs and entered the dorms. He wrote a letter to Ted, which contained a summary of what happened in the Common Room just a few moments ago.


With a pop, Dobby appeared. The elf looked solemn, and he didn't pull out his usual antics.

"Yes, Master Harry?"

"Hand this letter over to him as soon as possible. He needs to get here now," Harry whispered.

Dobby gave him a quick nod and popped away. Harry stepped back into the Common Room and made his way next to his friends.

"You sent the message?" Hermione whispered without taking her eyes from Pettigrew.

"I have," Harry replied.

"Hopefully, we can get this bottom-feeding scum in Azkaban," Neville muttered under his breath.

"Fingers crossed, Neville," Harry murmured.

Ted sat across his business partner, Tiberius Ogden. Tiberius Ogden was a man in his mid-fifties. He was a portly man with balding salt and pepper hair who stood a couple of inches shorter than Ted.

"I cannot believe that you want us to represent Sirius Black!" Tiberius exclaimed with beads of sweat dripped down his face. "This would end our entire firm! This case could destroy us!"

"I am perfectly confident about this case, Tiberius. You know I don't make decisions with such a risk without fully understanding the situation," Ted calmly stated.

"You being confident doesn't ensure success now, does it? You're about to swim dangerous waters, Ted, and the sharks would eat you up before you even step into the water," Tiberius protested.

Ted looked at his longtime business partner. He understood Tiberius's stance. There must be enough evidence to prove without a reasonable doubt that Sirius was not guilty of the crimes he was falsely accused of.

"Tiberius, doesn't it seem off that Sirius Black did not receive a trial? The same Sirius Black who was spotted multiple times directly opposing He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and his Death Eaters," Ted retorted.

"We need more than that to even stand a chance at court, and you know that. We can get away with this in a low-profile case. For this case, you'd need a miracle to stand a chance," Tiberius declared.

Just then, a letter appeared in front of Ted. Tiberius gave him a curious look as he read the letter. A predatory grin worked itself onto Ted's face.

"Well, well, well. Here's the miracle you were looking for," Ted remarked.

"What on Merlin's beard are you rambling about?" Tiberius asked.

Ted slid the letter to Tiberius without a reply, who carefully read the contents. His eyes widened comically.

"So, Harry Potter wrote a letter to you about how they found Peter Pettigrew, a man thought long dead and murdered by Sirius Black, in the Gryffindor Tower? Merlin's wrinkly ball sack, what the fuck is going on?" Tiberius cried out as he nearly toppled over from his chair.

Ted chuckled, "You wanted a miracle, well, here is our miracle. We need to move on this right away, Tiberius."

"How do you even know Harry Potter?" Tiberius inquired in confusion.

"Harry Potter signed me on as his law-wizard," Ted answered smugly.

"Is it just him, or does your deal include Potter Holdings?"


"Wouldn't taking on Black as a client raise some conflict-of-interest issues?" Tiberius frowned.

"Quite the contrary, it was because I struck a deal with Harry Potter that I found the inconsistencies with Black's case," Ted replied.

He paused and took a sip of water. "When I took a cursory glance into Harry's guardianship, Sirius Black is his assigned guardian by the Potters."

Tiberius froze. "That certainly provides enough motivation for anyone who wants to take control of Harry Potter to remove him from the equation."

Ted nodded, and he looked at Tiberius sternly. "Indeed, but that's not all. Sirius Black is the true heir to the House of Black. He holds the keys to one of the greatest wizarding fortune of Magical Britain."

Tiberius slowly placed his teacup on the tea table and gently wiped the corners of his mouth with a napkin. He didn't trust himself to respond to Ted's revelations.

"Aren't you full of surprises today, Ted?" Tiberius said dryly.

"Enough talking, we got work to do," Ted smiled brightly, and Tiberius sighed as he slowly stood up.

"Yes, indeed. Time to ruffle some feathers. Though I wonder if I can walk out of a courtroom without changing that horrid Umbridge woman into a pink toad," Tiberius grunted.

Ted chuckled lightly. "Don't even bother. She already is."

Ted suddenly remembered the general lack of competency in Hogwarts based on Harry's account of Hogwarts. "We need to contact Amelia immediately."

"Wouldn't Dumbledore do that right away?" Tiberius questioned with a slightly puzzled expression.

"If Harry's account of Hogwarts for that past two years was correct, then we have to call her immediately," Ted explained. "You do know that Dumbledore is also someone who has a strong interest in controlling Harry's life, right?"

Tiberius grimaced at the thought of going up against the most powerful wizard. "He is more of a nightmare than handling Malfoy."

Ted shrugged. "That he is, for he can do no wrong in the majority of the public's eye. Plus, he wields way too much power."

Ted approached the fireplace, took a fistful of floo powder, and exclaimed, "Floo call, Ministry of Magic, Office of the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement."

A few seconds later, Madame Bone's head appeared through the fireplace. She wryly said, "I don't know if Andromeda would appreciate you spending so much time with me, Tonks."

Ted rolled his eyes at the silhouette. "Spare me your bland humor, Bones. We got an emergency. Peter Pettigrew just turned up in the Gryffindor Tower."

Madame Bone's eyes widened, and she immediately canceled the call. Ted chuckled helplessly and turned to his bemused partner.

"Well, that lit a fire under her arse."

Minerva McGonagall and Remus Lupin briskly walked towards the portrait of the Fat Lady. Percy had immediately dashed down to McGonagall's office to inform her of an unknown man who hid as Ron's rat. McGonagall sent two patronuses to Lupin and Flitwick and informed them about the current situation.

Professor Dumbledore was away from the castle on an ICW related business, and Professor Sprout was procuring several rare plants for the school greenhouses. She didn't feel comfortable inviting Professor Snape into the Gryffindor Tower. Neither would the Gryffindor students accept the greasy-haired potion master within their tower.

Flitwick was given instructions to get in contact with Dumbledore immediately. While it was necessary to contact the DMLE, Dumbledore knew best to take control of sensitive situations.

Lupin especially had several turbulent emotions cycling through his heart. When Percy and McGonagall entered his office and told him about the animagus that appeared in the Gryffindor Tower, his blood went cold. There was only one person that fit the description in his mind. This just raised so many more questions about Black's case.

The professors entered the Common Room, and they stopped dead in their tracks when they recognized the intruder. McGonagall covered her mouth, and Lupin froze. His face had shock written all over.

"Merciful Merlin, it's Peter Pettigrew," McGonagall muttered after she took a few moments to gather herself. A couple of students who recognized the name immediately started to whisper to those around them.

She turned to the students and insisted, "Explain what happened and how this man appeared here."

Harry noted the changes in expression of everyone around him, especially the two professors. Hermione gripped his forearm in support, and Neville took a couple of steps forward and stood to his left.

Time to feign some innocence.

