Avatar: The Legend of Midoriya

Chapter Six

Not Your Average Orientation

"You have everything? Your schoolbooks? The Avatar Book?"

"Schoolbooks yes, Avatar Book no. Think I'll just keep it home."

"Ok, you have everything else though? Your pencils? Handkerchief? School schedule?"

"I have everything I'll need today. I gotta go-"

"Wait Izuku!"

"What? What is it?" He asked as he was halfway out the door. Inko's eyes shimmered for a moment before answering.

"I'm just really proud of you, sweetie."

He grinned as he fastened his backpack. "Thanks Mom, I'll be back soon!"

U.A. Academy was always pretty close to their home in Mustafu, only a 20 minute train ride away. He dimly thought about how long it would take to simply fly there by glider. Not that he could, legally anyway. He approached the school of his dreams, stopping at the barrier line. With a deep, thoughtful breath, he stepped forward. His first day at U.A. had officially begun.

Now to find homeroom. Couldn't be too difficult right?


'I was so wrong.'

He practically ran through the humungous school trying to find his classroom. He was running out of time!

"1A…1A…there! Holy…" Before him was a huge, 15 foot door with "1" and "A" made into it. "Must be for gigantification quirks. Hope Bakugo or that one guy isn't here…" He pulled the door open.

"Get your feet off that desk you hoodlum!"

"Fuck off, four eyes!"

'Oh. Great.'

"It's disrespectful to both the school and craftsmen of this desk!"

"You're kidding! Did your old school jam that stick in your ass? Or were you born with it?" Katsuki jeered. 'He hasn't changed much.' Midoriya hadn't missed his former friend's "unique" way communicating, nor have they really spoken since that day at the river. Unless you counted the Exam.

The strait-laced guy (whom Midoriya had not learned the name of yet) reattempted being polite, hoping it would reset the blond's mood. "Let's start over. I'm Tenya Iida from Somei Private Academy."

"Somei?" Katsuki mocked shock and awe. "Wow! You must be better than me in every fuckin' way! Can't wait to tear you a new one!"

"Gasp! You would threaten me? Are you sure you're in the right place?" Midoriya inched by as they bickered, hoping to go unnoticed.

"Wait! It's you!"

'Crap!' Iida was already marching his direction, drawing attention to himself from the other students, and to Midoriya. "I'm Tenya Iida from So-"

"Wait wait wait! It's ok, you said!" he interrupted nervously. "I-I'm Izuku Midoriya. It's v-very nice to meet you!"

Iida nodded at his answer. "Midoriya. You realized the true nature of the exam, didn't you?"

"…huh?" Iida chopped his hand in the greenette's direction.

"I must sincerely apologize. It is clear I completely misjudged your character! You are obviously far superior to me in the ways of heroism!" Iida announced loudly, causing Midoriya to sweatdrop.

"O-oh! Uh, I really don't know about that…"

"Oh hi, Midoriya!" A voice said from behind. He turned and…

'Woah! It's Urachaco! I mean, Ocharaka! I mean…wow she looks good in that uniform…focus!'

"Looks like you made it too! So happy to see you here, what do you think orientation's gonna be like? I'm so excited!" He went beet red at the attention. "Well…I…um…yes, ah…"

"Hey, it's you!" a voice called from the class. The pink-skinned girl! The one he saved! "You were awesome at the Exam! The way you stopped that Zero-pointer with that fire blast was a-m-a-zing!" Her comment caught the attention of most the class, especially one two-toned boy in the back.

"Wow! You took out the Zero-pointer too?" Uraraka asked.

"Uh yeah! I guess so…wait, "too"? You mean…"

"Yep! Took a lot of effort though…wait, don't you have an air quirk? How'd you use fire?"


Meanwhile, Bakugo was glaring daggers at the doorframe. At Deku, who somehow knocked out the obstacle apparently, but at that bitch too. He remembered the scoreboard well and would remember it for the rest of his life. '2nd place, to that little girl? Pathetic! And for that Deku to come so close too! And of course he'd get in with his collection of quirks…'

"I believe you are mistaken, Uraraka-san. He used a sand-quirk to halt the Zero-pointer." Iida interjected. "Though I did see an explosion from a distance…"

"Huh, did someone help you take it out, Midoriya?"

