Chapter 01: Trickster's_Arrival: First_Phase_Start

Amamiya Ren sat on the train as he waited for his to his destination, Shuujin Academy. He kept his head down for the remainder of the ride while his thoughts wander off to the event that placed him here in Tokyo anyway.

The black haired teen gritted his teeth at the memory. He just wanted to help, was there anything wrong with that? Did he punch a gypsy in his past life?

The train had arrived at his destination and Amamiya Ren reluctantly got up from his seat to walk to school. He spotted a rather strange couple composed of a girl who wore the Shuujin Academy uniform and a man wearing a fox mask and a kimono.

Ren had decided that this school year was going to be hectic. The frizzy haired young man walked to Shujin until a sudden downpour occured. And it just so happened that he didn't have an umbrella with him.

"Why now of all times," Ren gritted his teeth as he used his bag to try and get some relief from the rain. Of all the times that the rain can come, it had to be now. And now his first appearance in class will have him looking like a wet dog. "Such misfortune."

Amamiya Ren was starting to hate this day more and more.

Ren immediately takes shelter in one of the buildings to wait for the downpur to calm down. Ren looks up towards the sky. Seems like the rain was gonna calm down a bit sooner than he thought.

Ren hears footsteps and saw a hooded girl take the same shelter as him. Ren stared at her as she removed her hoodie and lets her blonde twintails flow out. Her bright blue eyes mesmerized him as they stared back to his own black eyes.



Ren immediate turned away as he realized he was being rude by staring. Then he mentally punched himself for making the situation more awkward.

The atmosphere was interrupted by a car stopping infront of them. The window of the car slides down revealing a rather fit guy with weird hair and a rather comical square chin.

"Hey," the man called out obviously to the girl. There was a rather flirty undertone in his voice that made Ren shiver a bit. "Need a lift?"

The girl looked uncomfortable but just smiled ans walked towards the car. The man opens the door for her and she got in. The man turned towards him and smiled. "What about you?"

The man's tone was friendly but Ren knew that he was just trying to keep up appearance. He could tell that the man did not want him to accept his offer.

"Ah, no," Ren barely forced a smile. "I'm good."

"If you say so," though the man had said that with a shrug, Ren felt that he was rather pleased with his refusal. He got in the car once again and drove off. Ren noted that the girl did not look as pleased as the man was.

As soon as the car drove off, a blonde guy who looked like a punch came running and panting. He gritted his teeth in anger before stomping his foot. "Damn that pervy teacher."

"Pervy teacher?" Ren slipped up.

The blonde noticed him and started to walk towards him, menacingly. Ren backed off a bit. He didn't want to get into a fight when he already has a record in his belt. "What are you looking at? You friends with Kamoshida?"

"Kamoshida?" Ren felt that he might get in trouble if he entertained that question so he decided to deflect the subject.

"What? You seriously don't know who Kamoshida is?" The blonde tilted his head before narrowing his eyes on the glasses boy. "Hmmmm... I don't think I've seen you before."

"I-I'm Amamiya Ren," Ren introduced himself. "I'm the transfer student."

"Oh," the blonde had a look of realization on his face. "I see. I'm Sakamoto Ryuji. You can call me Ryuju, nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too, Ryuji" Ren said as he raised his hand for a shake which Ryuji accepted. He seemed like a nice guy despite his appearance.

The smile on Ryuji's face suddenly faded and was replaced with a look of alarm. "Oh shit! We're going to be late! Let's hurry! I don't want that shithead Kamoshida to gloat about it."

"What's the deal with this Kamoshida anway?" Ren said as they took the shortcut to Shujin. "Is he really that bad?"

"You have no idea," Ryuji said grimly. "That bastard, Kamoshida Suguru-"


Ren blinked. Where did that come from?

"-thinks he's the king of Shujin. He honestly believes that the school is his castle."


Okay. Ren was starting to get creeped out by that. He shrugged it off and continued listenting to Ryuji's tale.

"That guy throws around his position just because he was a former Olympian Athlete," Ryuji said through gritted teeth. "And the damn school won't do anything about it! They just let him run free doing whatever the hell he wants! Hell they even cover it up!"

"Sounds really horrible," Ren said in a disgusted tone.

"Yeah. He even harrasses female students."

"What is this school thinking?"

"Probably some brownie points from the media and some shit about reputation," Ryuji said spitefully. "Anyway we'"

Ryuji and Ren stopped at front of the school. Or what was supposed to be the school anyway. In its place was a massive Castle that looked straight out of those movies and anime. The sign still said Shujin but the damn building isn't.

Ren wondered if Soujiro puts some strange mushrooms in his curry.

"Did we get lost?" Ryuji asked himself before noticing the sign. "Still says Shujin...what the fucking shit is going on?"

Ryuji scratched his head before clicking his toungue and walking towards school. Ren runs up to him and grabs his shoulder causing the blonde to turn around in surprise. "The hell man!? You almost gave me a heart attack!"

