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Eternal Tails: Chaos Break

Eternal Tails: Happy Days

Eternal Tails: Bad Seed

Eternal Tails: Chronos Divide

Eternal Tails: Chaos Calamity 4- You are here.

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Miles "Tails" Prower, the Eternal Sidekick, twin-tailed genius, and occasional saver of worlds, was busy.

Miles was always busy. Even when Robotnik, the world's resident evil genius, wasn't trying to destroy himself and others with some mad scheme, the fox spent his days designing, inventing, building, and refining, not to mention helping his friends with their own, mutually opposed, goals.

Being busy was the best way to keep his wayward brain under control, after all.

That had been getting harder and harder to do lately. Miles chalked it up to getting old.

After all, he was nine now.

Miles snorted, smiling at both the memory and the many bittersweet ones that preceded it. The memories he couldn't share with anyone. The endless age spent dooming, then undooming the world.

The reason he was so busy now.

Miles grunted, dragging a sheaf of star charts towards him, gnawing on the tail end of a pencil as he worked, his twin tails coiling about the legs of his chair.

All for a spaceship full of Cream.

Cream the Rabbit, that was. An actual dairy filled spaceship could be a problem, but it would need to be several miles in diameter and-

Miles shook his head, refocusing on the task at hand.

Twelve rabbit clones. Or... thirteen? It was an eternity ago. Several. And didn't really matter which. Even one extra Cream would be a headache. Especially if it was his Cream. She probably still hated him. He killed her mother, after all. Kind of.

Well, he hated himself for that too.

"Knock knock!"

Miles jerked upright, almost choking on his pencil as he hastily tried to cover the sheet over with a scrap of paper half its size. His chair tilted back dangerously as his tangled tails struggled to disengage themselves…

A hand lightly pressed against the back of his neck, tilting him back forward as another hand popped the pencil out of his mouth.

"You are so jumpy lately." Green eyes gazed at him half-lidded, framed by pink quills and a bright, if somewhat cheeky, smile.

"Oh, hey, Amy." Miles rubbed the back of his head with a sheepish grin.

The pink hedgehog reached past him without hesitation, snatching the starchart from the desk and peering at it with a frown, Miles pencil tapping against her lips.

"Miles Prower, I am ashamed of you." She dropped the papers back on the desk with a theatrical sigh, placing a hand on her forehead. "Tails, usually when a boy hides something, it's supposed to be something juicy."

"Hey, stars are cool." Miles frowned.

"Ugh. Not what I mean. You're so lame." Amy sat on his desk in front of him, long sleeved winter coat - new, if Miles wasn't mistaken - still dusted with snow as she leaned against a machine that represented a month's worth of solid effort, threatening to drip on it.

"So… uh, were you looking for Sonic today?" Miles smiled. "He's over near Station Square, checking out some energy readings for me."

He said he'd help her with Sonic, after all. It wasn't like he was sacrificing his friend to preserve his lab or anything.

"Hm?" Amy kicked her leggings-clad legs together, spattering meltwater across his floor. "Oh, I already knew that. I'm going there next. Actually…"

The pink hedgehog leaned forward suddenly, closer and closer until her ice cold nose poked his own, making him flinch.

"Hah. Gotcha." She smirked, too close. "But you remember your promise, right?"

Miles nodded, rubbing the chill off his nose. The hedgehog was even more unpredictable than usual lately. "Sure do. Next Thursday. I remember. All planned."

A whole new facet of Amy weirdness to deal with, she'd demanded he 'take her someplace nice.'

Probably so she could talk about Sonic the whole time.

"Great!" Amy's smile broadened and she hopped off the table once more. "Well, I'm going to Station Square. Wish me luck!"

"Good luck." Miles waved absently, steadying the machine on his desk as it wobbled dangerously. "Oh, Amy?"

"Hm?" Amy stopped halfway out of the door, big green eyes staring at him.

"That new coat looks... really good on you."

"Thanks!" Treating him to a glorious grin, the pink whirlwind disappeared from his lab once more.

Miles sighed in relief. At least she was happy. He still wasn't sure how to handle her. And now he had to think up someplace nice, and preferably quiet, on top of everything else.

Reaching for his computer pad, Miles tapped a few buttons before typing with one hand, performing disaster relief on his desk with the other.