"Well…ah…you see…I have mul-my quirk is-"

"If you're just here to make friends, you can pack your stuff now."



On the floor behind them was a large, yellow, caterpillar! With a face!

"Welcome to U.A's Hero Course." The bored man drawled as he sipped on a juice pack. 'Oh…it's a sleeping bag.' The man stood up, shedding the puffy exterior. He had a tall, lanky build and looked…well…he looked like a tired mess. From the bags under his eyes to the unshaven face, he frankly looked homeless.

"It took you lot 8 seconds to shut up, that's not gonna fly here. Heroes need to be constantly aware of their surroundings." The two successors backed up as the man walked into the classroom. "Hello, I'm Shota Aizawa. Your teacher."

'Whaa? Our teacher?' Midoriya thought to himself. The other students looked equally surprised. Aizawa then pulled a gym uniform out of his sleeping bag. "Right, put these on and meet me outside. Chop chop."


"Damn, I gotta find the guy who makes the coffee here. And shake his hand…" Toshinori sipped as he read through the student files. Gotta love the teacher's lounge. It wasn't long until he found him. "Izuku Midoriya. Quirk: Elemental. He can telekinetically control the classic four elements at will. Requires a source of air, water, and earth to control but can produce fire through his breath and manipulate all four. Limited by his ability to concentrate and availability of the aforementioned elements." He tapped his chin in thought as he produced a second file, from the Police Department.

"Izuku Midoriya. Quirk: Elemental, details listed in page 5. Age: 14. Quirk Manifested: Age 12." He nearly spat out his drink. "12? That can't be right. Unless someone gave it to him…" He read on.

"Was involved in an incident at the Shoe Historical Ruins in India while on a field trip with his Middle School. Midoriya was somehow ensnared and pulled into the previously sealed "Inner Palace". According to eye-witness accounts, the stone wall parted to reveal an opening and Midoriya walked in. His eyes, through accounts vary, were glowing white as he stepped through. It's possible he acted against his will, we suspect some form of mind-control." "Just like back then…with the sludge villain!" The boy's eyes were glowing then too!

"On-scene heroes spent 36 minutes trying to retrieve Midoriya, but were held back by Head Paleontologist, Mark Gushi, who claimed the section could be unstable and collapse if broken into. Having awakened his quirk, Midoriya was able to break free with his earth manipulation unharmed. The Ruins closed to investigate the newly opened area, as well as allow for police investigation. Finding are found on page 6, photos attached." Toshinori flipped through to the pictures. Nothing really stood out so far. Green/yellow lanterns, colorful art on the walls, etc. He flipped to the last photo.

"That's definitely out of place…" It was a wide shot of a metal door, with ancient kanji inscribed on the surface. There was a note attached. "Impenetrable. Door is sealed by strong magnetic force, all attempts at opening have failed, save outright destruction. Technology far beyond surrounding area. Origin: up for debate." He furrowed his brow. "Out of place technology in an ancient ruin, which is claimed to have been sealed for thousands of years? It's a good start as any." He turned to a separate incident report. "Strange…Midoriya's only mentioned here."

"Katsuki Bakugo. Age: 14. Quirk: Explosion, details on page 9. Quirk Manifested: age 4. Involved in possible quirk-related assault near his home in Mustafu. According to the police report, Bakugo claimed he was frozen to the ground near a small river in the local area. Despite this, he refused to name the individual responsible, so the charges were eventually dropped. Medical reports state that he suffered mild hypothermia and slight frostbite to the extremities. He achieved full recovery in one weeks time.

The area in question was found 26 minutes post report. Partially melted ice was found at the scene, seemingly trailing from the river itself. According to Bakugo's account, he used his explosion quirk to eventually break free once he warmed up enough. Photos attached on page 10."

