Greetings, Avatar and My Hero Academia fans. Ninja here and today I'm going to try my hand at a rendition of Izuku Midoriya as the Avatar of legend. It is worth noting that Midoriya is still quirkless and his abilities as the Avatar are not quirks, but bending abilities as the Avatar. That said, I own neither Avatar the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, or Boku No Hero Academia, so sit back and enjoy the story.

Avatar: The Legend of Midoriya

A New Age





Long ago in ancient times, there were four distinct nations that ruled over the entire earth and lived together in harmony. Sure there were hard times, but things always seemed to work out between the Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, the Water Tribes, and the Air Nomads. Among these nations, there lived a being of immense power and strength known as the Avatar, who could bend all four elements and kept peace between the Four Nations. As they were human beings with human lifespans, the Avatar reincarnated into each nation upon his or her death in a cycle so that they may still continue their duty as the Avatar. However, as powerful as the Avatar was, they were human and made mistakes at times throughout history. One such example was the last Avatar of the millennium, Avatar Korra. Though she was quite strong and capable as the Avatar in her youth, she was tricked into giving up the Spirit of Light, Raava, to the Spirit of Darkness, Vaatu. The Light Spirit was temporarily destroyed and the spirits of all Avatars before Korra were lost forever. Even when Avatar Korra emerged victorious in the end, the cost was great and weighed heavily on her heart.

After that dreadful day, many things had come to pass. Avatar Korra continued her duties as the Avatar and grew in even greater strength and wisdom in her years. Even after the day of her death at 87 years of age, there were many decades of lasting peace throughout the land. But nothing lasts forever.

Avatar Korra's friends, families, and allies searched tirelessly throughout all the nations for the next Avatar, but for nothing. The searched through the vast Earth Kingdom for years and had even moved on to check the Fire Nation, Air Temples, even the Water Tribes. It appeared at the Era of the Avatar had ended with Korra.

Or so they thought.

Upon Avatar Korra's death, Raava had begun to move on to find the next Avatar but found that it was too weak to manifest itself again. The damage it sustained so many years ago took its toll despite not truly dying. In a way, the Avatar Spirit had died in this Era. In time, wars erupted and corruption ran rampant without the Avatar to keep balance. Cities burned and civilizations crumbled over time. Eventually, the world moved on, forgetting the time of the Avatar and of bending as the ability grew scarce. Without the connection to the Spirits that lived in the Avatar, fewer and fewer people gained the ability to bend the elements over the years. Bending itself had faded into the distant past. This left many civilizations without the means to function, as bending was so integrated into their way of life that they had to either evolve or die out. So they moved on, learning to live without bending or relying on the spirits. The Great Spirit Portals had closed on themselves as the connection faded from the world. It was a hard blow for the world, but life tends to find a way.

Many centuries passed as new civilizations cropped up in the world. The only evidence of the past era were in the ancient temples and dead civilizations that are studied to this day. Eventually, the world had grown into the modern age and a new era had hatched from the egg of the old. The Era of Quirks.

It started in China with a bioluminescent newborn and had snowballed from there. Today, nearly 80% of the world's population had some sort of uncanny biological ability. There was of course struggle as the world's governments scrambled to maintain order, which created the need for incredible individuals who held self-sacrifice in their hearts. These people became the first heroes of the modern world. Heroes were now a profession akin to first responders with a public affairs department, who would stop crime and save lives where they could overseen by the government.

Why am I telling you this?

Because this is the story of how I, Izuku Midoriya, became the world's greatest hero. Of this Age, and the Last.


"Sorry kid, it's not gonna happen." A doctor said uncaringly.

The shellshocked kid before him dropped his action figure at the news. This 4-year-old child was named Izuku Midoriya. Midoriya had always dreamed of becoming a hero just like All Might, the Number One Hero of Japan and came with his mother to find out information concerning his quirk. Unlike the other kids at school, his was yet to manifest. And apparently, would never do so.

