Undeniable Feelings

Summary: Korsak feels like there is something missing from his life. He is confused by his feelings he had developed for one Angela Rizzoli over the years. Jane has also been confused and stressed about things happening in her own life. Will things work out in the end. contains Korsangela and Rizzles

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I seen that the Rizzoli and Isles fanfiction stories are still relevant. Thanks to Covid-19 I had gotten back into fanfiction writing, reading what stories I wanted to finish that I wrote, I deleted a few I weren't happy with and haven't watched Rizzoli and Isles since Frost died, but I plan to finish watching the series at some point. So my writing will be rusty, but looking back it really wasn't the best a decade ago. I decided to rewrite the story of Korsak/Angela I started several years ago and redo it, with some Rizzles side plot. Enjoy!

Korsak was sitting at his desk, the end of the day was near, he was working on some paperwork. Jane had invited him to come down to the Dirty Robber, he accepted her invitation and let her know he would be there within the hour. His thoughts led him to thinking about this afternoon when he visited Angela at the cafe on their lunch break. He had noticed she had a somber look on her face for about a week, it was quite concerning for the old man. Everytime he had asked her how it was going she said she was alright, but Korsak was a detective and could get a pretty good read on facial expressions. Plus with all the time she was here in the cafe he was able to learn quite a bit about the woman.

Several hours earlier, Korsak had come into the cafe for a drink and noticed that Angela wasn't at the counter but she was sitting at a table, deep in thought it seemed. He couldn't help but notice the sad look on her face as she stared down stirring her coffee. He pulled up a chair and sat in front of Angela, a look of concern written on his face, Angela noticed.

"Hey Vince, is Jane okay?" she asked, straightening up in her chair. She was always worried about her daughter.

He nodded, "Yeah, she's alright, as far as I can tell. That's not why I'm here. I've been quite worried about you lately, I know you say everything is alright, but I'm a detective and I can tell something is bothering you. But I don't want to push you into talking about something if it's too... concerning."

Her hands wrapped around her cup of coffee, "It's nice knowing that you are worried about me, but I promise you don't need to be. I'm alright."

Korsak nodded, "Alright, but whenever you need to talk, I'm here for you," he smiled warmly at the woman. "I'm certainly more calm to talk to than Jane is. No offense."

Angela laughed warmly at the older man, "Trust me no offense taken, we all know how Janie is."

He laughed, "She's definitely pretty stubborn," he stood up from the table. "I should be getting back to work, I'll see you later, yeah?"

Angela looked up at him and smiled, "Don't work too hard, same goes for Jane."

"I'll make sure she stays out of trouble, well I'll try to at least."

Korsak leaned back in his chair and put his paperwork away, he'd go ahead and work on the rest tomorrow. What he needed was some time at the Dirty Robber with Jane. He went to leave the building and noticed Angela sitting on the front steps. She jumped slightly when she heard footsteps, she looked behind her and noticed Korsak.

"Angela, what are you doing outside? It's pretty cold out here."

"Oh, I just wanted to get some fresh air while I waited for Maura to come take us home."

Korsak looked at her as she stood up, "I could always take you home Angela, I was just on my way to the Dirty Robber."

She shook her head, "I'll just wait for Maura, but I'm kind of glad I ran into you. I was thinking about our conversation this afternoon, I kind of feel bad not exactly telling you what's been going on. I just it's about Sean, and I don't want whatever happened to get in the way of your work relationship with him."

He nodded, he knew they had something going on, and it didn't bother him at first, but he felt the need to protect Angela if Sean had hurt her in any way. "Did he upset you?"

"Not exactly, well it wasn't really his fault, I know how the past can make it hard to have a successful relationship. I was kind of nervous about getting into a new relationship since my divorce with Frank. But Sean was a very nice man and I felt a connection with him," she went to zip up her jacket, shoving her hands into her pockets. "It was kind of unexpected."

Korsak nodded, "Yeah I can see why it could be unexpected, him being Jane's boss and everything."

Angela looked at him, "Yeah, but then last week when I thought things were going alright he kind of became tense, but he let me know why eventually, he confided in me and well let's just say things ended between us. And I just had become occupied in my thoughts lately. He promised we could still be friends but when things ended the connection I felt with him sort of stopped. I've been trying to wrap my head around it, I don't do well with change," she shrugged her shoulders. "Maura has been the only one I told about any of this, I haven't even told Jane because I know how she would get, you know?"