"Sorry," Ren said sheepishly. "But are we seriously going to enter this really suspicious castle that appeared out of nowhere."

"Not like we have a choice man," Ryuji said. "Maybe we'll find answers inside the place."

Ryuji took the hand of his shoulder and gestured towards the castle. "Now come on! You don't want to be late for your first class. That Kamoshithead might even try to throw his weight around you."

Having no choice, Ren decided to follow Ryuji into the castle.


"Phew," Marie sighed as she took of her coat and hat before dropping her luggage in her apartment. Rise had offered her a condo but she refused the offer because of her mission.

She had decided to stay low. Being a rather famous newscaster, people were bound to hound her. That can't be good for her mission. So thus she decided to stay in a rather average looking apartment for the time being.

She started unpacking her things when the doorbell suddenly rings. Marie wondered if Rise had decided to visit her. She did have a concert here in Tokyo later this month.

Marie opens the door to find a young looking girl with platinum blonde hair and amber eyes. She wore a blue one piece dress and an apron. She had a casserole filled with curry in her hands. The young girl smiled at her.

The girl's face reminded Marie of Margaret's.

"You must be our new neighbor," the girl said sweetly. "I'm Lavenza. I hope we get along. I made to much so I brought you this curry as a welcome gift."

"Thanks," Marie said as she accepts the food. Marie then raised an eyebrow. "Aren't you too young to be living alone?"

"I don't live alone and I'm not that young, I'm just a bit short," Lavenza answered. "As for my roommate, he's currently in work but I'll introduce him to you later. He works as a teacher in Shujin."

"I see," Marie said. "I'll be looking forward to that."

"I'm sure he'll be happy to meet you too," Lavenza said before looking at her wristwatch. "I'll have to go now. I'll see you around Marie-sama."

The platinum blonde girl skipped away as Marie watches her with a smile. Marie went back inside her apartment and placed the curry on the table.

"Huh?" Marie lets out a confused sound as she finally realized something something strange. "How did she know my name?"

She had never introduced herself to Lavenza and she had never met the girl before.

"She probably just saw me in the news," Marie concluded before tasting the curry. Her eyes widened at the rather harmonic taste of the curry. "Delicious!"

She was starting to get envious of whoever Lavenza's roommate was. He had food this good every day.


"Alright," Yoshino Chidori said as she stepped out of the train. She had a rather light luggage with her as Mitsuru had already prepared a condo for her to stay in. Knowing their leader, she had most likely made sure that she had everything she needed.

The people around her whispered as she walked past them.

"Whoa, what a beauty."

"You think she's single?"

"I feel like I've seen her before..."

Chidori sighed. She supposed that she would've caught attention but she decided not to disguise herself so she only has herself to blame.

"Excuse me," Chidori turned around and her heart almost jumped out of her throat when she saw the person who had called her.

The boy looked like he was in high school but that wasn't the reason why she was surprised.

He looked a lot like Yuuki Makoto.

The boy had blue hair and be had a rather beautiful face like Makoto. The boy was also very slender like her late best friend.

After regaining her thoughts she saw some of the differences. The blue hair did not cover his right eye and instead was swept towards the left side. He was taller and he had black eyes instead of silver.

"Yes?" Chidori answered just to be polite.

"Are you perhaps Yoshino Chidori?"

"I am," the artist answered. The young man's face immediately brightened up and his eyes were shining in admiration. He immediate bowed his head down.

"It's such an honor to meet you, Yoshino-sensei!" The boy enthusiatically said. "I've seen a lot of your works and I admire you greatly as an artist!"

"I see," Chidori tilted her head. "Thank you, ummm..."

"Ah! Where are my manners!?" The boy bowed even more. "I am Kitagawa Yusuke! I'm an aspiring artist under Madarame Ichiryusai!"

"Madarame's student?" Chidori swore she heard that name before.

"That would be me," an older man in a brown Kimono appeared. He had gray hair tied into a low pony tail. He had a kind face but for some reason it made Chidori a bit uncomfortable. "It's quite a pleasure to meet a fellow artist, Yoshino-sensei."

"Likewise...?" Chidori cursed herself for making it sound like a question but thankfully Madarame didn't seem to catch on and just smiled. She checked her watch to see what time it was. 11:06. Just a bit more time until Noon. "I'm sorry but I have to go. I'm currently going to live here in Tokyo for the time being."

"I see," Madarame nodded his head with that ever present smile on his face. "If you aren't busy, then maybe you can visit Yusuke and I once in a while. My student here is a big fan of yours."

"I'll be sure to try," Chidori said with a nod.

"Well, we're off Yusuke," Madarame said. "We're quite busy as well."

"Ah! Wait for a moment please!" Yusuke started to rummage in his bag and brought out a sketchpad and a pen. "May I please have your autograph!?"

"Come now, Yusuke. I think we troubled Yoshino-sensei quite enough now."

