Bold – action within speaking form

Italics – flashbacks

"…" – talking

'…' – thinking

Bold/Italics – change of scenery

Bold/Underline/Italics – more emphasis when someone says something or something is realized by another person

Underline/Italics – minor Japanese words used within the story (also, lazy to translate XP)

Disclaimers: This is a one shot crossover between Uta no Prince-sama and IDOLISH7. I do not own these two shows. Uta no Prince-sama is created by Broccoli as a Japanese visual novel game franchise and aired as an Anime series by A-1 Pictures. IDOLISH7 is created by Bandai Namco Online as a Japanese rhythm game and aired as an Anime series by Troyca.

AN: You HAVE to know that Nanase Riku and Ittoki Otoya look totally similar in looks, ne? Ne?! ◎ܫ◎ So, I want to create a one shot between Nanase Riku, Kujō Tenn, and Ittoki Otoya as siblings who find each other after all this time.(^ω^)Happy reading and enjoy! o(_ _)o

"Kāchan (Mama), where's Otoya-nī (big brother)," asked a small six-year-old boy.

"Yeah," said another small six-year-old boy, "We want to play with Otoya-nīsan!"

In a park nearby, there was a woman with silver hair and red eyes. There were also two small six-year-old boys with her, showing off similar facial features except for the coloring. The two small boys were fraternal twins with one having red hair and matching colored eyes while the other had silver hair like the woman and light red colored eyes that almost looked pale rose pink. With the woman SHOULD have been another boy that was two years older than the boys, having red hair and matching colored eyes, yet as long as she looked around the park, there was no little eight-year-old boy with her. Looking panicked, the woman called out the name Otoya, pulling the twins with her. "Kāchan," asked the first small boy.

"Not now, Riku," said the woman, "Mommy needs to find Otoya first before we can go home."

"And eat ice cream," asked the other boy innocently.

"Yes, Tenn," said the woman, "And eat ice cream after Otoya scaring you two and mommy."

Since she couldn't find little Otoya anywhere, the mother went with the twins out of the park and towards the police station. All three didn't notice that behind one of the park bushes was the little boy the mother was frantically looking around for. His eyes were closed while his head had a gash, a trickle of blood coming out of said gash. It wasn't until a different couple, the male having dark brown hair and tanned skin, found the boy and rushed him towards the hospital, never knowing that they would adopt the child as their own once they realized said child had amnesia…

Gasping from the dream, a male of eighteen years old shot out of his own bed. This male was Riku twelve years later. Throughout the years and trying to find his older brother Otoya, Riku and Tenn's parents died in a car accident. That accident also rendered Riku's body frail to any strenuous exercise, such as idol dancing. It, however, didn't stop Riku from becoming an idol in the group IDOLISH7 and finding his twin brother who, with reasons unknown to Riku, ditched him in a different orphanage. Yet, the dream he just had made him clench his blanket in his right fist, murmuring Otoya-nī softly. "Otoya-," murmured Riku, "Where are you?"

"Riku," asked a male voice with a knock on his door.

"H-Hai (Y-Yes)," called out Riku.

"Good, you are up," said the same male voice, "Come on out, Riku. It's time to go to our meeting with TRIGGER and their agency."

"Coming," called out Riku before murmuring to himself, "Tenn-, do you also think about Otoya- as well?"

With that, Riku got off of his bed, placed his normal clothes on, and headed out the door. It was there that he was greeted by his friends and group members: the blonde Rokuya Nagi, the white haired Ōsaka Sōgo, the blue haired Yotsuba Tamaki, the brown haired Nikaidō Yamato, and the two siblings, Izumi Mitsuki and Iori. Riku greeted the six before all seven headed out towards TRIGGER's agency, Yaotome Production Company, with the Takanashi Production Company's president, Takanashi Otoharu, his daughter and IDOLISH7's manager, Tsumugi, Otoharu's rabbit-like pet, Kinako, and the talented staff member, Ōgami Banri, all four whom met up with IDOLISH7 at the main doors. It didn't take long to get to Yaotome Production Company and to meet up with their music group, TRIGGER, which consists of Riku's twin brother, Kujō Tenn, and his two members, Yaotome Gaku and Tsunashi Ryūnosuke. TRIGGER led IDOLISH7 to a meeting room, where Yaotome Production Company's president, Yaotome Sōsuke, and Otoharu shook hands before gesturing everyone to sit down. "So, why are we here," asked a bored Tamaki.

