I know that series was canceled and that was a great disappointment to me. So I thought about making Fic about that Ash the savior of humanity but what would happen if he were transported in the Remnant world being the teacher of Beacon. The Ash vs Evil Dead and RWBY dont belong to me.

So let's go now!

two years after the apocalypse ... the Dark Ones had almost conquered the earth but one day the savior named Ash Williams woke up and had to catch up and fix the big problem that caused years ago, Ash was able to reunite with his companionstrusts, Pablo El Gran Brujo, Kelly the leader of the resistance, Brandy the Warrior and daughter of the savior.

The four heroes had a great journey around the world to search for the source of the information to search for the Necronomicon and to face the great dark ones, deadites, mutants, ghosts and many crazy things that happened until they reached it Much of a difficult part where Ash finds the Necromicon on the great Altar in DC Washington but finds the Great Dark Ones where he defeats them with the hidden power of the savior and succeeds in causing him to drag the Dark Ones and the dead he meetsreturn to the underworld.

the world returned peace and quiet. Now the people of the United States thank Ash for saving the world and now ...

"Yeaaaaah!" Ash shouts screaming raising the beer can shouting at the Soldiers who were from the resistances. "Hahahahaha long live peace and now we will live happily again!" He shouts taking a big gulp of beer. He stands in the seat that is in front of the large pool and has a large mansion that was the command center of the resistance since Kelly and the Resistance who built and formed the fortress to fight the great dark ones. looking for survivors and training to fight the forces of evil. Ash is dressed in a black suit that is a tuxedo.

"Hey Jefe, cut the roast!"shouts a soldier where he is near the great bonfire and the other two soldiers lift the great meat cooked to the size of a cow they throw it strongly towards Ash that he lifts his Chainsaw and cuts it in half of the great meat.

"Meat to all my soldiers!" Ash shouts cheerfully.

"Yeaaaah!" Shouts the soldiers cheerfully.

On the other side was a large table where his friends are looking at the Savior of Humanity.

"El Gran Jefe..."Pablo said smiling and happy about the emotion of his idol. Pablo was part of the resistance and was a member of the occultists of the paranormal and was the founder to eliminate the evils of the ghost and also he and his assistants improved weapons and technologies for the ghost.

"You don't need to say more Jefe ... there are no more demons ..." Kelly said who recently had a glass of alcohol. Kelly was the leader of the resistance for two years of the apocalypse. the soldiers took it to Kelly that she has experience with the Deadites, she explained how to kill them and how to fight training the rookies. The only military commanders left Kelly the command to train her anti-demon battalion.

"Well you know we've been through a lot ... possessed people, possessed animals, Thing-style mutants, and lots of tentacles I don't even want to remember that when we were in Canada, Possessed Russian Soldiers, also ghosts which was the most difficult but thanks to the skill of the shaman Pablo was able to deal with it, but the worst part was the dark ones that were at the great altar and we had to make a great effort when my father used that strange power inbring those bastards back to the underworld ... "Brandy listed the events that happened during the journey with Ash.

She is dressed in a beige jacket and has a prosthetic hand on the right side because a year ago before Ash woke up from the coma, Brandy and Kelly had to go to area 51 to look for the scientist who had the location information of the demons wanted to murder Brandy since she is the descendant of the Savior of humanity and they wanted to influence her with evil starting with the hand that had four fingers. she cuts off her possessed hand with the laboratory laser machine.

"At least in a month we will rebuild society and also clean up the mess left by those dark ..." Pablo comments smiling about the future.

"At least we can relax for a long time ...Kelly said smiling at Pablo and grabbed his hand.

"Yes ... Kelly was better while the apocalypse lasted ..." Pablo said, corresponding to Kelly's smile.

"Go to the room, couple of lovebirds..."Brandy said pretending to be disgusted by that cheesy scene.

"Even though your father is having fun with Lt. Jenny ..." Kelly looks where Ash makes a vulgar move at the lieutenant she is having fun with.

"Ah ... I hope nothing strange happens ... I don't want to have another mom ..." Brandy growls annoyed about Ash's womanizer.

"I envy a bit of the Boss conquering women ..." Pablo said laughing looking at Ash who flirts with another. Kelly slapped Pablo.

"Don't copy the bad habit of this old green ..." Kelly said scolding Pablo.