"Are you sure?" his mother asked worriedly. "All the other kids had manifested theirs, so maybe we just can't see it?"

"Hmm…" he answered "You are fourth or firth generation quirk user right?"

"Yes, I can attract small objects to me and my husband breathes fire."

"Got it, let me explain here." The doctor pulled out an X-ray of the child's foot. "When quirks started cropping up, many studies had been preformed to make as much sense out of them as possible. One constant factor was the double jointedness of one's pinky toe. There are discrepancies of course, but generally those who have quirks generally have only one joint in their pinky. It's theorized that it just a more streamlined version of the human form. While some people have the one joint and no quirk, there are no cases where someone has two joints and has a quirk. I'm sorry, but given his age, there's no chance young Izuku will ever develop a quirk." The doctor had gained a small tone of sympathy that went unnoticed by the child. Izuku was shocked beyond words.

'I…I can't be a hero?'


A few months had passed since his diagnosis of quirklessness as he turned five. Not one kid came to his party, just him and his mom. His father had left the country a while back. Izuku didn't know the details and his mom didn't like to talk about it, so he didn't mention it. Kacchan, his childhood friend, was his only friend if you could call him that. Ever since Katsuki Bakugo developed his Explosion quirk, his demeaner had changed to be more brash and aggressive. And Midoriya being quirkless lowered Katsuki's opinion of him greatly. Izuku still hung out with him though, even with the maltreatment. Even then he could tell that Kacchan would go to do great things with his quirk and found inspiration in him. The feeling wasn't mutual though.

One day, Katsuki, Izuku, and a couple of Katsuki's friends were exploring a forest and came across a crevice with a small river in it. There was a log that would allow them to cross.

"I don't know, 'Suki." One kid mentioned to him. "It doesn't look to stable."

"Ha!" He yelled back. "Think I'm scared of some log? Watch and learn!" He started gracefully across the log, watched carefully by his posse. "See? No problAAA!" He slipped and fell into the water below!

"Katsuki! You ok?" The winged kid called. Katsuki shook himself off and grinned up. "Like that could hurt me!" Nevertheless, help found him anyway.

"Are you alright? Are you hurt?" Izuku had run down to meet the blond boy after his fall. Falls at that height could hurt, you know!

Katsuki looked at Izuku strangely for a second then glared fiercely. "I don't need your stinkin' help, Deku!" Izuku winced at the rude nickname.

"I-I just wanted to make sure you were-"


Midoriya fell as he was pushed back by his former friend. "I SAID I DIDN'T NEED YOUR HELP, WORTHLESS DEKU!" Bakugo and his cronies ran off, leaving the green haired kid in the stream.

Izuku cried as he got up. 'Why is he being so mean? I just wanted to help…' He stood up and started for the edge of the stream. But in the corner of his eye, he saw something else in the water downstream.

"H-Hello? Who's there?"

There was a layer of mist concealing the figure, which was odd, as it was a bright summer day. He could just barely make out the image of woman. A woman in warm, blue furs.

He rubbed his eyes and looked again. The figure was gone as the mist started to fade.

"Hello?" He called again. No answer.

"Guess it was nothing." He figured as he got out of the water. He had to find his way out now, find Kacchan.


When he made his way back to the playground where they had started, Izuku found Katsuki and the others. He also found something he didn't like very much.

A kid. Small, younger, and weaker than Bakugo's squad. And Bakugo was bearing down on him.

Before he could make a second thought, Midoriya jumped forward. "Stop Kacchan!" He placed himself between the kid and his bully of a friend.

"Hah? What are you doin' Deku?"

"Heroes don't pick on people! What are you doing?"

"Out of the way, pebble!"

"If you d-d-don't stop, I'll…I'll…I'll stop you myself!" Midoriya shouted with all his might.

Bakugo just stared, then smiled. "You ain't got a chance without a quirk, you Deku." He punched his hand with an explosion to prove his point.

