one late night in Whitechapel Canada on 53 orchard park street Benny Weir was rushing out the door very quickly who eventually got stopped in his tracks by his grandma Evelyn Weir.

woah slow down young man be careful and where do you think your going?! Evelyn asked him.

sorry grandma yes i know it's late and everything but im going next door over to Ethan's house because i thought it would be nice if we went out on a date night Benny replied.

oh ok be safe Benny and remember no ordering things that make you allergic ok? Evelyn reminded him.

yeah yeah yeah i got it grandma ok i gotta go now bye Benny said waving to her as he left the house.

a couple minutes later.

he was standing in front of Ethan Morgan's house and knocked on the door and stood there waiting then eventually Ethan came out the door.

wow B you look amazing Ethan said impressed by Benny's outfit.

same to you E well shall we go? Benny asked holding out his hand for Ethan to take.

yeah B let's go Ethan replied as he grabbed ahold taking Benny's hand in his.

they then got into Benny's car going off to the place they were going to.

awhile later

Ethan and Benny were in the downtown streets of Whitechapel at a restaurant they then sat down in their seats and grabbed their menus deciding what to order when a waitress came over to them.

hello gentlemen what can i get you this fine evening? the woman asked.

hi miss well to be honest im not ready for dinner food yet so i was hoping that i could have dessert first and i would like chocolate cupcakes or cookies please? Ethan asked.

why of course you can choose whatever you like the woman said to him.

then she turned over to Benny as she took his order.

what would you like young man? she asked him.

i would just like a milkshake please since im not really hungry right now Benny said.

of course no problem I'll be right back the woman said as she left.

a few seconds later she came back with their orders.

here you go gentleman enjoy the girl said politely to them as she left once again.

THANK YOU! Ethan loudly spoke up back to her.

as time went on into the night Ethan and Benny were enjoying their time with each other telling one another old memories that they shared together and laughed about the old times.

then at that moment as Benny took a drink of his milkshake he started coughing harshly and gasping for breath.

Ethan looked at him with worry and concern.

B are you alright? Ethan asked.

Ethan i think that drink had peanuts in it and im allergic to them Benny explained as he continued to cough.

WHAT?! COME ON BENNY LET'S GET OUTTA HERE DON'T WORRY WE'RE GONNA GET YOU SOME HELP ALRIGHT Ethan shouted in shock and worry in that moment he didn't care about anything not even giving a tip as he was worrying over his best friend/boyfriend's life he went over to Benny who was still sitting in his seat coughing violently Ethan easily lifted Benny up in his arms as they both left the building.

HOSPITAL WHERE'S THE NEAREST ONE?! Ethan shouted out on the street to other people looking for directions.

it's a couple blocks down from here a young woman said.

Ethan nodded his head at her giving his thanks as he bolted and took off on foot down the street.

MOVE MOVE MOVE! Ethan yelled out to the crowd of people who were standing in front of him as they blocked him from getting through the crowd but luckily the people heard the urgency in his voice and moved out of the way as Benny was endlessly coughing with his head buried in Ethan's shoulder.

Ethan continued running faster and faster as much as he could until finally he made it to the hospital front entrance rushing inside with Benny wrapped tightly in his arms as he held him close.

HELP HELP MY BOYFRIEND NEEDS HELP! Ethan pleaded desperately.

what do we got here? a young male doctor asked.

he's allergic to nuts he can't breathe Ethan replied with worry in his voice.

alright bring him over a fellow nurse said.

Ethan walked over to the hospital workers and very gently set Benny down on the gurney.

ok open up your mouth please the doctor said to Benny.

Benny did as he was told and opened his mouth as the doctor shined a flashlight in it to see what was going on.

airways almost closed lets move him the doctor said as all the workers rushed the gurney down the halls and into the emergency room.

BENNY BENNY BENNY! Ethan shouted his name with worry and concern trying to follow but couldn't since he was being held back by fellow doctors.

luckily to ease his anxiousness about the current situation a much older woman nurse reassured him.

a few moments later

Ethan was sitting in the waiting room feeling very nervous and worried when another doctor came out from the back room.

Ethan immediately stood up and walked over to him.

how is he doctor did he make it is he alright?! Ethan yelled feeling uneasy and on edge from his rising emotions.

woah slow down young man just relax and breathe alright the doctor replied as Ethan followed his advice.

your boyfriend is perfectly fine you were right on time to come here and don't worry we drugged him with some Medication so he might still be sleepy and out of it but other then that he's doing just fine the doctor explained calmly.

Ethan let a breath of relief from the doctors words.

so can i see him now? Ethan asked the doctor nodded his head and that's all he needed to hear as he ran to find Benny's hospital room.

eventually he found the room he was looking for Ethan then slowly took a deep breath as he then walked inside the room.

he gasped softly as he stood there for a moment admiring and seeing Benny sleeping peacefully in the bed.

he then walked over to Benny's side and gently took his hand into his as he leaned over and kissed it which made Benny's hand twitch and move as he started to wake up.

his eyes slowly opened and gave Ethan a soft smile as he looked right into his eyes.

hey E Benny said laughing lightly.

Ethan's eyes filled up with tears of happiness from hearing his boyfriend's voice as he bent over to give him a hug.

Benny was a bit taken back by the gesture but eventually returned the embrace as he wrapped his arms around Ethan's back.

Ethan gently pulled back and brought his hands to his eyes as he wiped the tears away from his face.

you scared me there for a minute Ethan confessed.

sorry E i didn't mean to make you worry and sorry for ruining our date Benny said apologizing.

it's ok B you didn't know and the important thing is that your alive and breathing that's better to me because your well being and health is way better then some date Ethan replied truthfully.

thanks E it means a lot since your not mad at me and everything Benny said back to him.

B i could never be mad at you so don't worry about it and since your probably wondering i already called my parents your grandma Rory Erica and Sarah to let them know what happened and i told them that you were gonna be ok Ethan replied.

well that's good to hear now since it looks like im probably gonna be stuck here over night for check ups and what not i think I'd feel much better if you stayed here with me to keep me company Benny said.

sure thing B no problem as long as it's ok with them im sure they won't mind Ethan said.

Benny smiled as he patted the spot next to him on the bed motioning for Ethan to sit.

Ethan gladly went over to the bed and sat down next to Benny they eventually ended up laying down underneath the covers Ethan then reached his arms over Benny's body as he pulled him closer.

get some rest B and don't worry I'll protect and always watch you Ethan reassured him.

Benny smiled at Ethan from hearing his words he then fell asleep in Ethan's arms.

Ethan kissed him softly on the lips and then let out a yawn as he fell asleep as well with his head rested against Benny's.

suddenly the door opened and the nurse peaked her head in and smiled at the sight in front of her and closed the door leaving the two boys alone together in peace.