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Urahara Clinic Ch 1: Just Another Day

Yuki Shiraki stepped into a clinic, and did her best to not be noticed. She didn't want to be seen here, since the clientele had a reputation of not being quite normal. With her hood draped over her head, she approached the reception desk.

"Urahara Clinic, have you been here before?" The person asking was an attractive young man with bright orange hair, and that only made her feel more insecure.

"Uh, no." She waited for the judgmental stare, one she had given some of the 'freaks' who came to be treated here. They had to have done something wrong for the universe to give them weird conditions like her classmate: When it was discovered he had a mushroom growing out of his head, they had made fun of him terribly. Now she was here, in a similar position.

There was no judgment; nor a glare. The young man simply nodded and gave her a clipboard with a form on it. "Just fill this out and bring it here when you're done."

Walking past a middle-aged man trying to hide a third arm under his shirt and jacket, and a woman who was holding what should have been a baby, she sat down in the far corner, as far away from the window as she could and began to fill out the form.

Name: Yuki Shiraki

Age: 15

Address: 378 Sakura Street, Hakura District, Tokyo.

Symptoms: Eye problems and hallucinations.

It had started when one day, in the mirror, she noticed the iris of her left eye had turned blue. She covered it up when in school, citing a fake accident, and that had worked for a small while. But now she was losing vision in it, and seeing ghosts and apparitions with chains hanging from their chests. Some of them had been neighbours that had died.

Returning the form, she sat back down and waited until she was called into the doctor's office. Inside the office she saw both the receptionist and a blond man in a green and white striped bucket hat with messy hair. Both were in lab coats.

"Good morning, Miss Shiraki, I see from your form that you're here about your eye and possible mental health issues. Please sit down and we can get started." The blonde man seemed like the type to scheme, which put her on edge.

Regardless, following the doctor's instructions, she sat down and watched as the receptionist—who was apparently a doctor in training—picked up a ophthalmoscope to to look into her eye. "That's not normal; it doesn't seem organic," he said to the blonde man, "Maybe another case of crystallization?" Then, looking into her normal eye, he basically confirmed his initial statement. "Alright," he said to her, "I'm going to use the potato scanner. It looks weird, but it's harmless.

"Ichigo, it has a technical name." The blonde man said.

"Yeah, but as soon as this all clears out I'm doing normal stuff with normal equipment. Besides, it looks like a potato." Placing the ophthalmoscope down, he picked up something that looked like a small potato with a screen implanted into it. "Keep your eye open, this won't hurt," he said.

She did, and he got the scan, which set the computer monitor beside them ablaze with graphics and numbers. The blonde doctor pointed out certain numbers, asking Ichigo what they meant and what ranges to look for. He seemed to answer satisfactorily. "Well done, you're learning quickly. I'll get the new eye and check on your progress then."

"Y-you're taking my eye out?" As bad as her eye was, she was still attached to it, in both the sentimental and literal sense.

"Don't worry about it too much, this has happened a few times already. Your new eye will be as good as your old eye, and you won't be able to tell the difference. You'll be asleep during this, so it won't hurt."

Despite the bad-boy look Ichigo had, which may or may not have been attractive, Yuki realized he acted completely professional. And maybe it was the promise of a cure freeing her mind to wander, but Yuki might have imagined something less than professional taking place between them. Shaking her head of the thought, she was just in time to hear his next instructions and laid down on the examination table he pulled away from the wall. A moment later he placed a breathing mask on her and asked her to count backwards from ten.

"Nine, eight, seven, six, fi—" And she was out.

Yuki woke up, noticing clear vision in both eyes, and realized she was now in a recovery room. There was a mirror, and she looked into it, and saw that her eyes were normal. Going to leave the room, she saw a sign on the back of the door that read: "Stop. If you are a patient, please wait for a doctor to come and give you further instructions." Going back to the bed, which looked more like the examination table than a bed, she sat and waited. It wasn't too long before a kid with red hair entered her room, and said he would get a doctor. Soon after, the doctor with blonde hair walked into her room.

"I hope the results are to your satisfaction. Is there any discomfort or pain?"

She blinked and rotated and moved it, trying to find a flaw, and nothing felt bad or uncomfortable. "Not really."

"Good," he said, seemingly pulling a clipboard out of thin air. Just sign this form and you're good to go."

Yuki read the paper; it was a record and receipt of some kind. "I'm paying you with my old eye?"

"Yes, research material is incredibly valuable, so there's no need for any extra payment." He seemed too happy at the prospect of getting her old eye, but she was no longer a 'freak', so she would deal with the man's eccentric attitude without complaint.

"So what about seeing things like ghosts?" She asked.

"Oh, you don't have to worry about that. The crystal that your eye was turning into was letting some particles into your bloodstream; this produced the side-effect of causing hallucinations. By removing it, you won't be getting any more. You're back to healthy."

Satisfied with the answer, she pulled her hood over her head and took the elevator down to the lobby where she left as stealthily as she could. She would also be sure not to take part in giving her classmate, or any others, as much of a hard time.


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