He turned to the photos. Bakugo did not seem seriously harmed, though visibly furious and cold. And the scene showed a trail of ice flowing from down river to freeze Bakugo. "Midoriya lives nearby, quirk matched, Bakugo's chose not to press charges. Dispute between childhood friends?" He closed the file, leaning back in thought. "New powers, practically four quirks, potential mind control? Who is this kid…"

He tossed the files aside and turned his attention the teachers' files. "I might have a solution, thanks Tsukauchi. Now, who will be instructing these fine young minds…"


"What? A Quirk Assessment Test?" Class 1A asked. Uraraka chose to speak up. "What about orientation?"

"If you're gonna strive to be the best, you don't have time for pointless ceremonies." Their new teacher answered. Reactions were mostly shocked, even scared of Aizawa. Bakugo, however, agreed whole-heartedly.

"U.A. adheres to a free-form education policy. That means I get to run my class however I see fit, untethered by useless traditions. Uraraka was it?" Ochaco gulped before nodded.

"You were the top scorer in the practical entrance exam. What was your highest softball throw in Middle School?"

"Oh! Um…47 meters I think?"

Aizawa narrowed his eyes. "Do you think, or do you know?"

"Eep! I know! 47 meters!" 'Scary!'

"Right. Step up to the circle." He directed her to a pitching circle, tossing a softball to her as she passed. "Do it with your quirk. Anything goes as long as you stay within the circle."

Uraraka's eyes widened. "Are you sure? As far as I can?"

He cocked an eyebrow. "How else would you do it? You're wasting time."

"Right, sorry!" She held the ball up, hardly a few ounces. With a pink glow, that seven ounces turned to nothing as she softly tossed it forward. The ball floated…and floated…and floated higher into the sky. Eventually, Aizawas remote beeped, displaying an Infinity symbol.

"You all need to know your maximum capabilities." He showed the class her results. "It's the most rational way of determining your potential as a Pro Hero."

The class cheered for Uraraka's high score while Bakugo stared at his new competition. 'No matter how hard I blow it up, I'll never get infinity! That quirk's practically a cheat code!' He looked down at his hand, setting off small sparks. 'That's fine though, she can't use that on everything. I'll dominate all these nerds! And Deku! Ha! Not a chance in hell!'

"This sounds like fun! Me next! Me next!" Ashido waved her hand up.

"So…you think this is fun, huh?" Aizawa softly uttered, silencing the class. An evil grin spread across his face. "Idiots. This will be series of 8 physical tests, testing your potential and abilities. Whoever comes in last has none and will be expelled immediately."

"WHAT?" The class shouted. Now they felt fear, the pressure grew overwhelming for some. Even those who were fairly strong grimaced at the challenge. Bakugo, meanwhile, stretched without a care, with a feral grin. 'I get to show how much better I am on the first day? Fuck yeah!"

Uraraka sweated nervously. 'But…Zero-gravity can't help with every test! And I can only use One for All at about 5%! Is it enough?" Midoriya was already muttering. "Eightphysicalteststhatmeanswe'llprobablydospeedbasedtestswhichmeansairbendingwillbethebestoptionformobilityformorestrengthbasedtestsit'lldependbutImaybeabletoskatebywithearthbendingandtheballthrowistheperfectwaytotestmyair/firetechniqueIwonderof…"

"If you can't handle this, then you have no chance of becoming a hero in my class. Understand?" Aizawa challenged the group.



First Test: 50 meter sprint.

Uraraka and a tailed boy stepped up to the starting line.

"Runners on your mark! Ready?"

Uraraka's legs gave a small spark of pink as Ojiro tensed his tail.


As Ojiro leapt forward and used his tail as a springboard, Uraraka dashed past him at 4% power!

"4.87 seconds! 6.67 seconds!"

"Wow! That was something else!" The boy commented. "I'm Ojiro by the way."

"Uraraka. Nice to meet you! Ooh! Midoriya's next! And that scary guy." They watched the two step up to the start line. The Avatar knelt into position as Bakugo's palms sparked.

"Runners on your mark! Ready?"


"BLAST SPEED TURBO!" Bakugo blew forward like a missile, explosions in his wake. 'No way Deku can keep up with that.' He glanced beside him as he flew…

'WHAT?' They were neck and neck! The air seemed to part as Midoriya raced beside his rival.