"We are here to discuss being in a concert with the famous Shining Agency's two top music groups," said Otoharu.

"Uh," said Riku with an embarrassed flush, "W-Who's Shining Agency?"

"I feel the same as Riku," said Tenn.

"What," exclaimed Mitsuki, "How do YOU two not know about Shining Agency!"

"The feeling is mutual to what he said," said Gaku.

"I-I was more focused on finding Tenn-," said Riku with his index fingers pushing together.

"I was more focused on TRIGGER and how to become the greatest idol," said Tenn with a stoic face.

"I, too, do not know who they are," said Nagi, which diffused the astonished atmosphere surrounding Riku and Tenn's ignorance.

Banri, bless his soul, darkened the meeting room, opened up a projector screen, and started to play a video for all to see. IDOLISH7 and TRIGGER sat back in their chairs. Tamaki still looked bored while Iori looked embarrassed for his older brother's excitement. Riku and Tenn, along with Nagi, watched the screen intensely. It wasn't long that everyone recognized Shibuya at night on the screen. With that, they were surprised to see flashing lights illuminating the sky before a male voice was heard:

"Hello everyone! Good evening," said the male voice, "Tonight, I have some big wonderful news for you! So, come on, get in the spotlight, you great princes!"

Suddenly, the flashing lights gathered in one point before opening up. First was Tenn and Riku's older brother, Otoya, being shown with the color red. Second was the male with neatly cut, straight, dark blue hair and bright violet eyes, Hijirikawa Masato, being shown with the color blue. Third was the male with blond hair that is wavy with one lock curling upwards on the top of his head and light green eyes, Shinomiya Natsuki, being shown with the color yellow. The fourth was the male with blond hair that is parted to the right, shaded with pink, and blue eyes, Kurusu Shō, being shown with the color pink. The fifth was the male with shoulder-length strawberry blond hair that has bangs go across his right side of his face and cool light blue eyes, Jingūji Ren, being shown with the color orange. The sixth was the male with midnight dark-blue hair and turquoise-blue eyes, Ichinose Tokiya, being shown with the color purple. Lastly was the male with dark brown hair and green eyes, Aijima Cecil, being shown with the color green. Then it turned to the STARISH name before flipping over one letter of STARISH with one member. "This is STARISH's true form," exclaimed the male voice.

Nagi looked excited when he saw that each letter of their group name was a letter of a member's name. Poor Mitsuki and Sōgo were fanboying so hard when they saw their favorite idols, Shō and Tokiya respectively, on the screen. Iori had a hand over his face in embarrassment from how his older brother was acting once more. Tsumugi had stars in her eyes when she saw how cool looking STARISH looked like. Gaku turned his face while Ryūnosuke and Yamato looked at the screen in amazement. When everyone turned to see Tenn and Riku's reactions since they WERE the ones who first started the meeting without knowing who Shining Agency was and what group they will be collaborating with for the concert, they were surprise to see both of them looking at one particular red-haired male in surprise. "O-Otoya-," murmured/questioned Riku and Tenn in the very silent room.

"NANI (WHAT)," yelled out all the other members, Otoharu and Sōsuke looking at the twins in surprise.

- Within Shining Agency –

"Mina (Everyone)," exclaimed a long and curly pink haired male, Tsukimiya Ringo-sensei (teacher), "Exciting news!"

"Hai," said an orange hair and blue eyes, HyūgaRyūya-sensei, "The big news is that STARISH and Quartet Night will be doing a collaborated concert with Yaotome Production's TRIGGER and Takanashi Production's IDOLISH7."