If Chidori was the same as she was back then, maybe she would've been inclined to agree with the old scoot. Perhaps she would've turned them away the moment she met them.

But after meeting S.E.E.S as well as making friends in Gekkouhan, she managed to warm up to people. She could see that Kitagawa Yusuke was truly earnest im pursuing art. That he definitely loved art with a passion.

Who was she to turn down one with such passionate drive for something that they truly loved?

"I don't mind," Chidori smiled and took the sketchbook and pen. Yusuke looked like a child who heard that Christmas came early. She signed the sketchpad and handed it back to Yusuke. She waved them goodbye as she walked away.

"I got an autograph from Yoshino-sensei herself!" Yusuke exclaimed like he won the lottery. His eyes twinkled in delight.

The young man had failed to notice that the old man behind him had a rather large scowl on his face.


Kawakami Sadayo sighed tiredly as she sat in the faculty room. The new transfer student, Amamiya Ren, had seemingly decided to play hooky. It's practically almost Noon now and he still hasn't arrived in school yet.

And if her day couldn't get any worse, she ran into filth Kamoshida a while ago. And of course he was going to run his mouth off on her like it was her fault. She wished that Kobayakawa would just kick the slimy bastard off of school but alas, that fat blob wants some reputation points because Kamoshithead was a former Olympic athlete.

"Hey hey!" The messy haired teacher felt a hand on her shoulder and when she turned around she felt a finger on her cheek. "Ka~wa~ka~mi~sen~sei ! How are you doing?"

It was the newest teacher in Shujin, Yuuki Makoto. Despite being seen as eccentric due to his kitsune mask and blue kimono, Makoto-sensei immediately managed to sway the students and most of the teacher excluding Ushimaru, Usami (too strict), and Kamoshida (attention whore piece of shit) into his favor. Mostly because of his way of teaching. Every time he speaks, he speaks with vigor in his voice as if he was announcing a new discovery. It would be annoying but somehow Yuuki Makoto had some super charisma to pull it off.

Sadayo felt like a weight was lifted off her shoulders. She totally misjudged him.

At the very least, Sadayo now had someone to confide to.

"The new student, Amamiya, hasn't arrived yet and it's almost noon," Sadayo sighed.

"That sounds really awful," Makoto-sensei agreed. "I hope he didn't get into trouble."

"Perhaps he just doesn't want to go," the messy haired teacher frowned. "He has a record after all. He attacked some guy and now he's here in Shujin. He's most likely a troublemaker."

"Hmmm, I wouldn't say that," Makoto-sensei replied. Sadayo tilted her head at the eccentric teacher's statement causing him to chuckle. "I want to hear the full story from him because I feel like there's more to it. While most people would judge the book by its covers, you should never do so. Look at me for example, I seem like an annoying and crazy guy but I'm not. The school minus a select few reevaluated their opinion and now I'm quite admired."

Makoto-sensei turned towards Sadayo and the latter felt like he was smiling behind his mask. "Let's have a talk with him after school, what do you say?"

Before Sadayo could answer the door to the faculty office opened causing the two to turn towards the new arrival. It was the transfer student and boy with a record, Amamiya Ren himself.

Sadayo noted that the kid looked like he ran several marathons three times over. There was some barely noticable dirt on his clothes, his hair was a lot more messy than it should have been, and he looked a bit out of breath.

"Speak his name and he shall appear," Makoto-sensei said as he took out a water bottle. As Amamiya got to her desk, the kitsune handed him the water bottle which the boy graciously accepted. Amamiya drank like he hadn't had water for days. "Hello, you must be Amamiya-san. I'm Yuuki Makoto. This is my first day teaching here in Shujin."

"Ah yes. I'm Amamiya Ren," the frizzy haired young man bowed his head. "It's also my first day here and I'm so sorry that I'm late. into some trouble."

"Yes, I can imagine," Sadayo says as she stood up. "I'm Kawakami Sadayo, your homeroom teacher. Let's go, I'll introduce you to the class."

"It seems that you got this in the bag, Kawakami-sensei," Makoto-sensei said. "I'll be going now. I still have classes. Let's talk later, Amamiya-kun."

"A-ah..." Ren hung his head low. "Yes, Yuuki-sensei."

The masked teacher walked out of the faculty office while waving the two goodbye. As he walked down the corridor to get to his class, he stumbled accross the most hated teacher in Shujin.

Kamoshida Suguru, the P.E teacher.

"Well if it isn't the freak," The square chin volleyball coach said in distaste. Kamoshida Suguru wasn't a fan of Yuuki Makoto. He believed that the kitsune masked teacher was a dumbass and didn't deserve to be a teacher. The fact that he was proven wrong made the Kamoshida even angrier. "Going to spread your freakiness to your next class."

"I am going to my next class, Kimishira-sensei," Makoto-sensei said with a nod.

"It's Kamoshida you imbecile," the P.E teacher growled.




