After getting breakfast finished and placing the dishes in the sink to get washed, Shinji , Shinji got his school stuff together and prepared to leave, not needing to clean the dishes as Misato had told him she would clean them while he was out...much to Shinji's surprise. Shinji opened the door to the flat and held the door open for Asuka who walked passed him and said nothing, just as she did during breakfast.

"Have a good day kids and Shinji if you feel as if you need to come home, just call me, okay" Misato called from the end of the hall waving the kids off.

"I will...Thank you Misato" Shinji called back waving while Asuka turned her back and walked on.

As the pair walked towards the school Shinji looked to Asuka who was intently focused on walking to school.

"Why has she been so quiet? this isn't normal for Asuka, she's the explosive type who yells at everything...even things she likes and yet she's said nothing since I got out?" Shinji told himself as he decided to take a risk and talk to Asuka.

"Asuka...Are you okay, you haven't said …." Shinji mumbled as he was caught of by Asuka stopping her walk and swiftly turning to face him.

"Shut up Baka, I'm not in the mood to talk today, and I don't want to hear you trying to make small got that!" Asuka yelled as Shinji's face turned a pale shade of off white as Asuka turned back and stated walking leaving Shinji lost for words until he got to school

At School Shinji stood at the gates while Asuka kept on walking until she disappeared from Shinji's view. Shinji took his first step into the gates and a shiver went through his spine.

"That was strange... I guess I must be worried about how people will feel when they see the arm. I hope I don't freak anyone out." Shinji whispered to himself as he looked at his prosthetic and clenched his fist.

However Shinji didn't need to worry for as soon as he entered the class he was swarmed by a mob of his fellow class mates who surrounded him and started asking him about his arm. Luckily for him a certain class representative came to his aid.

"All right, break it up, Shinji's just back after major event and I think he would appreciate it if you all gave him some space." Hikari bellowed as she ploughed through the mob and pulled Shinji out,

"Thanks Hikari…I owe you one" Shinji whispered.

"You don't owe me anything Shinji, it's my job as class rep to look after all my classmates...its good to see that your okay, if you need a break from class let me know and ill inform the teacher.

"That's kind of you to offer Hikari, thank you..." Shinji gave a small smile as from out of know a pair of hands grabbed Shinji's shoulders and pulled him away from Hikari. ;

Come on man, let us see...Woah that's sooooo cool, I've never seen anything like it!" Kensuke cried as she started turning Shinji's prosthetic around look at every detail.

"Hey could you cut it out...this is really weird." Shinji yelped as he saw Kensuke turning the wrist of his arm and inspecting the fine craftsmanship,

"Woah look at the seamless transition, the gunmetal blueing of the metal, god id kill to have on of these!" Kensuke squealed excitedly as all of a sudden he was pulled of the arm by Toji.

"Come on Kensuke, give Shinji some space! Besides I don't think he would appreciate looking at your face when you nearly had a wet dream looking at his arm..." Toji chuckled and pushed Kensuke to his table

"Hey, that didn't happen!" Kensuke yelled as he wrestles Toji, who kept him off and managed to push him into his seat. Shinji chuckled and made his way to his desk, but their was a surprise in stall, for as soon as he sat down he saw Rei, enter the class and rather than sit at her usual desk, she instead sat behind Shinji, not saying a word.

"Wait a second... did Rei just..." Shinji muttered to himself as he turned to See that Rei was in fact behind him, her blue hair and piercing red eyes making this fact even clearer.

"You okay Rei? Your not sitting where you normal sit?" Shinji whispered.

"I asked the teacher is It was possible for me to be allocated to another desk." Rei stated.

"Why?" Shinji asked in a curious tone.

"I informed him of your return to school and that given recent events their may be some difficulties, so o asked to move here so that if their were any issues, I, as a fellow Eva pilot would be here to help you to the best of my ability." Rei stated in her usual monotone tone.

"Thank you...that's very kind of you to do that for me." Shinji gave a Rei a small smile, and noticed she was blushing a little at his compliment. Even though Shinji knew Rei had issues expressing her feelings he could tell that even through her lack of emotion in her voice, that she was being sincere, and truly wanted to help him out a genuine sense of kindness.

"Its my duty to help my fellow pilots, and besides you said that we where friends...and friends help each other in times of need." Rei, lip curled as she spoke,

"Thanks...i appreciate it." Shinji sighed giving a small smile to Rei. At that moment a loud cough broke through the general chatter of the class, as the classroom, teacher was standing at his desk

"Alright class, quiet down, now today we have an important lesson to get through...we will be discussing the Second Impact and its effect that said event had on the geopolitical environment of Japan and the rest of the world, So please everyone pay attention, there is a lot of content to get through." The teacher bellowed, as the class in unison gave a loud sigh, as this was another repeat a previous lesson a few weeks ago. The class in their entirety pulled out their notebooks and started writing. However this was not a simple task for Shinji.

"Shit... my hand wont open...come on open!" Shinji yelled to himself as he looked at his prosthetic and with a glare that would make Gendo blush he tried, through shear force of will to open his hand, but it didn't work.