Midoriya held his ground, shaking in fear. "I-I-I don't care! S-Stop it!"

A few minutes later, Izuku found himself beaten into the ground, covered in burn marks. Even the kid he was defending had mocked him for trying to help before leaving. He sat up, holding his stomach in pain.

"Stupid Kacchan, doing whatever he wants…it's not right." He muttered as picked himself up. "Guess I should head home."

He made his way back to his house, which wasn't terribly far for the five-year-old to walk.

"Maybe I can ask Mom if we can have Katsudon for dinner." He wondered aloud. As he walked, he was being watched by an unseen figure. Someone who had been sleeping for a long, long, time.


The young boy had collapsed into bed that night and went to sleep in short order. Even without the fight from before, it was a long day of walking around the forest. And that mist…what was that about? He pondered these things as he slept…

'Bright. Is it morning?' He sat up on the grassy floor. "Wait, where am I?" He asked aloud. He shot up and took in his surroundings. There were large green leaves above his head that seemed to glow with life. Small, bright creatures roamed around, scurrying about their business. The sky was endless, appearing as a swirling vortex of space.

"Hello?!" He called out, afraid.


"GAH!" He jumped and fell on his butt. A voice had appeared right behind him. Along with a woman. He gasped slightly at the sight.

The woman seemed to be elderly, but had an ageless face that seemed incredibly familiar, and rather pretty in a way. She was dressed in blue winter furs which covered her entire form with small decorations adorning her neck. Kinda like an Inuit. Her eyes were blue and focused, but also kind and welcoming. Midoriya stared up at her in awe. He's definitely seen her before, but where?

Noticing the boy's silence, the woman sat down in front of the child, crossing her legs. "Hello, child. It's nice to finally meet you." She voice was a little gruff, but warm as well. "I suppose you don't really know where you are."

He shook his head no.

"Hmm, I see. You are a little to young to understand at the present moment, so let's say you're dreaming for now. Is that alright?" she asking kindly.

He nodded slowly.

"Good. Care for some jerky?"


"Seal jerky. Don't ask me how I have it, but I do and I'm sharing." She offered some dried meat to him, which he politely declined. Pretty or not, he didn't know this lady yet. "Ah, that's alright. More for me then." She chowed down on the meat, which wasn't really real, but that didn't matter.

Izuku finally gathered the courage to speak again. "Who…who are you?"

She looked up from her food, with her eyebrows raised. "Has it been that long?" Midoriya looked back blankly. She straightened and answered. "My name is Korra, I hadn't realized you didn't recognize me. No matter." She took another bite of jerky. "I knew some time had passed, but for this long? I saw some really amazing things today though. Satomobiles sure came a long way huh? I guess they aren't Satomobiles anymore..."

Midoriya stared at her rambling. Whoever this lady was, she wasn't making much sense at the moment.

"Anyway," she continued, "we can only talk for a short while so listen the best you can ok?" He nodded.

"I know you're a little young to really grasp this, so I can't tell you everything about who I am and how I relate to you. What I can tell you, is that you need to find the ancient ruins of Omashu."

"What's Omashu?"

"An old city. I'm not sure what it's called now but it will look like this." She projected an image to the young boy's brain, an image of a great city shaped like a pyramid. "There, you can begin to learn the secret of your power. You need not go right now, and you'll probably forget this when you wake up. But when you see it, you'll know what to do."

"I don't understand. My power? Do you mean a quirk?"

"Is that what that is? Doesn't matter. I know you don't understand, but you will one day when the time is right."

"Can't you just tell me?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you. Try stomping the ground a bit, see what happens."

Izuku frowned in thought. "You said I'm dreaming, right?"

"That's right."

"But if I know I'm dreaming, won't I-"


Izuku shot up. He was in his bed! And it was morning! He rubbed his head, trying to recall his dream.

