I'm back! This scene is pretty short, so this chapter isn't too long. Please enjoy; I'll be coming out with Memory/Grizabella's acceptance soon!

Jennyanydots' POV

Macavity glared at all of us, his piercing green gaze making me flinch. His eyes turned to the full moon, a slightly more vulnerable look in them.

"Shes tricked me. But I will get there," I heard him mutter. "I will get to the Heaviside layer, I will win!" his scathing glare raked over all of us again. "You'll all see!"

I huddled closer to Bustopher. Gus growled.

Macavity grabbed a startled Bombalurina's paw and vanished.

I glanced down, then looked at Bustopher.

I had put my coat back on, over the pink vest I reserved for performances. I quickly took it off, and by shedding the extra layer, was able to slip out from under the chains.

Trying to be as quiet as possible, I shifted the chains off Bustopher.

Then Growltiger turned and hissed.

We sprung into action. Bustopher hurriedly undid Skimbleshanks' chains while I swung one around, attempting to hit Growltiger and- ow!

I ended up hitting myself instead.

While Skimbleshanks and Bustopher struggled to get Gus free, I swung the chain around again, deciding it was worth another shot.

"Don't mess with the crazy cat lady." I hissed, and swung it at him with all my might.

It hit him between the legs.

It hit him between the legs. He doubled over in pain.

Bustopher spat in his face. Skimble attempted to kick him. Slowly, but surely, we were driving him nearer and nearer to the edge.

Suddenly, Gus spring forward with more agility than I thought such an old cat would possess. "Firefrorefiddle!" he cried , claws bared, managing to startle Growltiger enough to take those final steps off the edge of the plank.

The brown tom fell with a loud yowl.

Gus turned to us triumphantly. "The fiend of the fell." he said softly.

The old tom might have been a bit senile, but never again would I underestimate him.

Skimbleshanks hugged him. I nuzzled Bustopher, and we all gathered into a tangle of limbs and fur and tails, celebrating our victory.

And wondering how on earth we would get home. But perhaps that was just me.