"Okay looks like il; have to use my other hand" Shinji mumbled as he took the pencil in his right hand and slowly wrote in his jotter, focussing on every swing and flow of the pencil on the paper.

"This wont do, the teachers going through everything way to quickly, and I cant write quickly with my right hand or else my handwriting wont be readable." Shinji put his prosthetic hand up to his head and rubbed his forehead in annoyance, noticing that the hand had opened.

"Great its open...I'll put the pencil in and...damn it" Shinji quietly groaned as he saw his pencil snap in half, drawing the eyes of a few classmates...

"You okay Shinji" Toji mouthed to Shinji, who gave him a thumbs up, not wanting to worry him.

"Right, lets try this again... take the pencil and slowly place it in the hand and gently close the hand..." Shinji whispered as he placed the pencil in the hand...only for it to fall out of his hand and onto the floor.

"Shinji's seems to be having a problem with his prosthetic, though he seems to have it under contr..." Rei told herself, She had been watching Shinji as soon as he had attempted to write down his notes and could clearly see he was having difficulties, which to Rei's surprise brought upon a feeling that could only be described as having a tightness in her chest

"Come on this cant be happen..." Shinji mumbled as he leaned down to look for the pencil, only for his prosthetic to decide to twitch at the wrist knocking his jotter and a small bundle of papers onto the floor.

"Is everything okay Ikari...i hope your listening to the lesson, and not using this as a way to distract the rest of the class from the lesson Ikari ?" the teacher stated as he stared at Shinji.

Sorry sir..." Shinji said in an apologetic tone only to be cut off by a voice coming from behind him."

"Sir...Shinji has had some difficulties writing due to his prosthetic, and it was not his fault for his notes and notebook falling on the ground. I don't think it would be fair for you to warn Shinji for an action out with his control." Rei proclaimed raising her hand and glaring at the teacher.

"I'm with Rei on this, its not fair to single out Shinji like that, he's been through a lot recently and I think Shinji deserves an apology for you accusing him of trying to distract the class." Hikari stood from her desk and bellowed as she was soon backed by the rest of the class who seemed to be calling out the teacher

"Okay okay… sorry Ikari, I shouldn't have assumed you were trying to disrupt the class." The teacher sighed raising his hand s to try and quieten the class down.

"Thank you sir." Shinji whispered. As the rest of the class quietened down and got back to work.

"Shinji..." Rei whispered, leaning over her desk slightly

"Yes Rei...what is it" Shinji quietly asked.

"Here's your pencil" Rei handed Shinji his pencil

"Thank you..." Shinji sighed as he was about to turn to attempt to write again only for rei to put her hand on his shoulder and stopped him from turning

"You can also use my notes if you'd like." Rei gave shinji small smile and unknown to her she was blushing.

"I really appreciate it... thank you Rei." Shinji gave her a big smile and turned back and focused on the rest of the lesson.

At the end of the class Shinji walked over to Rei.

"Here's my notes...use them for as long as you require."

" sure you don't need them? that's a lot of information to wrap your head around." Shinji asked.

"I should be okay, I have an interest in this topic and I already knew most of this.

"Woah you must have a great memory...wish my memory was as good as that" Shinji chuckled.

"It take practice, and something your deeply interested in so it doesn't seem as if your actually trying to memorise the information." Rei explained. As she did so Shinji looked at his prosthetic.

"Is that why the arm isn't working... could it be I'm overthinking every movement?" Shinji mumbled

"That is quite possible, as Ritsuko said that the prosthetic is learning your nerve impulses so it knows what ea ch signal means, so it may be that your pushing the system harder than it can go at this stage because you're thinking about the movement too much." Rei stated

"So, your saying that if I just act natural and don't overthink what I'm doing, the arm might work better?" Shinji asked in a curious tone.

"Yes...why don't you try and hold this" Rei pulled out a pencil from her bag and passed it to Shinji who placed it in his right hand and looked at it.

" it goes." Shinji mumbled as he placed the pencil into his hand and tried his best to not overthink the movement and without any issues the hand took hold of the pencil gently, just like it was in his right hand,

"It worked...haha... it worked!" Shinji yelled and jumped up and down excitedly as all of a sudden he rushed over to Rei and pulled her into a tight hug, causing Rei to gasp slightly and blush.

"Oh I'm so sorry Rei..." Shinji gasped as he broke the hug, his face turning beet red.

"Its... alright Shinji-Kun." rei whispered, no annoyance in her voice, calming Shinji.

"Thank you Rei I owe you..." Shinji smiled only to be cut of my Rei moving in close to him and slowly placing him into a hug, jer arms slowly wrapping round shinji.

"Oh, what going on..." Shinji mumbled to himself.

"Your welcome Shinji. If you need any more support, I'm there for you." Rei stated as she felt a warm feeling envelop her.

Thank you..." Shinji whispered as he felt a sense of warmth cover him.

"She's like a sister to me...i really needed this." Shinji told himself as he realised that the only other time, he remembered ever feeling like this, was when his own mother hugged him, which was one of the few things he remembered about her, which brought a tear to his eye