"4.13 seconds! 4.14 seconds!"

"DEKUUU!" He thundered. "The hell do you think you're doing?"

Midoriya scratched his scalp, trying to think of an answer that wouldn't escalate his temper. "Just…trying my best?"

Sike, such a phrase doesn't exist.

"HAAAH? WELL YOUR BEST WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH, SO QUIT TRYING! FUCK!" Katsuki stormed away, leaving a confused, but relieved Avatar. None of this missed Aizawa's eye.


Grip test.

A stream of water flew from Izuku's waterbottle to wrap around his grip machine. He squeezed as hard as he could, even freezing it at the last second.

"144.7 kg!"

He shrugged at the score. "Not bad, but not anywhere near the best here," he said looking at the six-armed giant of a student. He was using three hands at once to practically crush the grip tester while another guy ate sugar before buffing up. No amount of bending could enhance Midoriya's actual strength per se, just the strength and power of the elements he controls, so he'll have to work harder to compete with heroes like them. Especially Uraraka.

"397.4 kg!" The pink traces of light faded from her arm as she relaxed. "Hey Uraraka?"

"Hmm? Yeah?" She looked up at Midoriya, who was looking at her score.

"How does your quirk work? If you don't of course! I was just curious…"

"Oh! Um…I can sort of absorb gravity from objects and use it to power up my muscles." Thank goodness she and All Might thought about this beforehand. "I can still power up a little without absorbing, but not as much…"

"Wow! That's amazing!" He produced a notebook from somewhere. "How much gravity can you absorb? Does it put a strain on your body to use?"

"About 4 tons now, and yeah. If I let too much power out it could really hurt me…heh…" she half-lied. That seemed to satisfy the Avatar, who was writing like crazy.

"The implications of that power is astounding! If you can absorb gravity, what could that do to the delicate balance of the earth's rotation over time? Where does the gravity go after distribution? And does…"

"I actually have a question too."

"Oh! What is it?"

She pointed at the water he was controlling, now in its water bottle again. "What is your quirk anyway? You used air for the run, but controlled water just now. What gives?"

"Oh! Well it's kinda like tele-"

"Oi, Midoriya is it?" A cold voice interrupted. Everyone else had moved on to the next test. "If you two are done stalling, get over to the next test. Move with purpose."

"Yes sir!" They both chanted.


Side-to-side steps.

'Finally! Something I can do!' One Minoru Mineta thought, relieved as he bounced between two masses of his quirk-balls. 'I'm bound to have the best score here!'

Midoriya stepped up next to him, stretching out a bit before the timer started. 'Heh, no way anyone else could keep up! Right?'

Midoriya took a stance as the timer signaled. The ground cracked under one foot.


Mineta's jaw dropped at the display of earthbending power as Midoriya became a blur to the eye. It was a simple technique really, just shifting the earth side to side really fast while standing on it. He didn't even sweat the entire minute.

"Phew! That's done I guess." He moved on, leaving the fainted ballhead behind.


"RAAAAH!" Bakugo soared over the sandpit, clearing the standing long jump in two seconds flat as that pink-cheeked chick jumped over as well. While he landed safely on the ground, she overshot, having made herself weightless for a couple seconds too long.

"Hmm, no idea why I was worried." He grunted, watching the poor girl tumble away as someone chased her. "She ain't got control of her quirk. Not like mine." He looked back to Deku as he braced himself to jump.

Only he wasn't bending his knees. He just waved his arms in some weird stance, creating a small tornado to carry him across.

"That bastard!" His eyes popped with rage. "Barely even tried, dammit!" He considered marching right over there to beat the everliving shit of him, but the test was still on. He wasn't even sure if he was really outdone yet. Still the ball throw and the other tests to do after all.

'I swear Deku, don't even think about trying to surpass me! You're NOTHING! You got that?'


Ball Throw

"Shoto Todoroki, you're up." Aizawa called.

A dual-toned boy calmly walked to the pitching circle, catching some dreamy gazes unbeknownst to him. He placed the ball on the dirt and focused. Nothing happened at first.