"There was…a lady? Stomp the ground? What even…" He mumbled. Then he smelled breakfast and forgot all about it. For now.


Seven years later…

12-year-old Midoriya had since forgotten all about his dream about the strange woman, but hadn't forgotten his biggest dream for a single moment of his life. His drive to be a hero, even without a quirk, was stronger than the adversity around him.

But for now, he had to make do with his present, which was History class. Yippee.

"Now historians have long guessed as to how these structures were made by the ancient peoples of that time. The walls were thought to be carved, but recent studies have shown that there wasn't any evidence of tool work on the stone. No scratches or residue of any kind on the stone work. This wasn't so everywhere however…" The guest teacher droned on and on about the ancient architecture and the supposed technology gap thousands of years ago. Most students were fading fast into slumber at the old man's rambling, but Midoriya found himself paying better attention than usual. Not that he was a bad student, its just that this subject didn't really interest him generally. Until now that is.

"The best example of stonework engineering is the following ruin located in India, which shows distinct stone slides and chutes. Historians have speculated that it was used to transport goods, but it was debunked by Dr. Christian How about 10 years ago when he used a replica crate to slide down one such chute. Although the crate travelled easily down the chute, getting it back up physically, without quirks, would have been too difficult to maintain for very long." Midoriya looked up at the slide of the ruin.

And froze.

"Omashu…" He mumbled aloud.

"What was that, Mr. Midoriya?" The teacher asked.

"Ahh! Nothing!" He sweatdropped. "I just…it looks…cool?"

The guest speaker smiled as some giggles broke out in the class. "I agree with your assessment. It is rather cool, Mr. Midoriya." He continued smoothly. "That's why that's going to be the location of our field trip this Spring Break, so be prepared all. Thank you." The guest speaker gave a short bow before taking his leave. Ironically, those who weren't listening before were definitely listening now as their homeroom teacher picked up after the guest.

"Right, so here's how this will work. Put your name down if you are interested in attending the field trip. It is quite expensive, so talk it over with your parents when you get home." Some kids weren't interested in this and had other plans. Not Midoriya. This kid had no plans! He quickly put his name down.

"Interesting, Midoriya." The teacher commented. "Taking on new interests other than heroes?"

Midoriya looked down as he stuttered a response. "I-I just think t-they're interesting, Sensei."

"I see."


Collecting the funds definitely wasn't easy for the Midoriya's. Inko could only really pay for half the trip with her job and tasked Izuku with collecting enough funds to go on the trip to India. Hisashi's monthly check was only for essentials, so no help there. Midoriya wasn't sure why, but he felt like he really needed to go to Oma-to the ruins. With that drive, and needing something to do anyway, Midoriya probably washed every single car in Japan by the time Spring Break came along. And sure enough…

"Everybody listen!" Their homeroom teacher called out. "We'll be boarding the plane in 30 minutes! Make sure you're ready to board in 30 minutes!"

"Yes, Sensei!"

Midoriya decided to stay by the gate to be safe. The field trip consisted of only 10 students, so it was easy enough to keep track of everybody. The others weren't really friendly to Midoriya, but at least Kacchan wasn't here. Couldn't be bothered to come, which was alright with Izuku.

Soon enough, the group had flown to India and boarded the bus there to the hotel near the Ruins of Shoe. They spent the night at a hotel to recover from the flight. Midoriya had brought some extra research on the ruins to read that night. The name was a bit weird, but apparently that was the only part of the title they could make out upon discovery. The ruins were excavated about 60 years prior, as it was buried in the side of a canyon, literally. Many rooms and artifacts were discovered, but apparently there was a large room in the middle of the ancient city that was completely sealed off and had been for thousands of years.

The next morning, the class of middle schoolers was greeted by a happy-go-lucky tour guide who seemed to enjoy her job a bit too much.

