Chapter 2

As the Eva's rose to the surface a thought entered Shinjis mind,

"Why am I here, I'm not a skilled fighter like Asuka, and I'm not as disciplined as Rei... why was I choose, when there were people clearly better than me?" This thought however stopped as soon as he reached the surface. Eva unit 01 walked over to one of the weapons caches and pulled a pallet rifle from the cache and he pulled the rifle to his shoulder and focused the gun on the angel. Asuka had pulled a smash hawk axe, while Rei had pulled a bazooka, however the Angel didn't respond.

Right we need to be careful, it still hasn't moved, what should we do?" Shinji focused his pallet rifle onto the angel lining up in his sights

"Shinji, fire a few shots at the angel see if it responds, and whether we can snipe it from a distance" rei called as she prepared herself to fire the angel in case it makes any movement.

"Okay." Shinji focused and fired his rifle 8 shots landing on target, but nothing happened no damage had occurred on the angel and again no response came from the angel,

"Right if that's not going to work, I may as well take the lead!" Asuka, shouted as she ran at the angel, raising her axe over her head, hoping her strike will decapitate the angel,

Asuka no!" Shinji screamed as he saw Asuka closing the distance with inactive angel

Take this you bastard!" Asuka roared as she brought her axe down on the angel's neck and upon contact the axe shattered, like glass leaving the remains of the shaft in Eva unit 02s hand. Thousands of metal shards were sent flying with such force they tore apart the ground around the angel.

"Asuka you okay, are you hurt" Shinji yelped, as he scanned Eva unit 02, checking for any damage,

"Im fine your idiot, takes more than a few metal shards to hurt the great Asuka Langley Soryu" Asuka snorted, as she eyed the remains of her axe and how her strike did nothing to the angel. During this rei had walked up to the angel.

"Rei, what are you doing?" Shinji asked as she saw that Rei was preparing to land a right hook on the angel.

"I wish to see how it responds to a different stimulus" Rei linded up her shot and after a few practice shots, she throughs a right hook, all the power coming from the twisting of her Eva's core, and she lands her punch on the angels jaw, the strike creating a small shockwave that shatters the windows of nearby homes.

"It seems the angel is completely unresponsive" Rei proclaimed as she stood back to look for any signs of life.

"It seems from a closer inspection of the angel that in this state the angel seems to be projecting its AT Field directly on top of its skin, making it unable to be harmed, but it seems to be at the cost of the angels functions." Ritsuko called through the three Eva's communicators. Shinji sighed as he heard this and lowered his pallet rifle to his waist, as he walked closer to the Angel.

Eva unit 01 got within 20 feet of the angel, when something changed, the angel slowly moved its head up to look at Eva unit 01, it moved so slowly that it was barely perceptible, Shinji stopped and stared at the angel and then things went downhill. The angel's eyes went from black, to glowing purple and the beast, as if it was made from lighting, charged at Eva unit 01 catching Shinji off guard, and knocking him to the ground and attempted to tear the throat out of the Eva, Shinji in an attempt to stop himself from being harmed, grabbed the his pallet rifle, and shoved it into the angels mouth, and helped it from getting any closer. Asuka and Rei, saw this and jumped to Shinji's aid rei throwing her bazooka to the ground. They both grabbed the angel from behind and tried to pull the angel of Shinji, but it wasn't working the angel wouldn't budge, and they could see that Shinji was struggling to hold the angel off

"What the hell's going on, how's that angel holding them off" Misato yelled at Ritsuko as Ritsuko was reading through the diagnostics coming from the Eva's,

"The angels now using its At field to enhance its physical attributes, but it seems its now lost its protective barrier that surrounded it." Ritsuka called to Misato.

Misato rushed to the communicator and activated it.

"Kids, Rits has found that the angel is using its AT field to power its movements but it's got no At Field to protect itself, you can now harm it " Misato yelled as she saw the angel move closer to Shinji as the pallet rifle was being into break apart under the pressure of the angels jaws

"Hai" all they yelled as Asuka, used the remains of her axe like a spear and thrust the shaft through the angels chest, the angel screamed in pain, as it raised itself from Shinji, allowing Shinji to swing the remains of the pallet rifle like a baton to knock the angel away, the shaft of the axe still lodge in its chest. The angel roared in anger as it locked it eyes on Asuka and charged.

"Come on you bastard!" Asuka roared as she stood her ground and assumed a boxing stance, the angel jumped both arms raised in the ready to slam Eva unit 02 to the ground, but Asuka saw this coming and dodged and landed a left hook to the angels jaw, stunning the angel, she then jumped onto the angels back and secured a rear naked choke hoping she could hold the choke and slow the angel down enough that Eva unit 00 and 01 could finish off the angel, however the angel slammed her into the ground multiple times, stunning Asuka just enough for her choke to loosen allowing the angel to escape. The angel grabbed the downed Asuka by the throat and threw her into Rei Knocking her off her feet, Shinji ran to help but was caught with a thunderous kick to the midsection stunning Shinji. The angel looked down at its chest and saw the shaft of the axe sticking out, it pulled the shaft out and upon closing the distance with Unit 02 the angel grabbed the Eva by the head and thrust the shaft with all its might into the chest of the Eva, knockout out the Eva's system.