In less than an instant, a towering glacier erupted from the ground, sending the softball skyward! Aizawa's remote beeped again. "507 meters!"

"Fine, next is…Katsuki Bakugo." Todoroki took the time to melt his creation as Bakugo stepped up to the plate, noticing the outright glare immediately. 'Whatever' he thought as he turned back, pissing off the bomber even more.

"You're up, don't hold back." Aizawa drawled. Bakugo grinned like a kid in a candy store. "Not a chance!" He rubbed his hands together, drawing the sweat from his palms before picking up the ball. Sparks flew from his throwing hand as he pitched the ball back.



A devastating explosion ravaged the ground ahead as the ball was propelled forward, finally hitting the ground 736.7 meters away!

'Not fucking gravity defying or anything, but definitely the best around! No tricks, no cheats, just pure power!' He turned back to the cheering class. "That's a man's throw right there!" one guy yelled. Bakugo kept walking, silently basking in the attention. 'Fuck yeah, I'm the best.'

"Izuku Midoriya, you're up." Aizawa interrupted. Bakugo took his place with the class as Midoriya jogged over to throw.

'He may be fast, but he doesn't have the firepower to pull that record off.' The boy glared even harder. 'But if he gets even one meter higher, I'll kick his fucking ass!'

Midoriya held the ball in one hand as he tapped his temple with the other. 'Maybe I'll use air like before? Or earth like how Todoroki did it? Fire like Kac-Katsuki did would be best, but is it strong enough?'

The class behind him was speculating madly. Among any of them, Midriya seemed to have the greatest variety of abilities between his air control and earth-breaking strength. Ashido knew he had created that fire blast, but he hasn't shown it yet. And that sand attack was also him, no doubt about it. Iida saw the sand-bending as well, but here he was with superior speed and strength, not to mention telekinetic powers. It was anyone's guess how he was going to pull off the ball throw!

A certain blond Pro Hero was also watching from afar, watching not only his protégé, but the boy as well.

"Midoriya." After a few minutes, Aizawa stopped Midoriya's train of thought. "If you're not gonna throw, just get out of the way. This is the hero course."

"R-right! Sorry!"

"Don't be sorry, just act. You don't always have the time to think you know. Give it your best shot."

Midoriya blinked at the Pro's words. 'He's right! With the Zero-pointer, I could have stopped it sooner if I had just acted quicker. No time like the present…' He took his best throwing stance. 'I know exactly what to do. Let's hope it works.'

As he pitched the ball back, air began to swirl around the object. He took deep, even breaths, stoking the fire within. "Here goes nothing…" he muttered. Fire erupted in his palm!

"Combo move!" He threw it!



By combining airbending and firebending, Midoriya created a miniature fire-tornado that proved to be more powerful than air or fire! Air would've carried the ball for a while but wouldn't have gotten as far. Fire alone would've just burnt the ball to cinders without any propulsion. But by combining the two, the air itself carried the heat of the fire to create a thermal wave, turning the ball into a burning yellow comet as it soared away!

Though not even All Might could destroy the ball with a single throw, the ball would later be found scorched black, still smoking from the massive display of bending.

Beep! Aizawa looked down at his remote. "749.8 meters!"

"WHAAAAAAAAT?" The class cried. "He has a fire quirk too?" An electric student yelled.

Aizawa stared at the boy, who seemed shocked at his own result. 'I erased his quirk. What the hell…' Midoriya then noticed the destruction ahead of the pitching circle. An even "V" of fire trailed away from his position, reaching about 30 or so meters out. "Did I…I do that?" he wondered aloud. He had practiced this technique before, but not on this scale! His hand trembled from the effort, burnt and smoking. 'Dammit…still can't control it…'

Bakugo gaped in shock at the nerd's power. 'HOW? What in…WHAT THE FUCK!' Small explosions popped in his clenched fists. "HEY!" He sprinted forward! Midoriya, still dazed, looked up at the noise. Only to see one scary motherf##ker racing towards him.




Bakugo strained against the white bindings, which had shot suddenly from their teacher. His hands twitched, but no explosions popped from his fingers. "What…the…hell…is this scarf!" he grunted. Aizawa's now glowing gaze pierced through the boy.

