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Author's Note: This story mixes elements from the original Filmation series and the MOTU Classics action figure bios.

It well past midnight in the Royal Palace of Eternos and many of its residents had long retired to bed, leaving the normally bustling palace in eerie silence.

A lone figure trudged wearily down the darkened corridors. He was a tall, muscular man with dark skin, dark eyes and close-cropped black hair. The man wore a blue and silver chest plate, silver wristbands and a matching belt, black boots with red trim and a red loin cloth.

His name was Raenius, although most knew him by his code name Clamp Champ. In addition to being one of the Heroic Warriors he was also the royal Man-At-Arms. While he appreciated what a great honour that was, there were times when he couldn't help wishing he still had his old job as King Randor's bodyguard. His duties then had been simpler.

How did Duncan do this? Clamp Champ wondered as he yawned. He had been forced to stay up late repairing and maintaining several Wind-Raiders that had been damaged in a battle with Skeletor's forces. While he had a good enough understanding of the various weapons and vehicles used by both the Heroic Warriors and the Royal Guard to keep them operational he simply did not possess Duncan's knack for design and invention. Since he couldn't develop new weapons it was more vital than ever to keep the ones they had in perfect working condition.

As he approached his quarters he was surprised to see that light was pouring from the ajar door into the shadowy corridor. Curious he walked up and peered inside.

His heart swelled as he saw Flutterina standing in front of a mirror and running a brush through her hair. She wore a simple white nightgown from which her beautiful butterfly wings emerged.

She stayed up for me Clamp Champ thought, feeling a mix of appreciation and remorse. As he stared at her his mind drifted back to the night they had first met…

Word had reached the Royal Palace that the Horde had located a Laser Gate back to Eternia and Hordak had led an army of troops to conquer it. Fortunately She-Ra and several warriors from the Great Rebellion had also travelled to Eternia to aid the Heroic Warriors against them. King Randor had ordered a grand celebration be thrown to welcome their allies.

"This is a waste of time" Fisto snorted as he and the other Heroic Warriors assembled in the palace hall. "We should be focusing on training and making battle plans, not throwing a ball."

"Anything to get out of attending a formal do huh?" Ram-Man teased. The other Warriors chuckled.

"You think the Horde are having a party?" Fisto countered.

"Come now Fisto" said Buzz-Off diplomatically. "This is a good opportunity to strengthen our ties with the Great Rebellion and build comradeship. That will be vital if we are to work effectively with them."

"That's right" Stratos agreed. "Besides with the threat of both Skeletor and the Horde this may be the last chance we have to celebrate for a while. We should make the most of it."

Fisto muttered a grudging agreement.

Clamp Champ watched the banter with interest but did not take part in it. Although he got along fine with all of his fellow Heroic Warriors he was a fairly new addition to their ranks and hadn't yet formed any close friendships.

Finally the arrival of Princess Adora and the representatives of the Great Rebellion was announced. The doors to the hall opened and the princess entered with a overjoyed smile on her face. The King and Queen welcomed her with tearful eyes and warm embraces, as did Prince Adam. Despite the circumstances that had brought her here their family was happy to be together again.

After taking a moment to compose himself King Randor gave a speech thanking the members of the Great Rebellion for coming to Eternia in its time of need. Once he had finished he announced that it was time for the festivities to begin.

Clamp Champ wandered awkwardly through the crowd, feeling out of place as the guests mingled and chatted. As the King's former bodyguard he had been to many such formal gatherings in the past but he'd always been required to stay close to his King. Making small talk had never been necessary.

He noted with a hint of envy that none of the other Heroic Warriors seemed to be having trouble fitting in as he caught sight of Buzz-Off chatting with a Great Rebellion member Adora had introduced as Sweet Bee. Both of them were laughing happily. Man-E-Faces was also talking with one of the Rebels, a smiling woman named Peek-A-Blue.

Not looking where he was going Clamp Champ bumped into someone, drawing a small gasp from them.

"I am so sorry" he exclaimed in dismay.

"It's okay" a sweet female voice replied.

Clamp Champ was dumbstruck as he got a clear look at the person he'd bumped into. In front of him was a beautiful young woman with long purple hair and deep blue eyes. She wore an orange dress with a blue insect-like design on the bodice, orange boots, a gold belt and gold bracers. Most striking of all a pair of butterfly wings sprouted from her back. Her wings were pink with blue spots in each corner. In short she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen.

He realised he was staring at her and shook his head to clear it.

"Uh hello" he managed to say as he awkwardly offered his hand. "I'm Raenius, but uh, call me Clamp Champ."

You idiot he berated himself silently. Now she'll think you're full of yourself with a name like that.

But she only smiled and shook his hand. Despite his distraction he noticed that her hands were surprisingly strong and her palms had the toughened skin that came from regularly wielding a weapon.

"A pleasure to meet you Clamp Champ. I'm Flutterina" she said. Her pleasant smile made his anxieties evaporate and he smiled back.

"It's a pleasure to meet you too Flutterina" he said. "Are you enjoying the ball?"

"I sure am" she replied. "It's very kind of King Randor and Queen Marlena to make such an effort to make us all feel welcome."

"We're all very grateful to the Great Rebellion for coming to help us. It's the least we can do."

Just then Queen Marlena raised a crystal glass and tapped it, sending out a ringing note. All conversation ceased as everyone turned their attention to the Queen.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the first dance of the ball to begin" she said.

The musicians hired for the evening began to play, filling the hall with soothing music. Clamp Champ felt his anxieties return as he wondered what to do.

Should I ask her to dance? Surely that would be the gentlemanly thing to do, but what if I make a fool of myself?

Flutterina seemed to notice his concerns because she raised her hand. "Would you please dance with me?" she asked.

"Uh, sure, of course" he replied as he took her hand. "I have to warn you though, I'm not much of a dancer."

"I'm sure you'll do fine" she said.

They stepped onto the floor, put their arms around each other and started to dance. Flutterina moved with flawless elegance, her feet seeming to barely touch the floor. In stark contrast Clamp Champ couldn't help but feel incredibly self-conscious as he focused on not stepping on her feet. His movements were stiff and awkward. He felt like a complete oaf.

"Try and relax" she advised.

"Sorry" he replied.

"Try and think of it like being in a battle with a partner" Flutterina suggested. "You need to co-ordinate with them in order to succeed."

"I never thought of it like that" he admitted. "I'll give it a try."

After a few moments he relaxed and his tension dissipated. Despite his lack of experience in dancing Clamp Champ understood the importance of proper footwork from his combat training and he was highly adaptable. As such he was soon able to move well enough to be a capable dance partner. He caught glimpses of Prince Adam dancing with Teela and Man-E-Faces dancing with Peek-A-Blue. Both of them smiled approvingly at him.

After a while the music stopped and they both sat at a table.

"Thanks" he told her. "I was sure I'd make a complete mess of that."

"I ought to thank you" she replied. "I'm having a wonderful time."

"Me too."

For the rest of the evening they sat and talked. Flutterina told him about her early life in Sand Valley before she joined the Great Rebellion. Clamp Champ told her of his boyhood exploits and how he had eventually become King Randor's bodyguard and then Man-At-Arms.

After several hours the ball finally began to wind down. She reluctantly got to her feet.

"I'd better go and help the others get settled in the guest quarters" she said.

"I'd be happy to escort you" Clamp Champ offered.

"I appreciate that but it's okay. Adora has said she'll handle everything."

"Okay. I'll see you tomorrow."

"I'll look forwards to it. Good night Clamp Champ."

"Good night Flutterina."

He watched her go, thinking to himself that the Horde coming to Eternia might not be so bad after all.