Asuka! Shinji screamed as Eva unit 01 slumped to the ground he attempted to get up but as if the angel had teleported the angel stood over Shinji and placed its foot on his chest a prepared to slamming Eva unit 01 into oblivion, but out of the blue, rei tackled the creature using her Bazuka like a mace as she couldn't risk harming Shinji with the Bazookas round, the bazooka slammed the creature in the face, knocking it off balance. Rei attempted to shoot the Bazooka but it had been damaged by the strike, so she grabbed one of the rounds from the Bazooka and charged the angel, and while it was still stunned she repeated struck the damaged area of the angels chest causing it to break apart exposing the core, she then struck the bazooka shell causing it to activate she then lodged the shell into the angel's chest used all her Eva's strength to stop the angel from clawing the shell from its cavity.

"Rei don't do it!" Shinji yelled as he rose to his feet and ran to help Rei, but the shell goes of knocking Eva unit 01 to the ground.

"Rei" Shinji yelped as black smoke surrounded the explosion site,

"She's okay Shinji, she's unconscious but alive, so is Asuka... Shinji look out!" Ritsuko yelled as she saw Eva unit 00 crashing down where Shinji was, he dodged the deactivated Eva, but he had clipped his umbilical cord, he turned to see the Eva armour torn to shreds by the blast, Shinji walked over to her to see the blood leaking from the Eva, until he saw a silhouette catch his eyes, it was the angel, which walked slowly over to Eva unit 01, the angels body was torn apart, but its core was cracked by still intact,

Shinji drew hey progressive knife and charged the angel, he had 3 minutes left to kill the angel, so he wasted no time and began to slash the angel, its movements slowed by the damage done but it was still fast enough to keep up with Shinji. Shinji landed a slash on the angels core scratching it, but the angel roared and caught Shinji with a slash from its hands digging into the helmet of Eva unit 01 , the pain of which caused Shinji to scream but he didn't care, he needed to stop this angel or else everyone he had would die, but as the Eva's timer struck 1 minute, the Angel tackled the Eva knocking the prog knife from his hands, and the angel began raining down blows with its hands, and elbows, Shinji tried to block but the power from each blow broke through his guard and he began to lose sensation as he began to become numb from the pain.

Shinji you need to get up or you'll, die you have 10 seconds left to get out of there!" Misato yelled, tears began to stream down her face, as she watched the clock go done.

Shinji felt the angel lose power and he tried to force the Eva to move, but nothing happened,

COME ON YOU! GET UP EVERYONES GOING TO DIE IF YOU DON'T MOVE PLEASE, I NEED TO SAVE EVERYONE I CAN'T LET THEM DOWN... GET UP!" Shinji yelled his eyes began to pour with tears, of anger and fear as he felt he was powerless and had let everyone down, but as he thought this, he felt something wash over him, like liquid fire... it began to engulf him, and he blacked out.

The Angel roared in victory as it saw the Eva deactivate, causing the angel to raise its right arm ready to finish of the Eva.

"SHINJI!" Misato screamed

The angel slammed its fist down but it was caught by the hand of Eva unit 01 which snarled, its eyes glowing bright red, as it pushed the fist back the angel tried to resist, but it wasn't strong enough to resist the anger that dripped from the gaze of Eva unit 01, the angel began to scream as its clench fist began to be crushed by the pressure of the Eva's grip, in an attempt of self preservation the angel struck the Eva in the face as hard as it could but it dint work, as the angel stood up with it's the angel trapped in its grasp, so the Eva swung the angel like a the Eva was throwing a hammer and threw it into numerous buildings.

"Shinji, your sync rates just hit 200%!and your Eva's in berserker mode... Shinji...Shinji?" Ritsuko gasped as she looked at the monitor and noticed that Shinji was unconscious, but his brain waves were in complete sync with that of the Eva.

"The Eva's controlling itself through Shinji, that's why the sync rates so high" Rits logged the data for further analysis.

"Is he okay Rits?" Misato looked Ritsuko up and down, her eyes welling with tears.

"He's okay Misato the Eva's is in control, as Shinji has fallen unconscious, but he has no signs of injury" Ritsuko scanned the monitor as she informed Misato of her discovery.

As this went on Eva Unit 01 charged the downed Angel and landed numerous hammer fists and clawed strikes to the angel, the strikes causing the earth to shake as it tore chunks of angelic flesh from the beasts body, causing screams of pain to each through the evacuated city. The angel crawled back trying to get to where it had originally landed, and thanks to the Eva, it managed to get their after it was thrown by the throat to its landing spot. The Eva growled as its rage poured from its very aura, it's At field dripping with venom towards the angel, it charged the angel with everything it had, raising its arms to bring them down like hammers, ready to smash the angel into dust, but the angel had a surprise up its sleeve.