"Hello students of Japan! My name is Judy and I'll be your tour guide for today! Please follow me to the entrance!" The class followed reluctantly at the smiling woman, sans Midoriya, who was excited to be here for some reason. He kept up with no issue, examining the various artifacts and cordoned areas. It's been 60 years since the place was discovered, but new things were uncovered every single day. Midoriya had one big question for the creepy lady.

"Excuse me, but how come the center has never be opened?"

"Ah, excellent question mister…"

"Midoriya, ma'am."

"Midoriya. Well I'd love to tell you all we're getting close in fact!" She addressed the class as they walked towards the center of the old city.

"The most mysterious part of this National Treasure is known as the Inner Palace! They reason we have never entered is that the stone sealing around its border is so tight together, it may just collapse as soon as we break the seal! No point discovering it if we destroy it in the process after all."

Midoriya hummed in thought. "I guess that makes sense, but how did the people who lived here get in and out?"

"Oh, it's quite the mystery, young Midoriya! However, thanks to recent technology, we have been able to take a scan of the interior and 3D print it here at this exhibit!" They approached a new exhibit, which detailed a large interior with statues, tables, pillars, and the like. The class looked and touched over every square inch, including Midoriya. There was one space that once empty and colored different.

"What about this part?" One girl asked.

"That's the only part that we couldn't scan. Maybe one day, however! Come, shall we move on?"

"Yes ma'am!" The class followed after Judy while Midoriya looked closer at the discolored spot. It was weird to say the least. He pulled a book out of his backpack for reference to compare. The rest of the interior had so much detail, but that room was completely blank? He looked back at the border of the area. It was completely cordoned off, not that anyone could hope to enter.

"Midoriya!" A hand reached out to tap him, it was the teacher's. "Catch up!"

"Ah! Right!" He hurried back to the others.

Judy guided them to the next exhibit, which appeared to be a mural. "This is the wall that is hypothesized to be the entrance to the Inner Palace! Notice the art work upon the wall and how the stone seems to interlock with itself!"


Midoriya gazed up to the design. It was a large figure of a couple. Two people facing each other and kissing, with strange creatures on either side of them. Above the couple was a woman, who seemed to be furious with long flowing hair and angry, pupil less eyes. On either side of her where stalagmites jutting out from her surroundings as she stood on a stone pillar.

"Come now! Let's move along!" Judy called. The class continued, but Midoriya was staying put. The teacher looked back to him, slighty annoyed at his quirkless student. "Midoriya! Let's go!"

Midoriya didn't move. His gaze was fixed on the design, specifically the eyes as his own shimmered.

"Midoriya!" He teacher called again, getting frustrated. "We're not waiting any longer for you!"

Midoriya didn't seem to hear him. He dropped his book as his eyes stared into the eyes of the mural. And the eyes of the mural seemed to look back.

"Midoriya! Get over here right no-"


The ground started to shake! Tourists and staff members alike stumbled at the sudden quake as the homeroom teacher tried to grab Midoriya. He was nearly there, but stopped in shock.

The boy's eyes. They were glowing.

And his weren't the only ones. The woman on the mural's eyes were glowing as well as the stone shifted. The stone really did interlock together, and it was coming apart! A small passage opened to the boy and he walked in thoughtlessly.

"MIDORIYA!" His teacher yelled uselessly. He tried to use his extending hand quirk to grab him, but wind erupted from the boy, stopping the hand completely as he walked inside. As he entered, the stonework shifted again, closing in on itself as if it never moved.


Izuku woke up on the cold floor.

"What…what happened?" He looked around. Glowing green crystals lined the ceiling in the dark room, illuminating what seemed to be an adorned entryway. He stood up shakily. He was looking at the mural, got lost in thought, and now he was here? This didn't make any sense!

"Hello?" He called out shakily. He looked behind himself. The wall behind him shut tight, locking him in. "So, I'm in the Inner Palace? Like Judy was talking about?" If that was true, he was the first step in here for thousands of years! He felt…small.