In front of the two teachers for Saotome Academy, and later on, the advisors within the Master Course Dormitory, there sat STARISH and Quartet Night. Before the two teachers/advisors came into the room, Otoya was begging for Tokiya to come with him and the Quartet Night's layered, shoulder-length, dark brown hair member, Kotobuki Reiji, out for some ramen. Natsuki was hugging Shō to death for being so cute while said person was trying to pull away from Natsuki. Masato was doing calligraphy on the floor while Quartet Night's long blonde hair and icy blue eyed member, Camus, was drinking tea with a bunch of sweets surrounding the tea pot. Cecil was pouting when Camus told him to study more on being an idol, even though STARISH and he won against Quartet Night and HEAVENS in the Decisive Concert. The Quartet Night's cyan blue shoulder-length hair with one side up in a ponytail and cyan eyed member, Mikaze Ai, was recording data as he watched Ren and the Quartet Night's spiky silver haired member, Kurosaki Ranmaru, argue about something. But, now, all eleven idols looked at the two teachers in surprise. "Fantastic," said an excited Cecil.

"Un," nodded Tokiya, "I'm sure that it will be a good experience with them."

"There will be a lot of data after we perform with them," said Ai.

"Whatever," said Ranmaru, "I rather not perform with shivers amateurs."

"They aren't amateurs, Ranmaru," said Ryūya-sensei, "Remember that IDOLISH7 won the award for the Black & White Music Fantasia Idol Male Category, TRIGGER winning the year before and won other awards."

"Tch," sounded Ranmaru as he turned his head away.

"Now, Haru-chan is composing the music as we speak," said Ringo-sensei, "So, don't bother her."

"Hai, sensei," chorused the males.

"Good," said Ryūya-sensei as he took out folders from his arms, "Memorize their names and which person is in which group. We'll meet up with them later this week."

With that said, the two teachers/advisors left the eleven idols to the folders. They could see ten folders with names printed on the side of the folder. Tokiya picked one up and flipped the folder open, revealing the IDOLISH7 member Nagi. Tokiya smirked as he handed it to Ren, telling him that he has competition. Ren, scoffing at Tokiya, looked at the folder with surprise because, in that photo, Ren had to take back his scoffing of Tokiya's observation. Everyone got to take a look at it, STARISH and Reiji exclaiming about competition or, in Shō's case, another member with height issues. It wasn't long they had gotten to the last two, one for each group remaining. Opening both folders up, they were surprised to see similar facial structures of Riku and Tenn, both, however, in different groups. "Uwa~(Wow~)," said Natsuki, "Both are just so cute!"

"Un, un," nodded Reiji.

"Their eyes, though…," started Masato, "Where have I've seen that?"

"Hey," exclaimed Ren, "Those eye colors looks similar to our own Ikki!"

"You're right," said a surprise Ai.

When all of them look between the photos of Riku and Tenn and the actual Otoya, Otoya was the one that surprised all of them. Otoya was laughing without a care when he and the others were surveying IDOLISH7 and TRIGGER. It wasn't until he got a GOOD look at Riku and Tenn that something just CLICKED in his brain. It wasn't long that Otoya fainted right on the spot, memories long forgotten unlocked, all because of two similar idols in two photos. Once Otoya fainted, everyone sprang into action to revive the now unconscious Otoya.

- Back At Yaotome Production's Meeting Room –

"Are you serious right now," asked a surprised Ryūnosuke.

"Who knew that Riku and Tenn had ANOTHER sibling, a famous one at that," said Iori with a shake of his head.

"So, why are we NOW learning about him," asked Gaku.

"When we were little," said Tenn, "Otoya- just disappeared from the park. Mother was distraught when she couldn't find him."

"The police also stopped searching for him as well," said Riku sadly.

The room turned solemn when Riku and Tenn were remembering the day IT happened, Otoya being missing for some time. They could remember how much their mother cried as their father consoled them. However, life went on, and the car accident… Riku bit his lower lip as Tenn turned to the side to not see the sad looks all their members were showing them. Tenn and Riku's relationship is still shaky at best, the both reconciling after performing the song NATSU Shiyouze (Let's Summer). Now, their oldest brother was back, making this much harder. It wasn't until Otoharu pulled up Otoya's file for all to see. "Let's see," murmured Otoharu before speaking out loud, "Ittoki Otoya, an energetic yet a gentle young man whose kind, bubbly, and light spirited. He was found in a park, unconscious, and rushed to the hospital at age eight. He woke up in the hospital with amnesia and was adopted by… Saotome Shining?!"