Harry quickly questioned, "Professor, who is this man?"

She sucked in a deep breath. The shock of the revelation of man thought be long dead made her completely forget the implications of it. Lupin also woke from his daze, and his eyes clearly showed his uncertainty in answering Harry.

But it was neither of the professors who answered. Oliver Wood replied, "That, Harry, is Peter Pettigrew. He was supposedly killed by Sirius Black and only a finger was found. All of that seems to be a load of horse shite, seeing that the bloke is alive and well."

McGonagall shot Wood a sharp look, but Wood didn't look bothered. "Sorry, Professor McGonagall, a little slip of the tongue. Surely you can overlook my little mistake this once?"

"And Black was supposed to be the bloke that betrayed my parents to good ol'Moldypants." Harry inferred while scratched his chin thoughtfully. Lupin winced at how easily Harry spoke about such a dark part of their shared history.

Neville tilted his head slightly. "Moldypants?"

Harry grinned and nodded enthusiastically. "That what I call Voldemort. Or one among all the many names I have come up with."

The room, except for his friends, flinched at the casual use of the Dark Lord's name.

Harry cleared his throat. "Professor, now that we have found a man who was supposedly killed by the same man who escaped Azkaban this summer. Shouldn't we hand over this bloke to the aurors or something?"

"That will be handled by Professor Dumbledore when he returns," McGonagall told Harry sternly. "His oversight would prevent unnecessary incidents from arising."

"That doesn't make any sense. He is the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot. Surely he still will have a role to play in there if the aurors detain him," Harry frowned.

"Mr. Potter, this is not a discussion that I will have with a thirteen-year-old student," McGonagall retorted and thinned her lips.

Harry shrugged but didn't bother to raise a response. After last night, his relationship with the staff became rockier.

Remus Lupin suddenly walked towards Pettigrew before McGonagall could stop him. He flicked his wand at the stunned man and whispered, "Rennervate."

Pettigrew suddenly gasped for air and threw a fit of dry coughs. The man was still bound by the roped conjured earlier. Lupin lifted him by the collar of his dirty tunic.

"Why, why were you hiding as in that bloody form for all those years? I thought you were dead, and we all thought Sirius killed you! Why?" Remus snarled at the man.

"R-Remus! Oh Remus, my old friend! I was afraid. I was afraid of that man. I was afraid that he would kill me. Please, Remus, you have to believe me!"

"And why? Why should I believe you? I thought you were dead for all those years, I thought Sirius killed all of you, and you dare to ask my forgiveness!" Remus roared as he tightened his grip on Pettigrew.

Pettigrew's face darkened, and he noticed Harry standing amongst the crowd out of the corner of his eyes.

"Oh H-Harry, you look so much like your father, yet you have your mother's eyes," Pettigrew gasped as he struggled under Lupin's hold.

"You dare mention their names with your filthy mouth! Answer me! Why were you hiding for all this time?" Remus roared furiously.

"Please Harry, trust me. Please believe me. They would have killed me if I was found out to be alive," Pettigrew sniveled.

Harry looked at the Death Eater neutrally. "Your meaningless groveling doesn't prove your innocence. However, your refusal to provide your story does raise some suspicions."

McGonagall didn't feel that it was responsible to reveal the truth in such a public setting. There are risks associated with allowing such sensitive information out into the public. She had to act fast to gain control of the situation.

"Remus, enough. Let's secure him and take to the headmaster's office," McGonagall reminded Lupin before he acted rashly.

"Quite the contrary, Professor, let's get the rat to squeal," Harry refuted.

"Mr. Potter, there is no need to make a public spectacle of this," McGonagall sniffed disapprovingly.

"Oh? Like how the rest of my life wasn't made a public farce? Come off it, Professor," Harry snorted.

The Head of Gryffindor stared at Harry with pursed lips. "I shall not have a student talk to me in such a derogatory manner. Five points from Gryffindor."

Remus frowned but didn't say anything. He released the rat and returned to McGonagall's side. Harry watched the man carefully and he was fully disappointed with the man's lack of courage.

"So much for finding the truth, Professor Lupin. By the way, it seems like you seem to know my parents. Care to explain yourself?" Harry pressed while he made direct eye contact with the man.

Remus looked extremely uncomfortable now. He didn't expect Harry to investigate his relationship with his parents. Thankfully for him, Professor McGonagall stepped in.

"Mr. Potter! That would be quite enough. You've no business poking at anyone's business, especially a professor. That's fifteen more points from Gryffindor!" McGonagall interrupted sternly while she leveled a hard gaze onto Harry.

Hermione was distraught. On top of the casual dismissal of their concerns and the accusatory line of questioning yesterday, it hurt her deeply that none of the authorities displayed even a modicum of concern towards the students.

"Professor McGonagall, I don't agree with you. Harry's life was made miserable by the decisions of these men. He has the right to know what exactly happened. I think you are being wholly inappropriate now," Hermione presented.

"Ms. Granger, I don't think there needs to be any further discussion- "

Before McGonagall could finish her sentence, there was a loud shriek. Suddenly, Peter Pettigrew transformed into his animagus form and wriggled out from the ropes.

The entire common room devolved into chaos. Students were shrieked in alarm. Several spells were flung around the room. Harry grimaced when he noted the chaos, the three of them immediately ducked underneath the loveseat to shield themselves from the errant spells. He reached for his map to pinpoint the position of the rat.

Great, another fuckup from Lupin gives the rat a chance to run away. Again.

Lupin erected a shield to protect his fellow professor, and McGonagall immediately raised her wand, and the sound of a cannon blast echoed through the entire Common Room. The students halted at the loud sound, and they were ashamed of the panic that ensued.

But before McGonagall could speak, Harry heard a familiar chuckle. Harry looked up from the loveseat that they ducked behind.

Ted Tonks was at the entrance to the Gryffindor Tower. He had his hands clasped behind his back. Next to him was Amelia Bones, who looked at the occupants of the tower with disapproval. Kingsley Shacklebolt and another unknown auror stood behind them, and they looked all too amused at the current state of the tower.

"I always thought my first foray into the Gryffindor Tower would be to snog that one girl way back in my fourth year," Ted stated with a wistful look in his eyes. Amelia rolled her eyes, and two aurors behind them snickered.

Ted's eyes widened when he noticed Harry. "You're definitely not telling that to Andy."

"Oh, I don't know. You could convince me to keep my silence by 'gifting' me a Firebolt. Or two," Harry smirked.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, Mr. Potter. The woman next to me is the Head of the DMLE. Why I'll have you know, she is a woman that values justice greatly. I do believe that you'd be charged for conspiracy to commit blackmail, isn't that right, Amelia?" Ted shamelessly countered.

"Shove it, Tonks. I'm letting Andromeda take care of you," Amelia dryly retorted.

