Today was just like every other normal day in the Katsuragi Household, Shinji Ikari, Misatos charge and roommate was upholding his duties of cooking and cleaning the house while Misato was still sleeping. Misato was never really a morning person unless a meeting was involved and even then, she was usually close to being late, however Shinji's presence seemed to help her time keeping, as he was always up before her and was making breakfast and as a result she would often wake to the sounds of rattling pots, and boiling water, which alongside the smells of freshly prepared food and coffee, always seemed to wake her with more than enough time to be prepared for work and even be there on time, which shocked most of NERVS staff who had grown accustomed to seeing Misato running at full speed through the command center, trying to make up for the time she had lost.

While Shinji had stayed with Misato for a few months at this point, constant nagging thoughts played in the back of his head, as to whether he, the cowardly, weakling who ran from everything deserved the chance to stay with someone who showed him such kindness as to allow him to stay with her, so that he wouldn't be alone. These thoughts had plagued Shinji since he moved in, and had been reinforced after he had been scolded by Misato, for his behaviour during the battle with Shamshel which upon reflection Shinji had accepted his actions were indeed reckless and could have led to countless deaths. This then came to ahead after he ran away, due to him blaming his own weaknesses and recklessness in his suicidal attack on Shamshel, and as such he couldn't bear the thought of having the blood of so many innocient people on his hands if he used an Eva like that again. However, these thoughts fell by the wayside when he realised that even if he acted like this, Misato still went out to look for him and still gave him the chance to return to Nerv and stay with her. Shinji filled the kettle and removed the food from the freezer and began preparing breakfast, while performing this task, his thoughts went back to his first night in Misato and how she though he had been

"i forgot to tell you did something very good and very noble today. You should be proud" these words rang through Shinji head as he worked on the breakfast like a bell echoing in his mind.

" I don't deserve to proud for what ive could my actions be seen as noble?" Shinji thought as he placed the bacon and sauasages into the pan.

Misato woke as she normally did to the smell of a delicious breakfast (in this case it seemed to be bacon, sausages, toast and fried eggs). She Stretched as far as she could and groaned as she done so, while at the same time pushing the duvet off. She then rose to her feet and walked over to her mirror and stared at herself, her eyes moving up and down her reflection " im surprised I still look as young as I do, I mean I only 24 after all, but fighting angels for a living doesn't help...I'm surprised... I don't even have a single grey hair let alone a single wrinkle." she thought to herself, while looking for any imperfection, however minor. She moves away from the mirror and opens the door to her room and walks towards the kitchen and stops.

She catces sight of shinji working away in the kitchen and wonders how he got so confident in the kitchen " he's 16 and so shy, when he's around people yet, in the kitchen he moves and acts like he's been training for years to be a professional chef" Misato pondered as she saw Shinji moving with such precision. Then an idea popped into Misatos head and a cheeky smile began to cross her face. She creeped slowly into the kitchen and controlled her breathing as to make her as quiet as humanly possible "Thank you NERV combat training" she told herself while sneaking up on the oblivious Shinji. Her movements were almost cat like.

"the lioness, Misato about to pounce on her prey the helpless Gazelle called Shinj" she chuckled at the though as she moved in closer while Shinji was watching the bacon fry making sure it doesn't burn and then she strikes with deadly efficency. Misato jabs her arms out and begins to tickle and pinch Shinji who once contact is made almost jumps out his skin and nearly tosses the entire pan of bacon up into the air.

"MISATO!" Shinji shouts out in a shock at the attack, he turns to find Misato on her back gasping for air, her laugh filled the apartment, Shinji couldn't help but smile at seeing Misato laughing as purely as she was at this moment. He knew Misato had went through a lot since he joined Nerv, the injuries both physical and mental would wear down anybody If given enough time and that's on top of Misatos unhealthy beer drinking habits and tendency to eat instant meals for what would seem like weeks on end, but seeing her laughing and teasing like this gave him a chance to see that she was doing well and coping . Misato after catching her breath, rose from the floor and smiled at Shinji, "Sorry Shinji-Kun, I couldn't help myself, you're so easy to spook and tease." Shinji nervously sighed and tried relaxed his shoulders " it''s okay Misato... no harm done... that's breakfast ready...hope you enjoy"

Misato slide into her chair and as soon as she did a plate filled with bacon, sausages and fried eggs were laid out alongside her favourite morning beverage. She gulped the beer down in one breath and let out a happy sigh, and then bean to demolish the breakfast , as if she hadnt eaten for days, " This is amazing Shinji, you've done it again" she announced while she continued to eat, but she slowed when she realised Shinji wasn't eating.

she put her fork down and looked at Shinji who hadnt noticed she was looking at him. "Shinji?" Misato said worried for her charge, "Are u okay... you've barely eaten, is something on your mind?" Shinji slowly looked up to see his guardians eyes focused on him, he stared into them and could see she was concerned for him " its... nothing Misato... its just that I have a sync test with Eva Unit 01 and I don't want to fail" his eyes dampened and hands began to shake a lit, Misato noticing this and placed her hands on Shinjis and stared into his eyes "you won't fail Shinji-Kun... I know u wont. since you first piloted, youve had a sync rate that wasn't thought to be possible for a first time pioletm and now your keeping that level up, showing you're a natural pilot, so please don't worry, youll do fine" with that Misato smiled and Shinji could see the care behind her smile.

They sat in silence shinji and Misato staring at each other, Shinji eyes focused on the deep brown of Misatos eyes, so warm and rich and caring, that he had failed to noticed that her top was loose fitting and had showed of more cleavage than was expected. Misato caught onto this and purred, "You see something you like Shinji?" breaking out of his trance Shinji he noticed the issue, blushed and covered his face with his hands, " I...I...I wasnt staring down their Misato!" he yelped trying to gain his composure. Misato instead of teasing was taken aback by this, usually most men and boys of shinjis age would be focused on her assets more than anything else (not that she minded to much) but for Shinji to say he wasn't caught her by surprise. "what were u looking at Shinji?" she asked as calmly as possible trying to not make things more awkward. "I ...I...I" Shinji Murmured not sure how to answer, Misato responded by leaning over the table looking directly at shinji and curling her lip into a friendly smile showing she wasn't annoyed by situation. " I...i...I was looking at your eyes Misato... you could... get lost in them."

Misato was taken back by his so she chuckled and her smile grew larger " my, my Shinji, your definitely becoming a true gentlemen aren't, you." Shinji looked at her trying to comprehend what she said " huh?" was all shinji could muster. " I mean it shinji, almost all the men ive know would never have said that to me, they would have the their eyes on other features... that was really sweet of you Shinji" Misato purred as she moved back into her chair and Shinji just blushed more still unsure as to how answer. Not long after Misatos house phone rang and Misato went over to answer it. She raised the phone to her ear and was her conversation finished in under 30 seconds. " looks like Ritsuko wants us at Nerv for the Sync test... I'll get dress and then well head their okay." Misato called from the living room.