:: Amy headed your way.

:: Mention the coat!

Barely a moment passed before it pinged back in rapid succession.

:: ty for heads up

:: will try 2 gtho b4 she gets here

:: nothingburger so far

Miles sighed. Grammar was just another "detail" as far as Sonic was concerned, and the hedgehog had little time for those.

Still, nothing from the readings was interesting. This wasn't one of the "readings" where he needed his treasured friend to get off his couch and give him a few hours of peace and quiet to get things done. Sonic wasn't even the only one he'd asked to check them out.

No, these seemed to be concentrations of pure chaos, like Chaos Emeralds were in heavy use, except Miles had at least one of those in his lab right now powering an experimental coffeemaker, and there were more than a dozen readings across the zones. Hopefully the Chaotix, and Knuckles, would have more lu-

Ugh. Great.

Miles held up what used to be an important blueprint, an imprint of Amy's butt soaked through it. Even in a good mood she was a destructive force of nature.

Well, good thing she was already wearing black. Miles sighed, one eye shimmering crystalline pink as he focused on the paper, focusing the power of the stone...

A shower of rings tumbled from his body and disappeared as his body ignited from within, then restored itself just as quickly. Miles coughed ashes into his elbow with a shudder, the remains of his old lungs dusting his fur.

He brushed his arm with a tail, pressing a button on his pad as he heaved in a fresh breath of air.

"Note to self. Collect new rings."

Especially before doing that again. He tapped the button again.

"Oh, and plan Amy outing. Next Thursday evening. Somewhere nice."

The paper in his hand was pristine once more, it had now never been sat upon in the first place. A localised paradox, slipped in where the universe wasn't looking.

'Chrono Control' he'd named it, when he was showing off to the girl who had called him her hero. The girl who no longer even remembered they'd met. It was a pale imitation of the power he'd once held, and a pale echo of its cost. The last tangible evidence that the events of Happy Days had ever happened.

Except for the rabbits.

Miles shook his head, going back to his calculations. The shuttle he'd put the rabbits onto had taken a scenic route - so much as one existed, in space - taking a whole month to get back to Earth from Little Planet, a month that was now coming to an end within the next few days.

This grace period wasn't his doing. He'd had no information and the best of intentions when he sent the rabbits back to an Earth that had long since been wiped out by the Happy Days project. And when he'd finally left he'd left before the rabbits were even born, to an Earth that had never died. Because time travel was the worst.

Miles sighed again. It was probably Reason, his almost clone, among so many other possible labels. Saving him once again from beyond the grave he'd put her in, helping him to avoid awkward questions that Miles wouldn't have been able to answer without explaining everything he'd done to his friends, shortly before they stopped being his friends.

But he had this under control. He just had to calculate where and when the shuttle was due to land, make sure there were no witnesses, and convince them, especially the one that hated him, especially the three that loved him, to live a lie for the rest of their lives to protect his lies from being discovered.


At least these readings came at a good time. Assuming Robotnik was behind them, and he was usually behind everything, then everyone would be too busy dealing with that to care about a few random bunnies.

The machine on his desk beeped, indicating another chaos spike had been detected. Miles leaned over, twisting a paperclip around to spark a small monitor to life. He couldn't quite remember why the paperclip. He'd either run out of wire or been proving a point to Knuckles at the time. Possibly both. He should have learned his lesson from the TV. Sonic was always breaking it and needing him to fix the thing.


Miles squinted closer at the data, the particularity of paperclips forgotten.

Windy Hill? That zone was right near this lab.

Rubbing his chin thoughtfully, Miles reached over to his pad once more.

:: Got similar readings in the neighbouring zone. Going to check them out.

:: Coordinates on my desk if I'm not here when you get back.

After waiting a few moments without reply, Miles typed again.

:: Amy might like that new crêpes shop on Baker's Street.

The reply came instantly this time.

:: traitor

Miles smiled faintly. Yep. She'd already caught him.

"Good luck, Amy."

Whatever good that would do.

Miles stood with a sigh, stretching legs and tails before walking to the door, the winter chill leaking through where Amy hadn't shut it properly. He could work on his rabbit problem more when he got back.

Miles slipped out of his lab and raced off into the snow.