Chapter 3

"Not this ceiling again, I guess we won the fight against the Eva" Shinji sighed as pushed himself up from his hospital bed.

"How long have I been in for... god... I feel like i've been beat up by Asuka" Shinji moaned as he rubbed his face with his right hand looked around the room, it was full of medical equipment and extra beds, but he was alone.

"I guess Asuka and Rei must be fine... whys my left arm so itchy...must be the bedding " Shinji thought as he pulled the sheet away from his arm, and he froze, his looked to see that his arm wasn't their, he grabbed the sheet and through it over were his left arm would be

"That cant be right... must be the medication i'm on, im imaging this" Shinji pulled the sheet back slowly and again he saw that his arm from just above his elbow was gone, his head moved from side to side as he scanned were his arm was and he snapped.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Shinji screamed, his voice echoed through the hospital ward.

"Shinji are you all right" Ritsuko rushed into the room and her heart sank as she saw ShInji face had turned white and his breathing had turned to shallow quick gasps as his heart pounded in his chest.

"Doctor Akagi... what happened to my arm" Shinji mumbled his eyes fixated on the doctor, like a rabbit when a car is coming towards it at full speed, full of fear and worry.

"Shinji... I..." Ritsuko Stopped as she was knocked out of the way by a blur of purple and red

Shinj! Om my good, your all right... come here" Misato screamed as she jumped onto Shinji's bed and pulled him into a tight hug, her hands grasping his hospital gown as she held him close, like a mother with her child.

"It's good to see you Misato, i'm sorry that i've caused you to worry so much" Shinji whimpered as he weakly wrapped his right arm around Misato, a thought of panic arose as he could feel misato kissing his cheek and forehead lightly and had his head buried his her bust, he wanted to say something but, he realised she was just showing how concerned she was for him, so he let her carry on.

"Misato I think that's enough, I was trying to explain what happened to him so, if you'd please stop trying to smother him, id appreciate it" Ritsuko stood her arms crossed and her face blushing at the sight of Misato mothering Shinji.

"Oh... sorry Rits and Sorry Shinji-Kun... I was so worried about you, I couldn't bare seeing you in your state, and I just lost control when I saw your were awake" Misato chuckled as she rubbed the back of her head, blushing at Ritsuko as she let go of Shinji who was scarlet as Miato walked back to stand beside Ritsuko.

"No that's out of the way, Shinji I was trying to say that I am so sorry for what happened, to you, and I will do my very best to make sure can get back to normal as soon as possible" Ritsuko's head drooped as a feeling of guilt enveloped her, she knew she had a duty to look after the physical and mental health of the Pilots and in the case, of Shinji she had failed in her duty.

"Thank you Ritsuko, but could you tell me what happened, to my arm... don't remember what happened, after my power ran out, other than my body feeling like it was being covered in fire" Shinji's eyes face the ground as he shuddered as he remembered his body being enveloped in what felt like liquid fire.

" okay Shinji, after your eva ran out of power, somehow you activated its berserker mode, and during this mode you were caused the angel to resort to using some form of angelic weaponry, which we haven't seen before, and caught your Eva of guard, and had managed to impale yu through the midsection, however you had managed to obtain a sync rate of 200% which had the side effect of allowing you to take the same damage that your eva took, which in your case resulted in you being left with a huge gash in your midsection..." Risuko stopped as she saw Shinji look down at his waist and ran his had down his midsection feeling for a scar

"It was bad Shinji-Kun that we couldn't see you through the monitor due to the amount of blood, that had filled it." Misato winced as she saw Shinji freeze as she finished speaking

"So why am I still alive" Shinji mumbled as he looked from the ground towards Misato and Ritsuko.

"Your Evas to thank for that... your Eva used its sync rate to heal your body, as if it was treating you like a part of itself, but at the expense of you sync rate... you managed to catch the Angel of guard and broke its blade, and you beat the angel down, you reached 101% when your Eva finished the angel off but during the process the angel used a shard of the blade to remove the evas arm and due to your sync rate the damage done to the eva mean you lost your arm just as the Eva lost its own

Bbbbut why didn't my arm reattach while I was in the Eva ….or why didn't you reattach my arm when you brought me here...couldn't you have done that" Shinji whimpered his eyes locked on Ritsuko, pleading for an answer.

"I would have been able to reattach your arm, but... when we looked for the limb it was gone, we think the Eva had absorbed the limb after the sync rate dropped." Ritsuko sighed as she saw Shinji face change from one of faer to oe of confusion

"But why?" Shinji mumbled as he tried to get his head around this thought.

"We think that it may be a result of the sync rate, as if the limb was detached while the sync rate was high and the eva treated the limb as part of itself just as it did for you, but once the sync rate dropped below the orginal sync rate so the limb was now not part of you due to the cut, so the Eva assumed the limb was an extension of itself so absorbed it into the LCL." Ritsuko walked closer to Shinji and placed her hand on his shoulder, trying to comfort him

"I guess I'm useless now" Shinji whispered trying to keep it from being heard, but failed as Misato's was able to catch what he said,

"You're not useless Shinji, you could never be useless, not to me, not to Asuka and rei, and not to the rest of the world who wouldn't be here without you." Misato sat on Shinji bed and held his right hand.

"But I am useless, I failed to protect Asuka and Rei from that monster, and now I cannot pilot an Eva... I've let everyone down..." Shinji yelped, tears streaming from his eyes/

"Don't say that Shinji, Rei and Asuka are alive because you defeated the angel, im here, because you killed the angel, we are all here because of you." Misato whimpered as she felt tears well in her eyes, she pulled Shinji into a tight hug hoping this would prove to Shinji that he wasn't useless.

After a long silence Shinji and Misato broke from their embrace, Risuko smiled at the fact that Misato, the same woman who was the arty animal at her college was now acting like a true mother, to a boy who for a lack of a better term, had never had a true family, other than a bastard for a father, and a mother who had died long before Shinji got to truly know her.

"What about the Eva, I cant pilot without my arm" Shinji rubbed his head as Misato looked t Ritsuko hoping she had an answer

"Well shinji... you should be able to pilot the Eva, if you wish to try out something" Ritsuko grabbed a chair and sat done facing Shinji

"What is it?" Shinji mumbled.

"It is a prototype of a bionic arm that Nerv have been developing for military and medical purposes, which have been going through trial testing at the moment, however we created an augmented version which we believe would allow for you to sync completely with the Eva and function as if the arm was never removed." Ritsuko recalled causing Shinji's eyes to widen at the thought of having a new arm.

"Would it work just like my other arm?" Shinji looked at his right arm clenching his hand open and shut

"if all goes well then yes, thanks to the system we use it syncs up with your nerve endings and allows your to move the arm to the same level and speed as your original arm, in fact the system should allow you to have sensation and be able to feel textures and temperature differences throughout the arm." Ritsuko smiled as she saw that Shinji had a small smile on his face.

"Okay. If it means I can get back to being normal, then... I guess this is my only shot" Shinji nodded, as he looked at Misato who patted his back in support.

Well then, we will do some tests to see how you are then well get you put into surgery to attach the connector, for the limb" Ritsuko walked over to Shinji's monitors and began reading the monitors monitoring his vitals.