Chapter 1

It was a normal night in the Katsuragi household, Shinji had made dinner for Misato and Asuka and as ways Misato had way to many beers and had gotten a bit tipsy, while Asuka just yelled at her behaviour and huffed in disgusted and decided to go to bed, while Shinji had been tasked to help Misato get into her bed, and as always Misato teased Shinji, pinching his cheeks and had been quite lewd in her joking as Shinji helped her to bed, and Shinji tired from his long day at school decided to get an early night, however it would not be a normal day.

Shinji groaned as he felt himself being rocked as he lay in his bed, his eyes refusing to open, as moments before this Shinji had been dreaming of being in the flat with Misato while she was in a bikini and being extremely flirty towards him.

"No Misato I can't do that to your Bikini, what would Asuka think. " Shinji groaned as he turned in his bed and again, he felt being rocked, until he felt a hard tap on his head.

"Shinji get up its urgent!" the voice rang through the room and Shinjis eyes shot open

Mmisato wwhats going …. on?" Misato stuttered and yawned his brain barely functioning.

"There's been an angel attack and we need to get to Nerv ASAP. Misato proclaimed as she dashed over to Shinji's wardrobe and threw a bundle of clothes at him.

Right I'll be ready in two seconds Misato "Shinji jumped from his bed and took his Pajama shirt off.

"Okay...oh and Shinji" Misato purred as she walked to the door and turned.

"Yes Misato? Shinji turned to face Misato who was grinning from ear to ear.

"If you wanted to see me in a bikini you only have to ask... and what colour would you like to see me in? Misato chuckled as Shinjis face turned bright red, to the point that he began to glow and his nose began to bleed as the thought of Misato in a bikini and being "close" to him was enough to send his young mind into dismay.

"Misato!" Shinji yelped as Misato left the room laughing as she went to check on Asuka.

After getting dress Shinji left his room and slipped his shoes one as Misato grab him and Asuka by the arm and dragged them both out the house at full speed and into the elevator

Hey...Ouch Misato that hurt, you know!" Asuka yelled as she rubbed her arm which had almost been yanked from its socket by Misato, while Shinji stood their blushing as he was still trying to get his head around Misato's Bikini comment.

"What are you blushing about Baka, it better not be anything lewd" Asuka scowled as Shinji attempted to answer but he could find anything to say.

"Right you two get a move one we must get to Nerv before things get worse, Misato yelled as she sprinted from the elevator and they followed her as she sprinted to her car and they made their way to Nerv HQ.

After a long silence they entered the facilities and split off into with Misato heading to the command centre to be informed by Ritsuko as to what had happened while Shinji and Asuka would join Rei and enter their Eva's and await orders. Misato got to the HQ and was informed by Ritsuko that the angel had arrived about 30 minutes ago and had not moved from its current position, and it had taken a form that had not been seen before, it was humanoid in shape similar to the Eva's, but unlike them the angel was jet black, its body shining in the moonlight like polished obsidian, as it stood stock still unresponsive on a plate of blackened metal. The angel had been unresponsive to any forms of contact even direct strikes from tanks, howitzers and aircraft didn't even create a response from the creature.

It seems to be waiting on the Eva's in order for it to respond" Misato rubbed her chin as she watched the angel from a monitor,

It seems that way Misato also from the looks of this its AT Field is exactly like that of the Eva's, however its projecting a form of barrier around itself stopping any projectiles from piercing it" Ritsuko, recalled s she read the stats from her personal monitor,

Okay I think it's best to send the all three Eva's up as we will have an numbers advantage plus if it's got an area of detection then it gives them a chance to organise a strategy before they engage the angel. Misato hovered over Ritsuko who nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile in the hangers, Shinji Asuka and Rei are sitting in their Eva's awaiting orders.

"Hey Shinji!" Asuka bellowed causing Shinji to jump from his chair.

"Yyyes Asuka...what is it?" Shinji nervously asked, is hands fidgeting.

"You better not try and make me look bad here, I've been itching for a good fight and I don't you to ruin it Baka... same goes for you Wonder girl!" Asuka roared through the monitor.