Kingsley snorted loudly, and Ted shot him a dirty look. McGonagall snapped out of her daze and hastily said, "Did you see a rat running down the stairway just now?"

Ted looked innocently at the Deputy Headmistress and held out a glass jar. Lo and behold, the rat was inside the container, stunned and securely sealed.

"You mean this little guy? I thought he was someone else's pet that managed to run off," Ted answered, his countenance painted a picture of perfect innocence.

Harry couldn't help himself. He laughed like a loon. Ted grinned at the young teen, and the rest of the house sighed in relief. Harry's friends had smiles written all over their faces.

Amelia ignored the silly law-wizard and took the jar from his hand. She held the jar up and declared, "Peter Pettigrew, you are under arrest for being an illegal animagus and falsifying your death. Since you are recorded as a dead person, you are not entitled to any rights."

"Amelia, I am sure we can wait for Albus before taking any action," McGonagall requested.

"Pish posh, Minerva. This man played a central part in one of the most important cases in all of Magical Britain. Neither is Albus my superior nor do I answer to him in any capacity other than on official Wizengamot business. Please step aside and let the good aurors collect evidence from the scene," Amelia explained without a hint of emotion.

The aurors didn't wait for the Deputy Headmistress's approval. They cast several diagnostic charms and took careful notes of the results. Afterward, they took testimonials from students and the two professors about what happened.

McGonagall thinned her lips; she wasn't happy about the blatant dismissal from Amelia. "Amelia, I am curious, who informed you about the incident."

"That information is on a need-to-know basis, Minerva," Amelia replied without even bothering to look at McGonagall.

The Deputy Headmistress shifted her attention towards Tonks, who still wore a smug grin. She then glanced at Harry, who had a similar smirk. She narrowed her eyes at the young Potter who only ignored her. McGonagall couldn't press Harry for details, lest Amelia directs her ire towards her.

With that, the team of aurors and the law-wizard turned around and left, though not before Ted shot Harry a not-too-subtle wink.

Amelia and the team of aurors secured Pettigrew within in a high-security cell inside the DMLE. Once that was done, Amelia, Tiberius, and Ted decided to pay Fudge another visit. This time, Amelia completely ignored the blustering secretary and forced herself in with the two law-wizards.

Fudge was caught off-guard. He didn't expect Amelia to appear again within such a short period, and she was not alone. She was with two of the most ruthless law-wizards in Magical Britain, and things didn't seem too good for him, judging by the predatory smiles on the two law-wizard's faces.

Umbridge forced herself into the office not even two seconds later. She froze and glared with great anger at Tiberius. Tiberius returned her disdain with no hesitation.

Amelia ignored the latest member to join the meeting and narrowed her eyes at Fudge. "We've evidence that a man thought long dead is not quite dead."

"And how does that nonsense relate to me?" Fudge scoffed. "Amelia, you're wasting my valuable time. Get out of my office if you've nothing productive to offer."

Fudge looked behind her and indicated at the two men. "I don't appreciate that some conceited law-wizard thinks that they can barge into my office willy nilly."

Amelia once again ignored the Minister's jab at her and her two acquaintances. "Minister, the person we found, has to do with a high-profile case, a case that has been recently brought back to public light."

Fudge and Umbridge frowned. They knew Amelia has been strangely active around Black's case. They had brushed off their concerns earlier as even if she does find out about the lack of documentation, there isn't enough evidence to help overturn the case in favor of Black. But now they were worried,

Amelia continued, "We found out through a source that Peter Pettigrew was found in the Gryffindor Tower, while he disguised himself as a rat."

"Preposterous! Amelia, get this nonsensical children's tale out of my office," Fudge snorted and waved his hand in dismissal.

However, Amelia noted the look of panic that Umbridge and Fudge shared. They had some incentive to bury this case and not allow it to see the light of day.

Ted smiled at the minister and his lackey. "Minister Fudge, Peter Pettigrew is an animagus. His form is that of a common rat. Rats, as you know, are sanctioned pets within Hogwarts. Pettigrew likely hid among a wizarding family as a rat."

"Who was the child that supposedly owned this rat?" Umbridge asked.

"His owner was Ron Weasley, the youngest son of Arthur Weasley," Ted replied neutrally. The gears in Fudge's head started to turn. It was clear that he wanted to find a scapegoat for this issue, and Arthur Weasley seemed to fit the bill perfectly. To Fudge, Arthur was both useless and had an unhealthy obsession with muggles. The ministry could operate without him efficiently, and he owed him no favors.

"Well then, it seems that Arthur may have been a part of some grand conspiracy here," Fudged tightly smiled.

"Except his children were ones that were the ones that revealed the rat. We can issue a subpoena and verify Arthur's story, but it is unlikely that he orchestrated anything," Amelia pointed out confidently.

"Still, Black killed thirteen muggles. That alone earns him a stay at Azkaban," Fudged retorted.

"Ah, that would be true if there was a proper investigation and if due process was carried out. Since none of the regular procedures were followed, this demands a retrial," Tiberius argued.

"Preposterous! Black's punishment was just, and we must throw that criminal back in Azkaban. Or have the dementors give him the kiss," Umbridge sniffed in disapproval.

"With all due respect, Madame Undersecretary, that isn't your call to make," Tiberius argued.

"Neither is it yours, Ogden. I am merely a trusted advisor of the Minister, who has provided valuable counsel to him on many pressing issues. I believe my course of action best addresses the current situation," Umbridge sneered.

Fudge squirmed in his luxurious chair. "Amelia there is no need to investigate this issue. I'm sure that there might have been some misunderstandings that led to Pettigrew to hide the way he did."

"Are you trying to land an obstruction of justice charge on yourself, Minister Fudge?" Amelia asked rhetorically with a raised eyebrow. Fudge's face tightened but he didn't reply.

"Due to the nature of the case, I will call a special session of the Wizengamot tomorrow evening and there will be a retrial for Sirius Black and a trial for Peter Pettigrew," Amelia declared.

"Amelia I'm sure- "

Amelia didn't wait for Fudge's reply. She immediately turned around and left the office. Tiberius and Ted looked at each other, shrugged, and exited the office.

They entered Amelia's office and she immediately activated all the privacy wards with a tap of her wand. Amelia sat down behind her desk and held her gaze at the two law-wizards.

"Sirius Black must be present for the trial. I believe you two gentlemen know what to do with this information," Amelia stated pointedly.

Ted bowed with a little flourish. "If I happen to come across Black during my morning jog, I will let him know."

"I wonder how often you come across escaped fugitives and criminals on your little excursions," Amelia pondered dryly.

"You wound me, Amelia!" Ted exclaimed as he clutched his heart. "Surely you don't think I deal with criminals on a daily basis."

"You're a law-wizard. Your kind is not known for being the most ethical actors in the legal system," Amelia blandly countered.