"EH," exclaimed everyone.

"It also says that Otoya and Shining reconciled after Shining's wife died in a plane crash and left Otoya in an orphanage, being adopted by Shining's wife's sister, who died from frail health," said Yamato as he read the rest of Otoya's biography.

"Amnesia," said a sadden Riku, "No wonder he didn't find his way back to us."

"And being adopted by Shining himself," said an awe-struck Sōgo.

"But, if Shining adopted him, didn't Otoya recognize the exact same school his adopted father runs," asked a perplexed Iori.

"It says that he suffered another amnesia by suppressing memories due to his aunt's death," said a sadden Tsumugi.

Riku and Tenn winced when they heard their oldest brother had MORE memories lost in his life. They looked at each other with determined looks. They will just have to make sure their oldest brother knew he still had family left after losing so much. With harden resolves in their heads, they turned to see Quartet Night's profiles. It was after the meeting that the members of IDOLISH7 and TRIGGER stayed to give the twins their support. As the two groups stayed together to hang out and plan on HOW to make sure Otoya remembered his little siblings, Otoya himself was finally coming to from his fainting spell. He looked around to see concerned looks from Reiji, Ai, and his friends/fellow STARISH members. "Otoyan," exclaimed Reiji as he promptly hugged him.

"W-What happened," asked Otoya.

"You fainted," said Ai, "I was surprise that you would faint after looking at two measly photos of Nanase Riku and Kujō Tenn."

"Oh," said Otoya.

"Want to tell us what is wrong, Otoya," asked Tokiya.

"Well," started Otoya, "Do you remember how I got my memories back from doing the Duet Project with HEAVENS' Ōtori Eīchi?"

"Yeah," said Shō, "That song totally messed you up."

"Um… I forgot to mention about memories of me waking up in a hospital when I was eight-years-old without any memories before then," said Otoya sheepishly.

STARISH looked at Otoya in surprise. They knew about his past where he would always have a smile on his face to hide his pain, his lost memories of his aunt dying, but apparently, there were more to Otoya. Quartet Night was confused when Otoya started to talk about the Duet Project and regaining memories. It wasn't until Masato explained to them about what had happened to Otoya to catch them up on what happened in Otoya's life. Once caught up, Reiji surprised Otoya once more with a big hug, not letting him go once more. It took Tokiya and Camus from pulling Reiji off of Otoya while Camus reminded everyone on what Otoya said afterwards. "So, you were in an accident and had amnesia before being adopted and having amnesia a second time," said Masato.

"Un," nodded Otoya, "My first pair of memories that I received back was after I woke up from the hospital till now. The ones before the hospital…"

"… Was restored because of Nanase Riku and Kujō Tenn," surmised Ai.

"Un," nodded Otoya once more, "They are my fraternal twin brothers."

"NANI," exclaimed everyone.

"That is wonderful," said Cecil.

"A pair of cute Otoyas," exclaimed Natsuki with his hands clasped together.

"I can… somewhat… see them as twins," said a pondering Shō, "Both have the same hairstyle, except one bang is on the opposite side of their faces."

"So, now the question is," said Reiji, "Is how are we going to get Otoya to meet with his twin brothers."

With that notion, everyone was thinking up ways and ideas on how Otoya can reunite with his siblings. Otoya, though, smiled with a sweatdrop on his face, thinking, 'They sure are excited about this. I… think they are going to go… overboard?'

- The Day Of The Meeting –

"Uwa~," exclaimed Natsuki as he hugged Tenn and Riku together, "I'm finally happy to meet Otoya's cute, little brothers!"

"Subtle, thy name is not Natsuki," groaned Shō.

It was finally the day that TRIGGER, STARISH, IDOLISH7, and Quartet Night met up to plan for their collaborated concert. When STARISH and Quartet Night arrived at the Tokyo Studio Coast, they quickly went inside and surveyed the massive stage. Otoya, on his part, was surveying the back stage and not there when the two groups, especially his little brothers, finally arrived at the venue. It wasn't long that with the arrival of IDOLISH7 and TRIGGER, things really got excited on the count of Shinomiya Natsuki. Natsuki was the first person to see the two groups appear, especially when Tenn and Riku came in side by side. He was the one that alerted everyone that they were finally here. "Shinomiya," said Tokiya, "Let the two boys go."