"Because it's a capture weapon made from carbon fiber alloy, made by yours truly." He tightened his grip. "Stand. Down. Now."

Midoriya looked at their teacher in awe. "Wait! I know you! You're Eraserhead! You can cancel peoples power by looking at them!"

The wrappings loosened, returning to their user. "We're wasting time. Whoever's next should step up." Midoriya carefully walked away from his bully and jogged back to the group. Bakugo was practically boiling.

'Water and ice back then. Air before. Now straight up fire? What kind of sick bastard is he?'

Some in Class 1A had similar concerns, if the bombardment of questions was any indication.

"How did you do that?"

"What's even your quirk?"

"What else can you do!? Can you control anything?"

"Enough." Aizawa coldly addressed them, calling for absolute silence. "You can get to know each other at a later date. Quit wasting my time. Step up…Asui." He called the frog-like girl up. Though they had calmed down considerably, Midoriya was still the center of attention.

After all, multiple quirks are unheard of.

By most anyway.


The rest of the tests went smoothly enough. The long distance run was easy enough, but the sit-ups were more of a challenge for the Avatar. No bending involved there after all. Uraraka continued to impress with her physical power and more technique-based Zero-Gravity, excelling in every single test despite her lack of finite control.

After, they all waited impatiently for Aizawa to reveal the results. Whoever's last is going home. No debates and no discussions. Eraserhead clicked on the hologram.

1st. Momo Yaoyorozu

2nd. Ochaco Uraraka

3rd. Shoto Todoroki

4th. Bakugo Katsuki

5th. Izuku Midoriya

6th. Tenya Iida

7th. Fumikage Tokoyami

8th. Mezo Shoji

9th. Mashirao Ojirou

10th. Eijiro Kirishima

11th. Mina Ashido

12th. Koji Koda

13th. Rikido Sato

14th. Tsuyu Asui

15th. Yuga Aoyama

16th. Hanta Sero

17th. Denki Kaminari

18th. Kyoka Jirou

19th. Toru Hagakure

20th. Minoru Mineta

"Right, Mineta. Collect your things and meet me in my office after you change. Everyone else, review the syllabus for the rest of the day. Dismissed." With that, Aizawa shut off the results and sauntered away.

Mineta was trembling as he ran towards campus, tears streaming behind him. Some felt a little sorry for him, others were just glad they made it through the day.

But there was one person there who was furious. One boy, who's entire purpose in life, is to maintain balance, peace, and justice. As the rest of the class made their way back to homeroom, Midoriya stood back, something bubbling behind his eyes.

"He…he can't…it's not fair…"


Mr. Aizawa was not well known by many. As an underground hero, it's rare that anybody even knows his hero name, but those who do know him know how tough he can be; both in battle and as an educator. In a fight, he strategically uses every single advantage to gain the upper hand and neutralize his foes. Nothing is out-of-bounds when fighting a villain.

To no one's surprise, he teaches in a similar fashion. Especially when it comes to the future generation of heroes. Now, hee was reviewing his new student's files as he strode through the halls, after officially dismissing Mineta. He had his reasons, other than his failure in the test. Not that the students were aware.

"Sir? Mr. Aizawa?"

The tired Pro jerked up at the noise. 'It better not be a student' he thought as he closed his folder.

"What" he called. It was Midoriya. He seemed nervous, but oddly determined as he walked stiffly towards Eraserhead. 'Goddammit' he thought again. "Do you need something? You got your hand looked at right?"

"Um…yes…er yes sir!" the boy managed, holding up his bandaged digits. "I was wondering if I could talk to you…about Mineta."

The older man sighed. It's a rare thing, for a student to question an expulsion on the first day. At this point, he would of suspected Iida to pull this kind of thing. But no, it was Midoriya.

"Fine," he beckoned. "Walk with me." Midoriya did so, growing more nervous by the minute. Aizawa's black eyes bored into his new student, waiting for him to voice his concerns. A couple years ago, one student tried to make sure he wouldn't be expelled too after the first day's purge. Aizawa expelled that idiot. Self-preservation doesn't meld well in a Hero Academy.