"Yeah, that's pretty understandable. I know I said it before but you can always tell me anything."

"And I thank you for that, I really do," she smiled warmly at him. Angela liked knowing that Vince would always be there to protect her, it left a warm feeling inside of her. A warm feeling she felt when she and Sean started flirting with one another. Korsak had always been a good friend to her, she didn't really think about him in any other way, thinking about how much conflict it could cause, especially after her relationship with Sean just ended a week ago.

Angela was taken out of her thoughts when she heard Maura approaching, "Hello Detective Korsak, Angela," she looked between them, noticing something was off, but Maura didn't like guessing.

"Hey Maura, was just seeing if Angela wanted to come to the Dirty Robber, I made plans to meet Jane there, heard you were driving her home though," Korsak looked at the medical examiner.

Maura looked at her watch, it wasn't as late as she thought it would be when she got out, "I mean it's not as late as I thought it was," she looked towards Angela. "If you wanted to go, we could go for a bit. I did have some things I wanted to discuss with Jane."

Angela looked at the both of them, it would be better than going home, she could use the distraction from her thoughts, "I guess it couldn't hurt being out a little bit. We'll see you there Vince," she smiled at him and he nodded.

"Sure thing, see you ladies there," he gave them one last glance before walking off, leaving the two girls alone.

"I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long Angela, it's a little cold out," she linked her arm with the older woman as they walked to her car. "So what else were you two talking about, if I'm not intruding."

"I was just keeping Korsak updated of all that was going on, is all. He seemed concerned and I didn't feel like keeping things from him."

Korsak had made it to the bar, Jane was watching a basketball game, he shook his head Jane was throwing obscene gestures at the television. He sat on the stool next to Jane.

"Jane Rizzoli, I've gotten several calls before coming over here about a noise complaint," Korsak spoke up in a teasing voice and Jane looked at him. "Anymore complaints and I'm going to have to arrest you, and that's something I really don't want to do."

Jane rolled her eyes, "Sorry Detective, I'll be more considerate. Glad you decided to show up."

"Well a promise is a promise, I told you I would come. I must warn you though that your mom and Maura are coming too," he told her and she frowned. "They should be here shortly."

She ran a hand through her hair, "You couldn't resist to invite them could you?" she drank some of her beer. "I thought you knew I was distancing myself from Maura, and I really don't want to talk to Ma, she's been hiding something from me. I had to hear it from Cavanaugh, Ma can meddle into my love life, but yet she won't let me know that he ended things with her. I can't believe it you know, first she kept her relatonship a secret, and then she won't let me know what's going on in her life."

Korsak shrugged, ordering him two beers and nodded as the bartender slipped over some peanuts to him, "I'm sure she had her reasons for not telling you Jane, plus you don't exactly handle bad news very well," he eyed her and she sighed.

"Fine, but she still could have told me, I'm her daughter. Can I have another beer?" she asked the bartender who nodded. Jane took a sip of the new beer. "I just don't understand how she wants to be involved in my life, but I can't be involved in hers."

"Why don't you just ask her?" he asked, noticing the two women he invited enter the bar. Jane went to go look down at her drink, trying her best to avoid eye contact with the two women she wasn't really expecting to see tonight.

"Hey Janie," Angela greeted her daughter, Maura in tow.

"Hi," she looked up for a moment before going to drink some more of her beer.

"Jane, can we talk?" Maura moved to stand next to Jane, looking at her in concern. Jane looked up, glancing at her mother first, she sighed, talking to Maura first wouldn't be the worst thing, or that's what she had decided on. Korsak owed her for this.

"Sure," she got off of the stool and grabbed her beer, following her friend to a more quiet spot in the bar.

"What was that all about?" Angela asked Korsak who just shrugged. Angela ordered a wine spritzer from the bartender.

Jane leaned against the wall, "So what was it that you wanted to talk about?" she asked her friend.

"You've been avoiding me and I wasn't sure as to why," Maura had a frown on her face, and Jane sighed.

"I didn't mean to avoid you, I was just, confused about some stuff, but then my current case took priority," Jane looked into her friends eyes, sighing. "I know I said that everything was alright between us, but it's just hard to wrap my head around."

"We got into a heated argument because we were both exhausted, and you kissed me Jane. You apologized to me, for what I don't quite understand."

The taller woman sighed, "It's inappropriate Maura, we're best friends and we work together. And I'm not even into girls like that."