Ted snorted in disbelief. "If we are not ethical actors, then neither are you bureaucrats and law enforcement officers. I don't look beyond this case as proof. But hey, at least we are more competent than most of you."

Amelia rolled her eyes. "Get out of my office. I have two trials to prepare for."

Ted immediately headed back to his house. He spotted Sirius seated in the living room with Andy. They both were watching television quietly. Ted knocked on the door frame, and both of them turned their heads to him.

"I have some good news for you, Sirius. We captured Pettigrew a couple of hours ago," Ted mentioned.

Sirius froze. He didn't know how to react. Andromeda gasped, and she got up in the excitement and flew

to her husband's arms and kissed him deeply.

Sirius cleared his throat, and Andromeda threw a reproachful look at her cousin. Sirius ignored her and said, "You can suck his face and other bits off later, my dear cousin. Your husband just secured my ticket to freedom."

Andromeda huffed and separated from Ted, whose ears were slightly red. "I can suck my husband's face and bits, as you so eloquently put, whenever I want to."

Sirius held his hands up in mock surrender. Ted chuckled, "Let's take this to my office. I have quite an interesting tale to tell."

Andromeda and Sirius nodded. They made their way into Ted's office. Once everyone was seated, Ted told them of what transpired today. He told them about the dementor attack, and how Harry and few friends warded off the attack. He described his first trip to the ministry and how he finally got Tiberius to partner with him in the case.

He illustrated how Dobby brought Harry's letter that informed him about Pettigrew being revealed in the Gryffindor tower and how he partnered with Amelia and a group of aurors to quickly make their way into Hogwarts. Finally, he concluded with how the Weasley twins used a prank to capture the rat.

"How did you find the entrance to the Gryffindor Dorms?" Sirius quizzed.

"There was another auror, Proudfoot I believe. He was Gryffindor, so he led us to the Fat Lady's portrait," Ted answered.

Sirius perked up. "Proudfoot huh? The bloke was a year ahead of us, and he was our Gryffindor keeper back then, a bloody good one at that."

Andromeda crinkled her nose. "Fat Lady? That sounds awfully distasteful. But then again, I expect nothing more out of some barbaric Gryffindors."

Sirius crossed his legs and pursed his lips. He had a wistful countenance as he recalled his past at Hogwarts. "No one knows what her real name is, and she refused to tell us her real name. James told us that she'll only reveal her name to her one true love, or something crazy like that."

"Setting aside distasteful monikers," Ted smirked at Sirius. "His exposure now provides us the window of opportunity to fight for your freedom."

"Freedom, huh?" Sirius muttered. "For a long while, I thought I would rot away in that horrid prison cell, surrounded with nothing but the worst of the worst and dementors."

Andromeda took her cousin's hand. "Not anymore, Sirius."

Sirius didn't respond. His inscrutable expression gave nothing away. He was numb with the myriad of emotions that were toiled within him. He felt that if he expressed any emotions, it would overwhelm him.

"I need to guarantee that Pettigrew's trial occurs before yours. If he is guilty, then your path to freedom becomes a lot more certain," Ted explained.

"What are they charging Pettigrew with?" Andromeda inquired curiously.

"I believe Amelia is currently charging him with fabricating his death, not registering his status as an animagus, and she may prosecute him for being a Death Eater," Ted listed.

"Will the Death Eater charge even stick?" Andromeda asked.

Ted stroked his chin. "That's a tough one. If Pettigrew's betrayal of the Potters is brought to light, then there is a good chance that he might be convicted on that charge, regardless of an Imperius Curse excuse."

"And if he is convicted on that charge based on his betrayal, that increases Sirius's odds?"

"That and being acquitted of the murder of those thirteen muggles."

"Then what about escaping from Azkaban?"

"If Sirius is acquitted of other charges and the lack of due process the first time around should stop the ministry from pursuing those charges. If they try to prosecute Sirius for escaping Azkaban, they will hurt the ministry's image," Ted described.

Sirius leaned back in his chair and scratched his hair. "I have to apologize to you. I was extremely rude to all of you when I pressed Harry to hunt for Pettigrew."

"To be fair, you have spent the last decade in that hellhole because of that rat. Understandably, you want him brought to justice as soon as possible," Andromeda responded.

Ted nodded in agreement. He then remembered the other issue that concerned Sirius. "Before I forget, you are the heir to the House of Black."

Sirius frowned, and he looked intently at Ted. "I thought I was removed from the family. How could I have a claim for the position?"

"Your father wanted to play both sides of the way. He didn't believe in the success of the Death Eaters as much as your more notorious members of the family. By not removing you from the family, he thought he assured the continuity of his line regardless of the outcome," Ted explained.

"My old man never really cared for anyone unless they brought him some benefit," Sirius bitterly spat.

"That may be so, but leave the past in the past. Think about what you want to do with the influence that the House of Black provides you. You essentially will be in charge of the richest and one of the most prestigious houses in all of Magical Britain," Andromeda calmly presented.

"My dear mother must be dancing with joy, wherever her dark soul might be," Sirius remarked sarcastically.

The Gryffindor Tower returned to normal an hour after the aurors left. However, it didn't abate the student's interest in what happened. Many dashed out of the tower and immediately began spreading rumors. By lunch, almost everyone in the castle knew about what transpired in the Gryffindor Common Room.

Harry and his friends were having lunch at the Great Hall. Harry noted that almost all the staff in attendance were very uneasy, except for Madame Pomfrey. She seemed to be eating her lunch with not a care in the world. Dumbledore was still absent, so was Snape for that matter.

Professor McGonagall finished her lunch quickly and scurried out of the hall, and Lupin still refused to meet his eyes.

"Well, I'll meet you three in the Room. I got to get my schedule from Professor McGonagall," Harry said after he wiped the corners of his mouth with a napkin.

His friends nodded, and Harry got up to leave. He ignored the whispers and the glances he received as he walked out of the hall. Harry walked through the corridors of Hogwarts and arrived at McGonagall's office. He knocked on the door.


Harry promptly opened the door and entered the office. McGonagall stood up straighter and frowned at her visitor.

"Mr. Potter," McGonagall icily voiced. She reached down to a drawer in her desk and pulled out a parchment. "I suppose you're here for your schedule?"

Harry didn't respond. He walked up to the high-backed chair and tapped the chair with his wand. Immediately, the chair changed into a comfortable armchair. McGonagall observed the feat of magic by the third year with widened eyes.

He grabbed the schedule and sat down on the chair. The student and the professor stared at each other for several seconds.

"That was an excellent application of transfiguration. Take ten points for Gryffindor," McGonagall praised.

Harry shook his head. "Thank you, Professor, but showing off my prowess isn't the only reason why I am here."

"Oh? Whatever else are you here for?"