'Is he trying to secure a free pass here? Surely he's not that dumb.'

"I just…I was wondering if you'd give Mineta another chance." Midoriya asked, surprising the Pro. "It's the first day and…well, I'd be devastated if I was cut loose on the first day."

Aizawa cocked an eyebrow. "You two friends or something?"

"N-no! Actually, I haven't met most everyone here before" the boy assured. "And I know what you said about the world being unfair, but…can't people improve? Isn't that why we're here?"

Aizawa leaned back, dropping eye-drops in his eyes as Midoriya spoke. 'Huh. So his heart's in the right place after all. He's got more potential than I thought. Still, better set him straight.' He leaned forward again to answer.

"…and sure that's his starting point, but I'm sure he'll get better over time and…"

'God, he's still talking?' Aizawa internally deadpanned. Midoriya wasn't even looking at his teacher anymore, spiraling into a mutter.

"Oi." Midoriya jerked up as Aizawa snapped his fingers in his face. "Enough. I get it." Midoriya went red, closing his mouth. Aizawa took a breath before answering.

"Look kid, I get where you're coming from. And yes, people are capable of change and improvement. However," he clarified "that doesn't mean that every student who passes the Entrance Exam belongs at UA."


"Also," Aizawa interjected "you were busy with the test yourself, so you didn't notice."

Midoriya was confused now. "Notice what?"

A flicker of disgust flashed across the man's face. "The kid was shamelessly ogling your female classmates. On a more academic level, he wasn't putting forth his best effort. Instead, he was trying to do just better than 19th place, while Hagakure was busting her chops to score high enough to pass."

Midoriya's eyes went wide at the info. He definitely didn't notice that.

"So to answer your question Midoriya," Aizawa finished as he led him to the school entrance. "Yes, people can grow and have potential. But sometimes, it's better to cut someone loose if they clearly won't make the cut. Especially when their heart's not in the game. This is the hero course of UA, not a game. Understand?"

Midoriya furrowed his brow, nodding. While he didn't agree with Aizawa's ideology, he couldn't really defend Mineta's actions either.

"Good, go home. Tomorrow's not going to be any easier, prepare yourself." With that Aizawa moseyed back onto campus, yawning.

Midoriya, now realizing he was lead outside, started heading for the train station. The first day was eventful if nothing else. 'I'm just glad I could keep up with everyone' he thought. 'Gotta figure out how to control fire better…'

"Midoriya! Hello!"

"Huh? Oh, hi Iida!" The speckled boy strode up quickly from the campus. "Do you mind if I walk with you? The train station is a little unfamiliar for me still."

"Oh, sure! You probably just run everywhere huh." Midoriya joked. Iida seemed shocked.

"I would never! That would be in direct violation of Public Quirk Usage law! Sure you don't fly to school, Midoriya-kun!"

"N-No no! Heh…" Midoriya placated his new friend, as if he never actually thought of doing just that. "What did you think of class?"

"It was quite informative, I would say!" Iida replied. "My upper limits are good to be aware of after all, although lying on our teacher's part seemed unnecessary. Not to mention immoral, don't you think?"

"Well," Midoriya considered his conversation with Mr. Aizawa. "I don't know. He's definitely serious about teaching."

"I agree, and I'd expect nothing less." Iida decided. "Have you seen that gravity girl? You're acquainted with her yes?"

"Uraraka?" Midoriya asked. "Not since final homeroom. Why?"


"Thank you for meeting me, young Uraraka." Toshinori welcomed his successor into his office. "How was your first day?"

"It was alright, kinda fun!" Uraraka said cheerfully. "Don't tell Mr. Aizawa I said that though!"

"Hahaha, not to worry young lady" he laughed. "Aizawa's strict but he means well. You'll find no better educator or underground pro then him, believe you me." All Might was visibly stressed, not only about his discoveries about Uraraka's classmate, but he was going to ask. Uraraka picked up on this.

"Is there something wrong, All Might?"

"…" The Number One Hero wasn't sure about this. It was underhanded at best, but he saw no other option.