"But, they are just adorable," exclaimed Natsuki.

"Natsuki," yelled out Shō, "They need air!"

What a first impression Natsuki made for IDOLISH7 and TRIGGER. Now, Riku and Tenn were both wheezing for air once Shō got Natsuki under control. It wasn't long that NAGI ran and hugged the lights out of Shō for being an adorable little guy. Everyone could see that Shō was trying NOT to blow a gasket, with his right eye having a red tick over it. Mitsuki was the one who pulled Nagi away from Shō while everyone sweat-dropped from the similar situations they found themselves in. Though, one couldn't help but question STARISH and Quartet Night. "We were under the impression that Ittoki-san does not remember," said Iori.

"Ah," said Camus, "Though that is old news."

"Old news," questioned Sōgo.

"Un," nodded Ai, "Otoya remembers Nanase Riku and Kujō Tenn a few days ago. According to the data collected, he was remembering things from his past for a while due to a project between the members of STARISH and the members of HEAVENS. It was only a matter of time for Otoya to remember his real family after waking up from the hospital. Of course, Nanase and Kujō's photos did help the recovery faster."

It was time for IDOLISH7 and TRIGGER to stare at Ai. They weren't used to Ai being, well, AI. STARISH, with the exception of Otoya, and Quartet Night sighed. They were used to Ai sprouting out data, for they were the only ones who knew that Ai is an idol robot created by Shining Saotome and is NOW realizing that he, too, have feelings just like the rest of them. Before anyone could comment on what was said, Otoya happily came out from behind the stage to tell the others what he discovered. "Mina," exclaimed Otoya happily, "The stage is huge! And backstage has all these… props…,"

"Otoyan," chided Reiji, "Don't you want to say anything to some people?"

"U-Uh," stuttered Otoya who's brain froze on what to say.

"I believe that we should talk about the concert," said Ringo-sensei, "And leave these three to catch up?"

"An excellent idea," said Otoharu, "Come along, everyone. We should really leave these three alone."

With Ringo, Ryūya, and Otoharu pushing all of them to the meeting room in the back, everyone couldn't help but to look back to see Otoya slowly walking towards a frozen Riku and Tenn. Those who knew Otoya gave him luck just as much as those who knew Riku and Tenn. 'They are going to need it,' thought everyone.

- With The Reunited Siblings –

"Uwa~," murmured Otoya, "Look how big you two have gotten."

"Otoya-," murmured Riku with tears forming in his eyes.

"What happened all that time," asked Tenn before looking at Otoya with accusation, "Why did you leave us alone?"

"Hey," pouted Otoya, "It wasn't my choice to leave you! I had amnesia!"

"Tenn-,' chided Riku, "Say sorry to Otoya-."

Tenn just turned his head to the side with his arms crossed. He knew that Otoya had amnesia, but still… It felt like Otoya abandoned them. Though, he DID have an illegitimate reason while Tenn, himself, didn't when he left Riku alone for five years. Tenn sighed before turning back to Otoya and apologized to Otoya. Otoya smiled before giving Tenn a big hug. He then pulled Riku into the hug as well, glad that he still had family besides the busy Shining Saotome. "So, you two are big idols," said Otoya, "You achieved your dreams!"

"Yeah," said Tenn with a hint of warmth in his voice.

"Yup," said Riku happily.

"And you," asked Tenn, "What happened all those years?"

"Ah," said Otoya who rubbed the back of his head, "From what I remember, I heard a crackling sound before a tree limb fell on top of my head, knocking me out."

"Well, that explains the amnesia," muttered Riku.

Otoya laughed in embarrassment before scratching his redden cheek with his index finger. He then proceeded to ask Riku and Tenn about their lives. The hardest parts were telling Otoya that their parents died in a car accident and that Riku has frail health if he does any strenuous exercise. Otoya was sadden that he wouldn't get to meet with his parents, but he sudden flail his arms up and down, asking Riku if he was alright and how he could become an idol with such frail health. Riku smiled under Otoya's overprotective questioning before he smirked and told him that it was alright, that he had an inhaler, and he didn't feel any different until he saw his Tenn-nī on the screen after abandoning him for five years. Tenn glowered at Riku as Otoya started to berate Tenn off for leaving Riku. It wasn't until hours later that everyone else came back to see Otoya acting like an overprotective older brother. "Well, that's sure different from Ikki's personality," said Ren.