Harry leaned back in his chair and looked around the office. He noted a picture with a younger McGonagall with a man who looked about the same age as her, and a younger man who appeared to be in his twenties.

War takes but never gives.

"Professor McGonagall, when I came to you last semester to change my electives, you mentioned that you would try your best to support me," Harry began with an inscrutable expression. "Yet, you contradicted yourself the next day when you and Professor Flitwick did nothing to punish those who harassed Luna."

McGonagall remained silent; her face gave nothing away. Harry continued, "Then you grilled us when we're ones who stepped up to protect the students. You do realize that your contradictions make it extremely hard to trust you."

McGonagall stared at Harry, and her face gave nothing away. "If that is all, Mr. Potter, I must ask you to leave."

He tapped the armchair, and it returned to its previous form. Just before he left the office, he turned around to face McGonagall and stated, "Professor, the reason why we brought down Lockhart with us instead of calling you wasn't just because his office was the closest. It's because I couldn't trust you enough."

McGonagall didn't respond at all. Harry shrugged and added, "Proves a lot when I trusted a fraud more than you lot."

Harry turned around and left the office. Let that walking bag of contradictions figure herself out.

Harry returned to the dorm and placed his schedule with his belongings in the dorm. He could have had Dobby do the task for him, but he wanted to clear his mind. I wonder if sometimes people just prefer to endure and stay in line rather than be active? Would I do the same if I were her?

He shook himself from his musings and walked to the seventh floor, and entered the Room of Requirement. His friends were seated in different seats around the room.

Harry walked to the center of the room and leaned against a table. "We spent the summer working on our mind magic, advancing our spell casting, and improving our physical fitness."

"When do you think your transport method will be ready?" Hermione asked.

"Should be done by the first week of October," Harry lied. He quickly added, "Until then, we're going to have to use the Room for physical training."

They nodded in response. Harry crossed his arms. "We need to step up our training. We need to learn how to duel, or more importantly, fight with magic."

"And you want to use the Room for that." Neville finished as he raised an eyebrow.

"Aye, I think the room can help us with that too. If we were able to learn mind magic here, I don't it's far off to assume that we can learn how to fight magically here," Harry replied.

Hermione scrunched her eyebrows. "What if we get hurt?"

"We just got to be bloody careful then," Luna answered brightly.

Hermione looked at Luna, scandalized with her language. "Luna!"

Luna just grinned. "Hermione!"

Harry and Neville rolled their eyes and didn't bother to interfere. Harry cleared his throat, "Getting back to our topic at hand, I think today's events show us why we should be ready at all times."

"Agreed," Neville solemnly nodded.

"Let's step outside the room and remake the room," Hermione supplied while Luna hummed pleasantly.

They stepped outside, and Harry reconfigured the room suited for magical combat training. As soon as they stepped inside, they noted several training dummies, a dueling platform, several other types of equipment suitable for training.

Harry turned to his friends and said, "From now on, we will spend a couple of hours everyday training how to fight. Not only are we going to learn defensive skills, but more aggressive measures."

Hermione didn't like the hidden meaning behind Harry's words. She frowned, "What exactly do you mean?"

"Stunning or merely stopping an enemy is a costly mistake, especially when the said enemies are gung-ho in either killing you or torturing you," Harry answered.

"Then how are we any different from those monsters?" Hermione protested instantly.

"Because our aim to protect ourselves and those dear to us, Hermione. If they aren't dead or put down for good, it'll be you, and those who you care about that will pay the price," Harry argued back vehemently.

Neville looked at Luna, who bore a serious countenance. She glanced at him and shrugged. He edged closer towards Luna and stood next to her. They watched as Hermione deflated after Harry's counter-argument.

"Voldemort will return in the future, of that there is no doubt. He has tried twice within the last two years. Eventually, he will regain his powers. His army of Death Eaters will reunite once again, and there will be no miracle to send the Dark Wanker to his grave this time," Harry pressed gravely.

"You've seen how corrupt the ministry is. You know how much influence Malfoy has within the ministry. If You-Know-Who returns, his side will probably be in a better situation than the previous war," Neville described with a hard look in his eye.

"It's a bitter pill to swallow," Hermione sadly admitted. "It just isn't fair that we've to prepare for a civil war when we should be just regular teenagers."

Harry took a couple of steps forward and hugged her. Hermione slowly hugged him back. "It isn't fair, but life is hardly fair now, is it?"

Hermione nodded into his shoulder and didn't reply. Luna leaned onto Neville and held onto his hand. Poor Neville turned a dark shade of red and didn't know what to do.

He removed himself from her and took a couple of steps back. He turned to the rest of his friends.

"Right then you lot, we got some work to do."

They spent a couple of hours going through several exercises. The training dummies had two capabilities. They could either act as a stationary or mobile target, or they could fire color changing spells which are extremely useful in perfecting evasive maneuvers.

One of the things Harry came up with was dueling with stinging hexes. The purpose of the exercise was to remove the instinct of shielding from spells, and the pain from the hexes made the exercise more realistic.

Finally, Harry had his friends pick a specialty in combat magic. The Room came with several tomes that described various combat magic specialties. Harry's mind went back to his glaring weakness in the last timeline: he didn't have a specialty or a trump card in his arsenal.

Sure, he was talented at Defense Against the Dark Arts, but that didn't provide him an edge in combat. The field was incredibly generic.

Another one of his biggest shortfalls is that he was unable to effectively use his vast magical powers efficiently. He hoped to learn more esoteric magic that would help counter this weakness.

Hermione had the unique privilege of being extremely talented in charms and transfiguration. She has the potential to combine those two fields to weave much more potent magic. This combination was a skill she started to develop towards her sixth year, but Harry hoped to accelerate her learning curve. Her skills are put to greater use in more defensive situations and dealing with multiple adversaries.

Neville was a unique case. Harry couldn't accurately predict how wielding a better-matched wand would affect his future growth. From what Harry remembered, Neville's growth was unparalleled after Harry helped him during their fifth year. He was talented at charms, but his lack of confidence deterred his progress in transfiguration.

Luna can be summed up in two words, pure chaos. Her superiority existed in her unpredictability and the barrage of different types of spells layered together to trap an opponent. However, while this method can be incredibly effective against a single opponent, it can leave her vulnerable against multiple foes.

Finally, each of his friends was given lessons in magical perception. Harry hoped that one of them could pick up the art soon so that they could venture into elemental magic or more advanced magic.

Just before they left the room, Dobby popped in with a letter in hand. Dobby handed the letter to Harry and said, "Master Harry, Mr. Ted told me to give you this letter."

"Thank you, Dobby."

With a snap, Dobby popped away. Harry tore open the letter and he read the contents.

Dear Harry,

I will cut to the chase. Sirius's trial is scheduled for tomorrow at 6 p.m. Pettigrew will also be tried tomorrow.

