one dark and rainy night in the deepest part of the woods a young black wolf was running and trying to escape and get away from a hunter called Jesse Black but unfortunately couldn't no matter how fast the creature ran.


the young wolf eventually became exhausted from all the running and finally just collapsed to the ground in defeat.

Jesse saw this and smiled to himself yes I've got you now you heartless monster Jesse said as he pointed his gun at the wolf.

but the wolf didn't care to fight back since it was too weak and tired as it howled.

just as Jesse was getting ready to take the shot and kill the animal another one snuck up on him from behind and attacked him with sharp teeth and claws it was a male red fox.

the fox then bit into Jesse's leg the man screamed in pain the fox then ran over to the exhausted wolf and stood in front of him protectively snarling angrily at the hunter as he gasped in fear and dropped his gun and started running out of the woods.

once the male fox made sure the human was gone he quickly went over to check on the wolf thankfully he wasn't hurt at all.

wow that hunter was definitely really mean i didn't like him one bit but luckily i was able to fight him off of you so What's your name? my names Benny Weir also ARE YOU OK?! HE DIDN'T HURT YOU RIGHT?! Benny asked.

the wolf nodded his head.

nice to meet you im Ethan Morgan and yes im fine thank you for saving me but i am confused though because i thought family packs always said to stay away from foxes because their enemy's? Ethan wondered.

no that's just a rumor trust me foxes are only dangerous when we have to be especially when we want to protect someone we care about Benny explained.

same here with my species as well and thanks that makes sense so anyway why are you out here alone where's your family? Ethan asked feeling curious.

Benny lowered his head down in sadness at the question.

unfortunately im on my own I'm a lone fox because i don't have a family they all died years ago from multiple hunters i was too young to remember it though since i was just a little fox but ever since then I've blamed myself cause my parents told me to not trust hunters but since i didn't listen to them my curiousness got the best of me and i somehow led the hunters to my family cave home and they all got killed in front of me and i haven't been able to forget that day Benny said with guilt.

oh well im sorry you didn't deserve that and truth is im alone too because my mom and dad from my pack got seriously ill from a unknown virus that they got from hunting other animals to eat and sadly died the next day so after that i was completely alone as well Ethan replied.

well E it looks like we're in the same boat sorry is it alright if i call you that? Benny said.

yes i kind of like it and i think it's only fair if i call you B so our nicknames can be even Ethan replied.

deal so what do you say we get outta this rainstorm and find some shelter for the night? Benny suggested.

lead the way Ethan said.

Benny smiled at him and then took off running farther into the woods as Ethan followed close behind him.

years later

Ethan and Benny's bond grew stronger with each other despite them being different species.

one summer day they were both outside in the nice weather eating their food which were berries then they ran in the grass and flowers and began rolling around and pinning each other to the ground playfully.

come on Ethan let me up already! Benny pleaded as he was being held down in place by Ethan's black paws that were on his chest.

nope not until you admit that im smarter and faster then you Ethan said as he smiled showing his bright shiny wolf teeth.

Benny stared at him for a moment before he admitted defeat.

ok ok alright your smarter and faster then me Benny said.

Ethan smirked that's more like it he said as he lifted his paw up making Benny be able to get up from the ground.

Benny stared at him annoyingly before he licked his paw with his tongue since his red fur got dirty from the brown dirt on the ground that him and Ethan rolled in.

sorry B and come on you know im just kidding because i think that we're both equal Ethan said.

Benny nudged his paw playfully and lightly on Ethan's muzzle at his words.

yeah i know and it's ok because i think we're both pretty skilled fighters Benny said.

exactly Ethan replied agreeing with him.

just as they were beginning to walk back to their den in the woods they heard a deep growl nearby it was none other then a hyena.

well well well what do we have here? if it isn't a fox what a perfect little treat cause im in the mood for some lunch and you are looking very tasty right now the hyena said hungrily.

LUNCH?! Benny exclaimed jumping back in fear.

Ethan saw this and stood in front of his friend to save him from danger and harm.

NO LEAVE HIM ALONE OK I WONT LET YOU HURT HIM HE'S MY FRIEND Ethan said bravely standing up to the hyena as he showed no fear at all in that moment.

ha ha ha your joking a wolf and a fox being friends thats a lie they're nothing but enemies to each other the large animal spat out in disgust.

Ethan shook his head at the words as he disagreed with the statement.

NO YOUR WRONG! THAT WAS A LONG TIME AGO THINGS HAVE CHANGED! Ethan exclaimed trying to prove a point but the hyena was done listening.

SHUT UP WOLF BOY IM DONE TALKING CAUSE NOW IT'S LUNCH TIME the hyena said snapping it's jaws at the boys.

AHH COME ON LET'S GET OUTTA B Ethan shouted to his friend as they both took off running in the forest.

the hyena snared angrily at them as it followed close behind them.

HURRY UP B COME RUN FASTER Ethan said as he was picking up speed.

Ethan looked behind to look for his friend but to his shock Benny was nowhere to be found.


Benny found himself at a graveyard suddenly he realized that he didn't follow Ethan to where he went but feeling out of breath from all the running he stopped to rest until he gasped in fright as he saw that the hyena was right in front of him.

I've finally got you now say good night sweet fox the hyena said darkly and evilly stepping closer and closer to him.

Benny cowered away hiding his face with his paws feeling scared.

when at that moment Ethan suddenly rushed over to his side as he started attacking the hyena savagely.

STAY AWAY FROM MY FRIEND! Ethan demanded as he bit into the hyena's fur with his teeth.

the hyena let out sounds of pain from the blow.

Ethan then used his paw and swat the hyena in the face.

Ethan was getting ready to finish him off when his friend stopped him from doing so.

NO ETHAN DON'T KILL HIM HE'S NOT WORTH IT Benny said as he pleaded him to stop.

Ethan luckily wasn't a killer so he obeyed Benny's pleas as he stopped attacking his enemy.

for a moment the hyena gave him a look of gratefulness before he ran off back to his pack and group.

well that takes care of him and he won't ever bother us again so i think we're safe Ethan said feeling proud of himself.

yeah you bet hey Ethan thanks for saving me i owe you one Benny said as he walked over to him and licked him on the face giving him kisses and affection.

Ethan laughed happily in return.

no you don't B let's just say we're even since you saved my life all those years ago from the hunter Ethan replied.

now come on Benny let's go home Ethan said running back to their cave/den.

right behind ya Benny replied back to him as he raced close behind him.