"Better go forward then, if I can't go back." He decided. He walked through the entryway, gazing at the paintings on the walls. Various designs of people of all sorts lined the wall, all seeming to perform a dance of some kind. It wasn't long until he noticed a pattern. It seemed to go from red clothes, to monk robes with blue arrows markings, blue Inuit, then green clothing, and so forth. He was so engrossed in the painting that he ran straight into a wall.


"Ouch!" He rubbed his head. Weird, it was stone, but it looked like a door. He knew the place was bigger than this from the exhibit, so what gives?

Stomp your foot.

He rubbed his head harder. Where did that come from? He looked at the wall again as he paced in front of it.

"Well, gotta try something." He stomped his foot.

Nothing. He stomped a bit harder.

Nothing. He grumbled a bit before looked at the painting again. There was a green figure with white make-up. She was stomping, and there was a rock in front of her. He thought for a moment, and tried to match the painting's stance. He stomped once more.


"Eep!" He jumped back. That definitely did something! He did it again, harder this time.


The wall in front of him cracked a bit. He set his stance again, trying something new.

"HAA!" He stomped and punched forward!


The wall exploded in front of him, revealing a larger part of the room! He grinned and looked at his hands in glee. "Is this…my quirk?"


Every police officer, fireman, Hero, and first responder was on the scene at the National Shoe Ruins. Apparently a boy was pulled in by a mysterious force into the impenetrable part of the ruins. The heroes were ready to burst in, but were stopped by several curators.

"If you break your way in, the whole thing might collapse! We don't know what will happen!"

"C'mon, you just don't want us to break anything!" One hero complained.

"Maybe, but it's still too dangerous! The kid's trapped in there, you'll crush him!"

"Shit." Pro Hero Death Arms looked up to the ruin. This is not how he imagined his vacation going. "Hang in there kid, help is on the way."



Midoriya was getting better at this. It was so natural to him every time he broke down a wall in this place. There it was definitely a Palace within, ballrooms and dining tables aplenty. But he had one destination now.

He found every part of the Inner Palace displayed on the exhibit outside except the unscannable part. It took some exploration (and minor demolition), but he eventually found a wall that he couldn't immediately budge. Upon closer inspection, he found that it was lined with a strange white metal. "What is this?" he wondered aloud. He ran his hands across the metal door.

Suddenly it glowed purple!

"High energy levels detected: over 90 Zhu Li's!" the door announced. And just like that, the door shifted and slid open.

Midoriya stared in shock. "That was some kind of technology! But how?!" He stepped in with caution.

Within, he found a far different sight from the rest of the Palace. The room he was in looked more like a warm office. Oil lamps lit upon his entry and books lined the shelves. A large saddle was hung from the ceiling in one corner of the room. On a desk laid some quills and a large dusty book. On the cover, it read "For the Next Avatar."

Midoriya blew some dust off and examined the handwritten book. Technically it was for this "Avatar", not him, but there wasn't anyone else here to say otherwise. He cracked it open, sat down, and began to read.


These letters and notes are meant for the Avatar to follow Avatar Korra upon the event of her death. If you are reading this, and have accessed the Platinum Door Verrick made, that means the next Avatar is you.

If you are short on time and must go, take this book and the beaded necklace from within the desk. They are yours to keep as the Avatar.


Midoriya's hands shook at the new information. Avatar? Platinum? Korra? He had nothing but time for now, so he turned the page and continued reading.

Dear Avatar,

Hello there, my name is Avatar Korra. I am the master of the Four Elements and keeper of peace in the world for as long as I live. If you, the next Avatar, are reading this, I am dead. That's ok though, so don't get upset. That's just how things work around here in the crazy Elephant Koi ride we call life.