Your attendance will be required at the trial for purposes I will not reveal in this letter.

I believe my daughter will be there to escort you to the ministry, with Amelia's summons.

Finally, I would like to applaud you for your guile in revealing the rat. You did so in a manner that does not falsely incriminate the Weasley Family.



Harry tucked the letter away with a big grin on his face. He had an idea why Ted wanted him at the trials, and he was equal parts excited and nervous.

Hermione raised an eyebrow. "Any exciting news?"

Harry maintained his wide grin. "Sirius is getting a trial tomorrow, and I need to be there."

Hermione held his hand and gave a gentle squeeze.

Just as Harry and his friends sat down for lunch the next day, Tonks clumsily entered the Great Hall and nearly knocked over a couple of Hufflepuff students. Instantly, everyone in the hall directed their attention to their latest.

Tonks scratched the back of her head and laughed sheepishly. She then walked towards the Head Table and handed a letter to Professor McGonagall.

"Madame Bones has issued a summons for Harry Potter for the emergency Wizengamot session later this evening," Tonks stated.

Whispers broke out across the Great Hall, and Harry was the center of attention twice in less than two days. Harry rolled his eyes and gave Tonks a stink eye. Great job declaring my summons in the middle of the Great Hall like I just was summoned by Her Majesty.

"I do not believe Harry is required for the session this evening, Nymphadora," Dumbledore proclaimed with a frown.

Tonks shifted her weight into her right foot and placed her left hand on her hip. Harry could see from where he was seated that she was trying her best not to snap at the Headmaster. "Professor Dumbledore, Madame Bones ordered me to retrieve him from Hogwarts now."

"And is there a particular reason as to why Madame Bones insists his attendance today?" Dumbledore queried.

"I'm not privy to that information, sir," Tonks replied.

Dumbledore steepled his fingers while the rest of the staff looked at them curiously. He sighed after a few seconds. "If Amelia insists, then there is nothing I can do to stop here."

Dumbledore made eye contact with Tonks. and his usual twinkle was absent. "Do tell Madame Bones that I do not appreciate sudden appearances within Hogwarts without my approval."

Tonks curtly nodded and walked towards the Gryffindor Table. As Tonks neared the table, Harry stood up. "Should we go now? I was just about to have lunch."

"You will get lunch at your destination. You need to come with me now," Tonks answered.

Harry nodded uncertainly and followed Tonks out of the hall. They exited Hogwarts and stepped outside the Hogwarts wards. Tonks took hold of Harry's hand before he could call Dobby, and they apparated away.

Tonks and Harry collapsed onto the hardwood floor in a heap. Harry planted into the floor face first, with Tonks on top of him. He grumbled into the floor, "Gerroff me, you fat oaf!"

Tonks shifted on top of him and elbowed his back, and Harry cried out in pain. Tonks smugly returned, "That's what you get for calling a dainty damsel overweight, you berk. And no, I am not getting off you. It's been a while since I had a comfortable fall."

Harry groaned in frustration and winced as Tonks dug her elbow deeper. "There is nothing dainty about you, you bloody git!"

Andromeda, Ted, and Sirius noted the commotion at the front door and immediately rushed with their wands out. When they noted the two idiots in a pile, Andromeda huffed in irritation, and Sirius and Ted snickered at Harry's expense.

"Pray do tell me, how can I get the two of you to behave like ordinary human beings?" Andromeda dryly asked.

"It's her fault!"

"It's his fault!"

The two older men snorted, and Andromeda silenced them with a glare. She directed her attention to the two younger members. "I don't care whose fault it is. Just get off the floor before I make you."

Almost instantly, Harry and Tonks got off the floor and stood up ramrod straight. Andromeda pinched the bridge of her nose and looked directly at Harry. He gulped at the stern look.

"Young man, I do not appreciate such foul language in this household. The next time I hear such vitriol, I will shove a bar of soap down your throat. Am I clear?" she admonished him and left him no room to negotiate.

Harry shivered and nodded quickly. "Yes ma'am! Crystal clear ma'am!"

Andromeda narrowed her eyes at the young man as if she didn't trust him to keep his word. Harry felt relieved when she shifted her ire to her daughter.

"Now then young lady, I assume you surprised Harry with side-along apparition?" Andromeda inquired.

Tonks scratched her head guiltily with a sheepish grin. Andromeda chastised, "Harry could have been splinched because of your little stunt! I do not want to see such reckless behavior again!"

Suitably cowed, Tonks nodded as her shoulders slumped. Seeing that the two young members of her family got her point, or at least for now, she sighed, "Lunch is just about ready, if you two want to take shower or have a change of clothes, go right ahead."

As time went by, the Tonks family, Harry, and Sirius became tenser. Fifteen minutes before their scheduled time to arrive at the ministry, Tiberius appeared through the floo network. The portly man wore deep blue robes and had his hair combed back neatly.

Harry and Sirius whipped their heads to face their new guest. Harry wore black dress robes while Sirius wore dark grey robes. Tiberius chuckled, "Well a little too tense, now are we?"

"When you only consider that if everything goes tits up, I'll be either given the sweat kiss of a dementor or sent back to suffer in Azkaban," Sirius muttered darkly.

Tiberius clapped Sirius on his shoulder and reassured, "Then that just means we have to work that much more to secure your freedom. Have a little faith in yourself, your family, and me."

Sirius didn't respond to Tiberius's assurances. Tiberius's expression brightened when he spotted Harry behind Sirius. "Mr. Potter, it's an honor to meet you! I'm glad you secured our services to represent you legally."

Harry stepped forward and shook the man's hand. "Likewise, though please call me Harry."

"Then it's only right that you call me Tiberius," Tiberius responded. "Ted speaks very highly of you, Harry, which is impressive considering how difficult he can be at times. I look forward to working with you in the future."

"Thank you, and I look forward to working with you as well," Harry acknowledged with a smile.

Andromeda and Ted entered the living room. They wore matching elegant dress robes that were a rich emerald.

Tiberius exchanged greetings with the couple and exclaimed, "Now that we are all here, it's time to face the music."

Sirius nodded stiffly, and Andromeda gently hugged her cousin. She whispered, "I know you will be a free man after this."

Siris didn't respond, he couldn't respond. All the suffering over the last decade or so has led him to this point, and the last several weeks have been some of the most blissful times of his life, baring his time with his friends. He was afraid he will soon lose them once again.

Tiberius walked to the fireplace and floo-ed to the Atrium. Ted and Harry followed suit, and soon after, Andromeda and Sirius joined them.

Once Harry reached the Atrium, he saw various members of the media with flashing cameras and yelling out questions. As soon as they saw him, he was assaulted with the bright lights of the cameras and was deafened by the questions he received.