"Yes ma'am ..." Pablo said laughing as he rubbed his cheek.

"Music DJ, I want everyone to go crazy!"Ash shouts demanding the DJ to start crazy music.

The music sounds making people and soldiers begin to dance and go crazy enjoying the victory.

The next morning.

Ash wakes up hungover and looks at his surroundings which is his room. "God ... what a party ..."he yawned but felt someone touch in his chest and look to see the owner and it was Lieutenant Jenny who is naked. "Haha..my god I hope Brad doesn't bother me about this .." Ash laughed stupidly and stood up but his expression turned serious. "It's not over yet ..." He said little serious. Ash grabs his normal clothes and decides to go find Pablo, Kelly and Brandy about what he must confess something to.

Ash knocks on door three which would be Pablo and Kelly's room. "Pablo ..." Ash said out loud.

"What's up Ash?"Pablo said he yawns because he also has a little hangover.

"I want you and Kelly to go to the big basement. I want to show you something ..." Ash said seriously.

"Why so serious?" Pablo said worriedly.

"It's something that's pretty serious what I want to show you that that also includes Brandy and Kelly.." Ash said that he insists that Pablo wake Kelly up.

Two hours later.

Ash was sitting inside the cellar where the resistance kept supplies and weapons. Ash waited for Pablo, Kelly and their daughter to come. When the metal door opened and three people entered.

"What did you say was very serious?"Kelly asks about what Pablo said.

"Dad..what's going on ..." Brandy said with little concern. Ash gets up and scratches his head.

"Well ... it's about us defeating the dark ones, isn't it?"Ash said remembering the last moment where he defeated the great dark ones. "The Necronomicon is still here ..."

"What?" Said Pablo surprised. Kelly and Brandy are shocked about that Necromicon book.

the great person in charge of the apocalypse and also of all the paranormal ones who snatch the lives of the earth and also ruining the life of Ash.

"You are saying that the Necronomicon was not destroyed" Brandy said angrily about what her father confessed.

"Don't tell me you have it!" Kelly shouts asking about the Necronomicon.

Ash walks to his closet where he kept his personal belongings and it was locked under the password lock and he opens the door revealing that the Necrominocon is intact.

Everyone is put in shock that Ash has the Necronomicon that should be destroyed forever.

"Jefe, why didn't you tell us?" Said Pablo. Ash makes a gesture of silence.

"I also have another secret ..."Ash nervously said that he took out something else which is Kandariana's dagger. "That..."

"That was supposed to be on the altar ..." Pablo said remembering that that dagger was the key to reach the Altar.

"Why did you bring that dagger?" Kelly said confused.

"Well that's going to answer that question ..." Ash said he was about to answer but inside the drawer was a bag that was moving abruptly.

"Damn it, Ash!" A demonic voice screams. "Get me out of this horrible bag!"

Paul, Kelly and Brandy recognized that voice. "Don't tell me it's Lord Yerkill ..." Pablo said scared.

"Ah ... after the Demonic Altar was destroyed I found the only survivor who is the member of the Dark Ones and had to behead him with this ..." Ash grabs the bag and reveals that it is a head with black hair and have red eyes

"Aaarh!" Yerkill yells in a furious voice. "Damn you. how dare you to decapitate me and bring me to that damn fortress of mortals!"he yells furiously at Ash.

"Hey before we were friends before you will betray us in Russia ..."Ash said remembering that Yerkill was Lieutenant Wallace of the Russian military where he helped Ash to look for the information of the Necronomicon, gaining confidence to the four mortals since he was disguised as a human and wanted to stop the journey of Ash and of his friends.

"Let me tear your soul apart and take it to the underworld to turn it into a thousand suffering!"

Ash begins to shake his head abruptly, silencing Yerkill.

"Stop!" Yerkill yells.

"Shut your mouth, talking head ..." Ash said reluctantly and looks at his friends."The reason I have those three secrets is that we need to undo the Necronomicon, this demon will be able to help us create the portal" Ash explains the reason for that secret.

"Hahahahahah!" Yerkill laughs evilly. "It is impossible, you will not be able to get rid of the Necronomicon by sending it elsewhere!"

"You are going to read that book and send somewhere that there are no lives but not in this universe. No time travel ..." Ash said sternly to Yerkill.

"And what am I going to win?" Yerkill said with a frown.