"It's..." Kamoshida's eyes widened in realization. This guy was just fooling around with him. The kitsune was trying to make him look like a fool. The larger man immediately grabbed the smaller teacher by the Kimono. "Listen here, you piece of shit. I'm the king of this school. I'm the gem in this trash filled place. You should know your place lest I put you in it."

"You're going to carry me to my next class? I didn't know you were into guys, Kumoshiga-sensei."

"You fucker!" Kamoshida had enough, the larger man threw a punch towards Makoto-sensei. Despite the fact that it's been years since he last entered the Olympics, he's still in tip top shape. A punch from him would shatter the mask and knock the teacher out.

So it was a massive surprise to him that the smaller teacher had caught the punch effortlessly.

"That's not very nice, Kuzushima-sensei. I could've gotten hurt," the masked teacher said as he let go of Kamoshida's fist. The startled man took a step back. "Now if you would excuse me, I have to get to my next class."

The masked teacher left as Kamoshida clutched his chest. He wasn't one to be intimidated but right now...

Was he feeling fear? Kamoshida felt as if Makoto-sensei was going to rip out his arm when he caught his fist. Like he could've gotten killed in that encounter.

"The hell was that...?" Kamoshida gritted his teeth in anger. He walked away with heavy steps as he the scowl on his face grew larger and larger.

"That piece of shit's going to pay," Kamoshida thought. "Nobody makes a fool out of me and gets away with it."


The final bell rings throughout the whole school. Many students started to pick up their things while others went towards their respective club activities.

Amamiya Ren went to the roof instead. Sakamoto Ryuji had told him to go there after all. It seemed like he wanted to talk about what happened in that freaky castle.

"You're here," Ryuji said as Ren arrived at the rooftop. He had a very serious look on his face. "I don't think I need to tell you about what we're here for, right?"

"Yeah," Ren nodded. "That was really messed up."

Ryuji nodded. "What the fuck happened? The school turned into a castle and then there was that thing you did and then there was that talking cat and then there was...there was..."

Ryuji put a hand on his mouth and he honestly looked like he was about to throw up. He was probably trying his best not to remember that naked-save-for-the-cape-and-crown Kamoshida in the castle. Ren couldn't blame him. Ren wanted to forget about that too.

"Anyway!" Ryuji said as he shook his head in an attempt to drive away the disgusting image. "That all happened, right? All of it wasn't a hallucination right?"

"Considering that we were half a day late, yeah that happened," Ren nodded his head.

"What was all that anyway?" Ryuji said as he scratched his head.

"Maybe if we can find that talking cat again we'll get some answers," Ren said. "He seemed to be quite knowledgable about that...Palace."

"How are we going to find him though?"

"Maybe if we get into that castle again..." Ren placed a hand on his chin. "But then again, we don't know how we got there."

Ryuji rubbed the back of his head. "Let's think about it tommorow. I mean if we can get some evidence there, we could finally make Kamoshida pay for his crimes."

"Yeah," Ren nodded. "I'm kinda beat too."

"I'll see you tommorow then," Ryuji said as they got out of the rooftop. The two parted ways after leaving school and Ren walked alone to Le Blanc. It was a rather wild day and he wanted to get some sleep as soon as possible.

The young man arrives at his temporary home and opens the door. He was quite surprised to see who was there.

Sadayo and Makoto-sensei sat at one of the tables with two cups of coffee. There was also a brown haired young man with them who looked very uncomfortable. Sadayo, on the other hand, looked a bit disappointed. Soujiro was on the counter. The flat look that he sent Ren stung a bit.

Makoto-sensei waved at Ren once he noticed him.

"Oh hey, Amamiya-kun!" The blue haired teacher greeted. The lower part of his mask was missing exposing his mouth while the top part was still there. Ren guessed that that was why Sadayo was disappointed. Ren was too. He wanted to see the masked teacher's face. "Is this your home for the moment? It looks very nice and comfy. The coffee is really soothing too."

"Thank you for the compliment," Soujiro said. He scratched his beard a bit as he looked at Makoto-sensei. "So you two are his teachers."

"That's right," Kawakami sips her coffee. "I'm also Amamiya-kun's homeroom teacher. I'm Kawakami Sadayo by the way."

"And I'm Yuuki Makoto," the eccentric teacher said with a salute. "I'm a new teacher in Shujin

The two looked at the other occupant of the table, the brown haired young man.

"What?" The young man rightfully asked.

"Your name?" Makoto-sensei has no tact.

"You don't know who he is?" Kawakami looked at him as if he lived in under a rock. To he honest, Ren is also quite unaware of the brown haired young man's identity. "He's the Detective Prince."

Makoto-sensei frowned. "But wasn't Nao-chan the Detective Prince?"

"Nao-chan?" The brown haired boy raised an eyebrow. "You mean Naoto-san?"