"Mhm," nodded all of STARISH.

"So, Riku," said Tsumugi as she came towards Riku, "We all were wondering if you, Tenn, and Otoya will reveal your sibling status in this concert."

"Um," started Riku.

"Etto (Well)," started Otoya.

"Do we have to," asked Tenn with an emotionless face on.

- Concert Day: Riku, Tenn, & Otoya Performing –

"Give it up for the Sibling Trio," exclaimed the excited Nagi & Natsuki.

"Sibling," whispered the fans.

"What," questioned other fans.

It was D-Day, and the concert went on full swing. Fans of IDOLISH7, TRIGGER, STARISH, and Quartet Night all gathered together. All of the fans also bought a ton of merchandise before sitting in their assigned seats. The first start of the concert didn't happen until everyone heard the song Welcome To UTAPRI Kingdom, followed by the ever popular NATSU Shiyouze. Then, songs were performed by groups of three, leading up to what Natsuki and Nagi excited proclaimed to the audience. It was sudden, but an explosion of lights happened as fans saw Otoya, Riku, and Tenn jump up from the stage and landed on top of it. An upbeat song started to play:

ALL: (Up-Up-Down-Up...)
(I'm sweet on you! You make me hot!)

R: furimuite to senaka goshi inoru (I pray constantly that you'll turn around)
T: todokanai mama anhappi... (Seeing you out of reach makes me unhappy)
O: nakanai! kujikenai! massugu ni! (I'm not gonna cry! I'm not gonna break! I'll be straightforward)

ALL: hitomi no naka he to daibingu! (I want to dive deep into your eyes)

ALL: I just wanna be with you!
I just wanna be with you!
kimi to mattadanaka massaichuu no koi! (Koi!) (A love that rises and keeps on rising! (Love!))

ALL: I just wanna be hold you!
I just wanna be hold you!

ALL: michisuu toki (meki) doki (magi) (An unknown heartbeat (heartbeat) and love (love))
koi (suru) tokken (tokken) (I want the privilege (privilege) of (falling) in love)

O: aa... iki wo suru tabi (Ah... I'm saving my breath)
R: aa... utau dasu rabu songu (Ah... For this love song I want to sing)
T: aa... sekai ga hakushu (Ah... The whole world will cheer)

ALL: ze-kkou-chou! shin-kou-chou! (This-is-the-best! I'm-in-perfect-condition)
kyou mo da-i-su-ki! (I-love-you very much today, too)

ALL: (I'm sweet on you! You make me hot!)

*Disclaimers: The song, Up Down Up, is sung by Terashima Takuma/Ittoki Otoya, Shōta Aoi/Mikaze Ai, and Takahashi Hidenori/Kiryuin Van. It is the first song from the Uta No Prince-sama's Maji LOVE Kingdom Special Unit Drama CD. It was also a stage song in the Uta No Prince-sama's Anime DVD called Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love Kingdom.*

At the end of the stage, Riku, Tenn, and Otoya smiled at each other just as the lights dimmed. They may have made the fans speculate that the three were all real-life siblings, but they didn't care. They all knew that even though they are siblings, they still have a bigger family that consists of themselves and their precious members… And, that is all that matters now.

AN: Woohoo~! I finished with this one shot! ≧ω≦ So, yes, I tweaked the Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love Kingdom in this story at the end to have STARISH, IDOLISH7, TRIGGER, and Quartet Night. You all know the three siblings are together for a stage, but for the others, you just HAVE to use your imagination, ne? d(-_^) I hope that you like this very long one shot between… well… my three favorite characters, Otoya being from Uta no Prince-sama and Riku and Tenn being from IDOLISH7. ( ˘ ³˘) Anyways, happy reading and see you in my other fanfic stories, Moving On & Starting Anew and Phantom Moon. v( ̄∇ ̄) See ya around! (ˇ⊖ˇ)