The angel grabbed the plate it had landed with, and with the power of is AT Field it molded the plate, into a large black sword, its blade shifting and waving like the body of a snake, it focused its all its power into the blade and as the Eva closed the distance it braced itself as Eva unit 01 jumped into the air roaring at the angel. The angel with all its might thrust the blade into the air, catching Eva unit 01 midair, impaling the Eva through the mid-section the Eva roared in pain as blood poured from its wound, and it tried to get off the blade but it slumped over, unable to move.

"SHINJI!" Misato screamed in terror as she watched her roommate, and surrogate son, being impaled as Ritsuko stood her mouth agape as she tried to comprehend what just happened.

"Is Shinji okay, is he alive!" Misato yelled as she ran to Ritsuko monitor and saw Shinjis pod, was filled with blood, so much in fact he wouldn't be seen.

"He's not showing any vital signs, and his sync rate is dropping" Risuko, whimpered as she saw Misato burst into tears,

He...he... can't be gone, please tell me your wrong Rits...TELL ME YOUR WRONG!" Misato wept as she slammed her fist onto the table where the monitor was as she tried to come to terms with what she had seen.

"I'm sorry Misato but Shinjis gon..." Ritsuko stopped as she noticed something on the monitor changed.

"What is it Rits?" Misato turned to the monitor and gasped.

"The bloods disappearing, and Shinjis; unharmed?" Rits stood their puzzled as she showed Misato the video footage

"No... look... his plug suits torn at his stomach" Misato pointed to the screen showing Ritsuko what she saw causing an explanation to jump into Ritsukos mind.

"It's the sync rate, Shinji syn rate was so high that he took physical damage, hence the blood, but he's healing meaning the Eva's, lowering the sync rate as its healing Shinji and itself" Ritsuko explained as she looked up from her monitor to see that Eva unit 01s eyes were opening.

The angel admired its kill, until its kicked its sees the red eyes of the eve open, the Eva roared and front kicked the angel, stunned by the still functioning Eva, it never expected the blow so was knocked back leaving the blade in the Eva, which looked down at blade and with all its strength snapped the blade and pulled the remnants of the blade from its abdomen and through it at the angel, just missing, the Eva walked slowly, towards the angel, as its wound knitted itself back together. All the will the sync rate had dropped to 150%. But the Eva didn't care, as it wished to kill the angel no matter what.

The Unit one took the largest blade fragment in its hand roared, as it watched the angel freeze, its purple eyes diming slightly as it grew weaker, the angel tried to fight back, but the Eva didn't care, it hacked the angel in the shoulder and kicked it to the ground and began to swing the axe like a club, beating the angel into bloody pull, instead of killing it was torturing the angel, the material instincts of the Eva had kicked in. It was sending a message, that anyone who dares harm her Pilot will be torn to shreds if they dare lay a hand on them.

"The sync rates hit 110, the Eva needs to finish this thing off or else it won't have any power left" Misato gasped as Ritsuko nodded in agreement as she watched the sync rate drop.

The angel on the verge of death saw the fragment of the blade at its side, and it leaned over attempting to grab the blade, but the shear blunt force trauma of the Eva's blows were causing it to drop the blade.

"105, 104, 103, 102..."Ritsuko called as the Eva raised its blade to pierce the core, it put all its weight into the blow, the angel sensing this grabbed the shard and swung its blade hoping to catch the Eva and finish it off.

"101%" the angel struck the Eva's left arm, with all its might and it managed to take the Eva's arm of, but it wasn't enough as the Eva just pushed through the pain and pierced the Angels ore, the angel writhed in pain as it began to dissolve into nothing.

"He did it! "Misato yelled as she bear-hugged Ritsuko, lifting her into the air. The rest of the Nerv staff cheered as they saw the angel dissolve.

The Eva roared into the air as the angel melted away, and after a victorious roar, the Evas eyes went black and the Eva dropped to its knees and slumped over.

"We need to get Shinji, Asuka and Rei out of their Eva's and checked for any injures." Misato ordered the staff to get the Eva's collected.

"Shit! We need to get a medical team to Shinji, his pods filled with blood!" Ritsuko yelled as Misato on instinct called the emergency team and ran down to meet and assist they reached the Eva, the pod had been ejected, Misato ran to the pod and her maternal instincts kicked in as she grabbed the pods emergency release hatch and despite the burning she forced it open, only to see Shinji in a pool of LCL and blood, he was breathing but faintly.

"We need to get him to the hospital NOW!"Misato yelled as she pulled Shinji from his pods chair and never let him go until he was taken to the hospital.