"Uraraka, do you know what this power is for?" he asked. Uraraka seemed confused, then worried.

"I…I haven't done something wrong have I?"

"What? No, no young lady. Bear with me for a moment."

Uraraka took a moment, thinking about her answer. "…I suppose it's to be a hero. But mainly to save?"

"In a sense, yes. But there's a more specific reason as well." The blond man stood up, pacing slightly. "You see, a long time ago, there was a man. This was around the time when quirks were still relatively new, people didn't know what to do with them. Villainy ran rampant, with nobody with the power to stop them. At the center of it all, was this man." All Might's voice took a dark tone, laced with hatred. Uraraka clung to every word, never seeing All Might like this before.

"What was his name?"

"His name…" he answered. "was All-for-One."


Elsewhere…in the underworld…

"Please…" Mineta begged. "I'm sorry sir! F-f-forgive me!" The boy's youth slipped away as a figure gripped his throat from his healing pod, his face becoming aged and spotted by the second.

"How disappointing. I give you youth, and even a semi-useful quirk to infiltrate UA undetected. And you got yourself expelled. You disappoint me Minoru." The bed-ridden man's voice was riddled with malice, each word carefully calculated as the now 40-year-old Mineta trembled in his grip, still incredibly short. "But perhaps that's my fault. I expected to much of you it seems."

"N-n-n-n-n-no sir! I…it was the teacher! He expelled me out of nowhere! It wasn't my fault!" The pervert blubbered. "Maybe…w-w-with a better quirk…I could-"

"Oh?" The voice became ice cold. "So you needed more power?" Mineta's eyes went wide. That's not what he meant!


"If more power is what you needed…" A hand extended to Mineta's forehead.

"N-n-n-no! Please!"

"…then who am I too refuse you?" Red energy flowed from the man's hand, pressing against Mineta's skull. As screams carried through the entire building, the power of 4 different quirks stuffed themselves into the pervert's biology. Eventually, the screams died, and only foaming drool flowed from his mouth as the man dropped him.

"…clean that up." The voice coldly commanded. Purple mist enveloped the braindead man, the purple spheres of his quirk falling right off his head. They didn't regrow.

"What a waste," the villain muttered. "at least the runt didn't tip them off." He gave a dark laugh as Mineta disappeared.

"After all," the eyeless face grinned. "It's not like he was my only card, All Might."


"All-for-One?" Uraraka asked. "But isn't that like…"

"One-for-All?" All Might finished. "Yes, it is. The man named himself after his quirk. He had the unique ability to take a quirk from another's body to use for himself."

Quite suddenly, Uraraka felt sick to her stomach. Worse than when she overexerts her Zero-gravity. "Could he give them back?"

"Yes and did so often." All Might responded grimly. "By taking and giving power, he gained an enormous followership though bribes, blackmail, and murder. He even figured out how to give people multiple quirks. Doing so left the victim braindead. He of course stayed in power, as he was able to utilize all the quirks at his disposal. No one could stand against him."

"But this was a long time ago right?" she asked. All Might nodded. "Then what does he have to do with One-for-All?

"Everything, young Uraraka. You see, All-for-One had a younger brother. His brother was among the quirkless, like I was once. And he opposed his brother with every inch of his being but didn't have the power to stop him. Whether it was out of pity, or maybe he was trying get him to submit, All-for-One forced a quirk onto his brother. A quirk that stockpiles power."

Uraraka listened with bated breath, absorbing as much as she could. "And that power…?"

All Might sat back down, putting his hands together. "Yes. You see, the brother wasn't quirkless in the first place. He had a quirk, the near useless power, of transferring itself to a new user. The power-stockpiling and transferal quirks mixed, merging," he threw his arms wide. "into One-for-All."

The young girl could barely believe it. That was her quirk's origin? A villain accidentally made it from his own quirk?

"So they're brother quirks? Why are you telling me this? Why now?" She figured if he didn't reveal this before, there must be some reason. Here came the part All Might didn't like; something he would never ask someone to do. But given the circumstances, its necessary.

"Young lady, who do you know who has multiple quirks?"


And that's the end of Chapter Six! That's right, Mineta was the imposter!


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