Halloween 2019

Beep, Beep, BEEEEEEEEEEEEP, Awaking at a crisp 12:01 pm after many alarms. Corey slapped his 1990's, novelty mickey mouse ear alarm clock. With a crack, one of the ears snapped off, as it tumbled to the floor. Corey rubbed the sleep from his eyes, and reached for his nightstand drawer, pulling it open hard, and grabbing a new alarm clock. "sigh", He twisted the right ear a few times, resetting the clock, and placed it on his nightstand, then slammed the drawer shut. Pulling away his blankets, he threw one leg out onto the floor, kicking a pile of novelty alarm clocks across the room, and shuffled to his dresser. On top was an outfit set out for him, which he picked up and looked at, they seemed too small for his frame, but this didn't appear to bother Corey. He squeezed on the clothes, and turned to face the mirror. His stomach hung out of a red and white striped polo, his upper arm skin sagged low below the short sleeves. His bald spot left a few patches of hair above his ears, that had been shaved close to the head. His tired eyes left his upper cheeks dark and soft like an old leather couch. His elbows and knees were white, his pencil thin legs sinking into giant osiris shoes. He smiled, "looking good corey"

Walking down the hall, Corey slammed the door open to the kitchen, and began to yell for his father. "Yo Dad, where's breakfast, i'm hungry as hell." But much to Corey's dismay, The big Orange man was in the kitchen again, stuffing his face from the fridge. Corey frowned as the man reached into the big double door fridge, and pulled out a gallon of milk. He leaned his head back and opened wide, before pouring the milk into his mouth, all the way to the top without swallowing. Then dropping the milk gallon to the floor, maintaining his position, he walked carefully to the cabinet nearby, and opened it, then pulled out a box of captain crunch. Setting it on the counter, he begin tearing at the box. Since he couldn't really look down. He ripped open the plastic, and spilled crunch berries all over the big island. He grabbed a handful of cereal off the counter. And tossed it up into his mouth. Some went into his eyes, and some landed in his mouth. He squinted, trying to blink out the crumbs, before swallowing. He wasn't able to swallow the cereal all in one gulp. Some splashed out, but after a couple of tries it all went down. He shut his trap and looked at corey, holding eye contact, he wiped his mouth off with the sleeve of his three piece suit. His arms fell to his side as he continued to stare, his eyes devoid of emotion like a human npc. His sleeve covered in cereal milk and crumbs. He turned and walked out of the room without a word. Corey laid his eyes on the mess before him. Crumbs littered the counter and floor, mixed in with milky footprints leading out of the kitchen. "Disgusting." Corey had seen enough. Where was his dad? This new president was pissing him off. Corey had lost his appetite. He fished the blackberry phone out of his gym shorts to call his dad. After a few rings, his dad answered. "Hello?" . Corey began. "Dad where the hell are you? that fat ass cyborg is eating all my cereal again." "Sorry Corey, you know I make him three square meals a day, I can't help it if he throws them in the trash and decides to eat your cereal instead. I'm out buying food for the halloween party."

1 week later. Corey was on the phone, his feet kicked up on a big wooden desk. He was using the oval office phone because his was out of minutes, and the white house was mostly empty. This phone was special, mostly because it didn't cost extra to call other countries. After a few rings, a voice picked up with a whimsical inflection. "Hello, this is Jack, the pumpkin king, to whom do i owe the pleasure?" "Yo Jack, this is Corey." "Oh hi corey, the caller id says POTUS, don't tell me you're still living in the white house. we talked about this. You need to get a job and move out already." "Yea Yea, I know man, but listen this is important. Since we last talked, there's a new president."

Corey explained the situation to Jack, who with some hesitation, eventually agreed to help.

The day of the white house halloween party had arrived, and Corey was in his usual attire, only with an orange and white striped polo, and white skeleton face paint. He was sitting on a bench in the garden a few hours before the party, eating milk duds by the handful, his hands sticky with caramel and chocolate, empty boxes littered around him on the seat and on the ground. The garden was setup like a wedding, some tables in the back with food, and seating facing a podium and archway, where the president would tell his yearly scary story, his horrible horrible scary story. Cobwebs and spiders hung from arches, candles were set to light the stage, the seats were purple and orange interchangeably. Spooky snacks were on the smaller tables, like candycorn, reeses pumpkins, black licorice and circus peanuts. But the real event meal was prepared on a long table for guests to eat after story time, behind the podium. Corey loved halloween, he knew that the guests would be older folks, and ignore the candy, leaving it for him while they ate the dinner in back.