Yes Asuka... I won't ruin your fight for you" Shinji and Rei called in unison through the monitors, their voices in perfect harmony and pitch.

Ahahah" Asuka leaned back into her chair her laugh blared through the communications

Why are you laugh, Asuka" Rei asked, her monotone voice never changed pitch as she spoke.

You's two sound link an old married couple, bet you's are dating since the two you are so in sync" Asuka chuckled, as Shinji began to turn scarlet, While rei sat in silence, her cheeks blushing a slight shade of red.

"Asuka, that's not was just good timing and you know it!" Shinji yelped causing Asuka to laugh even harder, to the point she gasps between her laughs.

"God Shinji you sure do sound like your trying to hide your relationship with Rei... bet you've been a right perv, doing very lewd things to wondergirl when nobodies around" Asuka roared in laughter her eyes filling with tears of joy.

"I...but...I... never mind ...I can't win this" Shinji mumbled as silence ran through the hanger, only broken by Asuka who was laughing periodically.

"Ikari-Kun and I are not in any form of relationship...despite him seeing me naked once" Rei broke the silence in her usual clinical manner.

"Right Wondergirl good to know... wait a minute! this baka's seen you naked! Asuka roared in disgust as she visualized the scene.

"Yes that is correct Asuka" Rei sighed, confused by Asuka's outburst.

"REI !why did you say that" Shinji yelled as he attempted to form a way to escape Asuka's wrath in his mind.

"I was simply being Honest Shinji –Kun regarding Asuka's line of question... better to be honest than to be caught in a lie" Rei proclaimed, as Shinji simply buried his head in his hands.

"that's true in most cases, but not when the person who asked you is a redheaded lunatic!" Shinji yelled through the intercom catching Asuka by surprise.

"You dare say that about me you better say what happened or else I'm going to have to force it out of you!" Asuka cracked her knuckles as Shinji face went pale at the thought of the torment, he would endure

"Shinji entered my room after he had been asked to deliver a new key card to me by doctor Akagi, he entered my room as it my accommodation door was not locked and i was in a shower at the time so i failed to hear him entering my room...I left the shower and found Shinji look at some of my belongings and i caught him by surprise..." Reis monotone voice was all that was heard on the monitors as Shinji and Asuka sat in silence.

"Rei can you please stop now, I think Asuka gets the picture, I entered your room and I saw you when you left the shower, because you didn't here me enter, that's it..." Shinji pleaded hoping Rei would get the hint.

"Then Shinji panicked as I caught him by surprise, and he attempted to move past me, but he tripped causing him to fall on top of me... his hand grabbing my breast..." Rei smiled slightly

"You perverted, low life Baka Shinji, when I get out of my Eva, I tell you I'm going to make you wish you weren't born you Hentai!" Asuka's rage was released with the force of a N2 mine, her rage was so strong her voice exited the communications with such force that it hit Shinji like he had just been punched by Asuka.

"It felt very nice" Rei blushed as she pondered why she as blushing. While Shinji sat in Eva unit 01 his head in his hands as he couldn't comprehend what was going on, while Asuka's mouth hit the floor in disgust.

"I'll deal with you as well Wondergirl, because what you said right there is not normal... its indecent! " Asuka roared through the communicator and as if she was in in Eva unit 00 Rei felt herself being struck with such force by Asuka's words that she rubbed her cheek as if she had just been slapped by the red demon.

"Right we are ready to launch the Eva's to the surface, now be careful we have reason to believe the presence of the Eva's will cause the angel to activate as such we have already sent the stockpile of weapons that are directly beside your launch points, now don't let your guard down, we don't know what this angel is capable of". Ritsuko explained as she made the final preparation before launching the Eva.

"Now I have complete faith that everything will go according to plan, and I want yous to go out there at kick this angel's ass, yous got that!" Misato roared through the com link, her passion and energy dripping from every word.

HAI! Shinji Asuka and rei in unison shouted into their coms, as they were then shot to the surface, ready to face the angel.