There was a lull in the fighting, so Col. Potter agreed to host a special Carnival Day at the 4077th.

One of the activities was a dunk tank, and Maj. Houlihan had the honor of sitting on it! In the spirit of the event, she wore one of her dress uniforms, atop the tank.

First up was Col. Potter himself.

"All right, Major, I'm dunking you!" he said.

His first ball was too low. His second was too high. And his third hit the target, but not with enough force to dunk her.

"No, you're not, Colonel!"

Next was Hawkeye.

"This is for not laughing at my jokes!"

All three of his balls missed.

She kicked the water with her bare left foot. "Ha, ha, ha!"

Next up was Klinger.

"This is for not letting me borrow your red shoes!"

His balls didn't hit the target, either.

"It clashed with your dress!" she quipped.

Next was BJ.

"OK, Margaret, you've been dry long enough!

Again, all three of his balls missed the target.

She kicked the water again. "I'm still dry!"

Next up was Radar.

"Well, here goes nothing!"

His first ball hit the target, dunking her into the water! People cheered. Margaret put the chair back up and got on it, again.

"A lucky throw, I guess."

His second ball also dunked her! Again, people cheered, and she put the chair back up and set on it.

"Wow, I guess I'm good!"

He threw his d ball. SPLASH!

There were wild cheers. "I'm good!" he said, with a giggle!

Others also managed to dunk Margaret. After an hour, she got off the tank. She put her shoes on and was given a towel.

Radar walked over to her. "Hi, Major."

"Hi, Radar. You were good!"

"Thanks! I hope you didn't mind me getting you all wet!

"Radar, I've told you this before, you've got to have more self-confidence!"

"Oh, yeah! Well, I'm kinda proud that I was the first to dunk you!"

"That's better!"

She kissed him on the cheek, causing him to blush! The others cheered!