"Yeah," Makoto-sensei chuckled a little. "I knew her when she was just a little girl. She became quite the great detective but to me, she'll always be that cute little ball of energy with snot running on her nose."

The brown haired boy looked like his image of this Naoto person just got shattered to dusts. "I'm Akechi Goro. I'm not really the Detective Prince, they just call me the Second Coming of the Detective Prince but I don't think I'm really up for the title."

"Yeah, you're most certainly right. I don't think anyone can ever live up to Nao-chan," Sadayo elbowed Makoto-sensei on the side. "Ow! What was that for!?"

"Have some tact, Yuuki-sensei," Sadayo chidded him.

"Honesty is the best policy, Kawakami-sensei," Makoto-sensei argued.

"First impressions lasts a life time," the brunette rebutted. "You dragged him to our table and now you're not showing any tact. I don't think that's a good impression, Yuuki-sensei."

"You should always tell the truth."

"You're just repeating what you said!"

"Nothing wrong with it though."

"There's a place and time for being honest!"

"Ahem!" Soujiro cleared his throat getting the attention of the two. "Would you two love birds like to cool off outside instead? You're going to drive away some of my patrons."

Sadayo blushed a bit while Makoto-sensei chuckled. Ren was starting to doubt their compentence as a teacher, though mostly Makoto-sensei. "Sorry about that, Boss."

"Just don't make too much of a racket," Soujiro said and both teachers nodded their heads in affirmation.

"Hey, Amamiya-kun," Makoto-sensei gestured towards the table. "Why don't you come sit with us for the time being."

"I'm a bit tired..." Ren tried to argue but Soujiro interrupted him.

"You were half a day late on your first day, kid," Soujiro said causing the bespectacled young man to grimace. "Why don't you have a talk with them and explain yourself."

"Yes..." Ren looked down and walked towards the table. He sat to the only empty spot which was the one besides Akechi. The four of them sat in silence and it was rathrr awkward. "'m very sorry for being late."

"We know you're sorry for being late," Sadayo said sternly. "We want to know why you were late."

Now that was a big problem. It's not like he can just say that the whole school turned into a Castle and that he and Ryuji were held captive by Kamoshida. He also couldn't just say that a talking bipedal cat got them out of there.

"I...was, um...caught up in some trouble," Ren said. "Uhh...I saw Ryuji in trouble and I, um, decided to help him."

Technically that was true. Ryuji did get caught up with the Castle incident and that he was in trouble and that Ren helped him. The black haired young man left out the Castle, Kamoshida, and the talking cat.

"Ryuji...Sakamoto-kun?" Sadayo said.


"Please don't try to associate yourself with him any further," Sadayo said.

"What?" Ren's eyebrows furrowed. "Why? He doesn't seem like a bad person. He's kind of a decent guy too."

Sadayo wanted to say something but Makoto-sensei placed a hand on her shoulder. The masked teacher shook his head. "I believe that we should always hear about the other side of the story to see the true picture. I haven't truly met Sakamoto Ryuji-kun to make a proper judgement so I don't want any second hand opinion about him."

Ren raised an eyebrow. Is this really the same guy with no tact from a while ago?

Sadayo's eyes widened for a moment before a cellphone's ringtone suddenly chimed. Sadayo immediate checked her purse and pulled out a phone. Her expression slightly shifted into a grimace.

"Sorry but I have to go," the female teacher stood up and grabbed her purse. "I'll see you two tommorow. It was also nice meeting you, Akechi-san."

"Want me to accompany you?" Makoto-sensei offered but Sadayo just shook her head.

"I'll be fine on my own," Sadayo hurriedly got out of the café and the people inside heard her footsteps fade away.

"Well that was weird," Makoto-sensei tilted his head. He also took out his phone and checked the time. "Whoops. Seems like I have to go too. The coffee was nice, Boss. I'll be sure to return here. I hope we can also talk again, Akechi-kun."

The blue haired teacher puts the bottom part of his mask back on as he left the shop. His soft footsteps was almost unnoticable. The only people left on the table was Ren and Akechi. The two awkwardly looked at each other in silence.

"I'm Amamiya Ren," Ren decided to break the silence.

"Akechi Goro," Akechi replied. "I heard that you had a record. Want to talk about it?"

Ren pondered for a moment before shaking his head.

"I see," Akechi nodded his head in understanding. "We all have things that we don't want to talk about. I won't force you since it seems to be a really touchu subject."

Akechi looked at his watch before standing up and grabbing his briefcase. "I'm sorry but I promised Sae-san that I would meet her. It was a pleasure meeting you, Amamiya-san."

The young man extended his arm and Ren took the hand shake. As Ren took his hand, he felt a voice echoe inside his head.

"I am thou, thou art I

Thou hast acquired a new vow

It shall become the wings of rebilllon that breakth thy chains of captivity

With the birth of the Justice Arcana,

I have obtained the winds of blessing that should lead to freedom and new power..."

Ren had was not the only one who had a voice in his head.