A sound of a canon being fired echoed through the Atrium, and silence soon followed. Harry noticed how almost the entirety of the Auror force with Madame Bones leading them guarded the registration point.

Several seconds later, Andromeda and Sirius emerged from the fireplace. This time, there was no commotion. Various members of the press froze in fear. They didn't dare assault the new entrants as they did with Harry. Madame Bones inclined her head to acknowledge the group.

"Members of the press, please maintain decorum as we enter the courtroom," Madame Bones declared, and she turned to Harry's group. "Mr. Black, Mr. Tonks, and Mr. Ogden, please follow me and Auror Shacklebolt down to Courtroom No. 10. Mrs. Tonks and Mr. Potter, you will be escorted by Auror Tonks."

The group stiffly nodded and followed her instructions. Madame Bones and Kingsley led the gentlemen away, and Tonks approached her mother and Harry. After they disappeared into the lift, Harry's group followed suit.

They entered the courtroom and took their seats in relative silence. Harry grasped Andromeda's hand, and the two of them waited for the proceedings to begin.

Several wizards and witches entered the courtroom and took their seats. A few that spotted him with Andromeda whispered among each other. Ten minutes after every member of the Wizengamot gathered, Dumbledore, Fudge, Umbridge, and Bones took their seats.

"I call this emergency session of the Wizengamot into order," Dumbledore's voice echoed through the room. "Let us begin proceedings with a rollcall."

Dumbledore went around the room and called out each name. A court scribe took a record of those who were present. Once the rollcall was completed, Dumbledore addressed the court.

"Madame Bones, you have called this session into order. Please provide your justification for this session."

"Chief Warlock Dumbledore, Minister Fudge, fellow Heads of Departments, and Members of the Wizengamot. I have called this emergency session of the Wizengamot in light of a recent revelation.

Yesterday, at about midday, I was informed about a mysterious person that appeared in the Gryffindor Tower. The said person was unveiled when a prank amongst the students in the Common Room revealed a pet rat to be an animagus," Madame Bones explained clearly.

"How does an errant man who snuck into a tower warrant an emergency session, Madam Bones?" Fudge asked impatiently. Several other members nodded in agreement, and Harry could even see some with looks of disapproval. Andromeda squeezed his hand tighter.

"The man who we apprehended yesterday was a man who was supposedly murdered not even a full day after He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named fell. His name is Peter Pettigrew," Madam Bones announced.

Pandemonium ensued in the courtroom. Several members were rendered speechless, others were loudly voiced their opinions, and the rest furiously whispered among each other. Dumbledore didn't display any emotion, but Fudge squirmed in his seat.

A sound of a cannon resonated through the room. Dumbledore lowered his wand and frowned, "Order, order! Members of the house, please maintain decorum."

He then turned to Madam Bones. "What evidence do you have to prove that this individual is indeed Peter Pettigrew?"

"Testimonials from two Hogwarts Professors who knew Pettigrew in his school years and his admission," Madame Bones provided.

"Eyewitness testimonials are not reliable forms of evidence. Furthermore, this individual might have had some cognitive decline due to the prolonged use of his transformation," Umbridge countered immediately.

Fudge and a few members of the Wizengamot bobbed their heads in affirmation. Madame Bones smiled, "While I conceded to your point on eye-witness testimony. Pettigrew was inspected for any forms of memory charms and other foreign magic. The results indicated that there was no evidence of magical tampering or deterioration."

Madame Bones waved her wand, and copies of the report flew to everyone in the courtroom. She waited until all the members reviewed the report. No one objected to the findings.

"Due to the extraordinary nature of this case, I would like to forward a motion to grant the use of Veritaserum for the entire duration of the session," Madame Bones declared.

"Veritaserum induced testimony is not admissible as evidence in court, Madame Bones," Dumbledore reminded.

"Unless the DMLE could provide sufficient evidence that an individual is not resistant to the effects of the potion. If you turn to the last page of the report, the results of the analysis reflect my sentiment," Madame Bones countered. The majority of the hall showed their agreement, while the only ones who disapproved were members who had strong connections to Death Eaters.

Dumbledore turned to the rest of the room. "Is there a second for the motion?"

"I second this motion, Chief Warlock," A smooth voice proclaimed.

"Seconded by Member Abbott. We shall move into a vote. This motion only requires a simple majority. All those in favor, please raise your wands."

Wands lit up through the room, and Harry and Andromeda watched nervously. After the court scribe took note of the count, Dumbledore continued.

"All those against, please raise your wands."

From what Harry could tell, there seemed to be fewer wands raised than those for the motion. He sighed in relief.

"Any abstentions?"

Seeing none, Dumbledore's voice resonated through the courtroom. "With a vote of 80-20, the motion is approved by the house. Veritaserum-induced evidence is now admissible for the duration of the session.

Madame Bones nodded and addressed the rest of the room. "Now I would like to present Peter Pettigrew before the Wizengamot. Permission to bring the defendant?"

"Granted Madame Bones."

Peter Pettigrew was dragged before the Wizengamot, and he was unceremoniously dumped in the chair. The chains shook menacingly and bound him to the chair. Pettigrew whimpered pathetically.

Andromeda looked livid as the rat was presented in front of the room. Harry gazed at the bound form of the man without a trace of emotion.

"Madame Bones, please read out the charges of the accused," Dumbledore inquired.

"Peter Pettigrew, you are charged for being an unregistered animagus, falsifying your death, being a marked Death Eater, and aiding and abetting the murder of James and Lily Potter," Madame Bones read from a piece of parchment.

Once more, the courtroom devolved into chaos. Umbridge was furious, and Fudge spluttered like an idiot. Dumbledore's neutral expression cracked, and showed signs of shock.

Dumbledore regained his wits and fired a cannon blast. The courtroom settled back to normal, but the members were still shocked by the charges.

"Madame Bones, you are leveling baseless accusations on Mr. Pettigrew," Umbridge reprimanded Bones with a glare.

"The validity of the accusations is decided by the court of law, Madam Umbridge," Dumbledore interrupted before any further debate took place.

Umbridge shot an annoyed glance at Dumbledore and leaned back in her seat. Madame Bones hid her amusement and continued, "Since Mr. Pettigrew is still declared dead, he has no right for legal representation. However, upon the conclusion of his questioning, I move to consider him alive again."

"Upon the powers vested in me as Chief Warlock, I approve this motion."

Amelia nodded neutrally. She requested, "Chief Warlock, I ask for permission to administer the Veritaserum."

"Permission granted."

An auror that stood next to Pettigrew forced his mouth open and administered the truth potion. Pettigrew's eyes turned vacant almost instantly, and his weak whimpers and protests halted.

Amelia pulled out another piece of parchment and adjusted her monocle.

"State your full name."

"Peter Leonard Pettigrew."

"Date of birth."

"December 12, 1959."

"House at Hogwarts."


