Prologue: Assist Journey_Start: He Who Returned to Help A Soul

"I think this is too dangerous," Yu Narukami said as he tried to reason with Marie.

The two were currently in front of the station. Marie had decided to go to Tokyo because of certain incidents called Psychotic Breakdowns and Mental Shutdowns. She had deduced that they were related to Shadows. Naoto couldn't be bothered as she has her own duty. Namely being the newly appointed "Raidou Kuzunoha the XX".

Then there's also that other thing.

The Velvet room was mystriously cut off. Not even a former guest like Yu can access it. Elizabeth had always been elusive but he couldn't even contact Margaret or Igor. It's like they dissappeared without a trace.

"I have to know what happened to them," Marie said. Her determination was almost tangible. Yu knew be couldn't stop her. "They took me in when I needed it the most. If they are in trouble then I have to save them. It's the least that I can do after all that they've done to help me."

"Then I'll come with you," Yu said. "I'm not going to let you do this alone."

"That's very kind of you, but I have to do this alone," Marie said. "If there is a threat, they might become wary and a lot more on guard if you're with me. You're the hero who cleared the world of fog, remember? If you're with me, then the chances of finding out what happened to Igor might become even slimmer."

Yu wanted to argue more but found that he couldn't. Her logic was kind of flawless.

"Well if you ever find yourself in trouble, call us okay," Yu said. "The Investigation Team will definitely help you. Heck, maybe even the Shadow Operatives too."

"Thanks," Marie patted Yu's shoulder. "I will do that."

The raven haired girl grabbed her things and smiled at the silver haired man. "Don't worry, Yu. I'm not going to do anything crazy. I'm not the type to do that."

"Marie!" She started walking away until Yu called out to her. Marie turned around to see him smiling at her. "Take good care."

The raven haired girl smiled back. "I will."


"Another case of Mental Shutdowns..." Kirijo Mitsuru said as she read another report. "This is getting out of hand."

"Do you think Shadows are behind this, Mitsuru-san?" Yamagishi Fuuka, former Navigator and one of Mitsuru's most trusted companions.

"I am very sure of it," Mitsuru said as she sighed. She placed her hand on her desk and interwined her fingers. Fuuka noted that her pose looked like Ikari Gendo's infamous Gendo pose. "Still...there's a lot of things to be noted. Like how did this start? Who's behind this?"

"We won't know until we investigate there," Fuuka and Mitsuru looked towards the door to find Takeba Yukari. The actress smiled and waved towards the two who returned the gesture. "I had some bit of free time from my job so I decided to visit. I feel like I came during the wrong time."

"It's been a while and I don't mind it," Mitsuru smiled and gestured towards one of the seats in the room. Yukari took the seat. "It's quite refreshing to see some familiar faces once in a while."

"Yeah," Yukari then frowned. "Still, these Psychotic Breakdowns and Mental Shutdowns are starting to be problematic. It's all over the news and a lot of accidents have been reported. Any plans for an investigation?"

"Unfortunately though I want to conduct an investigation, I can't seem to contact some of our Operatives. Aigis and Labrys might be to eyecatching. Iori has his carreer and he can't afford to slack off considering that his team is going to the Nationals. Yamagishi is a college professor and she's appointed for the graduating class. Akihiko's hands are also full with these events and Amada still has his studies."

"Then there's my actress carreer," Yukari slumped. "I sometimes hate this job."

"Then what about her?" Fuuka spoke up. The other two looked puzzled at Fuuka's words. "Chidori-chan."

"Yoshino huh..." the redhead slumped on her seat. "Though she is available, she said that she'd rather not get involved in any of this again after our battle with Nyx and Erebus. She's not even a part of the Shadow Operatives."

"Iori also approves of her stance," Mitsuru continued. "He doesn't want her to get involved with anymore Shadow business and seeing her past with STREGA, I kind of get why she wouldn't want to get involved. She's finally living her life normally."

"I-I'm sorry..." Fuuka hung her head low. "I just thought she was the perfect one for the job. She does have an ability similar to mine. She can scout while also being able to fight."

"It's fine Yamagishi," Mitsuru assured. "Yoshino would've been the first person I would contact as well."

Yukari stayed silent before standing up. "No. I think Fuuka has the right idea. Chidori is the best person for the job."

"But still," Fuuka looked down. "What about her circumstances?"

"I know but..." Yukari takes a deep breath. She didn't want to play this card and she doesn't think anyone of them wants to play this card but she has too. "We all made a promise. To make the world a better a place so that Makoto can return to us."

Fuuka and Mitsuru stayed silent. They all knew about the circumstances of Makoto's sacrifice. To hold off Humanity's grief and despair, he became the seal. As long as the threat of Erebus is around, he can never be free. They made a vow to make the world better so that he can once again live.

Easier said than done however. But despite that, everyone who was part of S.E.E.S did their best.

"But still..." Fuuka said. "Can anyone convince her?"

"I will," Yukari said with conviction. "I'll be the one to talk to her. And I will convince her."

"This will be hard, considering how stubborn Yoshino can be," Mitsuru said as she closed her eyes and smiled. "But considering that you can be stubborn yourself, I trust that you can do this, Yukari."

Yukari gave Mitsuru a thumbs up.