"I am thou, thou art I

Thou hast acquired a new vow.

It shall become the wings of rebilllon that breakth thy chains of captivity.

With the birth of the Fool Arcana,

I have obtained the winds of blessing that should lead to freedom and new power..."

Both Akechi and Ren's eyes widened. Both had the same thoughts.

"What was that?"


Makoto took off his mask as soon as he was at the door of his apartment. He let out a deep sigh as he closed his eyes, grabbed the doorknob and opened the door. "I'm back."

"Welcome home," Makoto opened his eyes to see Lavenza in front of him while kneeling. Makoto raised an eyebrow at the sight. He wasn't used to this kinds of things. Not even Aigis did this.

"What are you doing?" Makoto asked the obvious.

"I heard from Elizabeth that this is the way to greet people who just got home," Lavenza said as she stood up.

"Please don't listen to her when it comes to things like this," Makoto sighed as he walked into the apartment. "She's just as clueless about the Human Culture as you are."

"So her information was wrong?" Lavenza asked as she followed him.

"Not neccesarily true, not neccesarily false," Makoto said as he walked into the kitchen to see it all messed up. There were broken plates, burned kettles, and some sauce on the counter. It was chaotic.

Shinji would flip if he saw this. Makoto shook his head as he remembered Shinjiro. "What happened here?"

"I made curry a while ago," Lavenza sheepishly said. "I wanted to repay you..."

"And devastated the kitchen in the proccess?"


Makoto sighed. He didn't felt like cleaning tonight so he just dialed the number on the flyer that he was given a while ago. Lavenza tilted her head as he made the call. "What's the matter?"

"I'm calling housekeeping services to clean up our kitchen,"

"Thank you for calling! This is Victoria's Housekeeping! Do you have a request?"

"You do cleaning right? If so I'd like that one."

After the confirmation that they indeed so cleaning, Makoto told them their address. He went about his night and ate dinner with Lavenza.

"How's the progress?" Lavenza inquired.

"I was quite lucky," Makoto replied. "The first Wild Card, Amamiya Ren-kun, is enrolled in the school that I applied to and it seems that he's awakened his abilities. I met the other one, Akechi Goro-kun, in the cafe where Amamiya-kun is living. Akechi-kun in particular seems to have been using his Wild Card abilities for a long time now."

"That's quite a lot in just a span of one day," Lavenza said, impressed.

"Thanks," Makoto said as he ate curry. It was really good, definitely worth getting the kitchen devastated. "Still, do I really have to stay in the sidelines?"

"Yes," Lavenza nodded her head. "This is the Trickster's Journey and your Journey has already ended. I guess it would be better if you took a rest and just assisted him with out directly interfering."

"I guess you do have a point..." Makoto said as he finished the last of his curry and as if on timing the doorbell rang. "I guess that's the housekeeper. Perfect timing."

Makoto walked towards the door and opened it to welcome the housekeeper.

"Hello! My name is Becky and I'm-!"


He was honestly surprised when Sadayo arrived with her hair on twintails while wearing a maid outfit. A look of mortification dawned on her face as she took a good look at Makoto's face. Considering he wasn't wearing his mask, it took a while for her to recognize him.


Needless to say, this situation was very awkward.


Ren lied down on his bed thinking about what happened earlier at the castle. "This was one crazy day."

Ren closed his eyes as he remembered what happened.


-turn back time, some time around after Ren and Ryuji entered the castle.

"Hey! Hey!" Ren groggily stood up from some hard place as he held his head. He shook his head and looked around the area. He was in what seems like a dungeon. Ryuji was there too. "Finally, you really took some time sleeping."

"Guh..." Ren groaned. He tried to remember what happened. The two of them went inside the castle, they encountered a guard in a very much real armor, and then more came and knocked them out. "Are these normal occurences in this school."

"Hell no man," Ryuji shook his head. "I don't remember Shujin having guards and dungeons. And the only person who beats up others here is Kamoshida."

"I see.." Ren massaged his temples and looked at the time. 10:57. The frizzy haired student hung his head low. He was almost half a day late. Soujiro's going to be extremely disapppointed. "What a way to start school."

"Sorry man," Ryuji rubbed the back of his head.

"It's okay. Let's just find a way to get out of here," Ren said as he stood up and looked around. The cell was closed by an iron bar door. It was definitely looked too. There were no guards around so they can't just wait until their guard is lowered and steal the keys. The window was also closed by iron bars and even if it wasn't, it was too high up. He walked towards the iron bars and checked for some chinks or rusts. None.

"Did you figure out a way to escape?" Ryuji asked, hopeful.

Ren turned towards Ryuji. "We're stuck until they let us free."

Ryuji groaned and as if on queue, footsteps echoed around the dungeon. The two immediately tensed and backed away from the door. Two knights arrived with some guy behind them. Once they were arrived, they made way for the third person.

