How did I end up here? Korsak asked himself as he woke up in the hospital. He remembers going to the crime scene with Jane by a pond closest to the precinct and he was pretty sure there were gunshots, after that it was a blur. Korsak didn't notice Jane sitting in a chair next to his bed. She had a sling on her left arm and she was sleeping.

"Jane, Jane, wake up," he whispered. He seen her stir lightly.

She opened her eyes moments later and looked at Korsak, "Oh hey, glad to see you are awake. One hell of a day."

Korsak looked at Jane, "What happened? Why is your arm in a sling?"

Jane sighed, "Well we were at the crime scene and someone started shooting, you dove on top of me to protect me, knocking me to the sidewalk, hence my arm getting injured. And well... you got shot twice once in the chest and the other grazed your head. The doctors had to do surgery to get the bullet out of your ribcage," she closed her eyes for a moment. "You, you were almost gone, but they were able to save you. Korsak, you almost died because you tried to protect me," she stated, in tears. "You saved my life Korsak."

He nodded, taking in all the Jane told him, in tears of his own, "I would protect you no matter what Jane, you know that. I'm sorry about your arm. We both got out of this, that's what we should take from this. Where's Frost? He was at the crime scene too."

Jane wiped the tears that had fallen down her cheeks, "Frost is alright, he was on the way to the car before the gunshots started, he drove and ended up hitting the gunman. The car got beat up but Frost is good. Cavanaugh came after hearing about the incident, he told me that Frost and Frankie were taking over the case of the crime scene. I'm on desk duty until my arm heals. He said he'll talk to you later, he was really concerned when the doctors almost lost you. Keeping Ma from coming in here was extremely difficult. She was fuckin' hysterical. I told her to wait in the waiting room and I'd come get her when you woke up."

"Angela is here?" he eyed his partner.

"Yeah, but I figured we should talk first, so I stayed here after your surgery and haven't left once. You saved me I had to make sure you were alright. Want me to go get her?"

Korsak shrugged, "Yeah you can if you want. I really don't want to overreact seeing me like this."

Jane rolled her eyes, "If you have plans to date Ma, you're going to have to get used to her overreacting, it's just the Rizzoli way," she laughed and got up. "I'll go get her," Jane left the room and Korsak sighed. She was right.

Jane walked over to her mother that was sitting down in the middle of the waiting room, Maura sitting next to her, Jane didn't realize she was here, she looked quite distraught.

"Hey Maura, I didn't think you would be here. Ma, Korsak finally woke up, you can go see him now," she smiled, sitting down next to Maura, kissing her cheek.

Angela stood up, "Thanks for letting me know. And thanks for keeping me company Maura," she smiled and walked away to go enter Korsak's room.

"Thanks for being here with Ma Maura, I wasn't going to let him out of my sight, he saved my life today, I definitely owe him one."

"I think he owes you one too for breaking your arm," Maura shook her head.

"It's just a sprain," she smiled, correcting her, leaning her head against Maura's shoulder.

Once Angela walked into his room, Korsak smiled slightly, the look of sadness on her face was apparent. She sat down on the chair that Jane was previously sitting in. Angela just observed the man, she was definitely at a loss of what to say.

"What are the odds that the day I decide to try and start dieting I get shot," Korsak chuckled, trying to make Angela smile, it had no affect.

Angela couldn't stand to see the man she cared about in the hospital bed, and here he was making jokes. "You almost died today because you saved my daughter, I-I can't thank you enough for that," she said, trying her best to hold back her tears. "I don't know how Jane always happens to get herself into trouble. You put your own life in danger, just to save Jane," she sniffled, reaching over to take Korsak's hand in hers.

"I would do anything to make sure Jane is safe, she's like a daughter to me," he smiled, squeezing her hand. Angela just smiled and didn't say anything else.

Angela sighed feeling her phone go off moments later, she regrettably let go of Korsak's hand and got the phone out of her pocket, it was Sean. She got up and told Korsak she'd be right back before leaving the room and answering Sean's call. "Hi."

"Hello Angela. I was calling to see if we were still going to go out tonight, as friends of course. Jane told me Vincent was well and awake, I can only imagine how relieved you feel."

"I'm glad he's alright. Would you be alright if we didn't go out, I'm still a little shaken up about what happened today."

"Sure that's fine, I can come pick you up from the hospital and I can take you home, we can eat there."

"I appreciate the offer Sean, but I think I'm just going to enjoy the company of my daughter and Maura tonight. Maybe on Sunday you can come over for dinner."

"I understand, Sunday sounds nice. Enjoy your weekend alright?"

"Of course, you too. Bye Sean."

"Bye Angela," he sighed.

Angela hung up and put the phone in her pocket, she looked distraught and Jane took notice. Jane would talk to her mother later, she was really concerned about her, not just because of what happened with Korsak today but over everything. Jane's mother was nothing more than a people pleaser, she hated disappointing people and that was often her downfall. Jane smiled sadly at her mother before she went back to Korsak's room.

Poor Angela going through stuff and Korsak getting injured. I feel bad for them and I'm the one writing about it. thanks for the people reading my story it makes me feel proud. Until next time.