"I don't know ... what do you want?" Said Ash asking the Yerkill benefit.

"I want your soul to enter your body and destroy it ..." Yerkill said, lighting his eyes with red.

"Ash, it's better that we make him suffer .." Pablo said with an angry tone. "I say we burn him .."

"Or else melt him with acid ..." Kelly said looking at the head.

"We'd better use him like a soccer ball .." Brandy said giving a suggestion.

"I touch Brad's .." Ash said approving of Brandy's torture.

"Give it to me, Jefe!" Shouts Pablo.

"There goes Pablo!" Ash releases the head and begins to kick giving a pass to Pablo who responds by kicking as if it were the ball.

"Wait!"Yerkill yells in pain.

Ash, Pablo, Kelly and Brandy played the head of the Dark Yerkill being used as a soccer ball for ten minutes.

"Wait, Wait!"Yerkill yells, giving up and tired of being kicked many times and used as a soccer ball.

"Then how do we ..." Ash said angrily.

"First I need you to make the circle ..." Yerkill said angrily.

Pablo opens the Necromicon and shows it to Yerkill "What page is it on?"

"Just turning 20 pages ..." Yerkill said so that Pablo would look for page 20.

"Draw the circle with salt ..."Yerkill said, Ash and the others start to prepare what the devil said, but he smiles with a small smile.

30 minutes later.

Ash and the others made the circle by copying the drawing from the Necronomicon page.

"Well ... then ... you dictate what going to say .." Ash said showing the book but backing away "No trick ..."

"I am a man of my word ..." Yerkill said seriously.

"But if something strange happens ... if you are going to possess one of my friends, they are already protected by Shaman Pablo ..." Ash said pointing to his friend Pablo"if you are going to summon Deadite by possessing one of the people in this building ... we are prepared to the teeth ... me with my shotgun and my chainsaw ... "Ash points to his favorite weapons: The Short shotgun and the chainsaw. "And if you invokes a ghosts... Pablo will be in charge of exterminating them ..." Ash looks at Pablo who is equipped with the amulet and is equipped with the Spas-12 shotgun "and if you invokes skeletal mutants with oversized tentacles and claws .. . "ash points to Kelly and her daughter. "Those two women trained to kill bugs will exterminate them and cut them to pieces .." Ash points out to Kelly that she is equipped with Samurai on her back and has the Kriss in her right hand. brandy is equipped with an electric saw and a shotgun but it is a different model than Ash's weapons.

"I promise ..." Yerkrill said seriously. Ash frowns and opens the book.

"Read it out loud ..." Ash said holding up the book.

"Nadme ... Yurtaka ... Hiraka ... Nomdak ..." Yerkill read aloud where the environment began to shake a little.

"Ready ..." Ash said on alert. Everyone prepares to wait for the Dark One's trap.

"... Mirno ... Hallano ... Yursu ... Van ..."

Outside the mansion a storm began to appear, creating loud noises.

"Ina..Dorche ... Varfom ... Nuwton..."

The basement wall created cracks quickly, the circle of salt turning black.

"Birka ... Murdoka..Sarata ... Beta ..."

The cracks expanded towards the ground touching the black circle where it began to move in a circle turning slowly.

"Kratus ... Bretara..Naaaka ..!" Yerkill yells screaming out loud. The circle gave a revolution at medium speed.

"Tuaraka ... Yisto..Liamraka ..!"

The center of the circle emitted a small white glow.

"There it is ..." Ash said smiling as he saw that the portal was opening and he was ready to undo the Necronomicon forever.

"Iika ... Iika ...murka ... Bereka! "

The portal opens to the size of the great circle. Ash looks at Yerkill.

"Is that where the book to going to the other dimension where there are no lives?"

"Yes ..." Yerkill said seriously "Drop the book if you want ..."

"Well ... before I throw it into that book, I want to say something to my friends and my daughter ..."Ash looks at his friends and his daughter. "We have spent five or six years of those crazy events where there were bloods, demons, limb spills, demon babies, demon animals, Baal, Ruby, Kara and the Dark Ones because that Necronomicon what return to my life being hell but if they had not appeared I would not have known Pablo very well, he was the nephew of a Shaman and he was also Mexican. "

"Honduran ..." Pablo corrects.

"Whatever ..." Ash said with an apologetic gesture. "And Kelly was the hardest and most resistant what she endure so many times with us that I almost consider her to be my daughter without offending Brad ..."