No one had arrived yet, the gates were closed off for another half hour until it got dark. Waiting for Jack to arrive. He looked to his left, and then to his right, then back to his left and Jack was suddenly there as if appearing out of thin air. Corey jumped up wiping his hands on his gym shorts, staining them brown. "Jesus man you gotta give a brother some warning." "Sorry Corey, you know I can't move in stopmotion while humans are watching." "Right right, well anyways, the party is about to start, get into position." Corey looked away while Jack moved off screen to

Behind the podium. He crouched underneath. Folding himself into the stand, out of site, and sliding a curtain over front, to hide for now. Corey had removed the screws to the top of the podium, so Jack could burst out and surprise the president, scaring him out of office for good. Corey knew that if the president saw jack move in stopmotion it would traumatize him for all time.

About ten minutes before the party was set to begin, the orange man lumbered through the garden gate, not accompanied by security or anyone else. Strange. He had black lines painted on his face, as if to look like a pumpkin head, but they were smeared enough to look a little like black face. Corey watched in silence as he waddled to the candy table. "Oh no" corey thought, he was going to eat some of his precious candy. Corey had no idea. He began with the circus peanuts, by the handful he stuffed his mouth and swallowed without chewing until they were all gone. Then the same for the black licorice, then the candycorn, then the mnm's, then the reeses cups, then the snickers, then the kit kats, then the skittles, then the mike and ikes, then the butterfingers, then the baby ruths, then the almond joys, then the milky ways, then the dots. bowl by bowl he finished the table off. Then came the next table. He ate the wax cola bottles whole, he ate the mary janes wrapper and all, he ate the tootsie rolls without a care in the world. He stopped, and his head oh so slowly creaked towards Corey. A horrible grin crept across his face. Then, he spoke. "Oh i'm sorry, did you want to eat some candy? Well, there are still these smarties." They were the last candy at the party. He reached for a pack of smarties. He began to crush them up inside the wrapper. Corey shook his head in fear. Then, straightening the wrapper, he put it to his lips. Corey began to tear up. With a brief pause he raised a finger, Donald trump, president of the united states, smoked a joint of smarties, and blowing the dust out in a cloud. He coughed twice. *COUGH COUGH *. Then picked up another pack, smoked that one too, then another, then another. Soon he had finished the bowl. He knocked the table over, and kicked the pile of wrappers in Corey's direction. Cackling under his breath. Just then, Security walked in.

"Mr. President we lost you there for a second is everything okay?" The president shook his head, and pointed wordlessly towards the pile of candy wrappers on the ground, then up at Corey. Open mouthed, Corey shot a look at the guards, then trump, then at the ground. " I didn-, no THAT WAS HIM" the guards looked unamused. "Oh corey, we're going to have to take you back inside, this is unacceptable, the party hasn't even started" The president nodded in agreement. Corey grew red in the face, then screamed! "AGH, JACK GET OVER HERE AND SCARE THIS MAN"... at first nothing happened, the guards looked around. Then one felt a boney grip on their shoulder. Corey looked away. As Jack made eye contact with the guards, they poofed into a pile of ash and bones, having witnessed him move in a curse-ed way. Jack turned to face the POTUS, lanking over towards him. The president seemed unfazed. He shot an arm out and grabbed Jack by the throat. Picking him up into the air. "You don't scare me boney man, you look like fake news, I know stop motion skeletons are only in movies." Jack squirmed, this had never happened before, he felt himself getting weak in the mans grip. The man's eyes glazed over, and strained with focus on the skeleton, who soon went limp. The man dropped Jack, who fell limp to the floor. Jack ceased to move or speak. Then the president turned towards Corey. "That was very funny Corey, very big, very funny joke, but you should know, I am the most powerful man in the country, and I will not be taken down by anyone, let alone you, a mere child."

Corey was scared, but not one to give up in the face of adversity, so naturally, he charged the big man head first, coreys bald spot shining in the sun. the president raised his hands together high, and with a swift blow, brought them down hard atop corey's neck. Smashing him into the earth. Corey had the air knocked out of him. He struggled to get up, but the president place a foot atop coreys back and sighed. "You know young man, I think you could use a scary story. Why don't I read you one from my favorite book." reaching into his coat pocket, the potus retrieved a copy of scary stories to tell in the dark. Corey couldn't look up, or make out the the first few words, but soon he heard "women are always afraid of something" and he knew what was being done. This was the end. Happy Halloween.