It was that guy, Kamoshida Suguru. And he wore a rather...unique outfit. He wore a red cape that covered most of his body and it seemed that he wasn't wearing anything underneath it. He wore black shoes and it made Ren almost surpress a cringe. On his rather messy hair was a red crown as if fo symbolize that he was a king.

The sight made Ren want to stab his eyes.

"I thought it was something important since you called me," the man had an arrogant sneer on his face as he looked at them like they were trash. "But it's just that trash Sakamoto and another unknown trash."

Ren knew he wasn't going to like this guy.

"The hell?" Ryuji's face twisted into one of anger. The young man went up towards Kamoshida and glared at him to the face. "You were the one behind all this, Kamoshida!? Let us out of here!"

"Stop your stupid barking, Sakamoto," the older man spat. "You were the who trespassed into my castle. It's only right that I lock you up like a dog."

"What did you say!?"

"I said shut up!" Kamoshida kicked Ryuji from the gaps of the bars and sent the blonde backwards. Ren caught Ryuji before he could fall on the floor. "You stupid dogs have no right to yell at me. That's an offense punishable by death."

Kamoshida looked at Ren in the eye before smirking. "I don't think you know Sakamoto so I'll spare your life. If you get on all fours and lick my shoes like a bitch that is."

Ren felt a huge urge to punch the man right then and there though seeing that the guards were armed with swords. And there was also his record.

"No," Ren gritted his teeth. "Get that stupid headmaster who let you run free to lick it instead, considering how he seem to suck up to you he'll probably enjoy it.

"Suit yourself then," Kamoshida said arrogantly. "Die with that trash then."

The door to the dungeon opened and the goons entered before Kamoshida. What a coward. A real king would enter first before his subjects and the fact that Kamoshida didn't showed just how much of a pretentious bastard he was.

Ren puts himself in between the guards and Ryuji but it was a futile effort because the guard just smacked him and pinned him on a wall. So much for trying to be a hero.

"Amamiya!" Ryuji shouted before turning his glare towards Kamoshida. Kamoshida in turn gave him the shitiest shiteating grin ever know to mankind. "Kamoshida you bastard! I'll kick your ass!"

Ryuji lunged forward but was met by a shield. The guard smashed his shield on Ryuji and sent him tumbling down. "Guh!"

"You're all bark no bite as always, Sakamoto," the nearly naked man walked towards Ryuji and stepped on his leg. Ryuji let out a cry of pain as he tried to get Kamoshida's foot off his leg. "I thought I taught you a lesson to never to mess with me. Do we need another lesson, Sakamoto? Because you're seriously asking for another one."

"Y-you bastard..." Ryujj growled.

"Oh? You still have some spunk left?" Kamoshida removed his foot Ryuji's leg. He took one of the knights' sword and pointed it at Ryuji. "Guards! Hold this trash down, I'll dispose him personally."

The guards started to rough up Ryuji while Ren struggled to break free. Kamoshida raised his sword overhead, intending to decapitate Ryuji. Ren continued to struggle this time with twice as much force.

Ryuji was going to die if he didn't do something. Someone in trouble needed help. Even if he got into this mess by helping someone, he won't just ignore everyone in need.

"Come on, Amamiya Ren! You have to break free! You have to help those who can't help themselves! I don't regret what I did before! Helping people isn't a mistake!"

As if to answer his plea, a voice echoed within his head.

"I have heard your call and felt your desire for justice. I shall give you my strength and power."

Who was that? Ren didn't have time to think about it when a surge of pain in his head. He cried out in pain as he struggled from his bind. The voice spoke once again and this time each word gave him a surge of strength.

"I am thou, thou art I."

The guards that held him were starting to struggle. Good. No chains, no man, no prison can hold him, his desire for justice and his desire to help people.

"Thou art willing to perform acts of sacrilage in the name of justice!"

The guards that held him were thrown across the dungeon. Kamoshida and the other guard had stepped away from Ryuji, who looked up to him in awe. Ren grabbed the mask that had formed on his face as he looked at Kamoshida.

"Show the strength of thy will and crush all injustice, even if it chains thee to hell itself!"

"Amamiya?" Ryuji managed to say.

"Come..." Ren grips the mask tightly his eyes never leaving Kamoshida, never blinking once. With a strong pull, he rips the mask off of his face. Blood had splattered as if he ripped his own face off along with the mask. The pain had been unbearable but it was no match for the burning flame inside his heart. "ARSENE!"

Soon Ren's body was engulfed in bluish black flames. It did not feel hot, it did not hurt him. The feeling that goes through his body was one of liberation. Soon the flame faded out and Ren's clothing had changed into one that befiting of a Phantlom. A mask covered his face, a long dark coat and a suit covered his body. Blood red gloves was on his hands.

He pulled out a dagger that was on his person and pointed it towards Kamoshida who was trying to sneakily escape.