"Do not worry..."Brad said rolling her eyes.

"Brad if I had never met you, I was never as proud as experimenting in being a good father but I'm sorry for not knowing you better since you were born ..." Ash cries slowly and wipes his tears.

"Don't cry ..." said Brandy somewhat uncomfortable that her biological father cries in the middle of the worst speech.

"What about me?" Yerkrill said reluctantly waiting for me to mention his name.

"You are a sack of rotting meat and I have worse memories of you ..." Ash said taunting the Member of the Dark.

"How Evil..." Yerkrill said little annoyed that he pretends to be hurt. Ash rolls his eyes and returns with his speech.

"Let's not forget our loved ones who were fallen ... Kelly's parents ... Pablo's Uncle ... My Father..My best friend..And my Ex who would be Brad's mother ... together all my five Ex of the apocalypse ... "Ash said remembering the deceased acquaintances and looks at his friends "Don't get depressed, this time we are going to undo this damn book forever and then we will return our days of peace ..."

"Yes..."Brandy said agreeing with Ash's final speech. "We are finally going back to normal as we were before .."

"I wanted to found a restaurant with food from my village ..." Pablo said happily. "I will definitely follow you to death .."

"Because we are a family ..." Kelly said smiling.

"Guys..I really love you .." Ash cries little and smiles.

"Ar ... I disgust this brotherly love ..." Yerkrill is disgusted at that cheesy scene.

"Good, good, stop crying, time to say goodbye or even never to the Necronomicon ... "Ash is approaching the active portal and was ready to drop it. but time slowed down when Pablo looked askance where Yerkrill starts to grimace with an evil smile, Pablo gives him a quick look when he saw that Ash was going to throw the Necronomicon where the cover of dead skin started to put on an evil smile and lips moved without saying out loud.

"Do it..."

"Ash!" Pablo yells as he runs towards Ash to stop him "Don't throw it!" He yells in slow motion.

Time slows down where Ash's arm descends where his fingers release the edge of the book and falls toward the portal.

"Goodbye motherfucker ..." Ash said after throwing the Necronomicon to the portal and looking at Pablo. "What's up Pablo?"

"The Necronomicon is gone ..." Pablo said and scared but looks at Yerkrill's Head "What is going to happen?" He said with a frown.

"Nothing ..." Yerkrill said innocently.

"Easy, Pablo. That book is gone ..." Kelly said calmly.

"Nothing bad will happen ..." Ash said slapping Pablo. Brandy looked where the portal was still intact.

"Hey why didn't the Portal disappear yet?" Said Brandy who was suspicious of Yerkrill's intention.

"The portal will disappear ..."Ash said nonchalantly "In my dimensional travel experience. the portals close when a live object or person is inserted ... surely at any seconds the portal will close ..."Ash said looking that the portal was still intact and lit "Any second ..." He said calmly.

The portal closes quickly. "See?"Ash said cheerfully and looks at his friends "Who is hungry, are there tacos or pizzas that were left over yesterday at the party"


Ash quickly looks back at where the portal was It slammed open creating a Crater where it expanded further.

"Hahahaha the end of Ash has already come!" Yerkrill shouts as he was dragged away by the force of the portal's magnitude.

Kelly turned on the radio "All soldiers leave the fortress, don't go to the basement or garage, everyone run on foot!" she yells ordering the units outside to leave the posts."¡We have the S-Class!"

"S-Class?" Ash said alarmed.

"It's something I invented two years ago that if a stronger paranormal appears attacking in our fortress it must be abandoned ..." Kelly said angrily.

Ash runs to the other door. "We'll go in my car!"He yells opening the door where is the car room that keeps improved Humvee and there was a personal car that is from Ash. It is a 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale but enhanced with metals and has a turret on the top roof.

Ash, Pablo, Kelly and Brandy go up the Delta and it starts to start but Ash saw something in the gas meter that was in E. "Shit.. I used all gasoline using to light the bonfire cooking yesterday's barbecue ... "

"Then let's run!"Brandy yells angrily and everyone gets off the Delta and everyone starts running but the Portal expands absorbing all parts of the basement, weapons and supplies and walls like a black hole.

as soon as Ash's group ran towards the other nearby door but the door was dragged where they dodged throwing themselves to the ground but they were all dragged.