Tenzin (my Airbending Master by the way) suggested I start writing down information for the next Avatar due to the UnaVaatu incident. I hope I can still contact you in your lifetime, but if not, you can refer to this book. Please treasure it. Technically speaking I didn't follow his advice on that until a few years later but I'm here now, so there. As for this room, it's what my friend Varrick calls a Time Capsule. Apparently when you seal it shut, nothing can get it or out. Not even radiowaves. It was made to sustain the longest amount of time possible in case something were to happen to me. Hopefully I don't die young or anything. The door responds only to the energy readings of the Avatar, you and you alone can open this room. Be sure to shut it on your way out.

Let's get right down to it. If you're reading this, you ARE the Avatar. No debates, no discussions. That means it's your responsibility to master the Four Elements and maintain peace in the world. If you're after me, you were probably born somewhere in the Earth Kingdom, so the first Element you must master is Earth. Can't imagine you'll have too much trouble with it, but remember to stay solid and think before acting. That said, commit to what you decide to do and you'll go far. Lots of good solid qualities with that one. Lots of sub-skills too, but you'll figure it out.

Next you must master the element of Fire. Fire is an offensive and lively element and requires drive and will to master. As well as restraint. Never let yourself go out of control. Fire comes from proper breath, which extends past your limbs to become fire.

Next in line is the element of Air. This was the hardest element for me to learn for its passive and defensive style. Avoid and evade attacks and react quickly to your surroundings with spiral movements. Breath control is also paramount here. Master Airbenders can even warm themselves in a blizzard with just their breath. So can firebenders, so you're covered either way.

Last but not least is the element of Water. Water is my home element and came very easy to me. Waterbending is about redirecting energy against your foe. Push and pull the water like the moon does to the ocean. You may also learn healing techniques from waterbending. WARNING. Never, ever, attempt to bend the blood of another.

These abilities are used individually by the nations of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. You are the only mortal in the world who can handle all four as the Avatar. I will provide further instruction in later sections of the book if a teacher is unavailable to you.

After mastering the four elements, you must begin making lasting peace in the world. It's your duty as the Avatar to protect both humans and spirits and to guide people towards harmony. However, no one said you had to do it alone. Seek wisdom everywhere you go and make allies. No one has to do this on their own. You have me (hopefully in more ways than a book) and your instructors in life. Rely on your friends as much as you protect them. You may be the Avatar, but you're not meant to be an out of reach hermit. You're human. Just as human as the rest of the world. So don't be afraid to be involved in the world to make a difference.

But that's enough blabbering for this letter. If you cannot stay in the time capsule for long, just be sure to take this book and the bead necklace from within this desk. You can use everything within this room, but you will need those two items the most.

The world is counting on you, Avatar. But don't worry, I've got your back. Forever.


Avatar Korra


"That's it!" Death Arms yelled. "Everyone stand back, I'm breaking in!"

"No, sir!" The head palentologist was now on the scene 30 minutes after the child was trapped. "He may not survive if it collapses!"

"He definitely won't if he suffocates in there!" the hero countered. He prepared to strike…



"Everyone get back!" Death Arms changed his tune quickly as the noise continued. It sounded as if something was breaking through wall after wall. And it was getting closer!


"I made it!" Midoriya shouted as he burst through the wall of the exhibit. He paused as he took in the scene. There were heroes everywhere, his teacher was crying, paleontologists were panicking, and Death Arms was right there! In front of him!

"…kid? You ok?"


"Yeah, you're ok."


The rest of the day was hectic. The paleontologists were frantically trying to figure out how Midoriya got in in the first place and where to begin for in person exploration. The heroes took the startled kid away from the rabid scientists as soon as possible. He was just a kid after all.

As for how he got out…

"Oh yeah! Sensei! Everyone! I got my quirk!" Midoriya rushed to an open spot and stomped his foot, cracking the concrete below him.

The class was shocked. Quirkless Midoriya? Not quirkless?

"That's…amazing, Midoriya!" His teacher exclaimed.

"Yeah, that really is somethin'." Death Arms commented. He had heard of kid manifesting their quirks late at about 6 or so, but 12? Unheard of. And yet, everyone insisted he was quirkless before today. Interesting.

