Chapter 13

Misato woke to the smell of bread toasting, and coffee being brewed, and even in Misatos sleepless state her senses while dulled were still able to make out the smell of a lovely breakfast only a short walk away. Misato slowly raised herself from her bed on to stop halfway as her whole body began to ache.

"Ouch...bastard...god I hate feeling like this" Misato hissed as she turned to see a glass of water and small silver covered packet of painkillers, that hadn't been opened

"Shinji must have came in replaced the pack for before I woke up...hes a good kid" Misato thought as she opened the pack and took two pills out and took a large gulp of water to help the pills go down.

"God they taste bad... like trying to swallow pieces of chalk" Misato whispered, after which she made a gagging face her tongue sticking out as the bad taste began to go away, then she clicked, Shinji was up making breakfast despite everything that had happened to him.

" your definitely a hardworking kid, you shouldn't have done this, hell I should be doing that for you...then again I think id get arrested for murder if he tried my scrambled egg and bacon" Misato told herself as she got up from her bed, and slowly walked over to her room door, grabbing the crutch that was leaning on the door frame. As Misato entered living room, she caught sight of Shinji, his black eye was very swollen while the large gash was covered by a new plaster and bandage.

"Morning Shinji-Kun" Misato cooed as Shinji slowly turned to face her

"Morning Misato, how are you feeling?" Shinji called as he saw Misato had taken a seat in the living room.

"I'm good Shinji, still a bit sore... what about you, " Misato asked as she saw that Shinji winced slightly as he blinked watching her give her answer.

"Yeah... I'm a bit sore Misato... but nothing to worry about" Shinji called as he popped the toast from the toaster.

" Yes Shinji but... you should be resting, I mean you've been through a lot, you should take some time for yourself you know" Misato walked into the kitchen as she saw that Shinji had laid out the plates, ready for breakfast.

I...I cant Misato... I cope with things when I'm keeps my mind from thinking about what happened, and makes me feel like, I'm a normal person" Shinji mumbled as he placed the toast on the plates and went over to the hob and lifted the pot filled with scrambled egg and spooned it onto the plates"

"Thank you Shinji... and I get it, you like being productive, it helps ease your mind." Misato smiled as she took the first bite of her breakfast, and despite it being so simple It tasted amazing.

Their was silence as Misato and Shinji ate, the sound of cutlery clattering against the plates being all that was heard in the apartment. While they ate a thought entered into Misato's mind, she knew she had to say to Shinji that she had seen the footage from the fight and she also knew about his past with his Sensei, and the abuse he had targeted towards him. As she thought of what to say she stopped eating and placed her cutlery on the plate.

"Mmisato...are you okay?" Shinji whispered, his eyes focused on Misato

"Yes im fine its just that I... need to tell you something" Misato paused for a second and took a deep breath as she did so she looked up from her plate to see Shinji, his eyes full of worry.

Okay... um...what is it you need to tell me" Shinji stared at Misato

"I found out what happened to you at school Shinji, and I found out why you were attacked... the girl had lost her parents in the angel attack and she believed it was your fault that she lost her parents, Misato explained as she saw Shinji's face grow paler, and his eyes widen in fear.

"Oh...but what did I have to do with her parents" Shinji yelped as he felt his shoulders tighten and his breathing became shorter and quicker.

"Her parents worked as members of Nerv and were found after the clean up of the headquarters... it wasn't your fault, their was nothing you could have done Shinji" Misato stretched her hand out to place it on Shinji's hand, but he pulled it away as soon as she touched him, as if he had been burned.

"But it was my fault Misato, I crashed into the building causing the roof to collapse, I caused their deaths, and I caused you to be hurt Misato..." Shinji whimpered as tears fell from his eyes

Please don't think like that Shinji, you have done so much for us all and without you we would all be dead, I don't blame you for what happened to me, but why didn't you tell me what happened, you know i would listen to you..." Misato stood from her table and walked slowly over to Shinji who was look down at the table, which was soaked with his tears.

" I..I... Didn't want to you to worry, you've been through so much and i couldn't live with myself if i caused you more pain worrying about me" Shinji mumbled as he felt his heart beat with such fury that he thought it would leap from his chest.

"but why Shinji...please tell me, why do you think your feeling matter so little." Misato knelt down beside Shinji, her voice breaking with worry.

"Because I... I... I hurt everyone who comes near me... I'm a monster... who no one could love." Shinji sobbed as he put his head in his hands as Misato pulled him into a hug, minding not to hurt his face.

"Its okay Shinji...let it out... I'm here for you" Misato rocked him like a baby as Shinji let out all the grief and pain he felt.

"I know what happened to you Shinji, when you lived with your Sensei after your mum passed away, and how his wife treated you, I wish I could have been there to protect you, from everything that she did to you, and I know how much it must have hurt you inside, but I will do everything I can to make sure that you are never hurt like that again." Misato whispered as she cradled Shinji, her material instincts kicking in as she felt Shinji become rigid as he heard she knew what had happened to him when he was so young.

"She cares for what happened to me when I was so young...but why... I...I don't deserve this, she was hurt by me, and yet she does so much to make sure I'm okay... shes just like a mother to me" Shinji told himself as she held Misato close, as they sat together until Shinji had gotten everything out of His system.