"The Portal is taking us!" Pablo screams in alarm.

Ash grabs the gas pipe that was on the wall "Everyone hold the pipe!"They all hold on to their tubes that were on the wall but it separated because the magnitude of the Portal increased the force sucking everything and even the Humvee and Ash's vehicle.

"Not my Delta. Not again!"Ash yells as his Delta is sucked into the portal. "I had planned to improve it!"

"What are we going to do now?!" Pablo shouts.

"At this rate we will be absorbed and it will take us to the other unknown dimension!" Shouts Brandy

"Sorry guys, I shouldn't have trusted this bastard!" Ash shouts that it was his fault in entrusting a member of the Dark ones.

"I know you intended to get rid of the Necronomicon, but Yerkrill knew that was going to happen and he set a trap for us!"Pablo shouts that he made the effort to hold the tube.

"In a few seconds, the tubes are not going to hold up!" Kelly yells looking where the tubes are torn apart from the wall.

"How are we going to close the portal!" Brandy yells.

"There is only one way. That portal wants me ..." Ash said looking at the portal. "Guys, enjoy the life of peace, I am going to face elsewhere. Goodbye" He said before releasing himself from the tubes.

"No Ash!"Pablo and Kelly yells at the same time grabbing Ash's left hand.

"Let go of my hand, everything will be fine!" Ash shouts.

"We are not going to leave you!" Pablo shouts. "Like Kelly said; we are a family!"

"We are not going to separate again!"Kelly yells.

"We won't let him sacrifice you for us!" Brandy yells.

"If you leave, we'll follow you!" Kelly shouts.

"Everything you've done. The problems, the shits and the riots it is our business. now what you have done making the portal is ours now! "Pablo shouts.

"Are you sure you don't blame me ?!" Ash said looking at the only three companions.

"No ... you are like a father and boss to us ..." Pablo said smiling.

"We love you ..." said Brandy. Ash looks crying into his eyes.

"Guys i lo-



The tubes separate from the wall and they all scream being dragged towards the portal. The first to enter is Ash, Pablo, Kelly and Brandy.

when the four people were absorbed the portal closed quickly. But the radio is lying on the ground.

[Captain Kelly?]


[Does anyone listen to me?]

At the Beacon Academy.

Ozpin was quietly drinking coffee enjoying the silence when his Scroll buzzes the sound and answers it.

"Hello?" Ozpin said and listened to the sender of the phone saying "What? Wave of energy in the emerald forest?"He said looking through the window where he had the clear view that there in the emerald forest. "Thanks for warning, any questions I call you ..." Ozpin said hanging his Scroll and dialing the number to Gylnda. "Hello ... can you check the cameras of the emerald forest?"

[There is nothing abnormal ...]

"What weird?"Ozpin said he was still looking away in the emerald forest but until the sky suddenly clouded creating a strange storm, Ozpin sharpened his eyes where that strange storm fell, He grabs the monocular to look closely at the only thing he saw were strange fragments and a green vehicle that is an unknown model, but his great attention was that there was a person.

"Gylnda did you find anything in the forest?"

[This is falling pieces that I never saw but there are ...]

"A middle-aged man in a long-sleeved blue shirt and brown pants ..." Ozpin said describing the person.

[I see you saw it ...]

"I'll send Port, Odbleck, and you to find that man but don't do anything hostile. He may be confused ..." Ozpin said seriously.

At Nirkus.

"Get the hell out of here drunk!"yells a barman kicking out a drunk white-haired man.

"I'm a huntsman, I demand respect!" He yells drunk cursing to the bartender who responds by closing the door.

"Don't come back until you give me everything you owe me!"yells before turning the small sign changing to * Closed *

"Yeah ... then don't come pleading with me that I'm going to rescue you from the Grimms!" He shouts as he staggers and walks down the alley as he blurts out a melancholic tune but something stumbles. "Ahhh!" He falls forward falling right in the face. "Ah shit!" He yells annoyed to look for the person responsible but he found something that is a book with skins. "An ugly book huh ... I think it's terrifying ... what a horrible face it has ... maybe I'll read a few paragraphs and use it as toilet paper ..."

that person is from Remnant but what he did not realize is that his hand was carrying the danger that chaos and apocalypse will bring, is the Necronomicon.

"A perfect place to conquer and kill mortals of this universe ..."

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