Kawakami Sadoyo sighed. A transfer student was arriving and one with a record at that. Though normally it wouldn't be a bother to her, the fact that he was in her class would definitely make her life a lot more difficult.

Then there was also the news that a new teacher was arriving and a rather eccentric teacher at that. She had only met the man a few times when he was familiarizing himself with the school but she was already left quite unerved by him already.

After all, who wears a Kimono and a Kitsune mask in public. Every. Single. Day

At least he seemed to be a little nice despite his eccentricities. Unlike that jackass Kamoshida.

Sadayo sighed once again. She hoped this year wouldn't have any problems. The Mental Shutdowns and Psychotic Breakdowns were already enough of a stress to everyone.


Yukari looked around Yoshino Chidori's studio. It was filled with paintings and other kinds of artworks. All of them were made with masterful skill. It was said that not even that Madarame can compete with her. Yoshino Chidori was truly a genius in the field of art.

Yukari walked around more looking for the redhead when she finally spotted her painting another piece. She walked towards her a bit before stopping. She was currently drawing a young man with blue hair along with another boy with a baseball cap. Her strokes stopped as she noticed Yukari standing behind her.

"You know it's quite distracting to have someone stand behind your back when you're painting," Chidori said as she turned around to face the brunette. "What can I do for you?"

"About those incidents..." Yukari started but was quickly cut off.

"So it's that..." Chidori scoffed as she turned back to her painting. "Forget it. I have no interest in participating in it."

"But Chidori..." Yukari said. "We made a promise to Makoto."

Yukari was expecting a lot of things but she didn't expect Chidori to scoff at her. "So what? Even if we try our best there's still no guarantee that we'll be able to save him."

"We have to at least try!"

"And then what!?" Chidori stood up and turned around. Yukari can see that Chidori was angry and sad at the same time but she stood her ground. "What if we tried!? Do you seriously think that we can change Humanity for the better? Even if Humanity can change, how many years would it take? Even if he were to comeback, do you think he'll have a place to come back to!?"

Yukari said nothing for a while before looking at Chidori head on. "I know that there's a chance that he'll never return and that even if he does, we will never live to see it."

"But still," Yukari gave Chidori a determined glare. "We have to preserve and make this world a better place for when he comes back. He'll come back to see how Humanity has endured and persevered. How Humanity came to overcome its own grief."

Yukari placed her hand on Chidori's shoulder. "And we all have a part to play in that. As members of S.E.E.S and as his friends whom he trusted. Especially you."

Chidori was, after all, one of the only two people whom Makoto opened up to.

Everyone had opened their heart to Makoto but Makoto had only opened his heart to two people.

Ryoji and Chidori.

Chidori said nothing as she looked towards the painting she was making. It was still not finished. It was a painting of the whole S.E.E.S though only Junpei and Makoto have been drawn. It was her image of the future that she felt like she could never achieve.

Chidori sighed as she removed Yukari's hand from her shoulder and turned away. Yukari was worried that Chidori was going to refuse again when she turned back to her with a small smile.

"Fine," Chidori said. "You win. I'll go to Tokyo and investigate these events."

Yukari's face brightened up and she looked like she was about to hug the redhead until Chidori raised her hand to stop her. "No hugs. Personal space."

Yukari chuckled at that.


It was another day at school and thus Nijima Makoto was preparing to go to school early. She had to make a good example as she is the Student Council President for Shujin Academy.

Her sister had gone earlier than her. Being a prosecutor was a tough job, especially with the recent events.

Though Makoto at least wished that she stayed for breakfast. It has been a while since the two shared breakfast.

She took the train like she always does but this time it was quite more unusual.

She was next to a man wearing a kitsune mask while in a kimono after all. His medium midnight blue hair was tied into a low ponytail. His mask looked unerving and his black kimono was riddled with Floral patterns.

It was really weird to see someone like him around. Most of the train's occupant thought so too but they just decided not to let it bother them.

"That uniform," The masked man said causing Makoto to flinch. "You're a student from Shujin Academy right?"

"Y-yes," Makoto nervously said.

"No need to be so nervous," the kitsune said with a light chuckle. "I'm going to Shujin as well so why don't we go together?"


"Haven't you heard? I'm a new teacher in the Academy."

Makoto vaguely remembered about a rather eccentric new teacher. It seems that this kitsune was that person.

Still though, why would he wear something like a kimono and a mask?

"In case you are wondering," Makoto flinched at the sound of his voice. "I wear this mask and kimono to catch attention. If the students' attention are on me, then they'll definitely be more focused on the lecture."

Makoto nodded her head slowly. At least the reason was for the student's sake.

"Ah," the kitsune said as he pointed at the train's door. "This is our stop."

Makoto nodded as she and the masked man walked out off the train and walked towards their destination. Makoto was a bit uncomfortable as they walked but eventually spoke.

"Ummm, I'm Nijima Makoto. Third Year and Student Council President," She introduced herself as they walked. "What's your name, sensei?"

"What a coincidence," the kitsune chuckled. "We have the same name."

"Eh?" Makoto tilted her head.

"I'm Yuuki Makoto," the masked man said. "Yuuki is written as 'Courage' while Makoto as 'Truth'. I hope that you'll be a good student this year, Nijima-san."

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