"Are you an unregistered animagus? If so, what is your form."

"Yes, my form is a common rat."

"Did you falsify your death? If so, what was your reason?"

"Yes, I did. I hid because I was afraid that I'll be caught for betraying the Potters."

The courtroom went pin-drop silent. Andromeda went rigid and snarled at the rat, and Harry narrowed his eyes at the pathetic man.

"Explain how and why you betrayed the Potters to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named."

"I was a spy for the Dark Lord during the last war. I provided the Dark Lord with information about the Order's operations. One day, the Dark Lord wanted the location of the Potters. He didn't disclose why he needed this information.

I couldn't provide the information at the time because the house was guarded by a Fidelius Charm. I wasn't the secret keeper at the time. However, that changed a week later. James changed the secret keeper from Sirius Black to me. He believed that the Dark Lord would pursue Sirius for their location.

As soon as I became the secret keeper, I provided the address to the Dark Lord. He took several days to prepare before he attacked the Potters. However, on the night of the attack, I noticed that the Dark Mark faded significantly. Worried that something went wrong, I tried to go into hiding."

"What happened after you tried to go into hiding?"

"Sirius Black found me before I could disappear. To put him off my trail, I lured him to a muggle gas station. There I yelled out 'Sirius Black betrayed James and Lily' multiple times, cut off a finger, blew up the gas station."

"You were the one who killed the thirteen muggles?"


"Were you a Death Eater by your own-"

Umbridge suddenly stood up from her seat and yelled, "I object to this line of questioning! Several upstanding members might be falsely prosecuted!"

"Objection sustained. The Imperius Curse could make someone believe that they cooperated voluntarily," Fudge hastily confirmed.

Dumbledore and Bones frowned. Harry stared at the bumbling buffoon and the pink toad with disgust. Why on Merlin's ball sack am I even surprised?

"Bottom feeding scum," Andromeda muttered loudly. Several people seated next to her agreed with her sentiment.

The pink toad sat in her chair, satisfied with her work. Madame Bones placed her parchment on the table. "I have exhausted my questions, Chief Warlock. I rest my case."

"Since there is no defense for Mr. Pettigrew, we shall first decide on Mr. Pettigrew's guilt."

The court decided that Pettigrew was guilty of all four charges with more than two-thirds majority. Dumbledore then delivered the final verdict for Pettigrew.

"The defendant is judged as guilty. The final sentence for Mr. Pettigrew will be a life sentence in Azkaban. Aurors take him away."

The sniveling coward of a man was dragged away from the courtroom. Dumbledore leaned back in his seat and stated, "If that is all Madame Bones, then I propose we end today's session."

"I have one final piece of business that closely ties to the previous case, Chief Warlock," Madame Bones interjected.

Dumbledore looked wearily at Bones. He had an idea of where this was headed. "Then please, present your next item. The floor is yours."

"Thank you, Chief Warlock," She said. "For years, we believed that Sirius Black was the culprit behind the death of Peter Pettigrew, the slaughter of thirteen muggles, and the betrayal of the Potters. Today, this was proven false.

A few weeks ago, a law-wizard by the name of Edward Tonks presented an empty trial file. The file belonged to one known as Sirius Black.

Upon further investigation, I was not able to procure any documentation about Black's incarceration. In conclusion, I would like to request a retrial for Sirius Black."

No one moved an inch from their seats. Their conceptions regarding what happened that night shattered. Fudge and Umbridge looked like they wanted to be anywhere but this courtroom.

Ted and Tiberius walked into the courtroom with Sirius in tow. Ted conjured two seats, and the other two sat down in the chairs. Umbridge immediately rebuked, "Aurors, place Black in the Chair of Shackles now!"

"I object! My client has been sullied enough by the Ministry of Magic and the public. I shall not have him suffer the indignity of that chair," Ted countered.

"Objection sustained. Aurors, please stand down."

"Thank you, Chief Warlock," Ted thanked Dumbledore with a bow. "I would like to propose a motion to dismiss all charges levied against Sirius Orion Black. My client was sent to prison for crimes that Peter Pettigrew committed."

"Objection! Black escaped Azkaban and must be prosecuted for that crime!"

"Madame Umbridge, the person who committed the crimes was Peter Pettigrew. Additionally, Mr. Black was incarcerated without a trial. Since his guilt was not decided in a trial, a court cannot pass judgement on my client. Thus, his sentence of Azkaban is unjustified. Escape from an unjustified sentence cannot be prosecuted under ministry law," Ted presented his counter-argument.

"Objection overruled. Mr. Black cannot be prosecuted for his escape from Azkaban."

Dumbledore looked around the room. "Any other objections?"

No one in the courtroom provided an objection. "Are there any seconds to the motion proposed by Mr. Tonks?"

"I second the motion," Griselda Marchbanks stated.

"With that, we shall move into a wand vote. All those who vote to dismiss all charges, please raise your wand."

Almost instantaneously, an overwhelming majority of the Wizengamot voted for the dismissal. Fudge and Umbridge didn't look too pleased with the proceedings. Andromeda and Harry shook with excitement at the turn of events. Sirius looked around the room with wonder.

"All those who vote against the dismissal of the charge, raise your wands."

No one dared to raise their wands, not even the staunchest Malfoy supporters. After taking count of the few abstentions, Dumbledore declared, "Sirius Orion Black, the charges against you are dismissed. In addition, the ministry must provide compensation of a thousand galleons per year of wrongful incarceration. Congratulations, Mr. Black."

The courtroom burst into loud applause. Sirius stood up and bowed at the Wizengamot and shot a cheeky wink at Fudge and Umbridge. Andromeda openly wept with joy and hugged the stuffing out of Harry, who was overwhelmed with joy.

Ted waited till the applause subsided to bring the final legal motion. As soon as the room settled, Ted wasted no time.

"Chief Warlock, I want to raise a final motion."

Dumbledore narrowed his eyes at the law-wizard. He didn't like where this was heading, but he had to allow him to voice his motion, but he couldn't prevent Tonks. "State your motion, Mr. Tonks."

"I raise the motion to grant Sirius Black his legal guardianship of Harry James Potter," Tonks stated.

"Fucking hell! This day doesn't know when to stop with the surprise," a member muttered. The rest of the room looked at him, and he slumped in his seat in embarrassment.

"Mr. Black was in Azkaban for more than a decade, he isn't fit to be Mr. Potter's guardian at the moment," Dumbledore mentioned carefully.

"But is there someone with who you can trust Mr. Potter with while you heal, Mr. Black?" Madam Bones immediately interjected.

Sirius turned to Ted who smiled in approval. He looked around the courtroom and spotted Andromeda and Harry. Andromeda nodded furiously and Harry's smile grew wider. He smiled and pointed his finger at them.

"I want Edward and Andromeda Tonks to be his temporary guardians."

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