Maura eyed her best friend, "You know just because you're not into girls in general doesn't mean you can't develop feelings for someone you are close to of the same sex. We both date men and it never seems to turn out exactly how we would plan a relationship to go. We spend almost all of our time outside of work together, feelings can get conflicted, especially when you feel compatible with someone. There are many sides to the spectrum, there's more than just being gay or straight. I've done my research."

Jane couldn't help but roll her eyes, "Of course you did."

"You know as well as I do that I need research, it's part of who I am. And I've come to believe, based on research of different kind of sexualities, that I'm pansexual."

Jane looked at her, "Well I guess I'll have to research some things too. I don't want to end up being more confused than I already am," she rubbed the back of her neck, and looked over to the bar with her Ma and Korsak sitting really close together. Maura noticed Jane looking elsewhere, she sighed, she would have to give Jane some time to think things over.

"We can talk about this later if you want Jane."

It took a second before Jane turned her attention back to Maura, "Could we please? I almost forgot that I needed to talk to Ma about something. I just don't want you to think I'm avoiding things again."

Maura rested her hand on Jane's shoulder, "I don't think that, I actually think it's nice you are willing to do some research to figure this out," she smiled, leaning up to kiss her cheek, with Jane automatically felt her cheeks warm up at the contact. "It means a lot to me."

Jane smiled, "You mean a lot to me," she admits, before they headed back to the bar, where Angela and Korsak were laughing. She witnessed her ma putting her hand on Korsak's. "Ma, can we talk?" she asked, Angela looked at Korsak and smiled, sliding off of the stool.

"Sure Janie," Angela told Korsak that she'd be back, Jane noticed the smile he gave her mother and she shook her head, grabbing Angela by the arm and pulling her to a table to talk. Angela looked at her daughter, "Did I do something wrong?" she looked up at Jane.

"Ma, how could you not tell me about Cavanaugh breaking up with you?"

Angela frowned, "How did you find out?"

"Cavanaugh told me this afternoon, I was about to enter the cafe for some coffee and he seen me looking at you in concern. He apologized for doing what he did, but he didn't realize that I had no idea what he was talking about. I just don't understand Ma, why didn't you tell me? You knew in the first place I was kind of put off by the thought of you and him going out, but you couldn't tell me about this? You meddle in my life, but it's like I can't know what's going on in your life."

"Janie, I'm sorry I didn't let you know, but I am still trying to wrap my head around the whole thing myself. My relationship with Sean didn't even last too long, I knew you would get upset, and I didn't want you to get upset with him."

Jane sighed, "So did you even ever plan to tell me?"

"When I was ready I was going to, Janie, please don't be upset with me," she reached over to grab her daughter's hands, giving them a squeeze. "I just didn't know how to tell you, you can't blame me for that."

"I guess I can't, but I'm still hurt Ma," she pulled her hands away from her mother's. "Anything else you hiding from me Ma?" Jane asked, eyeing Korsak at the bar.

Angela noticed where Jane's eyes went, "With Vince? Of course not Jane, we're just friends, you know that."

"I see the way he looks at you Ma, and..." Jane paused and couldn't help but laugh at her statement, her mom looked at her confused.

"Jane, what's so funny?" she eyed her daughter.

"I just realized how similar we are Ma. A few weeks ago, remember that? When you asked me about Maura, and I told you we're just friends..."

Angela slowly came to the realization what Jane was going on about, "And I told you that I see the way she looks at you. I see. We have the same observations. So Korsak looks at me?" she looked over at the gentleman Jane worked with. "I guess I can't be so surprised. I am quite the catch."

Jane shook her head, with a slight smile, "Whatever you say," she looked at her watch. "It's getting kind of late Ma. You should let Maura take you home now."

Angela nodded, "You're right, I'm glad you're not upset with me anymore."

Jane stood up, "Of course, I just want us to have open, two sided conversations, not always have you focused on my personal life, I would like to know what goes on in yours as well. I worry you know."

She smiled at her daughter, "I promise," she kissed her cheek. "I'll see you tomorrow. Bye Jane."

"Bye Ma," Jane just waited for a moment, she observed her mom and Maura say their goodnights to Korsak. Maura looked over to Jane who smiled warmly and waved goodbye, Jane waved back smiling. Jane stood in her spot until both women were no longer in the Dirty Robber. She headed back to Korsak, sitting down next to him.

"So I take it things are good with you and your mother then?" he asked, taking a sip of his beer.

Jane nodded, "Yeah, things are going to be just fine. So did the Celtics end up winning?"

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