"Well, we've been keeping the press out so far and we can't let you see them without parental permission, so you guys should head on out. We'll take it from here."

"Yes sir," the teacher replied. "Say thank you to Death Arms, Midoriya!"

"Thank you, Death Arms sir!"


The rest of the trip was uneventful. The entire Ruin had been closed down for the week as they explored the newly broken interior of the Palace, so the class had to find other ways to entertain themselves. Because Midoriya was technically to blame for that, he was still ignored by the others.

Not that Midoriya cared right now. After deciding to leave the Time Capsule, he snuck the Avatar Book and the Beads into his backpack before sealing the room shut. Was he stealing? Not really, since everything in the room was technically his. That very night, he stayed up in his hotel room reading the letters and notes of Avatar Korra. Over 87 years of life experience in a hard cover book! He still couldn't believe it!

He pulled out the strange beads from his pack. The were old, made of various materials like stone, wood, and bone. There were four symbols attached to the beads, which corresponded with each element. Korra said he'd need them, but for what?

He plopped down on his bed. He needed to process all of this, there was just too much to get through! Apparently he's an "Avatar" and its his destiny to master the four elements, whatever that means. He sat up. 'Wait a minute.' He thought. 'She said I have to master four elements, but I've only used one!' He checked the first letter again. 'Ok, fire is next after earth. I haven't mastered anything yet, but hey! Worth a shot!'

With confidence, he whipped his arm out.


He looked at his arm like it was broken. 'Ok, I didn't get Earth on the first try either though, so what am I doing wrong?' He checked the letter again.

Fire comes from proper breath, which extends past your limbs to become fire.

"Ok then." He whispered to himself. "Just breath…and…" he thrust his fist out.


A burst of fire shot from his fist! It was small, but it was fire! He did it!

"Yes!" He silently celebrated at his success. Then he noticed the fire didn't stop. "Oh crap! My backback!"

He waved his arm at the flaming backpack, sending a gust of wind at the fire. The fire died from the air blast, leaving a very surprised Midoriya.

"Was that…air?" He did it again. Yep, that was air. He can move the air around him! "Ok…spiral movements…" He moved his hand in a circle, manipulating the air around his arm. With a wave, he shut the closet door with a blast of air!

"Oh yeah! What's next? Water?" He rushed to the bathroom and filled the sink with water. Standing in front of it, he breathed deeply.

"Ok, push and pull…" He moved his hand to pull the water, then push it away.

Nothing happened at first, but with practice, the water moved with his hand and even rose above the sink! He waved his hand out of the bathroom and the water followed, flowing through the air like a snake. "I'm getting the hang of this!"

Knock knock knock

"AAK!" Midoriya lost focus, dropping the water on the carpet.

"Everything alright in there, Midoriya?" It was Sensei!

"Uh yeah! Everything's fine!" He called out. "Just uhh…doing some quirk discovery!"

"Well, I know you're excited, but it's time to sleep! Get some rest!"

"Y-yes sir!"

He gave a sigh as his teacher walked back to his room. He picked the water back up and let it flow back into the sink. Took a couple tries to completely remove it from the carpet.

Once he was done, he plopped back onto the bed with his book. Midoriya's life had been changed forever that day. And for the better.


And that's Chapter 1! Hope you all enjoyed, I figured while I was on the ATLA/BNHA train I might as well start another story! If you haven't yet read The Blind Hero: Toph Beifong, I highly recommend it!

Avatar Korra wrote this book for a very good reason. If the next Avatar couldn't contact any of his past lives, she needed to make a way for the next Avatar to talk to her. Even though she is still connected to Midoriya, he can still refer to the book when needed without having to figure out the spiritual mumbojumbo required to talk directly.

Do let me know what you think of this new fic in the reviews! Looking forward to writing more on the Legend of Midoriya!