MC abilities Part 1:

Well here a summary so far of what powers that MC has used and how I created them base on the BLeach jump chain template.

From Bleach

Current lvl Captain lvl Shinigami with Bankai

Freebies from the jump:

A Way Out: a special seal that when placed against your body will eject your spirit from it.


Hell Butterfly: You get a hell butterfly which allows for navigation between worlds. It won't die.

Quincy Powers:

Fred's Blessing: You sure do love traps! All kinds of them, from the small caltrops to the gigantic trojan horse. You can make new and novel traps, and when combining any previous ability can even grant them unheard of functions! Pairing this with Keikaku Dori will make you have the ability to plan for entire battles in only a few short hours! In short, you have the technical ability to plan for battles as Kisuke Urahara has.

Reishi Manipulation: Quincies already have the ability to manipulate Reishi, but you're special. You can move those energies around much more precise than the average Quincy, and can even manage to absorb some from your opponent's attacks!

Sternritter -0, The Jumper: The final evolution of a Quincy that will otherwise need to be given to you by Yhwach (and likely taken once you mature it), Sternritters have greatly increased power and reishi control. Sufficiently weaker energy-based attacks will not harm you instead; they will end up increasing your existing reserves. Additionally the speed and ability to control energy has increased as well. While you can still gain power from weaker attacks you have to take the brunt of it, and receive no damage reduction.

You can also pick a single Sternritter: The X Axis its imature so it only gives perfect accuracy to projectile attacks

Pairing this with the Reishi Manipulation perk would make the energy based attacks gain you health as well as energy when weaker, and weaken the blow of stronger attacks as well.

Training Yhwach Compound: You've been training for years in a compound dedicated to Yhwach's return, and have more powerful Quincy abilities as a result of the very gifted individual that you had befriended.


Made of Reishi non physical Rifle: A two-handed rifle, like the SCAR-H, your construct allows for fully automatic firing, and boasts greater range and damage than the default bow. Machine Gun: Similar to a gatling gun, your weapon has a vastly increased fire rate and mildly increased damage.

weapon upgrades

Fire Rate: Maybe your weapon is terribly slow, or just not fast enough, either way you can increase the rate at which your weapon fires, even if it does not make sense.

Laser Speed: Rather than waiting a second or two for the projectile to travel downrange, your range attack is granted with a laser-like property, allowing it to travel across the battlefield almost instantly.

Shockwave: The size and strength of this depends on your own power. If used on something like a ranged weapon, this would instead mean that the projectile carries these effects, creating these shockwaves on impact.

Extra weapon: doubling all of your weapon modifiers.





Hirenkyaku: An advanced technique that allows the user to travel at lightning fast speeds by using the spiritual pressure to propel them. Purchasing this grants you with an innate sped bonus

Blut: A highly advanced Quincy technique that superhumanly boosts how much damage they can deal or soak up. If purchased here then you also receive greater defense from attacks (Vene or Arterier chose only one to remain active at one at a time)

Pure Blood: Your ancestors were all pureblood Quincies, and as a result you are as well. Your powers are much stronger and effective against targets(i.e does more damage or and secondary effects of abilities are incresaes ), and you have a knack with words and sewing.

Shinigami abilities:

00cp Fancy Swordplay: You're one of the few who have become so attuned with their Zanpakuto that you have your own style for it! This style depends on the design chosen, but no matter what will keep the enemies guessing.

Weapon Sealed form:

Katana: The most well-known shinigami weapon, the katana has one sharp edge and a minor curve to it. Contains a slight bonus to speed, defense, attack, stealth, and charisma when wielded.

release state (Fully master)

Name Ten no suiren

Physical form Halberd

Bigger: Your original sword gets bigger in all dimensions. While this means that you can hit harder and farther, it also means that your attacks are slower. The total size is increased in all directions by a meaningful degree.

Longer: If you want to increase reach, this is the way. Your sword's length is much longer than before.

Shikai ability Create a huge torrent of water.

Shockwave: Visible reiatsu that is strong enough to knock someone off their feet. By slamming your SoP into the ground you can create a 360 degree shock wave, and by swinging your blade you can release them in crescent like shapes to hurl at your enemy.

Elementalism: Each of these elements behaves in a similar way, being able to launch a directed attack to cause damage, Water.

Bankai ? (Fully Master)



Fullbringer abilities:

Completely Normal: Nope, nothing to see here friend; I'm just an average

person with a cape. With both your words and your powers, you can mask them to be indistinguishable from whatever is considered "normal" in the setting.

Used and enhance Zanpkatou by :

Size: Your Shikai can change the sizes of different parts of it

Coat: the Shikai comes with a set of armor (underwear), greatly increasing your strength and resistances.

Vibration: Hypersonic vibrations that increase the slashing damage of the blade

Whip: the Zanpaktou can now greatly swing and bend without losing an ounce of power as if it were a telekinetically controlled string. can be moved without physical contact.

Fashion: You have a taste with threads and thread accessories! You become an excellent designer, and are able to choose complimenting materials and can sew items faster than any machine could hope to!

Visored abilities:

Hallowfication mask: Hamster

Time limit: 4 minutes

Power gain by wearing the mask

Mask type Mammal: Gain a strength bonus.

Power : By sacrificing, the regeneration of a Hallow gain greater power in

all aspects.

Can fire : Cero

Stored reatsu: increases the amount of Reatsu generated and stored by a factor of 3.

Special: reatsu has been greatly enhanced.

Aura: Within 10m of you your allies gain a boost to attack, reatsu, and defense while your foes lose from defense.

Boosto: All existing Powers are enhanced two times over.

Resurreccion ?




From DXD unuse (?)


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Well hope you enjoy what abbilitys that MC has used in the story so far.