Screen Title: #iVisit Carly

Sam and Cat are packing up for Italy

Cat: I can't believe we're actually going to Italy.

Sam: Me either. This is going to be so much fun.

Freddie: I can't wait to see Carly again.

Sam: I wonder how she's been.

Dice walks in

Dice: What's up guys.

Cat: Hi Dice are you all packed for our trip?

Dice: Yeah I loaded my luggage into my car.

Freddie: Should we head out now?

Cat: Let me go pee first.

Cat heads to the bathroom

Dice: I cannot wait to get to Italy.

Sam: Carly said we can stay with her.

Freddie: That was nice of her.

Cat walks out

Cat: I'm done peeing.

Sam: Let's roll.

They head out as we cut to Carly's house in Italy; Spencer and Gibby are also in Italy visiting Cary

Cary: I can't wait for Sam and her friends to get here.

Spencer: This is going to be a good reunion.

Cary: Heck yeah, it is.

Gibby: This is a cool house you got here, Carly.

Carly: Thanks Gibby.

Spencer: Is Sam bringing her Los Angeles friends?

Carly: Yeah. She's bringing her roommate Cat, and their neighbor with great hair.

Gibby: Is Freddie coming too?

Carly: Yes.

Spencer: Sweet. This is kind of like an iCarly reunion.

Carly: Except we're not going to be doing the show.

Gibby: This is going to be fun.

Back with Sam and the others

Freddie: Hey Carly texted me. She said Spencer and Gibby are at her house in Italy, too.

Cat: Really?

Freddie: Si.

Dice: Awesome.

Sam: It'll be like a reunion.

Cat: Yay I love reunions.

Freddie: Reunions are the best.

Dice: True that.

Sam: This is a sweet car you got here, Dice.

Dice: Thanks, Sam.

Cat: Hey Freddie what's in your bag?

Freddie: My camera and computer.

Sam: Why did you pack your camera and computer?

Freddie: Maybe I want us to do a special reunion of iCarly.

Dice: You want to do a reunion?

Freddie: Yeah. I don't know if Sam wants to or not.

Sam: Yeah I want to do a reunion.

Freddie: Sweet. Cat you and Dice can be special guest stars.

Cat: Yay.

Dice: Alright.

Freddie: Then it's settled.

Sam: I'll let Carly know.

Back in Italy

Carly: Hey Sam said that Freddie wants to do a special reunion of iCarly.

Spencer: I'm down.

Gibby: Me too.

Carly: Alright I'll tell Sam that we're up for it.

We cut back to Sam and the gang

Freddie: Is Carly up for it?

Sam: Yep. She, Spencer, and Gibby are down for it.

Dice: This is awesome Cat.

Cat: We're going to get to be on iCarly.

Sam, Cat, Dice, and Freddie have arrived in Italy

Freddie: Hey we're in Italy.

Sam: We are?

Dice: Yeah we just passed a sign.

Cat: How long til we get to Carly's house?

Sam: According to PearMaps, we're just 10 miles away.

Back at Carly's house

Carly: Sam said they have just arrived in Italy.

Gibby: How far away are they?

Carly: 10 miles.

Spencer: I'm going to make my spaghetti tacos.

Carly: Don't set anything on fire.

Spencer: Ha ha ha.

Sam and her friends have arrived

Sam: We're here.

Dice: Dang her house is so cool.

Cat: Yeah.

Freddie: Let's go in.

They knock on the door

Carly: Sam. Freddie.

Sam: Carly.

Freddie: Sup.

Spencer: Great to see you again.

Sam: You too. You remember Cat and Dice right?

Cary: Yeah. Hi guys.

Cat: Hi Carly. Hi Spencer. Hi Gibby.

Dice: Sup.

Gibby: Hey.

Spencer: Hello.

Freddie: You guys ready to do this reunion?

Sam: I'm ready.

Carly: Me too.

Gibby: Let's get started.

Freddie hooks up his camera and computer

Freddie: Cat plug this in for me.

Cat: Kay Kay.

The computer is fired up

Freddie: We are live in 5, 4, 3, 2.

Carly and Sam scream very loud

Carly: I'm Carly!

Sam: I'm Sam!

Carly: And this is...

Carly and Sam: iCarly!

Sam: Did you miss us.

Carly: We're not officially coming back online.

Gibby: This is a reunion.

Sam: We got 2 special guests. Give a warm welcome to my roommate Caterina Valentine and our neighbor Diceneo Corleone.

Dice: Hi.

Cat: We're on iCarly.

Spencer: I made my spaghetti tacos.

Cary: You all remember Spencer.

Sam: Carly's weird older brother.

Gibby: This is a great reunion.

After the show

Freddie: That was a great reunion episode.

Cat: I got to be on iCarly.

Dice: Me too.

Gibby: Yeah the show was a lot of fun.

Carly: I missed your spaghetti tacos, Spencer.

Spencer: I bet.

Cat: This is a sweet house, Carly.

Carly: Thanks Cat. So Dice, Sam told me that you sell products?

Dice: Yeah, I did.

Gibby: What do you mean you did?

Dice: Well the police caught me selling products without a license.

Sam: They let you off with a warning.

Dice: I know but I liked selling stuff. I made a lot of money.

Freddie: Don't you train that Goomer guy?

Dice: Yeah.

Spencer: Then there's nothing to worry about.

Sam: Hey Spencer you still have your socks from Socko?

Spencer: Oh yeah.

Spencer pulls up his pants showing his light up socks

Cat: I can't believe you know someone that makes socks.

Carly: They're very cool.

Gibby: He gave us all a pair for Christmas.

Freddie: Si.

Sam: It was very great catching up with you Carly. I missed you a lot.

Carly: I missed you too, Sam. You too, Freddie.

Freddie: Thanks.

Gibby: This was a great iCarly reunion.

Spencer: Yeah.

Sam: It was.

Cat: I'm glad I got to be on iCarly.

Dice: Me too.

Cary: Bring it in you guys.

They all bring it in for a group hug as the story ends

Note: Originally the only iCarly characters appearing (besides Sam) were Freddie and Carly but then I decided to add in Gibby and Spencer. Making it a full way iCarly + Sam & Cat crossover.