"Guards!" The man called out to his knights. All of the knights immediately attack him but a tornado of black flames destroyed all but one of them. Behind Ren was something that could be likened to a red devil. Black wings spread out to intimidate the guards as its mask like face grinned at them.

Kamoshida had escaped like the coward that he is. The remaining guard faced him like a man even though it wasn't one. "You dare attempt to harm King Kamoshida!? I'll deal with you myself!"

The guard exploded into black sludge which then turned into Jack-o-Lantern. The Lantern fired off a blast of flame but Arsene's wings and the red devil immediately blasts the Lantern with flames of darkness, obliterating it.

Once all was done, Ren's attire immediately turns back into his school uniform. A shame, he liked those clothes. Ren panted as Ryuji stared at him in amazement before getting up and going towards him.

"Dude what fuck happened!?" The blonde practically screamed. "There was Kamoshida, those guards, the sword, almost getting executed, the thing you-"

"Calm down for a bit."

"Can you really expect me to be calm right now!?"

", but we need to get out of here," Ren said as he gestured towards Ryuji. "Come on. Let's get the hell our of this place."

"Not going to argue with that."

The two students ran as their life depended on it. They could already hear some clattering armor signalling them that the knights were after them. The two ran faster.

"Wait a sec," Ryuji stopped as he looked at one of the cells. Ren looked at where he was looking and his eyes widened in disbelief. "What the fuck?"

There were students. And they being put into horrendous shit and that calling it torture would be putting it nicely.

"I-is that the volleyball team?" Ryuji said. "What the fuck is going on here!?"

That was probably the fifth time that that question was asked bur Ren couldn't help but wonder too.

"Hey!" A voice startled the two students who looked around to find the source. "Over here!"

The two followed it and it led them to a cell in the corner. They peaked inside but saw nothing. "Down here!"

They looked down and jumped back.

A cat. A cartoonish cat who looked like it was mascot for some kiddie super hero show. It also had a yellow scarf on its neck, kind if like a bandit cat. Ryuji asked the question that was on both their minds.

"The hell is that? A fucking cat?

"I'm not a cat!" The cat yelled in anger. "I'm Morgana and I'm human! I'm just trapped in this form but I swear I'm human!"

"So you're technically a cat right now?" Ren said.

"Argh! Just forget about that right now and help me out of here!" The cat said. "I'll be a huge help!"

"Really now?" Ryuji raised an eyebrow.

"Of course! You don't even know what you're up against and I have extensive knowledge on this place!"

Ryuji turned to him. "What do you say, Amamiya? Should we free him?"

"Our options are limited and he's our only ally right now," Ren transformed back into his costume and kicked the door open. The door falls down as if it was a wooden one and Ren reverts back into his school uniform.

"Thanks, frizzy," the cat said as he waddled out of the cage. A guard found them and exploded into another Lantern. Ren transforms back into his Phantom clothes but Morgana raised a paw to stop him. "Let me handle this as a way of thanks and to show you amateurs how the pros do it."

"Amateurs!?" Ryuji yelled out.

"Quite," blue flames surrounded the cat. "Come! Zorro!"

A rather muscular being appeared out of the blue flames. Unlike Ren's which looked like a demon, this one looked like a super hero. Large upper body with thin legs. Sabre on its hand and a mask on its face. It even had a cape and a large Z on its chest.

"Garu!" The large being made a Z motion with its sword and a gust of green wind knocks the lantern down.

"We're not done yet!" The cat pulls out a sword and jumps towards the Lantern. He brought down his sword and sliced it in half before making another swing and cutting it in four. The latern melts into black sludge while the cat turned around towards them smugly. "Well? Did you amateurs learn a bit from the pro?"

"Yes," Ren said, his eyes glowing. "But I still have a lot to learn. Teach me!"

"Of course," the cat puffed out his chest.

"Ummmm...hey," Ryuji said gaining the attention of the two. "Chat later, run now please!"

The two agreed with Ryuji and ran like the wind. They could hear some guards but none of them could catch up.

"There!" Morgana pointed at the vent as the stopped. "That's our way out!"

Ryuji and Ren wasted no time getting into the vent and crawling out. Morgana was right behind them. The vent led them to the outside of the castle. Once they were out, the two students panted like they ran a marathon seven times over.

"Alright," Morgana said as he pointed towards the outside. "Just walk towards that rippling hole and you'll get back to the real world."

"What about you?" Ren asked.

"I've still got some things to do here so you guys go on ahead."

"Huh?" Ryuji raised an eyebrow. "What if you get captured again?"

"I'm not an amateur who gets captured twice," Morgana rolled his eyes. "Now go before the guards get here!"

The two couldn't argue with that and ran towards the rippling hole. Ren felt that this wasn't the last time they will be in that castle.


Ren sighed. Things were going to be a lot more troublesome now. He wondered if he should just stay in the sidelines and watch everything unfold. He shook that thought off of his head. He was never going to stand around and do nothing when he can do something.

With that thought in mind he drifted off to sleep.

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